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Aunt Jilli, I'm not the anon who sent the ask, but I read your list of affordable goth jewelry and even the cheapest pieces (~$70) cost more money than I make in a month. I'm worried I'm too poor to be a proper goth.

My darling bat, you are NOT to poor to be a proper goth! No, no, no. Banish that thought.

  • Look at thrift stores and yard sales. There are all sorts of goth-friendly pieces that can be found at those sorts of places.
  • Don’t think that goth jewelry MUST be spooky or representations of goth iconography! Back In The Day, we all wore things like lengths of ribbon or lace tied around our throats, strands of beads or rosaries we found at the aforementioned thrift stores and yard sales, and whatever weird or eccentric-looking pendants we could also find at those budget-friendly places, also strung on lengths of ribbon.

Also, please, please, please remember that you DO NOT have to be a spooky fashion plate to be a goth. Sure, that’s a fun thing to aspire to, but don’t fret if your circumstances don’t make that possible. DO NOT take the images of various goths with elaborate wardrobes as representative of the subculture as a whole. Goth started as a DIY, budget fashion, and while the proliferation of clothes and jewelry aimed at the subculture is nice, none of that is a requirement. 

Much love to you, my darling bat.

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Do you have any tips on dressing Goth on a tight budget? I love the look but can´t afford clothes like Killstar and end up looking ugly -_-

I’m sure you don’t look ugly! Keep in mind that goth is not all about the clothes, and loads of goths don’t dress as is expected of them or even own brand label clothes!

The best advice I can give is to get second hand and discounted clothes. Charity shops, recycling centres, eBay, and online buy/sell/swap groups are goldmines if you keep your eyes open. It can be very hit-and-miss at times, but it’s always good to be on the look out. The fact that goth is a phase for some people comes in very handy for those of us who stick with it, because people are often trying to get rid of their clothes fast and for cheap. If you don’t have second hand shops around you, there are many specific groups created for selling, buying and swapping clothes online, so if you’re on Facebook search groups for goth clothing. Don’t forget to check out mainstream stores during sales and bargain stores like TK/TJ Maxx either, they can have great offers! (And never underestimate Halloween sections and sales!) Mainstream fashion borrows from the goth fashion every few years and at the moment many sales feature a lot of dark velvet garments and lace. What comes to make-up, cheaper generic brands are often just as good as expensive brands; You just have to find the ones that work the best on you.

DIY (do it yourself) skills are also great to have. Teach yourself some basic stitching techniques and you’ll be able to make not-so-perfect clothing fit you better and you can mix and match pieces together. (Love the ruffle on an otherwise ugly skirt? Cut it out and add it to a basic blouse to make a pretty neo-Victorian shirt.) This makes second hand shopping a lot easier because you won’t always be bound to your style, body shape, size, or style or even the colour palette of the garment. You can also make your patches, add your own studs or lace, change colour of jewellery with nail polish, and dye your own clothes. You can even dye natural fibres easily in a microwave with Kool Aid! (That includes your hair, but obviously don’t put your head in a microwave, lol.) You don’t have to own a sewing machine or know how to make clothes, just learn to do a running stitch and you can already make loads!

Another important thing is learning to match and accessories. A simple black velvet dress can give out a Wednesday Addams -vibe just by wearing your hair on braids or wearing cute shoes and tights or a collar. You can also imitate brand clothing with smart accessorising. Last summer I bought a £10 harness on Amazon and wore it on top of a £4 dress from a charity shop. I can’t even tell you how many people asked me if I was wearing Killstar! (And I can wear that harness with practically every top over and over again.) Get those old clothes that you think are too plain out of your closet and play around with belts, scarves and jewellery to find the right balance for the look you’re going for and repurpose the old garments. (I used the skirt from my old school uniform as my go-to gothy skirt for years until it broke and it looked great when matched with the right top.) This goes for make-up and hair as well: Finding what works for you can do wonders for your gothy look and you can get fantastic results with something as little as changing your hairstyle or the size of your winged eyeliner.

