things confirmed in this ep
  • the malec kiss was smokin’ hot
  • so hot it turned simon 100% gay for a good min
  • lydia continues to be an absolute heavensent GODDESS
  • simon actually does borrow raphael’s clothes
  • he literally has free reign of raphael’s wardrobe to pick whatever he wants #saphaeltoostrong 

With what should i start?

The way he eats

He can go from cold to cutie pie in 0.01 seconds

I will put this gif here because i find it cute af

Kris looks very cool,like that cold type of guy

But actually he loves stuffed animals and no one can stop his love for them especiall for his son,Ace those are not gifs

Because he : 

He is so done with this world

Because he looks so cute when he is angry

Chicken is not his style


Who wouldn’t love to adopt that kitty?

Look at this,and you are already in love with him

Because he is Picasso

He isn’t afraid of ghosts please notice the sarcasm

He says that he doesn’t like something,but in the end he will love it

You can take his clothes

He is the best in everything he does

His aegyo

And,of course,WE CAN’T FORGET THIS

Dating Simon D Means...
  • he’s really protective over you
  • there’s no way he’s letting you go out looking all sexy if he’s not around
    • he’ll tell you that your goods are for his eyes only
    • he either asks you to change or picks your outfits out for you
    • don’t let him pick out your clothes
    • he’ll make sure that there’s absolutely no skin showing whatsoever
  • he always has a smile on his face when you’re talking to him
  • that’s how you know he’s hooked on you
  • he checks you out no matter where you are
  • he has no shame in doing so either
  • if the two of you are out and you catch him staring, he’ll openly admit to it
    • “are you staring at my butt?”
    • “the fuck I am”
  • he puts a lot of detail into your dates and special occasions
  • he’s really dorky and a huge contrast to his appearance
  • he always manages to slip his dumb jokes into almost any conversation
  • some of them are borderline dad jokes
  • he’ll tell the joke and laugh by himself and in between, he’d ask why you aren’t laughing
    • “screw you, I’m funny”
  • when you’re out, he keeps pda to a minimum
  • he always keeps you close by holding your hand or holding you by the waist
  • kissing in public never goes past a couple of pecks on the lips
  • but in private he’s a true freak
  • he gives you the silent treatment often
  • especially when wanting to get his way
  • he has a lot of kinks that he never talks about
  • you find out about each of them one at a time
  • your reactions to his kinks always make him do that signature grin
  • his friends always ask who he’s texting and it’s always you
  • he’s has no shame about it either
  • his favorite type of cuddling is when you’re in bed and he lays his head on your stomach
  • he basically clings to the lower half of your body
  • he ends up almost passing out like that too
  • there’s times when he can be possessive
  • always asking where you’re going, who you’re with, and when you’ll be back
  • has no shame about this either
  • he’d be into couple matching
  • could be shoes, rings, or similar outfits
  • he takes random photos of you
  • you’d never know about them until you go through his phone
  • you’re his lockscreen
  • he always stares at you before kissing you
  • when you’re at home, he prefers to see you wearing his shirts and nothing else
  • he’s really romantic and does a lot of sweet things for you
  • he probably has too many pet names for you
Solangelo Headcanons

because I am trash and haven’t seen enough

  • The height difference is hilarious
  • Will is 6′0 and Nico is only 5′3
  • Which definitely means Will carrying Nico around.
  • Will is constantly loosing clothes
  • He knows exactly where they are disappearing to.
  • One time he tried to get revenge by stealing Nico’s skull tshirt but it was too tight when he tried to wear it.
  • Nico bought Will a flower crop top as a gag gift but Will loved it so much he’s always wearing it
  • Movie Marathons are every Friday night
  • Most often at the Hades cabin so that Will’s siblings aren’t singing love songs from the other end of the room
  • They play MarioKart together a lot
  • People often question the relationship when they walk by Nico’s cabin and they can hear angry shouting
  • (It’s because of the damn blue shells Will Solace I trusted you)
  • Will needs glasses but often wears contacts
  • Nico has to make sure that there are is nothing that could injure Will on the side table next to his bed
  • Will almost grabbed scissors instead of his glasses one morning and it’s a good thing he realized it before he accidentally hurt himself
  • Nico brings Will lunch when he’s working in the infirmary because Will often forgets to eat
  • Nico also makes him actually go to sleep at night
  • They can’t afford fancy restaurants so it’s usually just dates at McDonalds
  • One day they went to a 50′s-themed diner
  • They shared a chocolate milkshake
  • The check was $60 but it was worth it
  • Afterwards they went to a park and held hands the entire time
  • Nico tries to hide his affection so he angrily holds Will’s hand while his entire face is red
  • Will likes to play with Nico’s hair because it’s so soft
  • Nico sometimes surprises Will with hugs from behind
  • “It’s cold” “Well damn Will I don’t control the weather”
  • Cross-country road trip is 100% going to happen one day
Boyfriend Wonwoo

