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A request for how McCree, 76, and Reaper would react to their s/o wearing their clothes. Bonus if their s/o is actually caught trying on their clothes.

Oh my gosh, yes! This is an awesome idea, I had so much fun thinking about this. Hope this is what you were looking for :) Enjoy!


He walked in on you laid on the bed on your laptop, wearing his serape over your clothes

  • He found it completely and utterly adorable
  • Snapping some photos on his phone to show Tracer and Genji later
  • He even just stayed in the doorway for a while, looking at you cuddled up in it
  • After a while, he couldn’t stay quiet any longer
  • “Comfortable, darlin’?”

He jumped onto the bed beside you then

  • Scaring the heck out of you as he did so
  • You whacked him for the gesture
  • He snuggled into the serape with you and you abandoned the laptop
  • Turning to your boyfriend for some serape cuddles


He walked into your shared bedroom to find you looking at yourself in one of his shirts in the mirror

  • As soon as he saw you he burst out laughing
  • The shirt was huge on you and you looked hilarious
  • You pouted in mock annoyance at his teasing
  • This only egged him on more

Suddenly you had an idea that made you smirk

  • You turned on the fake waterworks, completely taking him aback
  • You turned away from him, sniffling convincingly
  • He attempted to turn you round but you held firm
  • “Aw, I’m sorry honey, really, please don’t cry.”

After a few minutes you decide he’s been punished enough

  • Jumping round to face him with a shout of triumph
  • Laughing heartily as you watched his expression change from concerned to confused to annoyed in mere seconds
  • He ended up chasing you around the house before tackling you to the ground
  • He tickled you until real tears began streaming down your face between your wild chuckles


He shadow stepped into the room where you were wearing his robes

  • Honestly, you weren’t exactly sure how you’d managed to get all these layers on
  • He certainly didn’t have a clue
  • But seeing you in what could only be described as a pile of his clothes awakened something within him
  • Before you knew it, there was a hysterical Reaper rolling about on the bed behind you

You had never seen him so amused

  • But you couldn’t go and slap him for his rudeness
  • Because you couldn’t actually move under the weight of all that black clothing
  • This only fuelled Reaper’s laughter
  • Especially as you got hotter and hotter and hotter
  • You made a mental note to pay him back for this later
  • Though he reminded you that this was completely you’re own doing
The RFA + V + Saeran comforting insecure, chubby!MC

this is inspired by the douchebag that told me on the bus station today that i “would’ve been hot if i was skinny, but big boobs and ass don’t matter when you’re fat”, such a nice thing to say to a stranger!!1! :)) so here you go, here’s all my insecurities bc i needed to rant


  • He thought you were really pretty! And you were great to cuddle with!
  • Would probably blush every time you hugged because your boobs were pressing against him he loved it 
  • The cutest thing ever was when you wore oversized clothes because you looked so tiny, making him feel big and manly
  • He lowkey really wanted you to steal his clothes, as that would confirm you were his possessive Yoosung is my favorite Yoosung, but you never did
  • A few weeks after you started dating, you went out stargazing
  • Because he had his arm around you, he could feel you start to shiver in the cold night air
  • “Baby girl, are you cold? Do you wanna borrow my hoodie?”
  • You wanted to say yes, but knew it wouldn’t really fit you as Yoosung was a lot smaller than you, so you declined
  • “Are you sure? I don’t want you to get sick”
  • You cuddled closer to him, burried your face into his chest and mumbled that it wouldn’t fit anyways, so he would just have to heat you up
  • He looked at you confused before he realized that you were calling yourself too fat for his clothes, when he held you even tighter
  • “You know I love you, right? I really don’t mind how you look, I-I honestly think you’re really really attractive, and I want you to feel comfortable…”
  • To prove his point, he gave your butt a light squeeze, blushed and kissed you
  • After that, he bought lots of big hoodies you could steal from him!


  • Zen had an extra long rehersal, and you had accidently fallen asleep while you watched tv and waited for him to come home
  • When he saw you sprawled out on the couch, he smiled because of how cute you were
  • Wanting cuddles and trying to avoid that you slept in a weird position and locked a joint, he kissed your forehead and scooped you up in his arms to carry you to bed
  • You woke up and instantly panicked, never having been picked up like that before
  • “No Zenny, put me down! I’m too heavy, you’re gonna drop me!”
  • He put you down in the hallway, confused because no one had ever complained when he had picked them up
  • “Do you really think I would drop my princess? I’m more than strong enough to carry you, it’s not like I’ve never picked you up before! You’re really not that heavy anyways”
  • When you didn’t seem to believe him, he put his hands on your hips and pulled you close 
  • “Want me to prove to you how perfect I think you are, hm? I would gladly show you, you know”


  • You already knew that she was skinny because she never had the time to eat enough, but it was unfair that she still looked amazing while you looked like a potato
  • When the two of you opened the café she was always the ones to make the pastries while you took care of the counter, as you didn’t want to get tempted, “taste” the sweet treats and gain more weight
  • At first she just thought you didn’t like baking, but when you told her over a dinner how much you liked to make food, she didn’t understand
  • “Why don’t you help me with the pastries, then?”
  • You hesitated, but told her that you were scared to gain weight, especially because she looked so perfect and a customer had told you last week that your dress was too short as no one wanted to see your fat and nasty legs, and that you “needed to cover up your fat arms”
  • Shocked, she took your hand and kissed it
  • “How could someone say that to someone as nice and pretty as you? MC, please don’t think badly of yourself. They don’t know you, and have no right to judge you! You’re beautiful as well, I actually quite like your legs”
  • She blushed and grinned cheekily, making you laugh


  • Having quite a lot of extra weight, you definitely had above averagely sized breasts
  • Jumin loved them and bought you clothes that would show them off (not trashy though, just classy and sexy), but he noticed that you never wore them
  • Actually, you usually just wore oversized clothes
  • He had read in some magazine that women always took of their bras at the end of the day and that it was their highlight, but you never did?? You even slept with both a bra and a shirt?? Even though you complained about them being uncomfortable??
  • He hadn’t even seen you without a bra yet, shirt or not - he of course respected your wish to not go all of the way yet, but you had already been dating for over two months and he was getting worried that he had done anything wrong
  • The next time your kisses got hot and heavy and he slid his hands under your shirt only to get stopped, he finally asked why
  • Did you not find him attractive? Had someone hurt you in the past? Did you even like him that way?
  • You felt guilty that he felt like that just because you were insecure that your boobs were saggy, and you admitted it to him
  • He assured you that he didn’t mind! It wasn’t like he was expecting your e cups to be that perky anyways, he understood basic anatomy enough to know that natural boobs would sag
  • “Kitten, I love you, but you are honestly being a bit silly. You have absolutely nothing to be insecure about. If it bothers you that much I can of course pay for you to get surgery, but I can assure you that you’re the most attractive person I’ve ever seen. More to bounce around is never a bad thing”
  • He winked, making you blush, before he kissed you neck in hopes of continuing where you had left off


