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anonymous asked:

A request for how McCree, 76, and Reaper would react to their s/o wearing their clothes. Bonus if their s/o is actually caught trying on their clothes.

Oh my gosh, yes! This is an awesome idea, I had so much fun thinking about this. Hope this is what you were looking for :) Enjoy!


He walked in on you laid on the bed on your laptop, wearing his serape over your clothes

  • He found it completely and utterly adorable
  • Snapping some photos on his phone to show Tracer and Genji later
  • He even just stayed in the doorway for a while, looking at you cuddled up in it
  • After a while, he couldn’t stay quiet any longer
  • “Comfortable, darlin’?”

He jumped onto the bed beside you then

  • Scaring the heck out of you as he did so
  • You whacked him for the gesture
  • He snuggled into the serape with you and you abandoned the laptop
  • Turning to your boyfriend for some serape cuddles


He walked into your shared bedroom to find you looking at yourself in one of his shirts in the mirror

  • As soon as he saw you he burst out laughing
  • The shirt was huge on you and you looked hilarious
  • You pouted in mock annoyance at his teasing
  • This only egged him on more

Suddenly you had an idea that made you smirk

  • You turned on the fake waterworks, completely taking him aback
  • You turned away from him, sniffling convincingly
  • He attempted to turn you round but you held firm
  • “Aw, I’m sorry honey, really, please don’t cry.”

After a few minutes you decide he’s been punished enough

  • Jumping round to face him with a shout of triumph
  • Laughing heartily as you watched his expression change from concerned to confused to annoyed in mere seconds
  • He ended up chasing you around the house before tackling you to the ground
  • He tickled you until real tears began streaming down your face between your wild chuckles


He shadow stepped into the room where you were wearing his robes

  • Honestly, you weren’t exactly sure how you’d managed to get all these layers on
  • He certainly didn’t have a clue
  • But seeing you in what could only be described as a pile of his clothes awakened something within him
  • Before you knew it, there was a hysterical Reaper rolling about on the bed behind you

You had never seen him so amused

  • But you couldn’t go and slap him for his rudeness
  • Because you couldn’t actually move under the weight of all that black clothing
  • This only fuelled Reaper’s laughter
  • Especially as you got hotter and hotter and hotter
  • You made a mental note to pay him back for this later
  • Though he reminded you that this was completely you’re own doing

Dating Kuroo Tetsurou

  • loves holding your hand and playing with them
  • will always make sure you get home safe- expect a text asking if you got home safely 
  • when it’s cold outside he always carries around an extra scarf in case u get cold
  • cuddles!
  • will always pick up if you call him, even at 3AM
  • “want another cozy blanket?”
  • the cat puns are out of control
  • gdi kuroo
  • he will put him goddamn cold ass feet against your leg or stomach if he has the chance 
  • “you still love me and my cold feet”
  • “fuck off”
  • you borrow his clothes
  • he will borrow YOUR clothes
  • give and take relationship that’s how it works 
  • 3AM conversations about life and very much often those weird questions that makes you question your existence 
  • forehead kisses!
The RFA + V + Saeran comforting insecure, chubby!MC

this is inspired by the douchebag that told me on the bus station today that i “would’ve been hot if i was skinny, but big boobs and ass don’t matter when you’re fat”, such a nice thing to say to a stranger!!1! :)) so here you go, here’s all my insecurities bc i needed to rant


  • He thought you were really pretty! And you were great to cuddle with!
  • Would probably blush every time you hugged because your boobs were pressing against him he loved it 
  • The cutest thing ever was when you wore oversized clothes because you looked so tiny, making him feel big and manly
  • He lowkey really wanted you to steal his clothes, as that would confirm you were his possessive Yoosung is my favorite Yoosung, but you never did
  • A few weeks after you started dating, you went out stargazing
  • Because he had his arm around you, he could feel you start to shiver in the cold night air
  • “Baby girl, are you cold? Do you wanna borrow my hoodie?”
  • You wanted to say yes, but knew it wouldn’t really fit you as Yoosung was a lot smaller than you, so you declined
  • “Are you sure? I don’t want you to get sick”
  • You cuddled closer to him, burried your face into his chest and mumbled that it wouldn’t fit anyways, so he would just have to heat you up
  • He looked at you confused before he realized that you were calling yourself too fat for his clothes, when he held you even tighter
  • “You know I love you, right? I really don’t mind how you look, I-I honestly think you’re really really attractive, and I want you to feel comfortable…”
  • To prove his point, he gave your butt a light squeeze, blushed and kissed you
  • After that, he bought lots of big hoodies you could steal from him!


