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What is DadPat? Im new to this account.

DadPat, short for Dad Pattern Camouflage, is what is worn, typically by SOF operators while wearing plain clothes or “roughs”. My theory based on the SOF guys I know is that they are actually all Dads who wear the same stuff taking their kids to soccer games on weekends.

So I was trying to imagine what the rest of the Apprentice’s shop/house looked like and then uh

(^Rough sketch of what I imagine the exterior is like.)

 … yeah, I might’ve gone a bit overboard, so putting the rest under a cut because this is going to get a bit long.

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ok so now that I saw a gif of the hug...

I realised that Belle was totally going in for a kiss there.

(gif mine, because I’m not sure on the etiquette here)

Anyway, see her hands? She was going for his face and then remembered “Oh, right, we’re not quite doing that yet”

You will tear this theory from my cold, dead hands, alright?

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weirdest show conspiracy theories: 1. They cast a guy who played in soap operas, angsty teenage tv shows and played a bisexual man for *reasons* as the 'dudebro with a heart of gold who definitely isn't hiding anything underneath' Dean Winchester. 2. Misha is getting buff because he's coming back naked OR the alternative: Cas is coming back naked because Misha got so buff and they couldn't pass up that opportunity :D

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NICE!  I dunno about the first one though…wouldn’t everyone be able to put 2 and 2 together on that?  Why, the character would need a male love interest.  Who would that be?  And he’d need to check out guys, season on season.  And flirt with them, maybe lie professionally.   It would be so obvious

Send me your weirdest show conspiracy theories

Consider this in all your “feminist education,” men lie, men subtly manipulate, men coerce. Most of all, men adapt. While you’re out there teaching what consent is and isn’t, men have already adapted and moved on. This is part of why the frame keeps shifting. Feminists keep realizing our language is flawed. No means no, wait no that’s not right, it’s difficult to say no. Yes means yes, wait no that’s not right, yes is often coerced. Enthusiastic consent, wait no that’s not right, there might be more pressure now to be super into it. Education helps women recognize non consent, but actual repercussions is what will “help” men **and** make women safe. Actual legitimate accountability, consequences, are what will make rape reprehensible to men, not education. Not words. Even the dude who goes “this isn’t right” after learning about what is rape is STILL someone you need to watch out for. Knowledge of rape is not enough. And again, this is before we get to the perks of being a “good” man. Maybe this is too much for some of you, but by definition men just do not understand what this means to women because they do NOT live it, even men who have been raped. They don’t. They don’t live under sexual terrorism. They don’t spend their lives from children to death as targets. It used to be basic understanding that men and women are different. That similar experiences carry different weight, different consequences because we **are** different and raised different. I think this has been lost, even in radical feminism and it’s a damn shame. None of this is to say don’t educate women, but I think we severely neglect what is needed to stop rape and vastly overestimate the impact of educating men

Howdy Amy!

Since the spoilers about the cowboy bar, I had an idea in mind for Shamy. And last episode was the trigger for a little comic scene.

I hope I make you laugh. My patrons laughed a lot this days while I was making it so…. I hope you too.  

Warning for Hot Texas butt appearance 🔥🍑

I draw fictional characters. Just for fun!

(sorry for my handwriting)

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Fmlfmlfml no one dies the shoes represent the person they loved or still love from the past and the tree represents a new beginning and the shoes on the tree means they’re finally letting go. So how this connects to omelas is probably their response to the book and that the boys would not accept being treated badly (past relationship and ya know the deal, society, etc) for the other side to only gain from it.

minho in college
  • double major in primary education and history 
  • wants to teach elementary school!!!!
  • varsity soccer so he has the custom backpack that says CHOI and always wears something uni-related 
  • like seriously….. seeing him not in a some sort of three-quarter zip or sweater with the uni’s name emblazoned on it is shocking af (taemin: go away we haven’t gotten new shipment since the last time you were here which was yesterday you already own the ENTIRE store
  • he also owns uni socks which he unironically wears all the time and all the different types of shot glasses (onew’s broken at least three of them but minho just whips out extras, srsly they’re never ending) 
  • a literal walking, talking uni advertisement (key: pls let me take you shopping for something else / minho: i have other clothes / key: WHERE)
  • in theory he probably should work at the bookstore but he sees how much taemin hates his job and if he can just use his discount there’s no need~ 
  • was actually scouted to be a campus tour guide (literally someone came up to him and begged him to join bc he was perfect for the job) and he is ridiculously good at it 
  • also he could walk backwards well which is why onew did not make the cut
  • did so much extra research about the college so that he could be prepared for any questions and also to have fun facts on hand 
  • which also came in handy for boring his friends to submission with very dry versions of the history of each and every building and sometimes he just does it for shits and giggles 
  • once he came into the cafe during onew’s and jong’s shift and started reciting the history of the building they were in and the origin of the coffee bean and their faces were just pure panic bc they couldn’t even RUN AWAY and they can’t even fight their costumers even though they are being GIANT JERKS (jong: i will give you two coffees out of my own pocket for you to stop / minho: awww hyung you’re so sweet pls make them ventis) 
  • but he’s just SO enthusiastic about his school that many incoming students could attribute their decision to come here to choi minho, master tour guide 
  • he also volunteers at after-school programs in elementary schools and the students always scramble to him when they see him coming in 
  • helps them with their homework and reads to them and lets the lil ones tie tufts of his hair (minho: do i look pretty?? / kid: the prettiest!!) 
  • he’s so sweet with them and they always want to climb up on his shoulders and he lets them and holds their arms out like an airplane (and so that they won’t fall) and zooms around the room 
  • avid college sports fan 
  • no matter what the game, you can probably hear minho cheering loudly from the bleachers 
  • someone got this great snapshot of him with football stripes on his cheeks and yelling which was blown up to larger-than-life proportions and lives in the welcome center 
  • arguably his proudest achievement (”look mom i made it”)  
  • srsly the school should honestly give him free tuition for all the endorsement he does as the uni’s poster boy 
  • when studying he’s usually locked up with onew in the library but he’s also known to always keep his notes on him so he could study during breaks at soccer practice 
  • he always has bananas on him that he’ll totally just give to anyone who asks but it’s a lot of bananas 
  • also never skips breakfast no matter what so he’s seen a lot sprinting to class with a piece of toast in his mouth like an anime character 
stating some observations