  • As soon as he told you about the security cameras he had installed in Rika’s appartment, you asked him which rooms were safe from his spying eyes
  • You wanted to make sure that he didn’t see you change, so he wouldn’t see your embarassing stretch marks that covered your hips, belly, back and thighs, the very ones that had made people ask you at severel occations if you had been pregnant (actually the most embarassing thing ever)
  • Even though you managed to hide them from him when you stayed in that damned appartment, you knew he would notice when you had to stay at his house
  • The first few days were easy enough as he ignored you anyways and wouldn’t even let you into his room where he was working, leaving you with no other choice than to sleep at his couch to wait for him
  • That’s exactly where he found you when he decided that he probably needed some fresh air, and that he should check on you
  • Feeling slightly perverted by checking you out when you were at your most vulnerable, he noticed that your shirt had riled up and showed the stretchmarks on your tummy
  • He made a mental note to remember them before taking a short walk outside, having enough insecurities to know that they probably bothered you
  • As soon as he cut his tsundere crap and showed you some love, you noticed that he liked to rest his hands on your hips and rub small circles with his thumbs
  • “You’re so beautiful, you know? Good god, I love you so much”
  • You blushed hard as he slowly took of your shirt off, tracing the bumps from your marks with his hands
  • He thought they made you unique! He made sure to ask you for permission to kiss them as every part of you deserved love, and if you weren’t willing to give it, he would!


  • This nerd would take pictures of you whenever he could
  • His favorites were the ones where you didn’t pay attention to him - laughing, talking to someone, dancing around
  • But despite being an amazing photographer, not even he could change the fact that you had extra fat that showed from every angle
  • Double chin, back rolls, belly and thighs
  • Sometimes he would show you the pictures he had taken during the day and tell you his exact thoughts about you when he took them, how pretty you were in that dress, how cute your giggle was, but it didn’t make the fat less obvious
  • “Do I… Do I really look that fat?”
  • “What do you mean, angel?”
  • You pointed out all your flaws, and you could see his frown become more prominent with everything you mentioned
  • “This is what you look like, why would you want to change that? You’re beautiful and I know that you don’t really eat unhealthy, you just have unlucky genes. That doesn’t change the fact that you’re really pretty, and that I’m super lucky to have you! The world needs more plus size models anyways, don’t you agree?”
  • He kissed your head when he finished his short speech, and you looked at your blue haired boyfriend in awe
  • “If it means anything, just know that I really like how you look. I think you’re hot”
  • He started laughing when you jokingly nudged him in the shoulder, telling him to shut up and kiss you


  • As weeks passed and he got more comfortable with you, he gradually became more clingy
  • He really enjoyed holding and leaning on you/you leaning on him, as everthing about you was soft and comfortable!
  • Eventually he would become comfortable enough for kisses, and before you knew it he would have plopped you down on his lap
  • Insecure about your weight you tried to get off, explaining that you were a lot heavier than you looked and therefore was afraid of crushing his legs
  • He held you closer and refused to let you go or listen to you, as he knew far too well what it was like to have your insecurities take over
  • “MC, stop being ridiculous, you’re perfect. And you look really good seated in my lap, you know? I want you right here”
  • You saw a faint blush spread across his cheeks and felt your own face match
  • “O-okay…”
  • He would of course respect you if you wasn’t into it, but trust me when I say that this guy would not hesitate to leave hickies all over your neck just to remind you that you were his, and that he loved you
Boyfriend Yixing

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luhan version; here

  • heeeelloooo bias wrecker
  • this guy is so full of love
  • he always wants to be touching you; holding hands, linking pinkies, stroking your hair, burying his face in your neck, just anything. any kind of skinship is good enough for him
  • back hugs
  • make sure you take advantage of his sensitive neck
  • bite it, kiss it, nibble it; litter his flesh in marks
  • he moans so damn loud at even just the feeling of your hot breath on his neck
  • rather clingy
  • couple jewelry/clothes
  • he smells like clean clothes and soap
  • papa junmyeon always warns you when you visit, to be on your best behaviour. since he sees you as being the evil tempter/temptress
  • not realising that zhang yixing is not exactly an angel himself

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  • the dimples are lying
  • he’s not always cute
  • have u seen that boy hip thrust on stage??
  • ahahaha rude -_-
  • he’s innocent at heart though
  • you/baek/chen making dirty jokes so you can cackle madly at lay’s innocent face when he asks “what’s so funny? i don’t get it? why will y/n make me hard tonight? humans are soft & squishy???”
  • loosing him often
  • since you two could be walking through town when he wanders off to pet a cute dog. or he sees a pigeon at the end of the road so he turns tail and runs
  • protect him pls
  • will cherish every act of love you do
  • whether it’s just linking pinkies or you visit him on tour, he’ll take every little act you do to heart. it warms him up inside, makes him feel loved, makes him love you even more
  • patiently teaching you Chinese if you don’t already speak it
  • couldn’t possibly hide the relationship from the fans
  • & doesn’t understand how that leads to hate for you since he sees you as this lovely creature so how can’t everyone see that???
  • posts lots of cute things about you
  • even declines a “lads night out” to watch some shitty movie with you and eat popcorn
  • and doesn’t care if the guys tease him for it
  • “y/n, what does ‘whipped’ mean? the guys said it’s what I was, but no ones ever whipped me before … it looks painful”
  • you could never really annoy him
  • even if you think you’re being overly clingy, he thinks you’re cute & cuddly or showing your love. and doesn’t see it as clingy at all
  • & even if you try to annoy him, he loves your attention and affection and doesn’t even realise
  • compliments you all the time
  • “wow I’m so lucky to have you. you mean everything to me. you’re just so beautiful, inside and out. and caring and kind and …” the more into his love he gets, the more Chinese slips out until he’s jsut expressing his love with his whole heart, so lost in his feelings that he can only remember his native tongue & how his heart yearns for you

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Sense8 + All For The Game?

