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Do you remember that one time in Orlando 2014 when they were sound checking and H had a black shirt on, tucked into his jeans, and then when the actual show came on, H was wearing a different shirt, and Louis was the one wearing the black shirt, and you could tell right away that it WAS H's shirt, because you could still see the indent marking of the belt that H was wearing when he had tucked it in!? That was so wild. I was a baby Larrie then, so that was a big deal for me.


exhibit a: harry in the black shirt early that morning for sound check

exhibit b: louis wearing it later that day (and yes, you can see the indent in it from where harry had it tucked in/the belt buckle)

exhibit c: louis showing us just how loose the shirt is on his frame vs harry’s larger one

and exhibit d: louis being an adorable lil cutie pie (no this has nothing to do with larry he’s just cute as fuck)

exhibit e: boyfriends in florida (LOOK! HOW! BIG! IT! IS! ON! LOUIS!)

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sharing clothes prompt + andreil? good luck on exams!!

It’s not a thing.

It’s just - convenient. Or a natural result of living in each other’s pockets. The point is, there’s no reason for Matt to take one look at Neil when they’re moving back into Fox Tower and laugh.

“What?” Neil asks, though he’s mostly drowned out by Nicky’s explosive, “Thank you!”

Nicky attempts to high-five Matt, but Dan hip-checks him out of the way so hard he staggers. “Ignore them, Neil. You’re fine.”

“That’s usually his line,” Allison says. Her mouth is curled up in a smirk, her gaze coolly evaluating. She has an arm slung over Renee’s shoulders, and Renee herself is wearing a much more earnest smile. “I’m curious though, is it all And-”

She’s interrupted by Coach’s voice booming down the hall from behind them. “What are you idiots all doing in the hallway? We’re not delaying practice just because you’re all too busy yapping to unpack.”

“We’re admiring Neil’s outfit,” Nicky says, and then squeaks a little.

Andrew appears from behind Coach’s broad body, a bag over each shoulder. He looks at them all as coolly as ever before walking straight past into their room where Kevin is presumably already unpacking.

Coach looks Neil over and then snorts. “I don’t care. Get your asses into gear or you’ll be running laps till you puke tomorrow.”

That makes the Foxes scatter. Neil follows Andrew into their suite, closing the door behind him.

It’s only then that he looks down at what he’s wearing. It’s a t-shirt and jeans, both black. The shirt is a part of the Fox uniform, but it’s not like he was the only one wearing one. Renee was wearing her team hoodie, as was Matt. Anyway, he knows his outfits have been a source of contention and amusement for the Foxes in the past, but he’s hardly the only one to have ever worn something considered unusual. Allison has turned up to the Tower in both a ballgown and a giraffe onesie for a start, and that’s without even mentioning Nicky’s clothes.

Andrew is unpacking food out of one of the bags into the kitchenette. Neil says, mostly to himself, “I don’t get it.”

Andrew doesn’t look up as he says, “You’re wearing my shirt.”

“This is my shirt,” Neil replies, grabbing the hem of said shirt and pulling it away from his body to examine it. It’s definitely his shirt. He remembers washing it. It’s particularly soft, and fits him a little loosely in the way he prefers.

“You stole my shirt,” Andrew tells him, “Number 10.”

Everything the Foxes have is branded, from their training gear to the stuff they’re given to wear on campus or for media events. When Neil looks at the breast of his shirt, he notices the number three on it next to the fox print logo.

“Oh,” Neil says. “…do you want it back?”

“No,” Andrew replies.

“…okay?” It comes out like a question even though it isn’t meant to.

This time Andrew looks up, if only to give him a flat look. The effect is lessened a little by the way the look drifts, tracing over Neil’s shoulders.

“Do you like it?” Neil asks, because that kind of aimless watching tends to mean one thing. His tone is dubious, but after a moment of silence on Andrew’s part the feeling of guessing right starts to solidify in his gut. 

It’s not as though he hasn’t got used to the idea that Andrew likes things by now, and not just in terms of the things Neil does to him. It’s things about Neil himself - the shape of his legs, the sounds he makes - and Andrew might not always tell Neil those things outright, but Neil reads him very well. 

But it’s…clothes. Neil just doesn’t really get it. 

While he’s been considering it, Andrew has returned to shoving a bag of corn chips and several bottles of spirits into a cupboard. Then he stands, kicking the cupboard door shut, and walks around the little bench towards Neil.

Neil stays still, even when Andrew gets within arm’s length, even when he curls his fingers into Neil’s - his? Neil’s? - shirt and holds on, even…especially when he pulls Neil down and kisses him.

Maybe it’s kind of thing, then.


Summary: Derek and Stiles + a cabin in Michigan + a lot of snow = Pining

Notes: This post made me want to write a fic that had snowed in, bed sharing, and mutual pining. Though I am by no means claiming that this is a god-tier fic! (On AO3)

“What the hell?” Stiles grumbles, watching the snow fall outside the window. It’s very beautiful, but also very unwanted. “It’s April.”