Last but not least, if it’s possible, try to save up for one big, quality investment instead of buying cheaper products of poorer quality. For example, save up for New Rock shoes that cost £150 but will last years and years instead of getting the £30 creepers that will break in six months. (Loads of these quality shoes are also available on places like eBay: just last year I bought a pair for £30, which was over £200 under the original price!) I know it can’t always be done, but if possible it’s worth it in the long run. Also, don’t just buy the first thing you see! Whether you’re shopping online or at stores, check out the price ranges on similar items to know you’re getting the best deal. You might instinctively want to go for the £4 item over the one that costs £5 but if the former has shipping costs and the latter doesn’t, the item that seemed more expensive to begin with might actually end up being the cheaper one.

Hope this helps and good luck! (:


This is for all my bbs who love fashion but can’t afford a lot of nice clothes.

- Thrift stores are your best friend! From the outside it can look like a lot of junk but if you go through you can find some quality pieces. (I’ve found Betsey Johnson, Michael Kors, Free people, etc. ) but be sure to wash all the clothes thoroughly!

- For the special statement pieces you can’t find anywhere else, a good way to make fast cash is to again, use thrift stores. If you find designer brands (even if you don’t like the item), you can resell them on sites like eBay or poshmark and make good money that way! Plus there’s no age limit so it’s a good way to make cash if you’re too young for a job!

- As mentioned in the last point, poshmark and eBay are a great way to find used or discounted items and brands you like.

- You can recreate nice pieces using cheaper items and stuff from craft stores. For example if I saw this pair of $300 embroidered jeans I love, I could go to Joann’s and buy some embroidery patches for like $5 and some jeans from the thrift store for $10!

My best advice is to save your money for the really special things you see and you just have to have! For the other pieces, look at some cheaper alternatives 💞

Witch tip

Thrift stores. You can find almost anything there! 🙌🏼 I know it’s been said but seriously ~ you’ll be finding affordable beautiful one of a kind vintage items 😍 I’ve found seashells, crystals, cauldrons, chalices, books, mortar and pestles, boxes, spice shelves, books, candles, an altar cloth or decorations plus sooo many jars! 🌙🎀🔮✨


I did :(

How to look well put together on a BUDGET !

You don’t need to have $100 blouses to look good and put together. It’s the small details that people will notice. (Nails that aren’t chipped, understated jewelry, and freshly pressed clothes.)

On a budget, one of my #1 recommendations is a GARMET STEAMER. They range from $20 to $100+. They will take the wrinkles out of ANY piece of clothing.

One of the worst things you can do is think you look cute in all of your expensive ~hand selected~ pieces, and have wrinkles everywhere. Oo, just thinking about it irritates me.

Depending on what material you’re steaming, you can also add a few drops of an essential oil/burning oil to infuse your favourite scent into the fabric.

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could you explain the culture of “thanx hun Penneys xx”? thanks!

The whole phenomenon is pretty interesting. It’s often typical to boast about how much you paid for something if someone compliments it. In complete contrast, admiring someone’s clothes here often results in the reply “thanx hun Penneys” (literally: thanks honey, I got it in Penneys). Penneys (or Primark elsewhere) is a clothing store with very budget-friendly but trendy clothes. The culture is, at its very core, very humble and generous. People readily share where they got their clothes and how affordable it is, a complete 180 from where someone might hint at having spent a hefty sum on their clothes. I feel a lot of it also comes from that deep-set cultural thing we naturally have of playing down praise and not getting too big-headed.

  • Mom: *gives me her credit card* Go buy some clothes online, sweetie. Your budget is $50, clothes only.
  • Me: *nods and thanks her before going to my room to shop online*
  • Me: Okay now let's see *hums and scrolls through Amazon*
  • Me: *sees a cute stuffie*
  • Little me: *Inhales deeply* I need.
  • ~*Ten minutes later*~
  • Me: *slowly gets out of little space* oh no..what have I done..
  • Me: *texts caregiver* "WE HAVE A CODE TURQUOISE!!!"
  • Caregiver: "alright bun bun, what did you buy this time?"
  • Caregiver: *leaves me on read*
  • Me: *hyperventilates*
  • Caregiver: *calls*
  • Me: *answers while hugging stuffies closely*
  • Caregiver: Pack your stuffies and pacis. We're leaving to Guadalajara on Wednesday. Your name is now Wendy. We start a new life now.