  • Neil’s still holding his mum’s hand tightly, her whispered “stay safe, Nathaniel.” circling around his head, when he hears a muttered “holy shit.”
  • he whips around, his gun already out and pointing at the small blonde guy standing behind him
  • they stand there in silence for what seems like an age, Neil trembling, the other guy standing casually, arms crossed. until he tuts and strolls around Neil, leaning down to look at his mum’s body through the car window
  • he checks the pulse, does a quick scan of the body, muttering to himself, “blood loss, probable internal bleeding.”
  • Neil snaps out of his shock, yells at him to get away from her or he’ll shoot
  • the guy laughs. “and draw attention to yourself? you’re not that stupid. you should probably figure out what you’re gonna do. sun’s coming up.”
  • Neil turns around to look at the horizon. when he turns back, he’s alone.
  • that’s the first time he meets Aaron

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Headcannons for dating Veronica Lodge?? Please and thank you :)

  • Her always playing with your hair
  • Going to all the games to watch her cheer
  • many, many milkshakes
  • She talks a lot about fate and destiny
  • food from New York on special occasions!! (or when you’re sad)
  • you two don’t keep secrets
  • so much PDA
  • she wants everyone to know that you are hers
  • “The red is for love.” “Babe I love you…”
  • Veronica has the Best Kisser Award
  • She can’t stop smiling when she’s with you
  • Puts little notes in your locker
  • “Dear Y/N, You’re smile is as bright as the sun. xoxo -V”
  • you have to carry her bags sometimes
  • lipstick marks all over your face
  • don’t tell me she hasn’t tried picking out your outfit for the day. several times.
  • she’s super giggly when you’re around
  • texting in the middle of the night when the other can’t sleep
  • S L E E P O V E R S (with some brief makeout sessions)
  • she will fight anyone who is even the teensiest bit mean to you
  • if someone hurts your feelings, she’s ready to comfort you, aaand then find whoever made you feel this way
  • you tell her not to worry about it
  • she finds them and tells them off
  • that girl loves to wear your clothes
  • Her wrapping you in a blanket and watching movies and tv shows together.
  • You always falling asleep during the marathons and her adjusting your blanket and cuddling you.
  • Whenever she borrows something for you, you have to kiss her in order to get your stuff back.
  • She makes it her mission to cheer you up whenever you’re sad.
  • “You know I’d do anything for you, right?”
  • She puts on music and dances with you (and if you don’t feel like it, she dances for you ;3)
lazytown hcs

Screw it.


  • He was brought up in a very strict, high class family. Like i’m talking mansions.
  • he wasn’t socialized well bc stuffy adult meetings was p much all the socializing he did
  • he also didn’t have to do anything for himself, the servants would. Hence the laziness.
  • all his clothes were hand tailored but he liked to go to the tailoring place and help design his own clothes
  • he was great at drama, math, and english when he tried.
  • He likes fruit only when its chocolate dipped
  • fae or pixie. Why he needs a lot of sugar and why his family kept tabs on him at all times and why his hearing is so good.
  • can play saxophone and piano really well
  • one day he forgot english and accidentally started talking to pixel in icelandic. Pixel ended up knowing icelandic so he went on with his day still speaking it, but stingy got really confused.
  • obsessed with eye shadow, but is subtle about it. He wants to see if anyone notices.
  • doesn’t swear, worst thing he said was probably damn.
  • he can tap dance and ballroom dance pretty well
  • we all know he can sing. Sometimes he hums along to the other songs people are singing when he’s at home
  • has insomnia and a lil depression. just let him nap
  • secretly wants to be admired by the kids (and sporp)
  • lets just say Number 9 wasn’t kind to him, and actually used psychical violence. that’s why he’s jumpy and always flinching.


  • not sure of his own origins, he just kinda happened.
  • he’s a raw vegan but will indulge with store bought soy milk on special occasions. 
  • him being an elf is why he can’t eat processed sugar. Robbie likes to try and push it to see how far he can go
  • on board with the honey makes him drunk hc
  • he doesn’t actively seek out honey, the kids just trick him into eating it cause they think drunkacus is funny.
  • once he got angry and hurt someone, but not too badly. He vowed to never get angry again.
  • He’s pretty bad with puzzles and figuring things out
  • elf ears duh. he can hear pretty well with them, which can also be a bad thing.
  • the worst thing he’s ever said was “dingus” and he felt bad about it for weeks.
  • He called Stingy a dingus. Stingy gasped dramatically but didn’t care too much
  • he eats things with the skin on and the entire thing. Like a whole pineapple, top and all
  • Pixel got really concerned when he saw this happen.
  • he also eats flowers. Stephanie picked him a flower and he ate it and she cried.

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This is very angsty but could you do headcanons for if Rosie got sick. Maybe she has serious illness that requires her to be at the hospital. How would the boys react?

awww. maybe i’ll make this into a longer fic. in this case, rosie’s older and is a teenager

for these hc’s i’ll just say rosie has atrial fibrillation (which means she has an irregular heartbeat). 


  • he’s the first one to notice something isn’t right
    • rosie’s not one to say, “i don’t feel good” or “i think i need to go to the doctor” but thankfully, alex watches her a lot
    • he notices how she clutches her chest at times
    • rosie gets really dizzy at one point and stumbles and he knows he has to take her to the hospital
  • he can’t go into her hospital room once she’s admitted–at least not alone
    • whoever he goes in with, he grips their hand really tightly
  • he hates hospitals already and rosie looks so sick
    • it hits too close to home
    • the smell alone just makes him sick
    • if rosie sees he’s nervous, she tends to get nervous too so he figures it’s best to stay out of the room
  • he texts and calls her whenever he has a free moment
    • rosie: “mama says you’re working a lot”
    • alex: “yeah…but don’t worry about me, sweetheart. how are you?” 
    • rosie: “i wanna go home..they’re gonna try out this new medication today” 
    • alex: “hope it helps. i know it’s tough, but you’re being so brave, love.”
  • he blames himself a little–maybe if he brought her in earlier rosie wouldn’t have to be in the hospital
  • he works a ton to try to get his mind off of it
    • you’ve tried to get him to take a break, but he’s got that scared look in his eye
    • you only give him good updates on rosie
    • it makes him feel a little better

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With what should i start?

The way he eats

He can go from cold to cutie pie in 0.01 seconds

I will put this gif here because i find it cute af

Kris looks very cool,like that cold type of guy

But actually he loves stuffed animals and no one can stop his love for them especiall for his son,Ace those are not gifs

Because he : 

He is so done with this world

Because he looks so cute when he is angry

Chicken is not his style


Who wouldn’t love to adopt that kitty?

Look at this,and you are already in love with him

Because he is Picasso

He isn’t afraid of ghosts please notice the sarcasm

He says that he doesn’t like something,but in the end he will love it

You can take his clothes

He is the best in everything he does

His aegyo

And,of course,WE CAN’T FORGET THIS

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Aaaaa your hcs are so cute they make me laugh so much omg. Could you do the rfa + saeran and v's reactions to mc wearing a boyfriend shirt? :0c

thank you for requesting!! and i love boyfriend shirts a lot ok like too much,, but this was fun to write after taking my small little break!!