“Sometimes it snows until May here,” Derek says, and Stiles scowls.

“Well, if this trip is good for anything, it’s for showing me that Michigan is an awful place,” he huffs. “So much for having fun up here. I wanted to see the Mystery Spot!”

“The Mystery Spot is pretty lame,” Derek says, sitting on the couch next to him. “It’s just a crooked building on a hill.”

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non-sexual forms of intimacy ✨

hugging. hand holding. watching tv/movies together. going on dates. sharing drinks. talking. phone calls. skype/facetime calls. sharing personal details. touching noses. deep talks. sharing smiles. laying your head on their shoulder. linking arms. massages. tickling. sharing smiles. playing with hair. tracing designs on backs/arms. handwritten notes. laying your head on their chest to hear their heartbeat. singing/playing instruments together. dancing. sharing food. brushing their hair. feeding each other. drawing/writing on one another. cooking together. reading together. beauty treatments like makeup or face masks or manicures. taking care of them when they’re sick. head-scratches. sleeping next to each other. butterfly kisses. nuzzling. meditating together. sharing stories. bathing together. seeing each other completely comfortable and relaxed. moral support. crying or being emotionally vulnerable with each other. sleepovers. going on trips together. sharing clothes or other personal items. going with them to appointments. making art together. kissing. talking about the future and what you want in life. play games together. respecting boundaries and communicating. complimenting. inside jokes. going out to eat. just accepting and loving that person completely.

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is the clothes sharing tag due for an update? thank u sm

it sure is

It Was About Being You by writingonpostcards (1/1 | 6,961 | PG13)

Derek goes missing and when Stiles finds him, he’s without his memories.
He can’t let Derek out of his sight though. Not now that he’s right there in front of Stiles, within touching distance, for the first time in almost a week. “Derek, please, just let me get you to the loft at least.”
“What do you mean, ‘no’?”
“I’ll walk myself into town.”
“Sure. But you’re going the wrong way.”
Derek furrows his brow and looks along the road. “I suppose… I don’t know which way to go.” His voice is small. “I can’t remember.”

One Up! by FiccinDylan (9/9 | 20,208 | NC17)

When Stiles wakes up in a precarious position one morning at Derek’s house, an offhanded comment from the wolf sets off a titillating tet-a-tet between the two. How far will the boys be willing to go to “one-up” each other?

Like What You See? by cloudyskiesandcurlyfries (1/1 | 1,691 | NR)

Stiles and Derek have to pretend to be together while attending a werewolf conference. Also Derek’s red thumbhole sweater makes an appearance

I Just Want You For My Own (More Than You Could Ever Know) by yodasyoyo (4/4 | 16,062 | PG13)

“What is with that sweater, dude?”

Derek ducks his head to look at it, abashed. “Uh- Mrs Hernandez knitted it for me. It’s an early Christmas gift.” He smooths it down self-consciously.

Stiles cocks an eyebrow.

“What? She’s my neighbor and sometimes I-” Derek trails off. Stiles’ other eyebrow rises to join the first, and Derek sighs. “Sometimes I help her carry her groceries.“

Of course he does. One day maybe Stiles will stop being in love with Derek Hale, but today is not that day.

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hiii!!! i absolutely adore your blog!! xx your writing is amazing and you always develop such beautiful headcannons! ok so like, hc where andrew wears neil's clothes all the time and they're too big for him but he literally doesn't care. the foxes all notice and nicky is the only one to say anything but andrew just stares him out of it and doesn't reply. neil kinda wants his clothes back but he much prefers andrew wearing them! just andreil sharing clothes hc because it's so fucking cute

Thank you!!! So much!!! Honestly the fact that you like my writing means the world to me! I changed this up a bit (only a little bc it was so perfect Ily) but it was such a pleasure to write honestly I’m sorry it’s so short but I think it works.