Feet planted firmly upon the station’s platform, Teruki didn’t nudge Kageyama as the other rested sleepily against him, instead he took note of how the cuff of his shirt sleeve barely reached wrist anymore. They were both growing in odd spurts, had been since they’d begun highschool, it was hell on his clothes and his budget. He supposed he’d be buying a whole new bunch of shirts soon, he didn’t really want to because they only really had a year left and it seemed kind of like a waste, but then again it was always good to have a few white shirts in your wardrobe. 

Teruki sighed, time really was passing them by and still it almost felt like yesterday Kageyama came crashing into his life to turn his whole world upside down and inside out. He smiled fondly to himself at the memory as Kageyama’s head rolled onto his shoulder, inky dark hair splayed out against his neck. 

A train shot by, it shook the station and startled Kageyama from his slumber.

“Uh, sorry,” Kageyama muttered, mounting panic evident in his voice.

“It’s fine,” Teruki said, waving the other off, he didn’t say the words that were caught in his throat though. They were melodramatic and not suited to the early morning commute. “I’ll always be here when you need someone to lean on,” the realisation dawned on him as slowly as the blush crept across Kageyama’s cheeks, but there wasn’t much he could do about then, there words were already out there. 

“Thank you,” Kageyama mumbled as he turned toward the edge of the platfrom and Teruki couldn’t help but notice how beautiful he was in the stark morning light. 

It made Kageyama’s pale skin shine and turned the blush cherry red as though Kageyama were a flower suddenly blooming, Teruki couldn’t tear his eyes away not even when the chime for the oncoming train sounded.

“No problem,” he replied, albeit fairly delayed. He caught just the edge of Kageyama’s small smile as they boarded the train, the sight of it set free a swath of butterflies into his stomach and they fluttered for the entire train journey. 

Playing the game

Just a drabble. Since it’s IWD

He insists she stay in the motel, wrapped in a scratchy wool blanket as she regards him warily through slightly bloodshot eyes. A bruise has bloomed below the graze that mars the delicate whiteness of her skin, her hair still hanging in wet tendrils around her face. She is shivering despite her best efforts to hide it from him and he makes no mention of it, because even at this early stage of their partnership he somehow understands that she is reluctant to show weakness; that she is any less than her male counterparts.

He has worked with women before of course; but never like this; never had to justify his actions to one who he is sure has been specifically hand-picked to ensure his downfall. To invalidate his work, to invalidate him.

But despite that he can’t help but feel a strange sense of allegiance to her, this woman who has seen things over the last couple of days that must surely have rocked the very foundations of her scientific belief system, that maybe, just maybe will allow her to find a way through the reputation that seems to dog him wherever he goes and to start to inquire…to question.

Her sodden clothing is hung haphazardly on a wooden frame he managed to finagle from the motel reception, explaining how the rest of their clothing had been lost to the flames that destroyed so much more than just material possessions, but another power outage from the storm that has raged on and off since their arrival has made the room chilled and he doubts her clothes will be dry enough to wear in the morning before they leave for the airport to fly back home.

The receptionist also directed him to a Walmart which, even though they are on the outskirts of Hicksville he is gratified to learn stays open late. And that is where he heads after assuring Scully that it’s okay for her to stay behind, that he will be there and back before she knows it.

He picks up a change of clothes for them both. Nothing fancy, just a couple of pairs of sweats from the budget clothing section, plain white underwear for her, cotton boxers for him, thick woollen socks for both of them and he marvels just for a moment at the size difference of the garments he has chosen. He guesses her size but is pretty sure he isn’t too far off the mark. Next on his list is a hairbrush, deodorant that is just neutral enough to be considered unisex, a couple of toothbrushes and toothpaste. He pauses for a moment, weighing up his choices but settles on spearmint as being a good flavour compromise.

