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YS Uniform Retexture Pack #2 (converted to V2)

I finished converting my second uniform retextures.  ^^  From left to right: Yuno’s uniform from Future Diary, the Sukeban uniform from YS, the Love Live Sunshine uniform, Rena’s uniform from Higurashi, and the Titan uniform from YS.


You need the mesh, otherwise they won’t work: (here)

Credit: cas-fulleditmode for converting the uniform, YandereDev, Unity/Aoi Character Pack

so I’ve been wearing this guy friend’s jacket (we’ll call him “E”) like a robe around the house and no one has asked why I’m wearing a jacket five times the size I am (pretty sure they know it’s E’s) but it just made me think of this word that I never knew wasn’t even a real word as a kid because my dad couldn’t pronounce the real word with his thick accent (English isn’t his first language) 

it’s actually developed a new meaning in our home and I could totally put this word in the dictionary… Basically he would try to say I “confiscated” his stuff and kept it as my own simply bc it’s his and I love him but instead he’d say “comfícated” (pronounced “comfy-cated”) which has come to mean: 


“To take or borrow something that belongs to a loved one and then use it as your own.” So for example, I comfícated E’s jacket.

The goth and fantasy fashion aesthetics are fucking beautiful, but they’re coming up short. 

  1. There is a serious lack of POC in gothic attire. 
  2. There is a serious lack of POC in fantasy attire. 
  3. There is a serious lack of male POC in gothic or fantasy attire. 
  4. There is a serious lack of males in fantasy attire, period. 
  5. Why are there so few genderfluid fantasy costumes and concepts?

Come on.  Step it up, people.

Sharing Clothes

Imagine: Wearing Kol’s shirt around the house, turning him on and he can’t help but fuck you. (Requested ~smut~)

“Hey Kol, can I borrow a shirt?” You batted your eyelashes at your boyfriend, hoping he could spare you an article of clothing. Kol seemed to mimic you, batting his lashes back at you. What had happened was kind of childish, but Kol had sprayed you with water and you were sopping wet from head to toe. It was quite funny, seeing Kol snicker like a child as you froze. He did hand you a towel, but you couldn’t take the wet clothes clinging to your skin any longer.

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Just visited the super sweet town of Pastelia! It’s extremely well done, houses and town. Also, she gives you adorable things to wear/hold and the cutest neighbors are all gathered here so go visit! ✧*:・゚

Town Name: Pastelia

DA:  4100-2171-4940

Family Friend

Imagine: You and Kol having a mutual hate relationship even though you are friends with his family, one night you argue and he kisses you to shut you up. (Requested ~Smut~)

“Y/N come in, you look stunning.” Klaus welcomed you into his home, grabbing your hand in his and politely helping you inside. You blushed, looking down at your attire. A baby blue dress that stopped mid thigh and a pair of matching sandals, your toenails painted a deep Crimson. Maybe it wasn’t the wisest decision to wear such an outfit with Vampires in the room but the Mikaelsons were your best friends.

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