  • Zen had an extra long rehersal, and you had accidently fallen asleep while you watched tv and waited for him to come home
  • When he saw you sprawled out on the couch, he smiled because of how cute you were
  • Wanting cuddles and trying to avoid that you slept in a weird position and locked a joint, he kissed your forehead and scooped you up in his arms to carry you to bed
  • You woke up and instantly panicked, never having been picked up like that before
  • “No Zenny, put me down! I’m too heavy, you’re gonna drop me!”
  • He put you down in the hallway, confused because no one had ever complained when he had picked them up
  • “Do you really think I would drop my princess? I’m more than strong enough to carry you, it’s not like I’ve never picked you up before! You’re really not that heavy anyways”
  • When you didn’t seem to believe him, he put his hands on your hips and pulled you close 
  • “Want me to prove to you how perfect I think you are, hm? I would gladly show you, you know”


  • You already knew that she was skinny because she never had the time to eat enough, but it was unfair that she still looked amazing while you looked like a potato
  • When the two of you opened the café she was always the ones to make the pastries while you took care of the counter, as you didn’t want to get tempted, “taste” the sweet treats and gain more weight
  • At first she just thought you didn’t like baking, but when you told her over a dinner how much you liked to make food, she didn’t understand
  • “Why don’t you help me with the pastries, then?”
  • You hesitated, but told her that you were scared to gain weight, especially because she looked so perfect and a customer had told you last week that your dress was too short as no one wanted to see your fat and nasty legs, and that you “needed to cover up your fat arms”
  • Shocked, she took your hand and kissed it
  • “How could someone say that to someone as nice and pretty as you? MC, please don’t think badly of yourself. They don’t know you, and have no right to judge you! You’re beautiful as well, I actually quite like your legs”
  • She blushed and grinned cheekily, making you laugh


  • Having quite a lot of extra weight, you definitely had above averagely sized breasts
  • Jumin loved them and bought you clothes that would show them off (not trashy though, just classy and sexy), but he noticed that you never wore them
  • Actually, you usually just wore oversized clothes
  • He had read in some magazine that women always took of their bras at the end of the day and that it was their highlight, but you never did?? You even slept with both a bra and a shirt?? Even though you complained about them being uncomfortable??
  • He hadn’t even seen you without a bra yet, shirt or not - he of course respected your wish to not go all of the way yet, but you had already been dating for over two months and he was getting worried that he had done anything wrong
  • The next time your kisses got hot and heavy and he slid his hands under your shirt only to get stopped, he finally asked why
  • Did you not find him attractive? Had someone hurt you in the past? Did you even like him that way?
  • You felt guilty that he felt like that just because you were insecure that your boobs were saggy, and you admitted it to him
  • He assured you that he didn’t mind! It wasn’t like he was expecting your e cups to be that perky anyways, he understood basic anatomy enough to know that natural boobs would sag
  • “Kitten, I love you, but you are honestly being a bit silly. You have absolutely nothing to be insecure about. If it bothers you that much I can of course pay for you to get surgery, but I can assure you that you’re the most attractive person I’ve ever seen. More to bounce around is never a bad thing”
  • He winked, making you blush, before he kissed you neck in hopes of continuing where you had left off


  • As soon as he told you about the security cameras he had installed in Rika’s appartment, you asked him which rooms were safe from his spying eyes
  • You wanted to make sure that he didn’t see you change, so he wouldn’t see your embarassing stretch marks that covered your hips, belly, back and thighs, the very ones that had made people ask you at severel occations if you had been pregnant (actually the most embarassing thing ever)
  • Even though you managed to hide them from him when you stayed in that damned appartment, you knew he would notice when you had to stay at his house
  • The first few days were easy enough as he ignored you anyways and wouldn’t even let you into his room where he was working, leaving you with no other choice than to sleep at his couch to wait for him
  • That’s exactly where he found you when he decided that he probably needed some fresh air, and that he should check on you
  • Feeling slightly perverted by checking you out when you were at your most vulnerable, he noticed that your shirt had riled up and showed the stretchmarks on your tummy
  • He made a mental note to remember them before taking a short walk outside, having enough insecurities to know that they probably bothered you
  • As soon as he cut his tsundere crap and showed you some love, you noticed that he liked to rest his hands on your hips and rub small circles with his thumbs
  • “You’re so beautiful, you know? Good god, I love you so much”
  • You blushed hard as he slowly took of your shirt off, tracing the bumps from your marks with his hands
  • He thought they made you unique! He made sure to ask you for permission to kiss them as every part of you deserved love, and if you weren’t willing to give it, he would!