1) Jin’s using Hobi’s binoculars in BST Japanese version

2) The statue that you could only see is the devil’s (boy meets evil)

3) I honestly think that the “red Jimin” is the evil Jimin who’s bound to hunt the other Jimin; red Jimin removed Yoongi’s hands while the blue Yoongi protected the blue Jimin from seeing his other self (or he’s still keeping him inside the lie)

> Right hand was removed but the left hand was used to cover (blue) Jimin’s eyes

4) Taehyung looked terrified; I can tell that Jimin and Jungkook are the evil versions of themselves. They were holding him down so that Hoseok can do what he likes.

5) Jin was punching him, Taehyung’s clearly being abused by the others. I think it made him snap… he embraced the evil side.

6) He stabbed Jin with the icepick he used in HYYH/Stigma.

7) (original) Jin’s above the green clouds while Taehyung waits for him below

8) Taehyung’s the only one moving in this scene; everybody else are frozen in time

9) You can distinguish their evil versions through their clothes


So quite a few people have been looking for a masterlist of my posts. I haven’t posted in almost a month properly, I know. I’m going through a seriously rough patch and honestly I don’t know if I’ll recover from it enough to fall back in love with Mystic Messenger, so I don’t know what’s going to happen with this blog, but for now I’m just going to list the things I’ve posted and then return to my hiatus.

Please note that nearly all of these posts are gender neutral ^^ And none are NSFW because I’m an ace minor.


Characters with MC (RFA + V + Unknown usually)



I’ll update this over time if I continue writing. I have a feeling that I missed a few things, but oh well. If there’s anything I missed that you know of, please tell me!

so tonight it’s hitch ft. cardigan. olfactory credit to @moondoggiestyle. if the consequence of us brainstorming the world’s most extensive hitch prompt bank is that i go to post some hitch and find out i’m posting on your talented heels, well, i can live with that.

It’s comforting, almost, the first day it’s overcast in Jamaica. It’s the only thing in weeks that hasn’t been perfect. It makes Mitch think that maybe, just maybe, this is reality.

He’s on the terrace watching the clouds move over the flat blue-grey water, a faint smudged line of orange sunset visible beneath them, when Harry joins him. He’s wearing Mitch’s tan cardigan. Again.

The fabric stretches over Harry’s shoulders and biceps in a way it never does on Mitch. Mitch is pretty sure that’s not how this is supposed to work. Pretty sure that when you’re trying to be cute by stealing someone’s clothes, you’re supposed to pick something that’s too big, not too small. Harry’s weird about clothes, though. He’s either wearing three layers or next to nothing at all. Mitch hasn’t figured out what that’s about yet.

(There are a lot of things Mitch hasn’t figured out yet.)

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What if the last image of the trailer is why link begin in the resurrection shrine?

Maybe he was a kid. Maybe he tried to protect his friend and family. That would explain the ‘’Well-Worn Pants’’ who are old pants threadbare in spots, surprisingly confortable, BUT the legs are a bit to short. and the ‘’Old Shirt’’ A thin shirt made long ago that is coming apart at the seams and the sleeves are a bit on the short side.

I think the strangely well described clothes belong to him when he was a child.

They putted the kids to sleep or something… like in Ocarina of Time!

Maybe the Sheikah tech slowed down the agin’ process but couldn’t stop it completely.

I think he died or was wounded pretty badly, tho.

Dirk gently and clothing

I have a theory that clothing is super symbolic in this show. Feel free to argue with me.

So, according to the costume designer (is that who they were?) dirk’s jackets change colour so that he goes from standing out to blending in more, and his car also changes accordingly I assume. Only as dirk blends in more, todd starts to stand out, and todd’s clothes get more and more ridiculous and his appearance more striking.

So as well as their clothes mirroring their internal state, i.e. dirk starts to settle while todd starts to come apart, I think this also might be reflecting the effect they are having on eachother?

So, even more obviously: In the scene when todd finally fully gets on board and really believes, which in my opinion is the hole digging scene, this is the first scene we see todd wearing the pretty eye-catching shirt thay dirk gave him (I think?). And as todd stands out more he also gets better at reading the universe’s clues, and he gets more involved, and gets more like dirk.

Also, at the end, dirk is sad and alone again and in completely dull, ordinary clothes, and this time it’s todd who brings him back to himself, by giving him a piece of his own clothing. Something unusual, and as he points out, something pretty unique as there are only a few left. So dirk gets to fit in (at least with some people) and todd gets to do something useful and maybe start to absolve himself by helping others and we sort of come full circle, clothes wise.

Don’t even get me started in Ken and barts clothing journey, or the ‘wear a jacket’ scene.