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One Match // c.h

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Pairing: Boxer!Y/N x Boyfriend!Calum

Series: Paid to be Popular - The Purpose of Love - Bittersweet Generation

Description: Calum really hates when Y/N gets her usual injuries so he tries to make her stay home from her next boxing match. (this is really cute btw)

The wound stung as Calum pressed the cloth against your broken lip. His tongue was sticking out as his eyes were concentrated and zooming in on your sore bottom lip. The injuries of last night were minimal, so it wasn’t taken care of backstage, but Calum still found it necessary to rinse the already cleaned lip.

The stunning pain wasn’t annoying you. It was almost pleasant at this point. Whenever you had gotten a wound, you knew you fought hard. Calum, on the other hand, didn’t see your boxing career that way.

“You’re not gonna quit, are you?” he said under his breath, his eyes still on your lip. His hand was on your thigh as you were sitting comfortable on the kitchen counter. You widened your eyes at Calum’s sudden question.

“No, not anytime soon.” You answered, looking straightforward. Calum put down the cloth and you pressed your lips together in a small smile as he looked at you with deep, sorrow eyes, clearly not happy about your answer. “Can I kiss you now?” You asked and tried to lean forward, but he avoided you.

“I’m not finished,” he mumbled and pressed the cloth to your lip again, a sigh escaping your lips quietly. You had won the last three matches, making you take the lead in your boxing tournament. Calum wasn’t delighted whenever you told the good news, but he was always there to support you. He stood by the line, watching how you threw perfect punches and avoided the dreadful fists of your opponents. Sometimes you would even catch a glimpse of his smug smile, making you work harder to win the match. He was without a doubt proud, even though he didn’t like the blood and the punches thrown in the ring.

He finally put the cloth to the side, getting comfortable between your legs. You held your chin high as his lips slowly pressed against yours, his hands running painfully slow up your thighs. His lips moved perfectly against yours as you moaned into his mouth, your wound stinging by the kiss, making your boyfriend pull away from it and watch you with furrowed eyebrows.

“Did it hurt?” He snapped and you chuckled at his serious tone.

“No, of course not,” you grinned and put your hands behind his neck. “Kiss me again.”

“Not if it hurts,” he mentioned and walked out of your grip, trying to find some delicious leftovers in the fridge. You rolled your eyes and jumped down the counter. Calum stuck his head outside the fridge with a frown.

“I don’t want salad for dinner again.” He swore, making you snort.

“It’s my diet, Cal.” You said, rolling your eyes while walking past him and into the living room, eager to throw your feet up on the table and turn on the TV. “I can’t just avoid it.”

Calum followed you, still with dark, sorrow eyes as he observed how you sat without a care in the world, watching the screen intensely. The terrible laughter in the background of the sitcom drowned out the rain hitting the window.

“You can’t just avoid it?” Calum murmured, making you look up at him to see him walking towards you and sitting down beside you with an arm around your shoulder.

“What? Avoid what?” You spit out, making Calum play with his fingers, as he dodged your attempt to look him in his beautiful eyes. A tiny blush spilt at his cheeks, making you smirk as he opened his mouth again.

“It all? You can’t just avoid it all?” he scratched his neck and finally found his way to your eyes. You were staring at him, watching how his expression became more and more ashamed.

“I like doing it all.” You replied sharply as Calum exhaled deeply, again disappointed by your answer. He stared down at his long fingers again as you kept teaching him about your work. “It’s my job, I get paid for it and I love it.”

“How can you love getting punched in the face?” he interrupted, taking you by surprise. You cleared your throat and smirked, already knowing your comeback.

“I get to punch people in the face, too.” Calum sighed and leant back on the couch, as you laughed off your own tiny joke before Calum spoke again.

“Can’t you just… like, avoid your next match? Tomorrow?” He responded and looked at you with begging puppy eyes. His muscular body had sunk into the couch and he wasn’t caring about the on-going sitcom in the background. “We’ll stay home, watch movies… you’ll be safe?”

You rolled your eyes, sighing before answering. “I’m safe even though I’m in the ring…”

“You’re safer here,” Calum’s jaw tensed and you couldn’t convince him to let it go. Missing one match wouldn’t hurt since you had won all the others. You sunk down on Calum’s level, making him smirk as you gave him a tiny peck on the lips.

“Fine.” You whispered, only inches away from his lips. His face lit up as soon as you decided to skip your game. He sprung up from the couch, making you flinch, as he looked completely fumbled by your response.

“I didn’t think I’ll win that easily,” he laughed, his eyes crinkling up at you, who was sitting with raised eyebrows as you enjoyed the magical view of your punk-boy. Calum smiled at you before leaning down to you on the couch, hovering over you with perfect his features. “I knew I would win, though.” He murmured before letting his lips crash into yours of happiness.