  • This nerd would take pictures of you whenever he could
  • His favorites were the ones where you didn’t pay attention to him - laughing, talking to someone, dancing around
  • But despite being an amazing photographer, not even he could change the fact that you had extra fat that showed from every angle
  • Double chin, back rolls, belly and thighs
  • Sometimes he would show you the pictures he had taken during the day and tell you his exact thoughts about you when he took them, how pretty you were in that dress, how cute your giggle was, but it didn’t make the fat less obvious
  • “Do I… Do I really look that fat?”
  • “What do you mean, angel?”
  • You pointed out all your flaws, and you could see his frown become more prominent with everything you mentioned
  • “This is what you look like, why would you want to change that? You’re beautiful and I know that you don’t really eat unhealthy, you just have unlucky genes. That doesn’t change the fact that you’re really pretty, and that I’m super lucky to have you! The world needs more plus size models anyways, don’t you agree?”
  • He kissed your head when he finished his short speech, and you looked at your blue haired boyfriend in awe
  • “If it means anything, just know that I really like how you look. I think you’re hot”
  • He started laughing when you jokingly nudged him in the shoulder, telling him to shut up and kiss you


  • As weeks passed and he got more comfortable with you, he gradually became more clingy
  • He really enjoyed holding and leaning on you/you leaning on him, as everthing about you was soft and comfortable!
  • Eventually he would become comfortable enough for kisses, and before you knew it he would have plopped you down on his lap
  • Insecure about your weight you tried to get off, explaining that you were a lot heavier than you looked and therefore was afraid of crushing his legs
  • He held you closer and refused to let you go or listen to you, as he knew far too well what it was like to have your insecurities take over
  • “MC, stop being ridiculous, you’re perfect. And you look really good seated in my lap, you know? I want you right here”
  • You saw a faint blush spread across his cheeks and felt your own face match
  • “O-okay…”
  • He would of course respect you if you wasn’t into it, but trust me when I say that this guy would not hesitate to leave hickies all over your neck just to remind you that you were his, and that he loved you


Dating Taeyong Would Include...

Originally posted by dovounq

  • You teasing him by calling him ‘Jack Frost’
  • Him glaring at you whenever you call him ‘Jack Frost’
  • Helping him write his raps
  • But you’re mainly just there for inspiration because, let’s be honest, you suck at writing raps
  • Often having to comfort and encouage him due to his rocky past
  • He never goes a day without thinking about it, but having you and his members by his side makes it a lot easier
  • Him not minding whenever you steal his clothes
  • He loves the way they look on you
  • His cool guy act? Yeah, that’s not a thing when he’s around you
  • Facetiming constantly, especially whenever he’s doing promotions
  • Being really close with Haechan and continiously pulling pranks on him together
  • He gets really annoyed, but loves you anyway
  • Not a lot of PDA
  • As a leader, he feels as though he shouldn’t set that type of example in front of the other members
  • But when the two of you are alone…you just….you better watch out
  • Movie nights
  • Cheesy pick up lines that everyone other than you finds extremley cringey
  • He may radiate confidence, but he’s still extremley insecure
  • You’d have to reassure him a bit
  • Lot’s of date nights
  • But they’re all either in the dorm or in the studio
  • Long hugs
  • Warm hugs
  • Soft hugs
  • Cute little kisses that make your heart feel like it’s going to burst
  • Him always nuzzling his nose into the crook of your neck
  • He loves the way you smell, especially whenever you use his favorite coconut bodywash
  • Fighting over what ships within NCT would actually work out
  • “Okay, look, I get that you’re all about Johnny and Ten, but it’s Mark and Haechan for life!”
  • “But I -”
  • “FOR LIFE.”
  • He’s can get a bit clingy and jealous, but he tries his best not to show it
  • You love each other a lot, and no matter what hardships the two of you may face, your love will always conquer in the end



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SHINee at a thrift store?? :D

~shinee’s gonna pop some tags~


  • weirdly gravitating towards clothes that don’t even look like they’re from this century 
  • “they’re comfy ok what more do you want from clothes” 
  • finds a pair of (key: ugly) elastic pants (minho: i think my grandma has the same pair) 
  • snaps the waistband a few times
  • these are his now and he’s never taking them off
  • actually pays for them while wearing them 
  • he wears (minho’s) grandma’s clothes
  • he looks incredible 