As an afterthought he snags a packet of salted seeds and finally, a pack of playing cards which are marked down to 50c at the cash register. The bottom corner of the pack is torn, revealing the deck within but the rip isn’t large enough that any of the cards will be missing.
He has no idea if she even knows any card games, but he senses there will be precious little sleep for either of them tonight and it seems as good a way as any to pass the time if the night stretches too thinly ahead of them.

They wind up playing for sunflower seeds and he almost laughs out loud at the way she resolutely juts out her jaw, shaking her head at the mere thought of gambling for actual hard cash whilst on the government dime. Her game of choice is poker which causes him to raise an eyebrow across at her as she sits cross legged in front of him on the bed, sleeves of the oversized sweatshirt rolled up a few times and resting on the delicate stem of her wrist because as soon as she emerged from the bathroom it is clear he had miscalculated – that she is far smaller in stature than his brain had processed and he had wondered idly if that had some hidden meaning; that already she had become much more formidable in his mind than he had consciously allowed her to be.

By the time morning comes her pile of sunflower seeds far outstrips his and he knows he will have to stop on the way to the airport to buy more. He also knows that Dana Scully is not to be underestimated.


CHARCOAL (M) | kth

“The thing with Taehyung is that he use his hands a lot while drawing and get his fingers stained with charcoal, a lot. But when I come back home later, I love to see the same black prints all over my body.”

+Pairing: Taehyung x femlale MC ft Seokjin
+Genre: College!AU, Artist!kth
+Warnings: sexual assault victim
+Note: GUYS! This is an adaptation of the book “Easy” by Tammara Webber. I decided to start like this because im not sure of my writing skill yet, so enjoy!

0102 03 04 05


I dutifully emailed the econ tutor when I got back to the dorm after class, and started on my art history homework. While tapping out a response essay on a neoclassical sculptor and his influence on the style, I mumbled a thank you to my inner neurotic that I’d at least kept up in my non-econ classes.

With Elee at work, I could buckle down to an evening of quiet studying. Here in our microscopic room, she couldn’t help being a near-constant distraction. While I attempted to cram for an algebra test last week, the following conversation took place: “I had to have those pumps for my job, Daddy!” she argued into her cell. “You said you wanted me to learn the value of work while I’m in school, and you always say a person should dress for success, so I’m only trying to follow your words of wisdom.”

When she glanced at me, I rolled my eyes. My roommate was a hostess at a swanky restaurant downtown, a position she frequently used as an excuse for overspending her clothing budget. Three hundred dollar shoes, essential for a job that paid nine bucks an hour? I stifled my laugh when she winked back at me. Her father always caved, especially when she employed the D-word—Daddy.

I wasn’t expecting a quick reply from the tutor. As an upperclassman and a tutor for a huge class like Dr. Park’s, he had to be busy. I was also certain he’d be none too thrilled to assist a failing sophomore who’d skipped the midterm and two weeks of class, and who had never attended one of his tutoring sessions. I was prepared to show him I would work hard to catch up and get out of his hair as quickly as possible.

Fifteen minutes after I emailed him, my inbox dinged. He’d replied, in the same formal tone I’d chosen after.

“Ms. Son,
Dr. Park has informed me of your need to catch up in macro and the project you’ll need to complete in order to replace the midterm grade. Since he’s approved you to do this work, there’s no need to share the reason why you’ve fallen so far behind with me. I’m employed as a tutor, so this falls under my job description. 

We can meet on campus, preferably in the library, to discuss the project. It’s detailed, and will require a great deal of outside research on your part. I’ve been instructed by Dr. Heller as to the level of assistance I should provide. Basically, he wants to see what you can do, alone. I’ll be available for general questions, of course.My group tutoring sessions are MWTh from 1-2:00, but those cover current material. I assume you’ll need more assistance comprehending the material you missed over the past two weeks. Let me know the times you’re available to meet for individual tutoring sessions and we’ll coordinate from there.

