With what should i start?

The way he eats

He can go from cold to cutie pie in 0.01 seconds

I will put this gif here because i find it cute af

Kris looks very cool,like that cold type of guy

But actually he loves stuffed animals and no one can stop his love for them especiall for his son,Ace those are not gifs

Because he : 

He is so done with this world

Because he looks so cute when he is angry

Chicken is not his style


Who wouldn’t love to adopt that kitty?

Look at this,and you are already in love with him

Because he is Picasso

He isn’t afraid of ghosts please notice the sarcasm

He says that he doesn’t like something,but in the end he will love it

You can take his clothes

He is the best in everything he does

His aegyo

And,of course,WE CAN’T FORGET THIS

Phil’s Livestream // 6.20.15

He’s wearing the bat shirt 

He’s always about 5 minutes late

He thinks bats should be “ever-seasonal”

“It’s probably illegal to have a relationship with a bat in most countries.”

He loved fireworks as a kid

He liked living in the high rise in Manchester because he could see all of the fireworks

“Amy Jane just proposed. It’s a yes. I’ll marry all of you today.”

His neighbors are still doing construction 

The noises infiltrate his dreams

He brought earplugs to sleep through the construction but he slept through his alarm so he woke up at 12

“It’s a toughie, guys.”

He did his northern voice

He talked briefly of Ask Paper Towns and how it got him excited for their tour

He talked about his new red flowery shirt

“Forget Cara. It’d be Phil Glow Shoes Lester.”

He felt very confident in his new clothes

He said John Green is lovely

They didn’t know Cara was going to be there so they had to imporvise

He likes MCR and has seen them around 4 times

He had Lucky Charms for lunch

He’s not going vegan with Dan

He’s very happy for Dil

He “didn’t give John Green a sniff”

“It’s good to be single too, if you like.”

He got lots of hugs at Ask Paper Towns

“How would you milk a chicken? Let’s not even think about it.”

His favorite Marvel movie is the first Avengers

He discussed/told dad jokes

“What do you call a girl with a frog on her head. Lilly!”

“What do you call a girl with a pint of beer on her head. BEERatrix!”

He got his dad Nightcrawler for Father’s Day and Homeland season 4

He thinks American commercials are hilarious

“Dog food and aching feet are the two main things to buy in America according to me.”


“Be the person you want to be!”

Dan showed him a video of a beluga whale speaking like a person (he played us the video which had chewbacca noises in it)

“Joey Graceffa has a good face.”

Discussed a murderous doll on X-Files

“I always laugh inappropriately.”

 He talked about “the sex talk question box” he had in his school

He uses a Cannon 5D

His favorite AHS character is probably Jessica Lange 

He saw a big chunk of the book and is very excited for us to see it

“Who really says JIFS?”

*makes dinosaur noise* “They should have gotten me for Jurassic World.”

He was nervous about Cara sitting next to him

He’s never seen OITNB

He told us to have fun at Phandom Prom 

He filmed a new AmazingPhil video

He did a photo shoot for Dan and Phil Shop 

“Let’s see is I can actually leave this time.”

Mentions of Dan: ||||| ||||

Solangelo Headcanons

because I am trash and haven’t seen enough

  • The height difference is hilarious
  • Will is 6′0 and Nico is only 5′3
  • Which definitely means Will carrying Nico around.
  • Will is constantly loosing clothes
  • He knows exactly where they are disappearing to.
  • One time he tried to get revenge by stealing Nico’s skull tshirt but it was too tight when he tried to wear it.
  • Nico bought Will a flower crop top as a gag gift but Will loved it so much he’s always wearing it
  • Movie Marathons are every Friday night
  • Most often at the Hades cabin so that Will’s siblings aren’t singing love songs from the other end of the room
  • They play MarioKart together a lot
  • People often question the relationship when they walk by Nico’s cabin and they can hear angry shouting
  • (It’s because of the damn blue shells Will Solace I trusted you)
  • Will needs glasses but often wears contacts
  • Nico has to make sure that there are is nothing that could injure Will on the side table next to his bed
  • Will almost grabbed scissors instead of his glasses one morning and it’s a good thing he realized it before he accidentally hurt himself
  • Nico brings Will lunch when he’s working in the infirmary because Will often forgets to eat
  • Nico also makes him actually go to sleep at night
  • They can’t afford fancy restaurants so it’s usually just dates at McDonalds
  • One day they went to a 50′s-themed diner
  • They shared a chocolate milkshake
  • The check was $60 but it was worth it
  • Afterwards they went to a park and held hands the entire time
  • Nico tries to hide his affection so he angrily holds Will’s hand while his entire face is red
  • Will likes to play with Nico’s hair because it’s so soft
  • Nico sometimes surprises Will with hugs from behind
  • “It’s cold” “Well damn Will I don’t control the weather”
  • Cross-country road trip is 100% going to happen one day
Masterlist 2/24/2015 (Been awhile)

Smut Warning = **

One Direction


What Pet He Buys You

Pic He Tweets Of You

Movie Day (Outfit)

His Pet Name For You

This First Song You Two Dance As Husband And Wife

Dress He Buys You

How He Wakes You Up

What He Loves About You

How He Kisses You

You Respond To Twitter Hate (gif)

Wearing His Clothes

He Helps You When You’re On Your Period

Something You Do That He Loves

What He Does When Your Sick

Masturbation **

He Hits You In A Fight (part 1)

He Hits You In A Fight (part 2)

He Tweets A Picture Of You Reading

He Has A Nightmare That He Loses You

He Wants To Make Love To You


Cute Moments

He Leaves You For His Ex, Regrets It And Wants You Back:

Harry: (Part 1)  (Part 2) (Part 3)

