clothing emmy



I woke up this morning at 730 which was weird considering that I’m usually woken up by little Ricky at 530 every day. Emmy had crawled into our bed last night like she does every night lately, only this time she had peed all over me in her sleep. So I go out into the living room to find her since she’s no longer in the bed and when I walk in she yells, “Baby is in the fridge!” Sure enough he’s in the fridge chowing down on some baby carrots which are all over the place. So now obviously the baby gate blocking of our kitchen is pointless. And to top it all off Little Ricky also got into my makeup bag and poured all of my setting spray onto the couch.

So I went and took off my clothes and Emmy’s clothes, wiped us both down, stripped the bed, put back the chair that little Ricky used to get over the baby gate and put away all of my makeup. I’m still in the process of doing the pee laundry and the mattress needs to be wiped down again. So this day is basically dedicated to cleaning! Which is fine by me really but wow what a crazy way to start off my day.