Kim T.”

I clenched my jaw. Though perfectly polite, the tone of his email reeked of condescension… until his signature at the very end: KT. Was he being friendly, or casual, or ridiculing my attempt to sound like a serious, mature student? I read his email again and got even madder. So he thought I was too dumb to comprehend the course material on my own? 

“Mr. Kim,
I can’t attend your sessions because I have art history MW 1-2:30, and I tutor at the middle school on Thursday afternoons. I live on campus and am available to meet late afternoons Monday/Wednesday, and most evenings. I’m also free on weekends when I’m not tutoring. I’ve begun reading the course material on GDP, CPI, and inflation, and I’m working on the review questions at the end of chapter 9. If you want to meet to pass on the project requirements, I’m sure I can catch up on the regular coursework on my own.


I pressed send and felt superior for all of about twenty seconds. In actuality, I’d barely glanced at chapter 9. So far, it looked less like comprehensible supply and demand charts, and more like gibberish with dollar signs and confusing shifts tossed in for fun. As for GDP and CPI, I knew what those acronyms signified… Sort of.

Oh, God. I’d just haughtily dismissed the tutor provided by my professor—the professor who wasn’t obligated to give me a second chance, but had.

When my email dinged again, I swallowed before clicking over to it. A new message from Kim T was at the top of my inbox.

If you prefer to catch up on your own, that’s your prerogative, of course. I’ll gather the information on the project and we can meet, say, Wednesday just after 2:00?

Kim T.
PS What do you tutor?”

His reply didn’t seem angry. He was civil. Nice, even. I was so emotional lately that I couldn’t judge anything clearly.

“Kim T,
I teach private lessons to orchestra students—middle and high school—on the upright bass. I just remembered I agreed to assist in transporting two of my students’ instruments to a program this Wednesday afternoon. (I drive a truck, to accommodate transport of my own instrument, and now I’m constantly inundated with requests to move large musical instruments, sofas, mattresses…)

Are you free any evening? Or Saturday?


I’d been playing the upright bass since I was ten. In fourth grade, one of the orchestra’s two bass players had a pee wee football collision the second weekend of school, resulting in a snapped collarbone. Our orchestra teacher, Mrs. Peabody, had looked out over the vast sea of violin players and pleaded for someone to switch. “Anyone?” she’d squeaked. When no one else volunteered, I raised my hand.

“Honey, isn’t that an odd choice of instrument for a girl to play?” my mother asked. Still petulant over my rejection of learning piano—her instrument of choice—in favor of the violin, she was immediately unsupportive of my new preference.

“Yes.” I glared at my mother and she rolled her eyes.

By the time I was fifteen, I’d reached my full five-and-a-half-foot stature and could perform with a three-quarter sized instrument, no height adjustment needed, though it was a close thing.

For the past year, I’d been giving lessons to local students—all of them boys—each of them some version of smug and impertinent until they heard me play.

Upright bass? Interesting.

I’m busy in the evenings this week, and most weekends as well. I don’t want you to lose time on this, so I’ll send you the project information later tonight, and we can discuss it over email until we can sync our schedules. Will that work for you?

PS – I’ll keep you in mind if I buy a large appliance or need to move.”

Thank you, yes—that would be great. (Re: sending the project information, I mean, not your brazen resolution to use me for my truck’s hauling capacity. You’re no better than my friends! They dodge U-Haul rentals and delivery fees, and I get paid in beer.)


I’ll send the project specifics when I get home, and we can discuss.The barter system is just primitive economics at work, you know. (And are you old enough for beer?)


Far be it from me to knock an effective use of prehistoric economics. And I suppose friends who pay in beer are better than friends who don’t pay at all. (Re: my age—I don’t believe the job description of Economics Tutor makes you privy to that sort of personal information.)


