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HONEST SUGGESTIONS? I need help getting a new jacket

So my Black Rock Shooter jacket that I am seen always wearing in both my drawings and any pictures of me I’ve ever shown is finally starting to wear down. This is my 2nd jacket I actually ever bought of it because the 1st also wore down. However wanting to go buy a new one has become kind of impossible now because they no longer sell it.

So I am openly taking suggestions of other characters jackets or hoodies to put on me that you think will look good I’m honestly open for anything. It doesn’t even have to really be a character I now hell I was wearing that Black Rock Shooter jacket before I even finished the Anime.

So yeah give me suggestion by sending messages with what you think will work. I’d prefer it be with pictures too as it would really help

Anyways its about good time i at least attempt a small redesign of myself IRL I’ve been using this last one for almost a good 5 years now. This may or may not change how i draw myself but i really need a new jacket honestly.

Thank you for reading and please considering suggesting ideas

I want to dress up in gorgeous clothes and strut up and down the runway like they do in magazines, swishing my tail… I want to be beautiful. I want other people to think I am beautiful.
—  Alyssa Brugman, Alex As Well