clothing swap!

optimisticweirdo  asked:

omg, any headcannons if jared, connor, micheal and JD were friends? like in a crossover?

Dear Jason Dean be more Chill Crossover HCS: 

Jared + JD: “Uhh there can only be one J named friend” 

  • Sassy banter vs. Dry humor
  • “You look like you can killed someone” “Roughly 3″ “What?” “Nothin’ I was lying”
  • Jared and JD would bond over how lame Michael (assuming from bmc?) and Evan are
  • “Our love is god” “What the shit is that, some Jehovah witness pick up line?” 
  • Friendship doesn’t last long

Connor + JD: “Edge Off” 

  • Blasting Linkin Park unironically “CRAWLING IN MY SKINNNNNN” 
  • casually paint each others nails
  • clothing swap, Evan is very scared and very confused
  • JD starts hitting on Zoe
  • This friendship also doesn’t last
  • “All that sugar is going to kill you” “Yeah and?” 

JD and Michael: “7/11 does sushi!?”

  • Strangely works
  • Listening to Bob Marley while hanging out
  • Slushie bros
  • Michael gets JD to try sushi; JD gets very sick 
  • JD sees Michael crying alone in the bathroom
  • “Want me to /take care/ of Jeremy?” “GOD NO”

Evan and JD: “You…look like my friend Connor” 

  • Weird tension because he looks like Connor
  • “D-Do you like trees?” “…I guess? I mean doesn’t everything die at some point?” “Y-Yea…” 
  • Silent walks to school
  • Evan gets bullied and JD walks over in a trenchcoat. No one bugs Evan again
  • “Do you like ice cream?” “I’m lactose intolerant…yeah I’ll take 3 scoops” “Ohmy…” 

some Boyf riends for @kagenes !! 

how dare u hurt me with that picture you posted like .5 seconds ago jfc,,, 


Jeremy in Michaels glasses and sweater (and sweat pants… theyre falling off) and Michael being the gay dweeb he is<3 

thank u for turning?? the clothes swap thing into a big deal holy crap so many people loved it ;u; 

(jeremy has Tiny hands that get swallowed up by the sleeves..)

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(og clothes swap anon) I!!! LOVE??? if you wanna make it a huge thing i totally wouldn't mind??? (bc some people think that's stealing an idea or whatever) but!!! i didnt expect it to be so perfect, ,,

o H MY GOD IT WAS YOU. ..  thank you so much for coming up with this idea omg… I’LL KEEP DRAWING IT THO, now that i know you’re okay with it and like what i did i’m  👌 👌 and more confident abt it 

this is the only other thing i’ve drawn today and it’s just a sketch but i felt like i needed to share,

If you’re a trans woman & you want to receive a care package reblog this / message me !

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I have lots of gently used clothes to give away & im raising money so I can get a few new items like food, hygiene products, bath stuff, cosmetics, etc

Literally the only requirement is that you’re a trans girl & u want some cute things

Clothes for Larger Trans Women

Hey, guys. So I’m a trans man and I’ve always been on the bigger size. I’m cleaning out my closet of my more feminine clothing (skirts, blouses, dress pants, a couple of shoes) and I would like to give them to fellow members of the trans community. My pant/skirt size is about 28 (women)/4x/54 (men). My shirt size is about 3x. Shoe size is women’s 11, men’s 9. 

I do have at least 2 gently used bras, and those are 44B, so if anyone wants those, I’d be happy to get rid of them.

I know it can be rough to get new clothing when you’re transitioning, especially for bigger folks. So if you need some clothes, please email me at (tumblr has been weird about messages for me). All I’d ask is that you cover shipping cost. And if you can’t use the clothes, please pass the word along.