Touché. I’ll just have to trust you not to get me arrested for supplying alcohol to minors.You’re right—impoverished, auto-lacking college students like myself should respect tried-and-true methods of transport negotiations.


I smiled at his candid admission of being carless, my face falling when I contrasted it with the sense of self-importance Seokjin got from his car. Right before we graduated, his parents gave his two-year-old Mustang to his sixteen-year-old brother, who’d wrecked his Jeep the weekend before. As an early graduation gift, they replaced Seokjin’s Mustang with the brand new BMW—sleek and black, with every available upgrade, including plush leather seats and a stereo system I could hear from a block away.

Fuuuuck. I had to stop linking every single thing that happened to me with Seokjin. 


Arriving a minute before econ began Wednesday morning, the last thing I expected to see was Seokjin, leaning on the wall outside the classroom, exchanging phone numbers with a girl. Giggling after snapping a picture of herself, she handed his phone back. He did the same, grinning down at her.

He would never smile at me like that again.

I didn’t realize I was frozen in place until a classmate shouldered into me, knocking my heavy backpack from my shoulder. “’Excuse me,” he grumbled, his tone more ‘Get the fuck out of the way’ than ‘Sorry I ran into you’.

As I bent to retrieve my backpack, praying Seokjin and his fangirl hadn’t seen me, a hand grasped the strap and swung the pack up from the floor. I straightened and looked into clear brown eyes.
 “Chivalry isn’t really dead, you know.” His deep, calm voice was just as I remembered from Saturday night, and from Monday afternoon, across the Starbucks counter.
“Oh? ”He slipped the strap back onto my shoulder.
“Nah. That guy’s just an asshole.” He gestured toward the guy who’d bumped me, but I could have sworn his eyes raked over my ex, too, who was crossing to the door, laughing with the girl.
“You okay?” For the third time, this question, from him, held deeper significance than the usual, everyday implication.
“Yes, fine.” What could I do but lie? “Thank you.” I turned and entered the room, took my new seat, and spent the first forty-five minutes of class fixing my attention on Dr. Park, the whiteboard he filled, and the notes I took. Dutifully copying charts of short-run equilibrium and aggregate demand, all of it seeming like so much nonsense, I realized I would have to beg my tutor Kim for help after all. My pride would only cause me to slide further behind.
Minutes before the end of class, I turned and reached into my backpack as an excuse to sneak a look at the guy on the back row. He was staring at me, a black pencil loose between his fingers, tapping the notebook in front of him. He slouched into his seat, one elbow over the back of it, one booted foot casually propped on the support under his desk. As our eyes held, his expression changed subtly from unreadable to the barest of smiles, though guarded. He didn’t look away, even when I glanced into my bag and then back at him. I snapped forward, my face warming.

Guys had shown interest in me over the past three years, but other than a couple of short-lived, certainly never revealed or acted-upon crushes—one on my own college-aged bass tutor, and another on my chemistry lab partner—I’d not been attracted to anyone but Seokjin. The economics lecture reduced to background babble, I couldn’t decide if my response to this stranger was lingering embarrassment, gratitude that he’d saved me from Junmin, or a simple crush. Perhaps all three.

When class ended, I packed my textbook into my backpack and resisted the urge to look in his direction again. I fiddled long enough for Seokjin and his fangirl to leave. As I stood to go, the persistently sleepy guy who sat next to me spoke.

“Hey, which questions did he say to do for the extra credit? I must have knocked off for a few seconds right around when he discussed those—my notes are indecipherable.” I glanced at the spot he indicated in his notes, and sure enough, the scribbles became less and less readable. “I’m Jungkook, by the way.”

“Oh, um, let’s see…” I flipped through my spiral and pointed to the assignment details printed across the top of the page. “Here it is.” As he copied it, I added, “I’m Y/N.”

Jungkook was one of those quite and nice guys, I’ve had seen him talking to his friends these days. He seems relaxed all they time.