Niall: (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

Liam: (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

Louis: (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3, Team Hunter) (Part 3, Team Louis)

Zayn: (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

Broken Promises

Another Girl Wants Him:

Harry: (Part 1) (Part 2)

Niall: (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

Louis: (Part 1) (Part 2)

Zayn: (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

Liam: (Part 1) (Part 2)

He Makes You Feel Insecure:

Louis: (Part 1) (Part 2)

Harry and Zayn: (Part 1) (Part 2)

He Teases You in Public

Spontaneous Adult Gifts **


Louis imagine for Leanne

Harry imagine for Cami

Harry imagine for Vivian

Harry imagine for Olivia

Zayn imagine for Cameryn

Harry and Niall imagine for Aubrey

Niall imagine for Shayne

Liam imagine for Katrina

Louis imagine for Olivia

Zayn imagine for Kota

Zayn imagine for Megan

Harry imagine for Taylor

Niall imagine for Braylen

Niall imagine for Mary

Harry imagine for Ashley

Harry imagine for Helena

Louis imagine for Sarah

Liam imagine for Kathryn

Harry imagine for Kat

Zayn Imagine For Cara

Louis imagine for Siviar

Zayn Imagine for Leila

Harry imagine for Maddy

Niall imagine for Maddie

Zayn imagine for Kota

Louis imagine for Kat

Niall imagine for Gissele

Niall imagine for Arinella

Niall imagine for Emily

Harry Imagine for Mariah

Zayn imagine for Vinhya

One Shots:

One Bite (vampire Zayn One Shot)

Mr Styles (Teacher One shot) **

Broken (Louis One Shot)

My Favorite Slave (Niall One Shot) **

Hero (Liam Military One Shot)

Intern (Marcel One Shot) **

Miss Untamable (Punk Louis One Shot) **

5 Seconds of Summer:


You Have A Child From A Past Relationship

Airport Goodbyes


He Cheats:

Ashton: (Part 1) (Part 2) (Team Dylan) (Team Ashton)

Calum: (Part 1) (Part 2)


Luke imagine for Kenzie

One Shots:

Criminal (Punk/Criminal Ashton AU) **

a smol hc

Happy Valentine’s Day to this wonderful blog who I’ve had the pleasure of being the secret valentine for @basiltonsnowpitch <3 This is part ¼ (I am s o n e r v o u s omg)

  • so one day, Basilton Grimm-Pitch goes into a jewelry store and purchases a ring
  • he has a speech and everything is planned and perfect
  • he’s hopeful and so hopeless
  • ly in love
  • but he just can’t bring himself to ask simon
  • he just can’t risk it
  • risk the answer being no and everything being shattered and terrible
  • months pass
  • the box gathers dust in the bottom drawer of his dresser, hidden underneath bunches of rarely used clothes
  • he becomes more and more sure that simon won’t say yes
  • so he doesn’t ask
  • time passes
  • valentine’s day comes around
  • simon wakes up at the crack of dawn to try and cook baz breakfast
  • he’s exhausted but giddy with excitement and he’s trying to be super quiet to not wake Baz up (obviously he manages to make a huge mess and lots of noise but somehow baz sleeps through it)
  • he can’t find an apron and he doesn’t want to ask baz
  • so he goes to look for it
  • he checks in all of the drawers and dressers
  • his eyes go wide when he uncovers an old shirt
  • and he sees it
  • there’s a receipt beside the ring box and it’s dated for two years ago
  • simon doesn’t undferstand
  • baz has never asked. doesn’t he love simon? does he even want it anymore?
  • simon needs to get away from the house just to have the space to think about this so he gives baz his breakfast quickly and with a smile
  • but baz can tell something is off
  • simon still kisses him gently and wishes him a happy valentine’s day
  • but then simon’s gone
  • he said it was just going to be ‘a short walk’ but it’s late when simon gets home
  • baz waited for him all day but when he comes in the door it’s nearly time to go to bed
  • baz can’t understand
  • until simon stands in front of baz and opens his hands
  • he’s got the box in one palm
  • everything’s dead quiet
  • “were you afraid I wasn’t going to say yes” simon says quietly
  • baz doesn’t know what to say
  • the world stops as simon gets down on one knee
  • and opens the box
  • revealing two rings
  • the one that baz bought for him
  • and a new one (he must have spent the whole day looking for the right one)
  • “well it’s a yes” simon says
  • and he’s crying
  • baz finds that his voice still doesn’t work
  • “but Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch, will you also marry me?”
  • simon looks so nervous
  • baz finally finds he can speak
  • “yes” he says, pretending to be uninterested
  • “if only so you don’t ever call me that again.”
  • and then he’s smiling
  • and simon’s smiling
  • and they’re both laughing
  • and kissing
  • they make dinner together and eat it joyfully even though it’s terribly burnt
  • with fresh cherry scones for dessert
  • (also slightly burnt)
  • (you can’t expect them to keep track of time when they’re making out)

anonymous asked:

👑 (finding the other wearing their clothes ) with bucky ?

Bucky Barnes + finding the other wearing their clothes

He doesn’t like being gone too long from you. It makes him uneasy to know that you’re vulnerable to anything when he isn’t there, even though you try to ease him with the fact that you’d gotten self-defense lessons.

When he finally comes home from a mission, he walks through the door half expecting you to bombard him with affection, not that he’d mind that. Though he sees something better.

You’re standing on a step stool, a small pail of paint hanging off your forearm and half the wall covered in a pale blue. The shirt that hangs on your shoulders loosely looks familiar. The tiny hole in the side and the tear up one of the sleeves.

He doesn’t make himself know, not just yet. He watches you, enjoying the fact that you look better in his clothes than he does.