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Sick Viktor | Pt. 6 Mama Yuuri edition
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i hate drawing fahc gavin in casual clothes because im like two lines away from drawing a blond guy in aviators and a baseball tee and its a risk im not willing to take, frankly

have some winter sasodei


Satine Kryze in 3.05

I love cultural misunderstanding fics in the Hobbit fandom, where Bilbo does things out of kindness that mean something more intimate to the dwarrow, or Thorin gives Bilbo some kind of plant because Bilbo likes plants, and Thorin’s knowledge is limited mostly to which bit goes in the ground, and Bilbo’s there trying not to read anything into the fact he’s just been handed something akin to an invitation to bed in floral form.

Or even better, accidental, almost selfish things, like Thorin stealing food off Bilbo’s plate and Bilbo blushing furiously because only lovers do that in the Shire, or Bilbo shivering and grabbing Thorin’s fur to wrap around his shoulders and every single one of the company looking very intently everywhere but at the two of them because clothes sharing amidst the dwarrow demonstrates an intention to court.

But best of all I love it when one of them uses the other’s culture on purpose to communicate what they want.

Dating Jack Would Include

Request: Can you do a dating Jack Maynard would include?


Dating Jack would include…

waking up early but not being able to get out of bed because he would have his arms wrapped around you so tightly.

morning voice !!!

him buying you clothes all the time because he just likes buying clothes.

the two of you posting selifes on Snapchat literally everyday.

“Babe, let’s take a selfie. Babe. Babe?” “What?” “Were you sleeping?” “Yeah. What do you need?” “C’mon, let’s take a selfie, Snapchat got a new filter.” “I hate you.”

strategically placed hickeys because he wants everyone to know you’re his.

him being very overprotective when you go out.

“you’re mine” sex when someone flirts with you.

“you’re mine” sex when someone flirts with him.

trying to relax him on nights he can’t sleep.

“Babe?” “Hmm?” “I can’t sleep. Can you play with my hair? It always helps.”

having to take care of him when he’s sick (aka literally all the time) (he needs a better immune system I s2g).

cuddles when he’s sick.

cuddles when he’s sleepy.

just cuddles all the time.

him muttering “I love you’s” in your ear whenever he can, just in case you might forget.


Will being adorable as all heck in And the Woman Clothed with the Sun for anon 


I FINISHED THIS *ugly sobbing*

I wanted to draw a silly Fellby and Felys comic andddit ended up taking way longer than expected. The comic would take place way longer after they first met, and Felys, since she didn’t want to bother Fellby everytime she wanted him to come (and was curious about his world too) tried to reverse the use of the summoning circle so she could go there instead I’m not even sure it would be possible BUT let’s say that it is so this silly comic makes some sense lmao

Sunny and Saz were trying to summon Fellby to the sofa and then Felys succeeded and saw these two cuties trying to bring his uncle home, so she would give them a class and bring the blue flame back. Fellby just arrived at the right time, and knew perfectly that he would not harm her with the fire attack) so he just plays the tsundere while hiding his surprise lmao

TrioBlasterSets by @antarestyl and @namekian-maoh !


G30 and B3N. The Innocent and The Brave. Both Alternative Versions Of F0X

All The Alternative Versions Of F0X Have The Same Age As F0X Himself But G30 Is 9. Like F0X, They Both Don’t Have Any Souls But We Can Tell That B3N Could Have The BRAVERY Trait And G30 The KIND One.They Have Different Writen Glitch Who Has Their Names On It. G30 Is 3'5 and B3N is 4'0.

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Like the two just would switch clothing because they are twins, pretty much the same size, and tom an Tam help each other out an will fight to protect each other because good trans twins

the best tag team in the neighborhood 

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Why doesnt The Egg wear shoes

I read this ask like fifteen times because I honestly thought it was the beginning of a joke and I kept trying to figure out what the punchline was before responding. BUT I’m pretty sure now that this is a serious question!

So my theory on the lack of shoes is that Solas is pretty committed to his Apostate Fade Nerd™ disguise, and the bare feet is part of his costume. He’s wearing boots when we see him in Trespasser so I don’t think it has anything to do with his magic or anything like that.

I’m also gonna tag @galadrieljones and @amburuthings because you two are the resident Solas clothing experts and maybe you’ve thought about this and can provide a better answer? :)

Fairy Tail 510 Spoiler Discussion/Theory

The spoilers for Fairy Tail chapter 510 are great. I wanted to know about before Natsu died and was resurrected.
One of my few thoughts was “Where is Natsu’s scar? Why is Zeref in his old clothes?”
My answer to myself was that it was because the two are inside Natsu’s heart, or mind. Natsu has not seen Zeref in his new outfit therefore he would remember Zeref in the clothes he last saw him in. For Natsu’s scar even though Natsu would have known he got attack on his face, I doubt he had time after that to look in a mirror and see the scar so therefore he hasn’t seen it. Or maybe all wounds and scars don’t exist in this little place in Natsu’s heart.

First years-third years thing

It’s their third year when Yachi brings in a new manager to help out. Unlike herself, however, this new manager is a boy.

A short, shy young thing by the name Koutarou, with glasses far too big for his face, and bangs for him to hide under. He’s the face of the faceless, of the average, but immediately everyone falls head over heels in love with him. They love his big, wide eyes – they’re huge, even without the glasses to magnify them – and the familiar shade of dark-but-not-too-dark hair, and the constant, shy flush on his cheeks as he speaks, and the soft, almost pastel colors of his street clothes and how he looks so small in them because they’re two sizes too big, hand-me-downs from an older sister.

He’s just so pretty, and every game he attends, everyone – even the opposing team – agrees. He looks absolutely stellar.