  • has been in the dressing room for a while 
  • they know he’s still in there bc they can see his sneakers (taemin: hyung you good?? / jong: *mumbling something* / ot4: what
  • can’t even open the door bc his arms are incapacitated so a worker has to open it with a key 
  • the door swings open to reveal kim jonghyun, world-famous kpop singer, national heartthrob, owner of a lambo, mother of taemin, all sorts of tangled up in a sweater with his arms sticking out and his head somewhere swallowed in the fabric 
  • shinee: ………………. / jong: …….. you guys gonna help me or what 
  • everyone snapped a picture (minho: this is going to be my new contact photo for you ahaha what a dumbass) 
  • still BUYS the sweater (jong: it looked good when properly put on ok) 


  • brought his own canvas bag 
  • “my body is ready, let us begin”
  • taemin’s pulling random shit off the hangers saying ooo~ try this giant flamingo-print shirt on
  • but he tied it so it looks good and that was not the reality taemin expected (jong: hey / taemin: you plagiarized my album)  
  • his pile of stuff he wants is v rapidly growing and he’s thinking of all the diy projects he could do 
  • actual sparkly eyes at all his new clothes and possibilities 
  • actively choosing not to question the members’ fashion choices too much bc his stress level will just go up, up, UP (hitchhiking baby)
  • is he just really good at finding good things or does just everything look good on him? (key: both. it’s both `▽´) 


  • buys another pair of track pants to add to his ever-growing collection (”i didn’t have a green one let me live”) 
  • “guys doesn’t this pullover remind you of our suits from dream girl era?” / ot4: haha yeah omg those suits
  • it’s a frankenstein’s monster of patterns and he loves it a lot 
  • he just kept on holding it the entire time they were there, very fiercely defending its honor from taemin’s general assholery (taemin: it’s ugly / minho: your face is ugly)
  • unironically wears it everywhere
  • it makes him easy to spot in a crowd tho 
  • might as well be wearing a neon sign 
  • choi minho, rising fashionista or fashion terrorist? 


  • isn’t really his scene but since he’s here might as well have some fun~
  • every time he talks to a member he’s wearing a different floppy hat but they’re not commenting on it 
  • TvT notice me senpais
  • pulling the most ridiculous things he could find and posing and strutting like he’s on a runway
  • walk, walk, POSE (ot4: *clap clap* / taemin: oh thank you thank you) 
  • sweg 
  • has been steered away from the shoes section bc nope, not today  
  • he’s actually growing kind of attached to this zebra-print jean jacket 
  • he??? bought it??? 
  • @ himself: when are you ever going to wear this / taemin: shrug emoji 
  • found a dope bucket hat
  • minho your sweater is still stupid 
Boyfriend Yixing

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luhan version; here

  • heeeelloooo bias wrecker
  • this guy is so full of love
  • he always wants to be touching you; holding hands, linking pinkies, stroking your hair, burying his face in your neck, just anything. any kind of skinship is good enough for him
  • back hugs
  • make sure you take advantage of his sensitive neck
  • bite it, kiss it, nibble it; litter his flesh in marks
  • he moans so damn loud at even just the feeling of your hot breath on his neck
  • rather clingy
  • couple jewelry/clothes
  • he smells like clean clothes and soap
  • papa junmyeon always warns you when you visit, to be on your best behaviour. since he sees you as being the evil tempter/temptress
  • not realising that zhang yixing is not exactly an angel himself