  • you two are actually quite close in size
  • so it turns out to be uh
  • a little
  • just a little
  • tighter on you around your uh
  • chest
  • so when he walks in on you
  • just lounging around
  • oh my fucking god
  • he almost faints
  • he’s so weak
  • speechless
  • honestly speechless
  • he can’t look you in the eye
  • he can’t
  • JUST
  • WOW
  • I JUST

  • this was a mistake
  • hes built ok
  • this boy
  • is built
  • so of course
  • his clothes are much bigger
  • but oh so comfyyyy
  • ur just chilling
  • doing whatever
  • chatting with seven
  • lolololol yoosung and chocolate milk right
  • lololol yeah cant believe he fell for it again lololol
  • y’know
  • that kind of
  • conversation
  • just
  • everyday things
  • so he comes into the room right
  • clothes are on
  • no one is naked
  • but
  • “babe? do you know where–”
  • and it’s not even a second
  • probably half a second
  • and he has his arms around you in an instance
  • he breathes into your ear
  • there goes the shirt

  • she tends to get bigger shirts due to her uh
  • big assets
  • but oh my god have u seen them smother me pleASE I BEG OF YOU
  • anyway
  • i mean you’re both women
  • where’s the harm in sharing clothes
  • ur just wearing
  • a cute lil tee
  • feeling cute and lazy
  • sipping outta ur mug
  • sitting across from her
  • and it just happens so suddenly
  • she’s just dazed
  • and then she notices her shirt
  • on you
  • and sHE TURNS SO RED
  • f- friends borrow eachothers clothes all the time right
  • yeah yeAH THEY DO
  • [softly] ..f- fuck,

  • ok but u saw this coming
  • he likes his pinstripes u know
  • and man one day
  • u were just like
  • this shit
  • is hella cute
  • um yes??
  • i’m feeling u mc
  • ur just admiring urself in the mirror like
  • oh shit maybe i should wear this for jumin one day
  • boyfriend shirts are always in fashion
  • hmmm
  • but then
  • oh
  • oh there he is
  • he’s
  • right there
  • his eyes are caught sight
  • it is too late
  • i mean
  • not that u didn’t want this
  • but
  • damn
  • dAMN
  • D A M N  S O N

  • he cannot find his hoodie
  • like where in the fuck
  • he feels naked
  • so he searches through hell
  • and back
  • until he sees it
  • sees you
  • casually just
  • scrolling from the kitchen with ur little juicebox
  • and oh
  • oh my
  • he turns so red
  • sputters out his coffee
  • st- st- stutter town
  • he’s fumbling over words
  • the fuck are you talking about
  • literally holding a hand to his nose
  • ur just sipping
  • “?? u good??”
  • he’s
  • not good
  • the man is bleeding


  • this kid
  • this little
  • fuck
  • his shirts are all
  • edgy
  • so when you replaced them with
  • nicer looking clothes
  • he had always wondered where his other’s ones went
  • turns out
  • it went right into your closet
  • now today u weren’t really gonna go out or anything
  • so u just threw on something
  • he just walks into the room
  • and sits next to you
  • but it isn’t until
  • he catches
  • a bit of
  • ur tits out
  • HE’S RED
  • OFF

  • well he
  • he can’t
  • see
  • he’s not quite sure what you’re wearing
  • but neither what he is wearing as well
  • after feeling the fabric
  • and looking at the color
  • he smiles when he realizes it’s one of his shirts
  • “did you wear this for me?”
  • he’s so smiley
  • when you say yes
  • smiles
  • lIKE
  • SUN
  • “wear more of my things”
  • “i bet you look beautiful in everything”
  • hahhha there goes my heart haha ha ha h ah dadh
  • he can just barely see it
  • and still wants to see you in many more ways before
  • before uh
  • b,, be fore,,
  • fuck im sad
  • i cant do this
  • thats it guys
  • cheritz make this man happy i just want him to be happyoiw plepalsple
a smol hc

Happy Valentine’s Day to this wonderful blog who I’ve had the pleasure of being the secret valentine for @basiltonsnowpitch <3 This is part ¼ (I am s o n e r v o u s omg)

  • so one day, Basilton Grimm-Pitch goes into a jewelry store and purchases a ring
  • he has a speech and everything is planned and perfect
  • he’s hopeful and so hopeless
  • ly in love
  • but he just can’t bring himself to ask simon
  • he just can’t risk it
  • risk the answer being no and everything being shattered and terrible
  • months pass
  • the box gathers dust in the bottom drawer of his dresser, hidden underneath bunches of rarely used clothes
  • he becomes more and more sure that simon won’t say yes
  • so he doesn’t ask
  • time passes
  • valentine’s day comes around
  • simon wakes up at the crack of dawn to try and cook baz breakfast
  • he’s exhausted but giddy with excitement and he’s trying to be super quiet to not wake Baz up (obviously he manages to make a huge mess and lots of noise but somehow baz sleeps through it)
  • he can’t find an apron and he doesn’t want to ask baz
  • so he goes to look for it
  • he checks in all of the drawers and dressers
  • his eyes go wide when he uncovers an old shirt
  • and he sees it
  • there’s a receipt beside the ring box and it’s dated for two years ago
  • simon doesn’t undferstand
  • baz has never asked. doesn’t he love simon? does he even want it anymore?
  • simon needs to get away from the house just to have the space to think about this so he gives baz his breakfast quickly and with a smile
  • but baz can tell something is off
  • simon still kisses him gently and wishes him a happy valentine’s day
  • but then simon’s gone
  • he said it was just going to be ‘a short walk’ but it’s late when simon gets home
  • baz waited for him all day but when he comes in the door it’s nearly time to go to bed
  • baz can’t understand
  • until simon stands in front of baz and opens his hands
  • he’s got the box in one palm
  • everything’s dead quiet
  • “were you afraid I wasn’t going to say yes” simon says quietly
  • baz doesn’t know what to say
  • the world stops as simon gets down on one knee
  • and opens the box
  • revealing two rings
  • the one that baz bought for him
  • and a new one (he must have spent the whole day looking for the right one)
  • “well it’s a yes” simon says
  • and he’s crying
  • baz finds that his voice still doesn’t work
  • “but Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch, will you also marry me?”
  • simon looks so nervous
  • baz finally finds he can speak
  • “yes” he says, pretending to be uninterested
  • “if only so you don’t ever call me that again.”
  • and then he’s smiling
  • and simon’s smiling
  • and they’re both laughing
  • and kissing
  • they make dinner together and eat it joyfully even though it’s terribly burnt
  • with fresh cherry scones for dessert
  • (also slightly burnt)
  • (you can’t expect them to keep track of time when they’re making out)
dating taehyung

dear god i don’t think i’m going to be able to stop with this boy, my boo, mi amor! lmao its late I’m going to sleep after this…

  • he would STARE at you okay
  • he would be very extra to the point where you’re like…. relax
  • resting his head on your shoulder! especially if you’re around 5′5-5′8 it’ll be easier for him
  • sensitive ass everything you speak to a male typical capricorn
  • him poking your cheeks
  • selcas, so many like fuck
  • he would be so touchy i tell you that much
  • repetitive kisses!
  • also those hot make-out sessions fuck
  • he would be into neck kissing
  • eating you out? maybe…
  • you riding him? YES! all i think about is riding on his dick
  • i feel like he would tease after having sex but cuddle with you
  • moving on…
  • “hey hey hey listen to this song”
  • saying your name over and over and over and over until you get his attention 
  • he would sing his i love you’s to you
  • hugs from behind
  • may i add he would whisper in your ear that he loves you
  • looking at you and just smiling so dumb
  • he would dance for you
  • he would love walking with you no lie
  • i feel like waking him up would be a pain in the ass
  • him being extra as always
  • him taking pics of anything and making you pose
  • him always being there for you
  • he would show you off no lie
  • i think he would dig you wearing his clothes
  • he would basically suffocate you while sleeping rip
  • he would be the greatest boyfriend over all
  • i fucking love taehyung with everything i got

could’ve been longer but i’m tired.. request things!

