Tutorial Tuesday (a day late) - Geometric Design inspired by a Topshop cardigan for Clothes Show Live

went to the Clothes Show Live today :-) • saw Tommy Bastow aka Dave the Laugh and his band, Franko • their music is amazing • they are all so fucking hot • got loads of free stuff from stalls • the fashion show in the Suzuki theatre was bloody amazing • bought a lush new dress for my birthday • did I mention I saw and talked to Franko? • their drummer is now my future husband • it was a really great day tbh c:


Minor Project - Clothes Show Live

I’ve finally finished my minor projects for University in which we had to choose two competition briefs. The first one I choose was the Clothes Show Young Designer of the Year in which we had to create a red carpet look for a celebrity. I choose to design for Carey Mulligan, as her slight, pretite frame means that she doesn’t often opt for the full length styles and instead I could create a fun, feminine dress.

Looking at horticultural imagery, floral prints and fifities prom dresses, I came up with the above boards.

I’ll be uploading  more university work over the next few days.

Love R x


I just found out that I’m a finalist for Young Fashion Photographer of the Year! It’s at Clothes Show Live with More! magazine, and in just under three weeks time I’ll be on my way there as part of a group of 10 finalists for the winner to be announced and the award to be presented. I’m pretty stoked! Not to mention the shopping…

My awesome up and coming two weeks!
  • Making Matt && Jon pizzas tomorrow, hopefully i won’t poison them.
  • Saturday work, and then Aimee’s party woop woop
  • Sunday crashed out day me thinks
  • Monday & Tuesday aren’t even worth talking about
  • Wednesday CLOTHES SHOW LIVE ;D 
  • Thursday a trip to a university!! Yes nerdy i’m excited about it and granted its only Lincoln but tbh its my first trip to uni so yeah stfu. 
  • Friday Matt & Jon maybee round again 
  • Saturday work and work meal ! and Josh’s 18th party :):) 
  • Sunday, relax yeshh.