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can you offer any suggestions for SB looks other than the usual "sophisticated luxury" kind of thing? don't get me wrong it's a great look, it's just not very me. but I'm dismal at fashion and I'm at a loss for ideas

All of my style guides center around that look because it’s what i like and my personal style. It’s by no means the only style a SB can have. If you aren’t really into fashion but you still want to look good and put together i would suggest sticking to basics. That way you can mix up your outfits easily, and not worry about being “in style”. Colors like black, white, nude, olive green, and other simple colors will go well together and look sophisticated. Simple clothes that fit well will look good, and not take too much effort to style.

Duyên [Part One // Chanyeol]

{{ noun // a predestined affinity; the force that binds two people together as friends or lovers in the future }}

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Second worst feeling: friendzoned. First worst feeling? He likes your sister.

Fluff. Highschool!AU. 1,682 words.


School sucks.

Every single day, you have to wake up and go to a prison building to learn about concepts you will never use in your life. Honestly, who needs to know the square root of a tangent function with limits?

But today isn’t going to be about math.

You stand in front of the mirror, silently going over the little speech you are going to say to him. Smoothing out the small crease in your simple, dark, mid-sleeve shirt, you walk over to your closet, picking out a pair of beat-up gray converse. Not even bothering to check if your hair is presentably neat, you slip a navy blue beanie over your head and grab your backpack. Racing down the stairs, you say good bye to your parents and grab a pop-tart before making your way towards the driveway. Your older sister, Taeyeon, is already sitting in the driver’s seat, waiting for you.

Taeyeon is currently in her last year at SM High School, whereas you are a junior (one more year of hell to go after this, whoopee). Taeyeon is always an optimistic one, telling you about the perks of junior year, such as being able to attend the Junior/Senior Prom. She is the perfect girl, which, you admit, you are secretly envious of. With boys practically bowing down to her as she walks down the halls and her thoughtful, amazing personality, she is literally everything you ever hope to be.

Honestly, you don’t really care for the gossiping, mall group dates, or talking on the phone for hours, but for once, you wish that boys would acknowledge you. Okay, cross that out, they do notice you, but not in the way they do with Taeyeon.

The way they think of me is the complete opposite. You’re the one they come to for advice on crushes, the one they choose to be on their sports team during Phys Ed, the one who they go to when they need a shoulder to cry on because, let’s face it, almost every boy won’t admit they have cried to each other.

To put it lightly, you’re just one of the guys.

And, you’re tired of it.

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