  • Neil’s clothes are ratty and too-big and they’ve got tons of holes
  • He doesn’t really look in the mirror that often and even if he did he’s that kid who just throws on random shit and goes out without brushing his hair or spending more than two minutes on his appearance
  • So in no way is he paying attention to his appearance at all
    • Aside from the part of him that is constantly nagging him about being recognizable and looking so much like his father and telling him that his scars ruined his face and how could Andrew love him when he looks like that?
    • I promised not to be angsty with this damnit
  • But Allison was that girl who stayed up late perfecting different ways to do her eyeliner okay so she takes this as a personal slight
    • Andrew was the kid who always looked fine as shit and wore a lot of navy blue and he had a scarf phase you can’t deprive me of this
  • So she invites everyone to a bonfire and Neil is calm until he realizes she’s pouring gasoline on his clothes and then it’s too late
    • Nicky thanks her
  • The next day she takes him out shopping and they don’t come back for the majority of the day
  • At first, Neil tries to just wear the clothes he was wearing at the bonfire out of spite, but it mysteriously disappears while he’s in the shower
    • Who would do such a thing??? Certainly not a short blonde criminal justice major! No sir.
  • And that’s when it starts
  • Neil’s new clothes are soft and contain a reasonable array of colors
  • And they also include quite a few new sweats, comfortable yet still stylish
  • Of course, Neil gravitates towards those, but he soon runs out of clean sweatpants
  • There’s literally one left before he has to do the laundry again
  • But that??? Goes missing as well???? And Andrew had put their clothes in the wash apparently so Neil is stuck with really tight-fitting jeans and yoga pants
  • He walks out with the latter clinging to his ass and sees Andrew walking on the hems of his pants
  • He can feel Andrew’s gaze on him
  • Safe to say, no one else sees Neil in the pants or Neil at all for the rest of the day
  • But Andrew actually really liked wearing Neil’s clothes
    • They’re really comfy okay???
  • And Neil finds that he really likes Andrew in his clothes, so it’s a win-win situation
  • And so Andrew ends up wearing one of Neil’s sweatshirts to the foxes’ weekly movie night
  • It would hardly be noticeable really, because as of right now his sweatshirts are just everyone’s generic “I-have-the-name-of-a-state-you’ve-never-been-to-printed-on-me” sweatshirts
  • Except it’s a couple inches too long and a couple colors too bright for Andrew to wear
    • (I know it’s ooc but you will have to pry Neil in pastels from my cold, dead hands okay fight me)
  • Nicky look’s like he’s about to burst into flames he’s so happy his kiddo is growing up and wearing colors but Andrew fixes him with a pointed glare and just rolls up his sleeves to display his armbands
  • So Nicky, in a rare moment of self-preservation, shuts up
  • It’s Allison that says anything really, and it’s to brag about her clothing choices being “boyfriend approved”
  • Andrew flips her off and Nicky is crying this is a beautiful moment
  • I’m crying you’re crying we’re all crying
  • Let these kids be happy

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WinterIron "Why are you wearing my clothes?"

Bucky–who is usually graceful to the point of being ridiculous–turns on his heels so fast he stumbles and flails, a comical expression of wide-eyed panic on his face.

Tony stares. He’s good with words usually but there are just certain situations that can not be properly expressed in the English language.

Bucky seems to have the same problem, if the drawn out “Errr” is anything to go by.

“I thought–I thought Steve was the one with an obsession for shirts three sizes too small,” Tony eventually gets out, trying desperately to keep the amusement out of his voice.

It’s hard though, with a shamefaced Bucky who looks like he’s been caught watching porn by his mother, wearing what looks like one of Tony’s favourite sweatshirts. It’s so tight around his shoulders Tony could swear he can hear the seam groaning in pain.

Or maybe that’s the sound of Bucky’s embarrassment.

“Clint told me it’s typical for people in love to swap clothes!” Bucky blurts out.

This time Tony really can’t not snort. “And what did we all agree on in regards to Clint’s advice?”

“I googled it too and it seemed accurate,” Bucky pouts. Which is adorable. The entire situation is pretty damn adorable, and also a little ridiculous.

“It is,” Tony confirms. “But you’re a lot broader than me, hot stuff, how exactly did you think this would work?”

Bucky shrugs–or tries to. The too-far stretched fabric makes to motion look awkward and uncomfortable, and Tony has to swallow down another giggle.

“Bucky…just…seriously, that can’t be comfortable, you look like you’re being squeezed through a tube.”

If possible Bucky flushes even deeper.

“I can’t,” he admits. “I’m kinda stuck.”

In the end they have to call Natasha to cut Bucky out of the sweatshirt–Tony’s is shaking too hard from laughter to get the job done.

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the first thing I thought after seeing those fox socks was neil wearing them in your vixen!au. i'm obsessed.

i hear you!! but also i raise you:

Andrew’s expression is bored and his tone is flat, but there’s a pointed weight in the finger he presses to the number on Neil’s chest. “That isn’t your jersey.”

Neil pulls down the hem and pretends to examine it. It’s orange and there’s an oversized white ‘3’ on it. It also has ‘AJ MINYARD’ on the back. It hangs a little loose on him, but not enough to show the scar at the base of his throat. “Apparently not.”

He looks up again, smiles. “Everyone is wearing one today. There was almost a brawl over Kevin’s. I drew the short straw.”

That isn’t quite true. Neil hadn’t asked where Katelyn had got them from – he’s not sure he wants to know – and hadn’t protested when she threw this particular one at him and told him to put it on. The lie is worth the look Andrew flicks him.

i like idea that THB (and really the ipre batch in general) just. share clothes. not even in a romantic way, just in a “TAAKO STOP STEALING MY SKIRTS” “YOU STOLE THAT FROM ME FIRST” way or a “merle is that - magnus’ shirt?” “how could you tell?” “it comes down past your knees, merle” way. and just, they all had uniforms obvs but after a hundred years what they own separately just… becomes common property, to the point where lucretia will wander round not even realising she’s wearing lup’s clothes, not her own, or taako will “borrow” magnus’ hoodie because it’s comfy and just, not give it back until it becomes a taako sweater.