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  • the dimples are lying
  • he’s not always cute
  • have u seen that boy hip thrust on stage??
  • ahahaha rude -_-
  • he’s innocent at heart though
  • you/baek/chen making dirty jokes so you can cackle madly at lay’s innocent face when he asks “what’s so funny? i don’t get it? why will y/n make me hard tonight? humans are soft & squishy???”
  • loosing him often
  • since you two could be walking through town when he wanders off to pet a cute dog. or he sees a pigeon at the end of the road so he turns tail and runs
  • protect him pls
  • will cherish every act of love you do
  • whether it’s just linking pinkies or you visit him on tour, he’ll take every little act you do to heart. it warms him up inside, makes him feel loved, makes him love you even more
  • patiently teaching you Chinese if you don’t already speak it
  • couldn’t possibly hide the relationship from the fans
  • & doesn’t understand how that leads to hate for you since he sees you as this lovely creature so how can’t everyone see that???
  • posts lots of cute things about you
  • even declines a “lads night out” to watch some shitty movie with you and eat popcorn
  • and doesn’t care if the guys tease him for it
  • “y/n, what does ‘whipped’ mean? the guys said it’s what I was, but no ones ever whipped me before … it looks painful”
  • you could never really annoy him
  • even if you think you’re being overly clingy, he thinks you’re cute & cuddly or showing your love. and doesn’t see it as clingy at all
  • & even if you try to annoy him, he loves your attention and affection and doesn’t even realise
  • compliments you all the time
  • “wow I’m so lucky to have you. you mean everything to me. you’re just so beautiful, inside and out. and caring and kind and …” the more into his love he gets, the more Chinese slips out until he’s jsut expressing his love with his whole heart, so lost in his feelings that he can only remember his native tongue & how his heart yearns for you
lazytown hcs

Screw it.


  • He was brought up in a very strict, high class family. Like i’m talking mansions.
  • he wasn’t socialized well bc stuffy adult meetings was p much all the socializing he did
  • he also didn’t have to do anything for himself, the servants would. Hence the laziness.
  • all his clothes were hand tailored but he liked to go to the tailoring place and help design his own clothes
  • he was great at drama, math, and english when he tried.
  • He likes fruit only when its chocolate dipped
  • fae or pixie. Why he needs a lot of sugar and why his family kept tabs on him at all times and why his hearing is so good.
  • can play saxophone and piano really well
  • one day he forgot english and accidentally started talking to pixel in icelandic. Pixel ended up knowing icelandic so he went on with his day still speaking it, but stingy got really confused.
  • obsessed with eye shadow, but is subtle about it. He wants to see if anyone notices.
  • doesn’t swear, worst thing he said was probably damn.
  • he can tap dance and ballroom dance pretty well
  • we all know he can sing. Sometimes he hums along to the other songs people are singing when he’s at home
  • has insomnia and a lil depression. just let him nap
  • secretly wants to be admired by the kids (and sporp)
  • lets just say Number 9 wasn’t kind to him, and actually used psychical violence. that’s why he’s jumpy and always flinching.


  • not sure of his own origins, he just kinda happened.
  • he’s a raw vegan but will indulge with store bought soy milk on special occasions. 
  • him being an elf is why he can’t eat processed sugar. Robbie likes to try and push it to see how far he can go
  • on board with the honey makes him drunk hc
  • he doesn’t actively seek out honey, the kids just trick him into eating it cause they think drunkacus is funny.
  • once he got angry and hurt someone, but not too badly. He vowed to never get angry again.
  • He’s pretty bad with puzzles and figuring things out
  • elf ears duh. he can hear pretty well with them, which can also be a bad thing.
  • the worst thing he’s ever said was “dingus” and he felt bad about it for weeks.
  • He called Stingy a dingus. Stingy gasped dramatically but didn’t care too much
  • he eats things with the skin on and the entire thing. Like a whole pineapple, top and all
  • Pixel got really concerned when he saw this happen.
  • he also eats flowers. Stephanie picked him a flower and he ate it and she cried.
How would; dating Blackpink

Rules & Headlines → here

Pairing: Blackpink x Reader

A|n: As if it´s your last is constantly playing on repeat. My new summer jam, everybody. By the way, I made these a bit shorter as this is in a group format rather than individual, so yeah. [gifs not mine, credits to the owners] xoxo ~ G

•requested by anonymous•


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  • automatically becoming the weird couple
  • jisoo never being able to keep her 4D personality at leash
  • you pretending to judge her but lowkey loving her randomness
  • “jichu you´re so pretty”
  • her blushing bright red
  • ridiculous pet names
  • deep conversations late at night
  • watching fashion shows and talking trash about the outfits while wearing facemasks
  • stealing each other´s clothes
  • her being extremely stubborn during fights
  • not really able to admit it was her fault, ,,, that kind of stubborn
  • but swallowing her pride as soon as she realized it was no good for you relationship

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  • the sweetest gf you could ask for
  • even though she seems cold she´s actually super squishy and adorable
  • always tells you how much she loves you
  • if you don´t know Korean, she´d try to teach you
  • and you´d teach her your language (unless you talk english bc that would be kinda pointless)
  •  helping her handle the other girls
  • dates in amusement parks 
  • asking her to teach you flying yoga
  • abs™
  • fights would be pretty intense
  • resulting in you both having to leave the room and cool off
  • then apologizing to each other by pulling the other into a tight hug and whispering how much you love each other

