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Saw that guy Tae again :) he’s just too cute. He brought in all of our clothing samples which turned out decent. It was funny, I was running out of the office and saw him just sitting on the couch, waiting for me. We stared at each other for a bit before we realized what we were doing. I’d even forgot I’d asked him to come to our office today.

After like a minute he was like, “Uh, Thalia?” It took me a second before I finally replied with a happy, “Hey!”

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heading back home after 2 years (savings all spent) and I feel like I haven't achieve anything much and I don't know what else to do when I'm back. I don't merchandising and find that I enjoy the process of creating clothes (moodboard-design-pattern-samples). Right now everything seems so bleak. Sometimes I wished I was born in the states where the prospects for fashion is better. Should I just give up?

You have your experiences… most people don’t even leave their home town or get to experience any other kind of life away from home, literally all my friends from high school. Just surround yourself with people that inspire you and don’t put too much pressure to figure your stuff out before you’re ready… just be present in the moment and let it come to you but be focused at the same time and set a few easy goals for yourself that seem attainable. You should read the power of now. Great book!!

Imagine Steve Rogers...

… getting clothes samples from Abbercrombie and fitch, because the CEO only sees him as “The cool kid in the class with a lot of friends and whole american dudebro”, because those are their target buyers. But Steve reading up on them and actually recognicing what a bully that whole brand is

“Steve, what the hell are you wearing?” Bucky asks, jaw dropping. Steve enters the common room wearing jeans slung low on his hips and a striped T shirt with a breast pocket. The room fills with a pungent scent that makes everyone cover their noses.

“It showed up on my bed?” Steve says, questioning himself. “It fits weird. The crotch of these pants are constricting…”

“Where’d they come from?” Natasha asks, quirking her eyebrow.

“I don’t know, but the box had a lot of shirtless guys on it…they were all…damp? Glistening? It was weird.”

Bucky barks out a laugh, wiping tears from his eyes. “Oh Stevie, you’re wearing clothes from Abercrombie and Fitch! Dude, those guys are awful.”

Steve’s eyes get bigger and bigger as he listens to what Bucky and Natasha tell him about this stupid company. He damn near rips the clothes right off his body. Instead, he hightails it back to his room and changes into comfy sweat pants and another far-too-tight T-shirt.

(He definitely would have stripped right there, but Natasha was in the room, and he still has some of his 1940s tendencies…one of which is not stripping in front of a lady.)


Elaborate shop front from 18th century France. This shop front is from a shop located at 3, quai de Bourbon, Île Saint-Louis, Paris owned by  Etienne Séjournant and dates to circa 1775. 

French mercers would have elaborate shop fronts like this in front of their shops to display goods to entice customers into their shops. So someone selling men’s clothing would display cloth samples, perhaps examples of buttons or waistcoat designs, etc. in the shop front. This is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

                                                   Worst Militia Clothing Fall 2016 Sample Sweater

                                                      Alexandria Blake, Age: 21, Location: Florida 

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this will likely fall on deaf ears, but it's worth a shot.

those of you who live in or around the apopka area may have seen my new friend kyle at some point around hunt club/wekiva springs. kyle is homeless and is trying to get a job, which can be really hard when you don’t have clean clothes or running water on a regular basis. i’d really like to help him out with maybe a nicer backpack, some interview clothes & basic hygeine products. if anyone would like to help me in getting some things together for him (maybe you have clothes or sample hygeine products laying around you could donate!) or knows of any organizations that could help him out, please let me know. you can contact me through my tumblr or shoot me an email at

if you can’t help, please reblog. this is our community, we need to take care of one another.

Ruby being useless at helping Weiss plan the wedding (see her inability to distinguish between ivory white and light cream table cloth samples) but letting Weiss drag her through it all anyway in exchange for one thing

That they both wear their weapons to the ceremony 

And Weiss pretends to be surprised, even though she’d already picked out their dresses with scythe and sword in mind

It is Ruby Rose that she’s marrying, after all 


[sample], clothed par RenMaaru