“Thanks, Y/N. This saves my ass—I need those extra credit points. See you Friday.” He snapped his notebook closed. “Unless I accidentally sleep in,” he added, giving me a genuine smile.

I returned the smile as I moved into the aisle. “No problem.”

Maybe I was capable of making friends outside of my Seokjin circle. This interaction, along with the defection of most of our friends to Seokjin after the breakup, made me realize how dependent on him I’d become. I was a little shocked. Why had this never occurred to me before? Because I’d never thought Seokjin and I could end?

Foolish, naïve assumption. Obviously.

The room had almost cleared, the guy from the back row included. I felt a stab of irrational disappointment. So he’d stared at me in class—big deal. Maybe he was just bored. Or easily distracted.

But as I exited the room, I spotted him across the crowded hallway, talking with a girl from class. His demeanor was relaxed, from the navy shirt, open over a plain gray t-shirt, to the hand tucked into the front pocket of his jeans. Muscle didn’t show under the unbuttoned long-sleeved shirt, but his abdomen looked flat, and he’d put Junmin on the ground and bloody easily enough Saturday night. His black pencil sat atop one ear, only the pink eraser at the tip showing, the rest disappearing into his dark, messy hair.

“So it’s a group tutoring thing?” the girl asked, twirling a long loop of blonde hair around and around her finger. “And it lasts an hour?”

He hitched his backpack, twitching wayward bangs out of his eyes. “Yeah. From one to two.”

As he gazed down at her, she tilted her head and rocked her weight slightly from side to side, as though she was about to dance with him. Or for him. “Maybe I’ll check it out. What are you doing after?”


She huffed an annoyed breath. “You’re always working, Taehyung.” Her pouty tone hit my ears like nails on a chalkboard, as it always has when used by any girl above age six. But bonus—I’d just learned his name.

He glanced up then, as though he sensed me standing there, eavesdropping, and I pivoted in the opposite direction and started walking swiftly, too late to pretend I hadn’t been purposely listening to their conversation. I wove through the rush of people in the packed hallway, ducking out the side exit.

No way was I going to those tutoring sessions if Taehyung attended them. I wasn’t sure what he meant—if he meant anything at all—staring at me like that during class, but the overt intensity of his gaze made me uneasy. 


How wonderful it felt…
How wonderful it felt waking… still… unmoving… blank.

How wonderful to be free from the curses of thought… questions… concern.

How wonderful to feel the delicious natural nectar between it’s legs. To fully sense measured taps of the heart. To blankly eye the rise and fall of snowy breast topped outlining swollen areolas.

It is said as one sense fades… is removed.. the others are hyper enhanced… a form of compensation… adjustment. 

How wonderful it must feel to feel, to be consumed and bathed in a constant loop of pleasure on high. To embrace a higher awareness and arousal of it (self).

Gone… the bus schedules, deadlines, meetings and arguing over search engine optimizing keywords.

Gone… the mundane decision of food stuffs, clothing choices, budget calculations, political correctness, and socialized societal mandates.

Enhanced… your purpose in life, serenity of it (self), the calm elation of a flat- lined mind.

Enhanced… the flow of blood to nether regions, the natural release of serotonin, tactile touch and sensory feedback from every inch… every pore… every input and errogenous point on it’s body.

How wonderful it must feel to quietly wait for Maker to lay next to it, whispering the sweetest cotton candy instructions into the empty… soft… pliable mind.

Told only what is important… Instructed on tasks that only yield pleasure… reward… contentment.

How wonderful it has to feel to know attention is constantly given. To be used for a shared purpose and design. To drop, drip, and delve into the deepest parts of it’s core being.

Obeying… pleasing… feeling… needing not to need for it is made into a living form of need itself.

How truly wonderful this all must be.

Finding good quality clothing on a budget can be challenging, but by keeping these tips in mind you can find pieces that will last you a longer time and stay looking newer and fresher.