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  • aesthetic™
  • always outside taking photos for instagram
  • trying to live the healthy life like jisoo and jennie
  • failing miserably
  • “do we want a pizza or chinese food?”
  • going for walks late at night
  • almost immediately going inside because you don´t want to get killed
  • literally the biggest scaredy-couple
  • “teach me how to play a guitar.”
  • her being weak af for you puppy eyes
  • you two would always try and avoid fights as much as possible
  • if the fight was very serious I can see her crying while apologizing (if it was her fault, ofc. if not she´d wait for you to say sorry)

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  • okay another weird couple
  • we all know lisa is one big, walking meme
  • majority of your gallery is her
  • blackmailing her with photos of her derp faces
  • constantly teasing each other
  • looking for random recipes on the internet and trying to make the foods
  • failing more than succeeding
  • trying to learn all their choreographies so you can show her
  • tripping over you own foot while doing so
  • her having laughing fits at how stupid you look 
  • appreciating your effort nonetheless
  • “were you born with two left feet, jagiya?”
  • “shut up.”
  • surprisingly fights are very rare
  • like super duper kind of rare

Seven/Saeyoung Choi Relationship Headcanons

  • His s/o probably had to convince him to go out with them
  • He really liked them, he just had extremely self-deprecating thoughts that caused him to push them away
  • He still has days when he feels terrible and pushes them away
  • So they have to understand and be there for him when it happens
  • Seven works a lot, so his s/o better be ready to see him locked in his room for hours of end working on some important project
  • His s/o has to remind him to eat sometimes, even if it is just chips
  • They definitely get concerned and bring him real food often
  • Seven loves to prank his s/o
  • Nothing too mean though
  • Typically just something like changing all their passwords too “GOD SEVEN WAS HERE” or “707 DEFENDER OF JUSTICE IS GREAT”
  • Or he just changes all of their profile pictures on everything to himself
  • He has dressed like his s/o many times just to mess with them
  • Like, they shouldn’t be surprised if they come home and he is wearing their clothes
  • He often finds his s/o asleep waiting for him to come to bed 
  • And he feels really bad about it, promising to try to get better so they don’t have to wait up for him anymore.
  • Seven is such a meme
  • He sends his s/o the most recent and best meme constantly
  • It might get annoying sometimes
  • His s/o probably falls asleep on his lap while he’s hacking and it motivates him to finish up faster so he can move them to a more comfortable place
  • He’s more concerned about his s/o’s comfort and health than his own
  • It’s almost hypocritical sometimes
  • He willingly shares his Honey Buddha Chips with his s/o whenever they ask
  • A sign of true love :’)
  • Goofy dance-offs with his s/o
  • and rap battles
  • and any other silly things s/o might want to do
  • He just loves making them happy.

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Sense8 + All For The Game?

  • Neil’s still holding his mum’s hand tightly, her whispered “stay safe, Nathaniel.” circling around his head, when he hears a muttered “holy shit.”
  • he whips around, his gun already out and pointing at the small blonde guy standing behind him
  • they stand there in silence for what seems like an age, Neil trembling, the other guy standing casually, arms crossed. until he tuts and strolls around Neil, leaning down to look at his mum’s body through the car window
  • he checks the pulse, does a quick scan of the body, muttering to himself, “blood loss, probable internal bleeding.”
  • Neil snaps out of his shock, yells at him to get away from her or he’ll shoot
  • the guy laughs. “and draw attention to yourself? you’re not that stupid. you should probably figure out what you’re gonna do. sun’s coming up.”
  • Neil turns around to look at the horizon. when he turns back, he’s alone.
  • that’s the first time he meets Aaron

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Headcannons for dating Veronica Lodge?? Please and thank you :)