Boyfriend Wonwoo

Originally posted by leelchan

  • you’ll get to hear very special words with that deep voice of his
  • he likes holding your small hand with his large one
  • but most of all, he loves holding your delicate wrist
  • he especially enjoys running his thumb over the inner side 
  • when you’re watching movies together, he likes to have his head on your lap or your head on his shoulder
  • on your first anniversary, he suggests you get couple rings, and he always wears his on the ring finger–right next to the seventeen ring
  • sometimes, when you go to seventeen’s fansigns, he manages to keep a straight, nonchalant face so the fans don’t notice anything
  • but he holds your hand a couple seconds longer compared to other fans
  • and before signing, he scribbles a special note: “for Y/N, from your biggest fan, jeon wonwoo”
  • he’ll let you run your fingers through his hair
  • he loves it when you wear his sweaters because you look like a dwarf in his big clothes
  • he takes a lot of candid photos of you
  • his phone wallpaper is a pic of him kissing your cheek and you with crinkled eyes and a huge smile 
  • lots of back hugs
  • lots of corny jokes and puns–anything to make you laugh
  • when he introduces you to the members, he makes sure to keep you close to his side to make sure everyone knows you’re his
  • he’s super possessive and easily jealous
  • he likes having you in his lap 
  • neck kisses 
  • also, he often kisses your eyes
  • okay just a lot of kisses
  • everywhere ^
  • and biting
  • sorry
  • him watching you with this super intense look in his eyes
  • and when you notice his stare, he does that side sMIRK
  • he doesn’t say “i love you” a lot, but he makes sure you know he does

anonymous asked:

Hey, i love all your headcanons ♡♡♡ i was wondering if you could do Rfa + v reacting to a really girly MC like wearing dresses all the time. Wearing makeup all the time etc

aaaa i love me some girly shit man,,, oh but psA YOU DO NOT HAVE TO IDENTIFY AS A CERTAIN GENDER TO BE “GIRLY” OR LIKE WEARING DRESSES OR WEAR MAKEUP WHATEVER YOU DO YOU BOO!!! ah but yes thank you for the request^^


  • honestly he was little surprised??
  • he’s not quite sure why but
  • maybe it was because you related to him playing video games so much??
  • he kinda..
  • really..
  • lOVES IT
  • loves to brag about having such a cute girlfriend
  • all of his dorky friends are jealous
  • constantly crushing over you
  • the gamer’s ideal wife
  • it never ends
  • yoosung doesn’t really understand makeup either
  • but he thinks?? it’s?? good??
  • he can’t tell
  • the fuck is a beauty blender
  • he’d reluctantly let you dress him up
  • he kinda liked it though


  • i mean he does dabble in fashion and makeup a bit himself
  • but oh boy
  • “did you dress up for me”
  • nuh uh mister
  • you have a small fight
  • about how you should be able to dress however you want
  • and for yourself and only you
  • he’s kinda
  • taken aback??
  • like he never thought about it that way
  • honestly 150% more attracted to you now
  • possessiveness decreases
  • he lets you wear whatever you want
  • doesn’t mean he got any less jealous though
  • oooh but does he love your style
  • and just
  • he lOVES YOU
  • he somehow still has more beauty products than you
  • the king of skincare


  • she never really wore really feminine clothes outside of work
  • usually just baggy things
  • sometimes
  • and i mean
  • sometimes
  • something really cute and flATTERING AS S H  IT
  • but on most casual days it’s just
  • androgynous clothing
  • comfortable stuff
  • but just
  • did not give her amAZING figure any justice
  • obviously y’all share products
  • and clothes
  • like jaehee try this skirt on
  • you will seriously spend an entire day just dressing her up
  • overtime she also finds interest in more feminine attire
  • all thanks to you
  • and she admires you so much like
  • how do you do that
  • with your like
  • face
  • natural beauty
  • h o,,w,


  • honestly he doesn’t mind it
  • he just can’t resist how cute you are
  • absolutely 100%
  • will
  • buy
  • you
  • clothes
  • and speaking of your closet
  • that too is growing bigger as the days pass
  • you’re always looking top notch cute as fuCK
  • he doesn’t understand makeup
  • more or less what it is
  • but he learns from watching you
  • it’s kinda cute how interested he gets
  • “so, this goes on your eyelid?”
  • examines tools
  • is kinda intimidated


  • yo
  • y’all already know man
  • he is poppin’
  • he loves makeup talk
  • and is always hopping on those trends
  • girlier than you but like
  • he’s so damn good at it
  • u can’t even be mad
  • tbh he knows more about makeup than you
  • he’s actually so skilled at it too???
  • tf like?
  • god seven teach me??
  • he has more dresses than you
  • and he’s not even ashamed
  • in fact
  • he’s proud
  • and you’re proud
  • everyone is proud
  • honesty what a boyfriend
  • best boy
  • sometimes even he be catching you off guard
  • bc damn he always looking so good


  • why y’all keep doing this to me
  • he always thinks you’re pretty
  • no matter how you dress
  • or what you look like
  • he can’t tell anyway
  • from what he can tell he thinks you look great
  • gets kinda
  • sad when people compliment you
  • he wishes he could wholeheartedly compliment your looks
  • he knows it shouldn’t matter
  • but what he sees and remembers will always be the most beautiful woman in the world
  • you also really wish he could see how nicely you dress up sometimes
  • it’s hard not to think about
  • but you two work just fine
  • pure chemistry that was not blinded hah by love
  • you both truly love eachother
  • and one not being able to see just made that fact a million times stronger

anonymous asked:

If its already been done forgive me. Um how about Yoosung and MCs first time if possible? o///o