A/N: I don’t know anything about boxing, but it worked out anyways. I dunno, I think this is cute.


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George Weasley x Reader: Family Matters

AN: Thank you for the patience <3 Here is some George for you tonight, and hopefully I will have more fics out this week

Warnings: There’s a playful NSFW part, but nothing explicit 

Requested by: @resurrectedskeleton

Ice rolled through Y/N’s veins, and it felt like someone was air popping corn kernels in her stomach. She fussed with everything, fluffing her hair and making sure her clothes were pressed precisely. A spot of perfume but not too much, and any blemishes were covered up to make a good impression. Y/N charmed her shoes to dispel any water or mud, thinking she’d just die if she got the carpet in the Weasley household dirty.

Not the best way to be introduced to the parents of Y/N’s boyfriend.

She tried to stay positive, she really did. There was no way that such sweet (albeit mischievous) children could come from hateful people, and George assured her that Mrs. Weasley was already in stitches having heard good things about Y/N from himself. It was high time that they met, Y/N and George had been courting for a good number of months. As her parents had decided to visit foreign relatives during the winter break, the Weasleys invited her to Christmas dinner and other festivities. She was thrilled to receive their enthusiasm, but the butterflies certainly landed in her tummy when she woke up on Christmas Eve morning.

George wasn’t exactly unshakeable either. He knew that his parents would love Y/N, that was stupidly obvious. She was a Hufflepuff ball of sunshine, and anyone who was graced with her presence had their day improved. Y/N had a solid gold heart, and the Weasleys would see that immediately – George knew that he did. However, he was nervous for his own good. The second the baby book full of pictures of George and Fred in the nude appeared, he would be taking Y/N out for a walk. There was the tiniest bit of dread in his stomach, fearing that Y/N wouldn’t want to be with him anymore if she saw the more embarrassing parts of his life.

Swallowing his anxieties, he rapped a knuckle on Y/N’s door.

“Are you in there, love?” George called.

“…No.” Y/N replied, her voice shaking.

George gave a chuckle.

“Come on, we’ve got to leave for the train, sweetheart.” He insisted. “Don’t be nervous, I’m one hundred and ten percent sure that my parents won’t stop fussing over you and will be writing me daily about how much they adored you. It’ll be annoying, I promise!”

“George I’m taking this a lot more seriously than you are!” Y/N shouted back.

“Let me in.” George said.


“If you won’t let me in, I’ll just come in.”

“No George, I’m seri-“

He snatched the door knob, and tugged, walking in to see a topless Y/N, angrily clutching a shirt to her chest. George pulled his eyebrows together, smirking evilly. She did not share his joyous sentiments.

“I told you not to come in.” She snapped.

“But I’m so glad I did.” George said, with a cheeky wink.

Y/N sighed, sitting on her bed, which was littered with different articles of clothing. George rubbed her back, and pulled Y/N into his lap. She curled into his button up shirt, and relished the kisses he placed to her forehead.

“I promise you that if you feel uncomfortable, we will leave. I will not make you stay if you do not want to. It’s your Christmas Eve too.” He whispered, combing through her hair with his fingers.

Y/N uncurled and slipped her shirt on. Nodding and clenching her fist in George’s, she let him lead her out of the room.

The train ride was mild. George got some club soda into Y/N to calm her stomach, and she watched the scenery go by out the window, leaning against him. Snowflakes floated all around the train, and tall trees became coated in white. George’s plush scarf provided good cushioning, and Y/N quickly fell asleep watching the pattern of snow falling.

A pair of soft, warm lips on her cheek woke her gently when the train chugged to a halt. As her y/e/c eyes blinked open, she was welcomed back into consciousness with the view of her auburn-haired prince grinning down at her from above, with a halo of winter sunshine glowing around his head, making his freckles pop like embers from a sizzling fire. It was pure bliss, and she smiled up at him.

“-‘ve got to go. Dad’s waiting outside. Everyone else is already there, love. Can you even hear what I’m saying?” George was explaining.

Oh. Daydream foiled.

However, the fact that she was keeping Mr. Weasley waiting certainly lit a fire under Y/N’s keister, and she clambered out of the seat within seconds. George wrangled the luggage, and soon they were out of the comfy train car, and into the realm of frosted breath and goose bumps. Shielding her eyes from the sun, Y/N looked onto the platform for someone who resembled George, or any of his siblings for that matter.

A very excited man with a receding red hairline stood a few paces down the platform, rocking back and forth on his heels. Y/N swallowed all of her nerves, and followed George down onto the pavement. Mr. Weasley caught sight of them and started forwards at once. Y/N prepared for their first encounter with a warm smile and an outstretched hand, but Mr. Weasley went for a bone crushing hug.