  • Her always playing with your hair
  • Going to all the games to watch her cheer
  • many, many milkshakes
  • She talks a lot about fate and destiny
  • food from New York on special occasions!! (or when you’re sad)
  • you two don’t keep secrets
  • so much PDA
  • she wants everyone to know that you are hers
  • “The red is for love.” “Babe I love you…”
  • Veronica has the Best Kisser Award
  • She can’t stop smiling when she’s with you
  • Puts little notes in your locker
  • “Dear Y/N, You’re smile is as bright as the sun. xoxo -V”
  • you have to carry her bags sometimes
  • lipstick marks all over your face
  • don’t tell me she hasn’t tried picking out your outfit for the day. several times.
  • she’s super giggly when you’re around
  • texting in the middle of the night when the other can’t sleep
  • S L E E P O V E R S (with some brief makeout sessions)
  • she will fight anyone who is even the teensiest bit mean to you
  • if someone hurts your feelings, she’s ready to comfort you, aaand then find whoever made you feel this way
  • you tell her not to worry about it
  • she finds them and tells them off
  • that girl loves to wear your clothes
  • Her wrapping you in a blanket and watching movies and tv shows together.
  • You always falling asleep during the marathons and her adjusting your blanket and cuddling you.
  • Whenever she borrows something for you, you have to kiss her in order to get your stuff back.
  • She makes it her mission to cheer you up whenever you’re sad.
  • “You know I’d do anything for you, right?”
  • She puts on music and dances with you (and if you don’t feel like it, she dances for you ;3)

ntggamez  asked:

How would Teba and Revali react to s/o being under the weather? Like so sick they're delusional.

The boys taking care of sick s/o


  • When he walks in your house and sees you cocooned in a blanket, snot dripping from your face, and like you’ve stared down Ganon, he has the urge to leave,
  • He comes up to you and makes a face of displeasure, “You’re sick.”
  • You only glare and hack your lungs up ungracefully. “No shit.”
  • He cringes at your hoarse voice before crossing his wings, “Don’t tell me, you went swimming with your clothes on again.”
  • You couldn’t hear much when your world sounded like you were underwater, “What? I’m slimming my roses? What does that mean?”
  • He face-palmed and saw your floor littered with handkerchiefs, but seeing no water or any sign you ate.
  • He gives you an annoyed look you haven’t been taking care of yourself
  •  You slowly point to your night table, “Why…why is there a cucco on my lantern?”
  •  “You’ve got to be kidding me.” He droned, not believing you were so far gone. 
  • Begrudgingly, he sits you up and makes you changed your sweat soaked clothes
  • He goes fully nanny, making sure you are fed, taking medicine, changing your rag for a cold one
  • But he gripes about it, and scolds you for not taking care of yourself
  • But once all that is said and done, you two are on your bed,
  • You cuddle to his chest while he sits up against the headboard.
  • He watches you sleep and snore through your stuff nose
  •  He wakes up sick the next day tho and you both are a muddle of gross germs


  •  He goes to your home annoyed you were late for practice and barges in
  • He’s ready to give you an ear full when, but comes to a stop not seeing you there in your room
  • He finds you in the loo on the floor instead
  •  He leans against the door-frame, and clicks his tongue “Did you drink your weight last night?”
  •  You raise your head and he cringes seeing your bloodshot eyes and running nose
  •  “Oh Revali, I’m thowie I mith practithe-”
  •  “Dear Hylia, please stop talking, you do not need to say anymore.” He rolls his eyes and steps in
  •  “Why are you not in bed? I doubt the washroom is an ideal place to get well.”
  •  You raised your hand for a moment and let it flop before turning your head to the side to say, “Meh.”
  •  He rubs his temples, “You are impossible.”
  •  He picks you limp form and carries you off to your bed, while trying to be mindful of not bumping your head
  •  He drops you on the bed, but you bounce right off.
  •  “Uughhh” you groan.
  •  “This is going to be a long day….”
  • Regardless of his attitude, he dotes on you hand and foot
  • He gets fussy if he sees you trying to walk to the loo yourself
  • And when you refuse to eat
  • “What kind of gratitude is that, hm? Do you know what an honor is it to be taking care of by me?”
  • You sneeze in his face and he squints at you hard
Batboys With A Male S/O Would Include...

Sorry if it’s short I have so much things to get done… also sorry if it’s bad


  • Have you seen that man’s butt?
  • It’s all yours
  • So yes I expect you to slap and squeeze it which flusters the fuck out of
  • But don’t worry he does it back too
  • Dick is not afraid of flaunting your relationship
  • He doesn’t care what the public says
  • He is the big spoooon
  • But he lowkey loves being the little spoon which you make sure to make him be once in awhile
  • Dick always having his shirt off dear lord
  • If you work out Dick will love to help you
  • Mixing up your clothes with his all the time
  • Which you don’t mind because his clothes just seem to be so much softer and better???
  • Eskimo kissessssss
  • Dick finds eskimo kisses ridiculously adorable so expect him to do that a lot