  • he acts pretty innocent most of the time
  • you expect that you’ll have to be the one to initiate it
  • but when all of a sudden his hands make their way to your butt when you’re making out you yelp a little in surprise
  • “oh… sorry…” he says, blushing and stammering
  • “no… no, it’s fine, I just wasn’t expecting it”
  • he’s embarrassed now, so you sigh and pull him back into the kiss and place his hands back on your butt
  • you pull away for a moment and grab hold of his wrist to lead him to the bedroom
  • boi is shaking with excitement
  • it starts off with him pushing you down onto your back on the bed and climbing on top so he can kiss you
  • but you know what he really wants
  • you push him off and roll over so you’re on top instead
  • he is hard within seconds
  • you giggle and trail your hands down his body as you nip his neck gently, causing him to whimper
  • you carefully undo his jeans before yanking them down and touching him through his boxers
  • he is weak 
  • he clumsily grabs at your shirt and pulls it over your head
  • you slip your hand underneath the fabric and he gasps at the sudden contact
  • you jerk him off for a little while before he grunts out “I… I want to…”
  • “yes?”
  • “I want to… euuh, I want to be inside you”
  • before you know it he’s flipped you back over and is gazing down at you, and he leans in close to your ear
  • “I want to be on top the first time” he whispers, his hot breath sending shivers through your body before he gently nips at your ear
  • he slides his hand down your skirt and underwear, and you both gasp at the same time when he touches you
  • “it’s slippery”
  • oh my god Yoosung don’t use that word
  • he v e r y slowly moves his fingers, pushing two inside you and moving so slowly is makes you accidentally let out noises of frustration
  • he giggles he’s totally doing it on purpose before pulling off your skirt and underwear and then takes off his own remaining clothes
  • he positions himself
  • “are you sure you want this?”
  • “yes” you breathe, tangling your fingers in his hair and pulling him in for a kiss
  • he starts pushing into you and both your bodies shudder slightly and you gasp into each others mouths
  • he’s not entirely sure what he’s doing, to be honest, but he’s actually pretty good?
  • like he manages to hit the spot and it’s not long before you’re digging your nails into his back and crying out his name
  • you bite his neck subconsciously as you orgasm, and that sets him off
  • he loves pain
  • the feeling of your nails scratching down his back and your teeth biting his neck is all he needs
  • he’s coming, and he moans out your name before smashing his lips sloppily against yours as his thrusts slow down and he eventually collapses on top of you
  • his body is so sweaty against yours
  • “uh… Yoosung?”
  • “hm? oh… sorry” he giggles as he rolls off you “that was amazing”
  • “it was” 
  • “hey… I love you” he says, flushing slightly
  • “I love you too”
  • he insists on cuddling you and the two of you lie there talking for hours
Expectant father! Yoongi

Originally posted by sugagifs

  • wakes up and immediately rubs your belly bc ‘wow Y/N, it’s getting big I’m gonna be a great father’
  • ‘I dunno, Y/N, I’m pretty sure I hit some magical spots last night ;))))’
  • kicks him out of bed bc it’s too early for his cheesy greasiness
  • you do end up checking with the doctor anyway, just as a regular monthly health checkup, and CONGRATS!! You two are having a baby
  • even though Yoongi always seems to want a baby, you’re not sure about how he’ll respond once he finds out
  • when you two got married, he made you promise not to keep any secrets from him
  • since then, he’s always been like, ‘out with it’ whenever you seemed like something was on your mind
  • and you always did that to him too
  • although sometimes it’d get annoying bc both of you tend to have naturally worried/contemplative faces
  • whenever this happens, you’d say ‘fite me’ and he’d smirk and go ‘ok false alarm, but y’know that idea doesn’t sound half bad’
  • he’d end up tickling you for an eternity and you giggling and
  • actually that’s what happened the day before and led to what happened later that night…
  • so anyway
  • you decided that you’d tell it to him as soon as possible
  • you wait by the couch nervously, dinner already on the table, and Yoongi’s mixtape on the stereo in case you need to play it to calm him down if he gets hysterical
  • so when he comes home with some headphones around his head, mumbling the lyrics to another one of his songs
  • opens the door and tries to look for you immediately (his end-of-the-day ritual)
  • his gummy smile brightens his face when he sees you and he runs toward you with his arms out in a hug
  • what a dork
  • (but also what a cutie, you love him)
  • before he gets any closer, you quickly get up and blurt out ‘I’m pregnant’
  • which he, having headphones on, doesn’t hear and tackles you to the floor, wrapping his arms tightly around you and rolling you on top of him
  • ‘Yoongi did you hear me, i just said that I am pregnant’
  • ‘we’re having pretzels for dinner? Um ok, if that’s cool with you, but I brought chicken’ this boy smh
  • you rip his headphones off and urgently repeat, not so amused anymore, ‘Yoongi, we’re having a baby’
  • he freezes and stares at you
  • and you start to panic again bc he hasn’t been saying anything for a few minutes
  • his voice is hushed: ‘you’re having a baby?or’ he swallows thickly ‘I’m having a baby?’
  • tears are starting to stream down your face ‘I’m having the baby you dork, have you ever taken biology’
  • a huge smile breaks out on his face and he puts a hand in your hair, tugging you forward to pepper kisses all over your face, wiping your tears away with another hand
  • ‘why are you crying?’
  • ‘bc I was worried you idiot I thought you’d get angry at me’
  • he pulls you back to lock eyes with you ‘Y/N, why would I ever get angry? You’ve given me the greatest gift a woman could ever give a man’
  • you smile back at him
  • ‘a vessel to pour my hopes, dreams, and aspirations into and also a really cute mini me who I could teach to hate the things I hate.’
  • you tackle him to the floor and try to tickle him ‘THAT’S NOT WHAT BABIES ARE, YOONGI’
  • And that’s how you two end up arguing the night over what Yoongi can and cannot teach the child to hate, which culminates in the bedroom
  • ‘I knew my magical bean would step up to the job,’ he murmurs as you two fall asleep
  • you try to shove him off the bed, but he cries out that he’s the father of your child
  • next day, he’s already up and rubbing your belly with a grin
  • ‘you can’t stop me y/n you’ve got no excuses I will rub your tummy until little Mirelluna comes out’
  • ‘you’ve already named it?!”
  • ‘her. It’s a her. Her kick is as fiery as yours’ (’it’s literally been a day since I told you, how can it kick?!??!)
  • in the mornings, when he’s on his break from composing new songs, you two go to furniture stores and baby supply stores to buy a crib and some clothes
  • he always lays down on the beds to test them out himself and ends up lowkey falling asleep
  • ‘Yoongi, get off, we need a crib’
  • so he tries crawling into one of those but you stop him
  • Yoongi wants pink everything
  • ‘but what if it’s not a girl????’
  • ‘whatever, pink is for champions. Besides, I’m pretty sure I squeezed out a girl.’ You slap him for that
  • tries to convince you to put the baby’s crib into his studio in the house so that she’ll learn the beats of great hip hop artists before she can even speak
  • no
  • ‘no??!? B-but it’s her legacy….’
  • grumbles as you end up putting the crib in the spare bedroom (sneaks in a few stereos and decorates the walls with pictures of him at the genius lab and some old bandmates)
  • every day, gives you vitamins, cups of milk, and forces you to eat healthy
  • ‘Y/N, I will whoop your butt (figuratively) if you try to eat that entire bag of cheetos that is NOT good for Mirelluna, here have some celery instead’
  • really nice whenever you want to watch tv, lets you put on romcoms or corny movies that he used to openly hate
  • actually cries during (500) days of summer
  • ‘But Y/N, what if that happens to us???’
  • don’t make me kick you, you dork, I’ll always love you and your sorry butt’
  • kisses all the time
  • in the kitchen when you try to help him cook (insists he cooks bc you’re having a harder time moving about, but ends up buying takeout from his friend Jimin’s restaurant)
  • in the baby’s room while you decorate
  • actually tries to make out with you in public but you get embarrassed and stop him, which makes him sulk the whole way home
  • before you tackle him and make up for it
  • has a countdown calendar for when you’re due, marks off each day with comments about things he loves about you
  • ‘that’s so corny Yoongi when did you get this corny’
  • ‘since I married you, honey pumpkin (*you’re gagging*) deal with it Y/N you’re mine forever and I’ll love you the way I want’
  • it gets better worse each day
  • raps softly to your belly at night (maybe not your agust d mixtape yet? You swear like a thousand times)
  • when you’re finally going into labor, he’s in the kitchen trying to make spaghetti and hears you screaming for him so he rushes into the room
  • scariest he’s ever seen you, also the most swearing he’s ever heard from your kind sweet mouth
  • he’ll forgive you but files it away in case he wants to blackmail you for cuddles in the future
  • absolutely panicking, but calls Jungkook on his cell to get there asap
  • Jungkook happens to be passing by in the neighborhood (about to visit this girl he’s planning to ask out, sheesh kookie perfect timing) helps Yoongi carry you to the car
  • Yoongi drives to the hospital, sweat pouring from his face bc he’s freaking out and you’re still screaming from the backseat as Jungkook’s whimpering ‘pls breath noona’
  • feels helpless as he sits in the waiting room as you give birth, passes the time by writing lyrics onto a napkin
  • ‘she screams my name not once, but twice/while i shout out for help, advice/her cries get weaker by the hour/while i just sit, just wait, just cower’
  • he’s feeling really worried and sad
  • Jungkook, bless him, gets the boys together to come in and cheer him up and keep him company as he waits
  • ‘I brought donuts–‘ ‘NOT a good time, Tae’
  • Yoongi does take a donut but mostly just stares at it
  • Hoseok tries to distract him with stories about their time in BTS
  • ‘remember when Tae drank toilet water?’
  • Yoongi eventually cheers up and ends up laughing so hard he nearly misses he nurse calling his name
  • ‘she’s ready fo-‘ he darts inside as the boys trail behind
  • you’re in the bed, tired but holding a tiny pink infant in your arms
  • gulps, asks, ‘girl. True or false?’
  • you smile and laugh. ‘true’
  • he goes straight for your face and kisses you everywhere from your forehead to your cheeks to your nose to your mouth
  • ‘ew hyung’ Namjoon whispers
  • ‘shut up, she’s my wife, I’ll kiss her wherever I want’
  • trying to come up with names, the other boys are pitching in suggestions
  • ‘whatever it is, she’ll never be golden maknae’
  • ‘ABigail if you get my drift ehehe”  “Jimin, get out”
  • ‘Maria?”   “I actually like that, Jin. So, just Maria?” “um, Super…*whispers*Maria Bros”
  • “Namjinae?” “no”
  • “smiley sunshine?” “hoseok, that’s too corny, no.”
  • “Sia.” “like the singer, Tae?” “like that seaweed I befriended in Thailand” “tAEHYUNG NO WE ARE NOT NAMING OUR DAUGHTER AFTER A PLANT”
  • “Mirelluna. We’ll stick with that.”
  • She has your eyes and Yoongi’s smile~