When buying a knitted garment:

  • Always check the material. The material of the yarn tells you a lot about how the garment is going to last. For example if it’s made of acrylic, it may feel super soft in the store but will likely get super linty in use and especially when you wash it. Good materials for knitted clothes include (for example); wool, cotton and cashmere.
  • Can you wear something under it? Knitted items shouldn’t be washed often. Washing can make them loose their shape and start to felt which will cause lint. To avoid washing you can wear a shirt under your sweater to protect it from sweat. 

When buying t-shirts and other jersey items:

  • Again; check the material. A 100% cotton jersey will almost always be the most reliable option. 
  • How does the fabric feel? If a shirt feels really mushy and thin, it likely isn’t very good quality. A good jersey fabric should feel sturdy and smooth.

When buying jeans:

  • How thick is the material? This may be obvious to some, but the thicker the fabric the more durable the jeans probably are. Skinny jeans that are stretchy tend to be thinner and break easier than jeans that are 100% cotton and less stretchy. 
  • Check the button and zipper. Make sure the button is properly attached and the zipper works.

General tips:

  • Always check the seams!!! I cannot stress this enough! Always check that the seams aren’t unraveling and full of little loose threads. A good seam is straight, tight and neatly finished.
  • Be careful with embroidery! Embroidered or beaded details are very fragile and often poorly made. If the threads aren’t finished properly, the beads can start falling out and embroidered pictures can unravel. Check for any loose thread ends when buying and always wash beaded items inside-out in a washing bag. 

I hope you found this post helpful. These tips will obviously work for thrift stores too as well as more expensive ones. Feel free to add things if you can think of more tips and message me to correct me if I’m wrong about something or if something was unclear. 

Happy shopping!

  • Leia: An investigator from Rebel Intelligence is here. Apparently someone in the Alliance has been leaking classified information to the Empire. The entire base is under investigation.
  • Han: That's crazy. After all we've been through, no one here's a mole.
  • Leia: How can you be so sure?
  • Han: Because I know these guys. I know everything about them.
  • Leia: You think you're a great pilot and smuggler but you are a poor Rebel if you don't think people can surprise you.
  • Han: Not these people, sister. Here, watch this. I know what everyone's going to do tonight. Luke is going to leave early to rehearse with his new dance group, Force Movement, New Jedi of Dance. Lando's gonna be going over his weekly clothing budget and Wedge will be attending a Pizza for One cooking class--
  • Wedge: Tonight's menu: Pepper-alone-I.
  • Han: --And if I run and leap at Chewie, he will most certainly catch me in his arms. Coming in! (runs and leaps!)
  • Chewie: No! No! I'm holding caf! (Drops caf, catches Han).

@isthereroomforbothofus some finds at the thrift shop:

1) navy corduroy blazer - this was a sweet find as all three buttons do up (though I tend to have just the first two fastened when I wear these things).  Long enough in the sleeves, maybe a little snug on the bum but I can’t get around that quite yet. And you can’t go wrong for $19.99  I can pair this with jeans - my comfy jeans, my going out jeans, my formal jeans (I live in Canada, you can wear jeans anywhere).

2) obligatory armed forces pullover sweater (hunter green) - if it has epaulettes or a hood (or god forbid both) chances are I’m going to try it on and if it fits, I’m going to buy it.  This was a steal at $14.99 - these things go for $60-80 easily at army surplus; this is in mint condition as well.  I’m in danger of looking like a Parks Canada ranger, but there are worse things.  I’ll wear it with my aviators and pull over all the sexy people and hand out fines for being fine…

3) Aeropostale cardigan - grey is pretty effortless, and the shawl collar is the bomb.  A little damage to the hip pocket but that’s easily fixed with a needle and thread.  Matched with some skinny jeans, a simple tee, a great scarf, maybe a jamex pocket watch and some fold over boots and we’re good for beers in Belgium.  I’ll buy, this sweater only cost $5.99

4) Ties.  TIIIIIIES. I can’t get enough of ties these days; I bought the one on the far right today for $1.99 and I can’t wait to practice all the fancy knots with it.  Pairs well with my current collared shirts (one black, one white) and suspenders.