  • Number 1
  • why am I so obsessed with Jason and his s/o wearing his jackets???
  • Jesus you look ridiculous hot and badass in them
  • Jason doesn’t like small pecks
  • So if you give him once just know he’s going to pull you back in for a much more heated kiss
  • Jason absolutely hates when people congratulate you for doing basic couple things in public
  • Straight people do it all the time and are ignored
  • It’s not like it’s something out of this world it’s just a couple being a couples
  • But he thanks them anyways
  • Jason loves holding your hand, his is so much rougher compared to yours due to his night activities
  • If anyone dares say something bad about you get prepared for Jason to unleash hell on that person
  • He would call you so the most cliché nicknames ever to annoy you
  • “Hey honeybun?”
  • (I have so many sadly but I have so little time ugh, a second one is needed)


  • Tim would look so cute in your clothes
  • He isn’t the most buff guy but he does have some good muscle
  • Tim would give you cute little cheek kisses at random
  • Him being the little spoon
  • Giving Tim massages to let him relax and refresh for a while from all his work
  • Tim steals your hoodies all the damn time
  • Having long conversations at night with Tim because how screwed up him sleep schedule is
  • Tim always making a cup of coffee/tea for you in the, morning he knows just how you like it
  • Tim plays with your hair when he’s bored and you play with his as well
  • He would send you the dumbest things, for example crappy valentine cards you know the ones with comic sans fonts?
  • Memesssss
  • Play fights, he makes sure not to hurt you


  • He is so romantic
  • Damian once bought a pet for you on your anniversary, at least he didn’t almost buy a zoo like last time
  • One of your most romantic dates would be a picnic and ending it with star gazing
  • Damian laying on your chest all the time because he feels so comfortable and safe in your hold
  • Getting lost in those damn eyes jesusss
  • When someone says something about your PDA Damian makes the PDA more extreme to piss them off, he can’t stand people that are just so rude
  • Damian’s constant worrying for you
  • You’re the only that can calm him down and who he will obey fully too
  • You showing him classic movies and having to explain everything to him
  • He would carry you to bed if you fall asleep on the couch
  • Hugs from behind
  • When driving he likes to hold your hand
  • Just your simple touch calms him down

With what should i start?

The way he eats

He can go from cold to cutie pie in 0.01 seconds

I will put this gif here because i find it cute af

Kris looks very cool,like that cold type of guy

But actually he loves stuffed animals and no one can stop his love for them especiall for his son,Ace those are not gifs

Because he : 

He is so done with this world

Because he looks so cute when he is angry

Chicken is not his style


Who wouldn’t love to adopt that kitty?

Look at this,and you are already in love with him

Because he is Picasso

He isn’t afraid of ghosts please notice the sarcasm

He says that he doesn’t like something,but in the end he will love it

You can take his clothes

He is the best in everything he does

His aegyo

And,of course,WE CAN’T FORGET THIS

anonymous asked:

This is very angsty but could you do headcanons for if Rosie got sick. Maybe she has serious illness that requires her to be at the hospital. How would the boys react?

awww. maybe i’ll make this into a longer fic. in this case, rosie’s older and is a teenager

for these hc’s i’ll just say rosie has atrial fibrillation (which means she has an irregular heartbeat). 


  • he’s the first one to notice something isn’t right
    • rosie’s not one to say, “i don’t feel good” or “i think i need to go to the doctor” but thankfully, alex watches her a lot
    • he notices how she clutches her chest at times
    • rosie gets really dizzy at one point and stumbles and he knows he has to take her to the hospital
  • he can’t go into her hospital room once she’s admitted–at least not alone
    • whoever he goes in with, he grips their hand really tightly
  • he hates hospitals already and rosie looks so sick
    • it hits too close to home
    • the smell alone just makes him sick
    • if rosie sees he’s nervous, she tends to get nervous too so he figures it’s best to stay out of the room
  • he texts and calls her whenever he has a free moment
    • rosie: “mama says you’re working a lot”
    • alex: “yeah…but don’t worry about me, sweetheart. how are you?” 
    • rosie: “i wanna go home..they’re gonna try out this new medication today” 
    • alex: “hope it helps. i know it’s tough, but you’re being so brave, love.”
  • he blames himself a little–maybe if he brought her in earlier rosie wouldn’t have to be in the hospital
  • he works a ton to try to get his mind off of it
    • you’ve tried to get him to take a break, but he’s got that scared look in his eye
    • you only give him good updates on rosie
    • it makes him feel a little better

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