anonymous asked:

could you do a boyfriend!doha one?? if that's alright with you


  • ok before i begin
  • lets all just think about seeing dohas dimples up close on a regular basis
  • lets carry on
  • i feel like you’d have a really comfortable relationship
  • like he wouldnt get jealous over many things and he would protect you a lot and make you feel safe
  • (he sometimes would get jealous and it would be really hot)  MOVING ON
  • he’d probs do aegyo at you and then get embarrassed 
  • he’d be such a gentleman honestly like buying you flowers
  • holding open doors
  • cooking meals for the both of you
  • he’d sing to you a lot as well
  • whether its for rehearsing purposes
  • or just because he wants to sing to you his feelings
  • he’d love it when you steal his clothes
  • like even tho he looks skinny on boys24, fans who’ve seen him irl say he’s v v broad
  • so he would adore how cute you look in his clothes
  • hes really caring and sweet so if you were sick he’d be around your house asap making chicken soup
  • or course thats if you got sick in the first place which he’d try not to let happen by giving you scarves and making sure you’re never cold
  • overall:
  • hes flawless
  • how does he do that

anonymous asked:

Hey I really like your posts and I was wondering if I could request the RFA reacting to MC having a hourglass shaped body but constantly hiding it with oversized stuff? (If you can a little NSFWish;P lol whatever love you anyways)

oooh yes! and thank you!! ^-^

MC’s gender is female in this, I’m sorry, I usually write gender neutral 

this one is a little long



  • he always wanted you to wear something fitting
  • he had hinted it so many times when the two of you would go shopping
  • “Zen, I like my comfy clothes, you can’t change me.”
  • and he failed every time
  • he desperatly wanted to see you in something formal 
  • but you would never do it
  • but he didn’t mind
  • it just meant that at some formal occasions after his musicals you didn’t always go because you didnt feel like you fit in with the crowed.
  • which is why he was a bit sad to be having to be alone at his meet and greet 
  • and even though he loved to talk with his fans he was inwardly thinking about being home with you
  • “Zen!”
  • his head snapped to the side when he thought he heard a famiiar voice
  • your voice
  • he finished the autograph and looked around for the voice
  • but when he couldn’t see anyone that seemed to match you he went back to everyone else
  • it was when a woman pushed her way through the crowd and people started to talk that he looked up again.
  • “Isn’t that MC”
    “Who’s that?”
    “Isn’t that Zen’s girlfriend?”
    “she usually doesn’t go to these.”
  • his face brightened even more when he saw you
  • “MC?! What’re you doing here? I thought you were going to stay home bec-”
  • he stopped when he saw what you were wearing
  • oml
  • you wore a fitted power suit that suited you perfetly no pun intended 
  • it showed off your body in a modest way and he couldn’t believe it, he had never seen you like this and he had to stop his jaw from dropping.
  • you had got it that day while he was busy with work to surprise him
  • he definely was surprised 
  • he kept his arm around you whenever possible, keeping you close to him
  • forgive me father for I have sinned
  • he knew he shouldn’t be thinking these new thoughts about a lady but … it was hard not to
  • “Does this mean you’ll be wearing clothes like these more often?”
    “Only to these events.”
    “Do you need me to help you out of that when we get home? ~” he whispered to you