Originally posted by leelchan

  • you’ll get to hear very special words with that deep voice of his
  • he likes holding your small hand with his large one
  • but most of all, he loves holding your delicate wrist
  • he especially enjoys running his thumb over the inner side 
  • when you’re watching movies together, he likes to have his head on your lap or your head on his shoulder
  • on your first anniversary, he suggests you get couple rings, and he always wears his on the ring finger–right next to the seventeen ring
  • sometimes, when you go to seventeen’s fansigns, he manages to keep a straight, nonchalant face so the fans don’t notice anything
  • but he holds your hand a couple seconds longer compared to other fans
  • and before signing, he scribbles a special note: “for Y/N, from your biggest fan, jeon wonwoo”
  • he’ll let you run your fingers through his hair
  • he loves it when you wear his sweaters because you look like a dwarf in his big clothes
  • he takes a lot of candid photos of you
  • his phone wallpaper is a pic of him kissing your cheek and you with crinkled eyes and a huge smile 
  • lots of back hugs
  • lots of corny jokes and puns–anything to make you laugh
  • when he introduces you to the members, he makes sure to keep you close to his side to make sure everyone knows you’re his
  • he’s super possessive and easily jealous
  • he likes having you in his lap 
  • neck kisses 
  • also, he often kisses your eyes
  • okay just a lot of kisses
  • everywhere ^
  • and biting
  • sorry
  • him watching you with this super intense look in his eyes
  • and when you notice his stare, he does that side sMIRK
  • he doesn’t say “i love you” a lot, but he makes sure you know he does
a smol hc

Happy Valentine’s Day to this wonderful blog who I’ve had the pleasure of being the secret valentine for @basiltonsnowpitch <3 This is part ¼ (I am s o n e r v o u s omg)

  • so one day, Basilton Grimm-Pitch goes into a jewelry store and purchases a ring
  • he has a speech and everything is planned and perfect
  • he’s hopeful and so hopeless
  • ly in love
  • but he just can’t bring himself to ask simon
  • he just can’t risk it
  • risk the answer being no and everything being shattered and terrible
  • months pass
  • the box gathers dust in the bottom drawer of his dresser, hidden underneath bunches of rarely used clothes
  • he becomes more and more sure that simon won’t say yes
  • so he doesn’t ask
  • time passes
  • valentine’s day comes around
  • simon wakes up at the crack of dawn to try and cook baz breakfast
  • he’s exhausted but giddy with excitement and he’s trying to be super quiet to not wake Baz up (obviously he manages to make a huge mess and lots of noise but somehow baz sleeps through it)
  • he can’t find an apron and he doesn’t want to ask baz
  • so he goes to look for it
  • he checks in all of the drawers and dressers
  • his eyes go wide when he uncovers an old shirt
  • and he sees it
  • there’s a receipt beside the ring box and it’s dated for two years ago
  • simon doesn’t undferstand
  • baz has never asked. doesn’t he love simon? does he even want it anymore?
  • simon needs to get away from the house just to have the space to think about this so he gives baz his breakfast quickly and with a smile
  • but baz can tell something is off
  • simon still kisses him gently and wishes him a happy valentine’s day
  • but then simon’s gone
  • he said it was just going to be ‘a short walk’ but it’s late when simon gets home
  • baz waited for him all day but when he comes in the door it’s nearly time to go to bed
  • baz can’t understand
  • until simon stands in front of baz and opens his hands
  • he’s got the box in one palm
  • everything’s dead quiet
  • “were you afraid I wasn’t going to say yes” simon says quietly
  • baz doesn’t know what to say
  • the world stops as simon gets down on one knee
  • and opens the box
  • revealing two rings
  • the one that baz bought for him
  • and a new one (he must have spent the whole day looking for the right one)
  • “well it’s a yes” simon says
  • and he’s crying
  • baz finds that his voice still doesn’t work
  • “but Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch, will you also marry me?”
  • simon looks so nervous
  • baz finally finds he can speak
  • “yes” he says, pretending to be uninterested
  • “if only so you don’t ever call me that again.”
  • and then he’s smiling
  • and simon’s smiling
  • and they’re both laughing
  • and kissing
  • they make dinner together and eat it joyfully even though it’s terribly burnt
  • with fresh cherry scones for dessert
  • (also slightly burnt)
  • (you can’t expect them to keep track of time when they’re making out)

viktuuri amv set to sk8er boi but with bad text to speech edits so the song is gay like

he was a boy
can i make it more obvious?

what more can i say?

he wanted HIM
HE'D never tell
secretly HE wanted him too

THEY HAD NO problem with his FANCY clothes

he was a ICEsk8er boi
HE said see you l8er boi

Matt lending Neil a jacket and Neil wearing it everywhere

  • one day Neil leaves to class in a rush and forgets a hoodie so Matt gives Neil one of his
  • the hoodie comes to Neil’s knees and the sleeves are just dangling off Neil’s wrists
  • but Neil loves the hoodie
  • he flops the sleeves around and just in general prefers the hoodie to any of his other clothes
  • he wears it all the time, to classes, when they go out to get food and somtimes after games
  • and especially when Andrew and him are on the roof
  • Andrew thinks Neil looks adorable in the oversized hoodie
  • and sometimes around their apartment Neil just wears the hoodie and nothing else and Andrew loves it 


Reacting To Hate - Phil

Gaming - Dan

Three Years - Dan

The American - Dan

Shortie! - Dan

First Meeting - Dan

First Meeting - Phil

DUEL IMAGINES (aka preferences)


The Stress of Studying

The Morning After

You Have His Baby After A Breakup - - *His POV*

Eating Disorder - - *Trigger Warning*

Seeing Him After A Breakup - - *His POV*

Wearing His Clothes

He’s Not Marrying You - - Pt.1 (Potential Part 2)

He’s Sick

In The Hospital

That Would Be Enough - - Song fic - - *Trigger-ish*

Coming Out - - Brother Preference


Telling Him

Pregnancy Mishaps

Baby Names

                         || Sam Winchester || —> || Form 1 || Form 2 ||

                          Prompt Aesthetic: twink!Sam + Torn Clothes

He was a floppy haired boy with ripped jeans and a give’em hell attitude. 

His shirts were always too long because they were his big brother’s hand-me downs. 

His jeans were ripped at the knees and his converse were always a little too big on him. 

Sam did not mind wearing Dean’s clothes that he had grown out of, because his clothes always smelled like his big brother.