went to the Clothes Show Live today :-) • saw Tommy Bastow aka Dave the Laugh and his band, Franko • their music is amazing • they are all so fucking hot • got loads of free stuff from stalls • the fashion show in the Suzuki theatre was bloody amazing • bought a lush new dress for my birthday • did I mention I saw and talked to Franko? • their drummer is now my future husband • it was a really great day tbh c:


Minor Project - Clothes Show Live

I’ve finally finished my minor projects for University in which we had to choose two competition briefs. The first one I choose was the Clothes Show Young Designer of the Year in which we had to create a red carpet look for a celebrity. I choose to design for Carey Mulligan, as her slight, pretite frame means that she doesn’t often opt for the full length styles and instead I could create a fun, feminine dress.

Looking at horticultural imagery, floral prints and fifities prom dresses, I came up with the above boards.

I’ll be uploading  more university work over the next few days.

Love R x

Today’s Parade Prize is this Keep Fashion Live t-shirt as modelled by our very own Bianca Parade in the official Clothes Show Live 2012 photshoot with George Lamb. We’ll sign the t-shirt and then send it to the winner. To enter:

1. Join the Parade by following us on twitter and Facebook!

2. Tweet: Joined the @parade to win a signed Clothes Show Live t-shirt as seen on Bianca. Enter:

Winner will be announced here on our tumblr at 7pm tonight just before the all-new PARADE TV starts. Good luck guys!

My awesome up and coming two weeks!
  • Making Matt && Jon pizzas tomorrow, hopefully i won’t poison them.
  • Saturday work, and then Aimee’s party woop woop
  • Sunday crashed out day me thinks
  • Monday & Tuesday aren’t even worth talking about
  • Wednesday CLOTHES SHOW LIVE ;D 
  • Thursday a trip to a university!! Yes nerdy i’m excited about it and granted its only Lincoln but tbh its my first trip to uni so yeah stfu. 
  • Friday Matt & Jon maybee round again 
  • Saturday work and work meal ! and Josh’s 18th party :):) 
  • Sunday, relax yeshh.