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I wanted to doodle outfits in theme of some of the places they traveled;;

Chapter Eighty-One

A/N: I really struggled with this chapter, so I do apologise and I hope you enjoy. Thank you all so much for the great reaction to the last chapter 😄 Also, thank you for 800 followers - it’s far more than  I ever expected and it means so, so much 💖

A week after being told she was not wearing appropriate clothes, Emmy had her next engagement. It was a Service of Hope in the wake of the terrorist attack, and while Emmy knew that the world had much bigger things to think about than what she was wearing, she also knew that Buckingham Palace would be keeping a close eye on how she looked. And would not hesitate to slate her for dressing badly again.

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Chapter Sixty

A/N: Okay, this part is quite small because the ending just seemed to happen, and it felt like a good place to leave the chapter, so I’ve split it into parts. I hope you enjoy it :)

Also, if you haven’t read the last chapter (where Harry and Emmy have a housewarming party in their new house), you can read it here.

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Emmy broke into a smile as she entered the private room at the back of the restaurant. Emma Watson was already there, looking as pretty as ever and wearing a smile just as wide. She jumped up, and then they were hugging.

“It’s been way too long,” Emma said. “Congratulations on your little baby, by the way!”

“Aw, thank you,” Emmy laughed. “Congratulations to you on your trip to Ghana. I read an article on it, it sounded amazing.”

“Oh, it was,” Emma replied. “It was so fascinating to see how gender equality is different out there. All the ladies I met were amazing women, they were so kind and beautiful. It was sad to leave, to be honest.”

“I know the feeling,” Emmy said.

“You’re going to Brazil next week, right?”

“Well, I was,” she said, then sighed. “We didn’t account for Zika. I wasn’t pregnant when we made the decision to go. Now…it’s probably best not.”

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Time for a story - Girls

I wasn’t planning on posting a chapter today, but after a short talk to @walkerandbartowski I made up my mind. ;)

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“Am I wrong or have we been really late for all the shopping this pregnancy?” Felicity asked, sinking a little lower into the soft leather of the passenger seat. “I mean it’s only nine weeks until our baby is going to be born, and we just bought the furniture for the nursery.”

“We were busy with other stuff,” Oliver just replied, shrugging his shoulders while directing the car into their street. “There is nothing to worry, though. Nine weeks is still a lot of time, and since we could take the furniture with us already, I will just set it up in the next days. I swear to you that next weekend everything is ready, so the baby can come anytime.”

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