clothing swap!

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I think that what's gonna happen is Katherine came back and swapped clothes with Elena, which is why we see "elena" in the blue dress say "Damon?" In the promo but it's actually Katherine. Which would explain why Elena wakes up in the high school in different clothes confused as to where she is and talking to Stefan. So I think Katherine comes back pretending to be Elena once againnnnnn

as long as she’s fooling damon though idc she better stay away from stefan, i want at least one last REAL scene between stefan and elena lol 


Hey everybody! This week I was busy transcribing (and sick), but I really want to draw something new. So, I ‘reappeared’ with this.

Is still Sunday here (13:20), so technically is still @classica-mozart ‘s Bday. So, I made these flashketches with my fav char (Pad-kun) and her fav char (Moz) swapping clothes. Otanjoubi omedettou, Classi-chan ^^!!

See ya soon! *continues transcribing*


Sleepy boys complete with bed hair, pj’s and pineapple boxer shorts

_(┐「ε:)_♡ (click for better quality)

alternate v bonus: ~~ 

Genoary day 2!~

“2 - SWAP - What would Geno look like wearing someone else’s clothing? It can be anyone. “

yes im a bit late,im so sorry ;w;

i wasnt able to post this yesterday because i was already busy,guess i will have to do sketches for the next days,anyway here is day 2! i decided to go with his dear brother error :3

skeleton feet are hard to draw   o^o