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Val I aspire to be at ur level of anime-wardrobe because the only clothing that is a staple of all my outfits is a ratty black plaid flannel. I need some lowkey main character shit like you have

Try to dress flashy, and make sure your pants and jacket are the same color.

I just realized why the Assassins might have been known for white beaked hoods. White looks conspicuous from the Renaissance era onward, but it would allow one to hide in plain site in ancient Egypt. White linen was the staple clothing for the middle and upper classes, and white was a common color in clothing for much of the ancient era. I guess the assassins were stubborn traditionalists with their dress until the late 18th Century

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Urban Succulent Wall Garden

Urban Succulent Wall Garden

Materials: Water-resistant redwood or cedar 1x3s, Chop saw or hand saw, Wood screws, Drill, Steel hardware cloth, Staple gun, Hammer, Nails, Succulents, Soil, and Hooks

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i thought it was time i also created staple clothes for already existing characters instead of passing them off as merely random shirts or skirts or something

((especially foxy i really wanted to give him the best pirate outfit ;w; my little special babu))

and since I now am on summer vacation, I decided to design them clothes :D

well i kinda cheated for chica and foxy so i drew extra sketches for them

((look at my fail pirate captain doll from sponge bob))