  • she was excited when you said you were taking her on a date
  • however 
  • she did not ever expect you to ever dress up for it
  • becuase in her eyes you were perfect anyway and didnt need to change
  • but when she saw you walk out in your pencil dress …
  • it fitted you so well
  • she was gobsmacked when she saw you in that dress for the first time
  • your figure … she thought you were perfect
  • being a petite woman herself she was jealous of your natural curves and how well you wore them with your clothes
  • it made her wonder why you would ever hide them in the first place???
  • Seven had said that he had seen pictures of you in these types if clotehs but she didn’t want to invade your privacy 
  • you had said to Jaehee that you would have rathered to have a body that resembled hers
  • and Jaehee was shook
  • ???
  • “like me? MC, you look beautiful.”
  • she praises you so much because she knows you’re insecure at times
  • and she believes that you should know every chance possible
  • she always reminds you that you look beautiful no matter what you wore
  • she helps gain your confidence back to not wear baggy clothes as much
  • Jaehee Kang has a body praise kink you cannot convince me otherwise


  • he was used to seeing you in your baggy clothes
  • and he didnt blame you for it
  • the two of yo never really went anywhere that would require you to wear a different type of clothing
  • so when you were coming to his graduation he had no idea what to expect
  • literally no idea
  • he hadn’t seen you buy new clothes
  • or wear anything different 
  • so he was expecting his usual MC
  • but when he saw you step out in clothes that hugged your curves 
  • he was astounded 
  • you looked
  • oh my god
  • how did you???
  • how did he??
  • !!!
  • !!!!!!!
  • he was so amazed how much you could change with just clothes
  • he blushed so much 
  • his friends were going to see his drop dead gorgeous MC
  • how did he manage to find someone like you??
  • why would someone like you go for someone like him??
  • he honestly felt so blessed that he was able to see you like this
  • when he asked you when you both got home why you didnt where these types of clothes often (he was so worried you didn’t like your body)
  • you had said that you never really saw the point in these clothes because you never really had an occasion for them
  • but tonight was special so you had grabbed it
  • when you saw how much he liked it you decided you’d wear clotehs like these more often


  • he had always noticed your baggy clothes
  • there was no use denying
  • ngl this always made him curious to what you looked like if you wore clothes that would fit you properally 
  • he didn’t want to push you
  • but he also wanted to see what you looked like
  • so he took an educated guess
  • and had an assistant Kang go find clothes for you
  • (Jaehee already knew your size, as it had come in conversation before and she tried to convince you that you didn’t need baggy clothes)
  • so when he came home with some bags of clothes for you to try on
  • you were nervous
  • hella nervous
  • you weren’t sure about letting him see
  • you weren’t sure of letting anyone see
  • you weren’t comfortable with your curves
  • it was an insecuriety you had about yourself which lead you to only wear baggy clothes to hide your shape
  • besides
  • baggy clothes are comfy af
  • but you did try on the clothes, perhaps if you tried them on and he saw how bad they looked he’d return them and let you go back to wearing your clothes????
  • it was worth a shot
  • you were hesitant on coming out and shoiwng him what you looked like
  • “MC I’m most definate you will look stunning.”
  • you eventually did come out and show him
  • you wore a peplum top with fitted pants
  • as soon as you stepped out in his sight he was gone rip
  • he cant take his eyes off you
  • the clothes fit you perfectly 
  • and he couldnt believe it, why had you tried to hide your body ??? you were so beautiful ??? and you always had been so beautiful
  • he was slightly aroused too ??? like wow …
  • you were shy and weren’t sure what to do and nervously fiddled with your hands 
  • he was breathless, and you at first thought that was a bad sign until you saw him smile
  • “You’re so beautiful.”
    “what? No it’s not that good …”
    “MC, you are most defiantly the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.”
  • he gently cupped your cheek and pulled you close so you would look up at him
  • “and I want to show you that.”


  • now he out of all people thought he would know what you looked like with fitted clothes
  • but in all pictures he found of when when he was stalking you doing a background check you alwasy had baggy clothes
  • and watched you through the security cameras you still wore baggy clothes for everything 
  • so naturally, he was curious 
  • he had asked you if you would ever wear other types of clothing but you always insisted no
  • and thats okay
  • there was no way he was going to push you
  • in fact
  • he had made sure to send you clothes for the Party that were formal but still loose so you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable while at the Party
  • you had thanked him when they came to you 
  • you when tried them on and showed him
  • he thought you looked beautiful
  • when it came to the day of the party
  • he tried to find his MC with her loose dress that he had bought for her
  • but he hadn’t seen her anywhere
  • did she not come?
  • was she avoiding him?
  • he went over to Jaehee asking if she saw MC and she had just said that she went inside looking for him
  • so he went in after you and asked Zen who said she went to Jumin and then he went to Jumin who said she went somewhere else to look fo him 
  • Goddammit MC stay in one spot
  • “hi sorry have you seen MC? She’s about this high, really pretty, wearing a-”
  • he turned around and oh my god
  • it was you???
  • you weren’t wearing the dress he bought you
  • you were wearing a tight fitting dress that showed off your figure 
  • he was lost for words
  • silently praying the sinful thoughts away
  • “MC, I - you - I mean - wow …”
  • wow? fucking wow?? get your shit together Saeyoung!
  • he feels so dumb because he can’t get the words out the way he wants to get them out
  • lowkey wants to see what it looks like off now
  • stop sinning
  • “I mean: you look beautiful.”
  • he loses it when you peck his cheek
  • rip
  • he’s gone
  • he can die happily now

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Can you do fluffy headcanons of Juuzou, Ayato, and Nishiki? Love your blog btw & happy birthday!!

But of course, and thank you darling!

Originally posted by sugagifs


  • Juuzou really enjoys cuddling his s/o
  • He’s super hyper
  • Likes to make pillow forts with his s/o
  • And will often surprise his s/o with a game when they get home
  • loves Eskimo kisses// fite me on this
  • Occasionally shares his sweets with his s/o
  • But…they’re the only person he’ll actually really share them with
  • Cute kisses
  • Lots of hand holding
  • While sleeping, Juuzou likes to curl up to his s/o
  • because it makes him feel safe 


  •  Isn’t really one for PDA
  • BUT
  • Is hella protective
  • Likes to put an arm around his s/o’s shoulders 
  • Complains when they steal his clothes, but secretly he really likes it
  • ‘Cause it shows everyone that they belong to him
  • rough/passionate kisses when he gets jealous
  • cute/sweet kisses when they’re alone
  • Is a sucker for his s/o playing with his hair, fiTE ME
  • If his s/o’s a ghoul and working for Aogiri, you can bet your ass he’ll fuss over them going on missions



  • Nishiki, similar to Ayato, is hella protective
  • but lowkey tho
  • will venture out and grab snacks for his s/o if they’re human
  • wILL hunt with them if they’re a ghoul cause he’s worried they’ll get caught by the CCG
  • But claims it’s because he thinks he’s stronger 
  • even if his s/o’s an SSS class ghoul
  • biG SPOON
  • Gets hella flustered when his s/o wears his clothes
  • He gives really good hugs
  • Likes to give his s/o slow, passionate kisses 
  • will help his s/o study if they need help

If you aren’t pleased with how this is written, please send me an ask/message and I’ll do it again! ^.^

My desk is super sticky now…EEUGH

-Mun K