“So nice to meet you, Miss. Y/N!” He said, releasing her. She looked a bit startled, but kept her cool. “Hope that my son has been treating you well. Molly cannot wait to see you, she’s been bustling about all morning – cannot keep still. Too excited.”

“And you know, to see her son who she has missed dearly…” George grumbled, rolling his eyes.

Mr. Weasley gave him a hug and ruffled his hair, then the three traveled off of the platform. Once outside of King’s Cross and muggle scrutiny, Mr. Weasley held out both arms for apparition. Y/N looked uncertain at the notion. George caught her glance.

“Try to hold it in.” He said, tapping her stomach.

“No promises.” She said under her breath, and the familiar whirring sensation stirred her entire body like it was in a cocktail shaker.

Suddenly, they were a few hundred feet from a crooked looking house and a large grassy lawn. There was a raging Quidditch game going on in the field to their left, and up ahead a short and squat, but very friendly, looking woman with busy red hair ran forwards with outstretched arms. George smirked at Y/N and ran a hand through his hair, expecting to be enveloped with hugs and kisses from his adoring mother, but instead found that she had flocked to his girlfriend instead.

“Can’t catch a break today.” He chuckled.

If Mr. Weasley’s hug was tight, then Mrs. Weasley’s hug could be considered pulverizing. Y/N could smell cinnamon and fresh linens, and felt comforted by Mrs. Weasley’s presence. When she pulled back, Mrs. Weasley smiled brightly at her, her crows feet crinkling with joy. Behind her, George mouthed “I told you so”, and followed his father into the house.

“Hello Mrs. Weasley, my name is-“

“Oh Y/N dear, please call me Molly. I’m so pleased to meet the young lady who has been making my son into a respectable man, heaven knows I haven’t been able to.” Mrs. Weasley responded.

“Ma’am I don’t think anyone will ever be able to do that, but I’m making progress.” Y/N chuckled. “Thank you for the invitation and for your hospitality.”

“The pleasure is ours! Don’t be a stranger, supper is nearly ready. Let me show you around.” Mrs. Weasley offered.

As Y/N was led inside, she felt the butterflies settle in her stomach. Everyone dawned a smiling face, and the din within the household was comforting. Taking a seat beside her beloved boyfriend, she felt right at home.

“Welcome to the family, Y/N.” George whispered into her ear.

first time // a matty healy smut

word count: 3,085

this was unbearable. you wanted to just take your clothes off, let him make you feel so good, but something was holding you back.

you were straddling matty as he sat on the edge of your shared bed in a plain white t shirt and black jogger type pants, his somewhat dreaded hair sticking in all directions, including down in front of his soft face, and you couldn’t be more turned on. the dim pink glow of the lamp that lit the room made him look like an absolute angel as you shared this intimate moment with him. it started how it always did, casual kissing that turned to silly yet enticing whispers about what you wanted to do with each other, then heated kissing, clothed bodies pressed against each other, and soft moans, but nothing more. it was just a fun game for the most part, with no sex afterwards. you’d occasionally fooled around with matty, but nothing with true commitment to the act.

although you’d been dating him for almost 11 months, you had never had sex with matty. or anyone, for that matter. it was something you took very seriously, and you knew that was a big part of yourself you wanted to only share with someone very special. matty understood completely of course, because his philosophical mind understood how important your sexuality was to you, so he had put no pressure on you the whole time. he had been more than patient and sweet about it, which you couldn’t be more grateful for, but in this moment, your body was on fire.

you squeezed matty’s shoulders and ran your hands over his shoulder blades as his lips surrounded your bottom one, biting slightly. you let out a quiet sound of content, and you let him move his mouth along your jawline and neck, slowly placing wet kisses as he went. as matty spent time on your neck, kissing more heavily where he knew you liked it, you let your head fall back slightly, hair hanging onto matty’s hands which were gripping your back. your breath felt more labored, and you frantically searched for his own hair to hold on to. your mind raced; you knew in this moment what you wanted, but would you later regret taking the next step?

“matty,” you whimpered. he responded with nothing but a quiet moan, thinking that you weren’t actually trying to talk to him. “matty,” you repeated more forcefully.
“mm, what is it?” he asked, sighing contently as if he hadn’t breathed in minutes. he looked up at you, his mouth slightly agape and eyes half shut from the passion of the moment.
“i-i think i’m ready.” you said it with confidence, looking him straight into the eyes, which widened a little at your words.
“you want us to have sex? are you sure?” matty questioned, with the intonation of care and love, not doubt. “i mean, i’m certainly down for it but not if you aren’t.”
“i am. i’ve never wanted anyone more, not just their body but like, their whole being. i want you like that, matty,” you confessed, surprised at how poetic you sounded.
he searched your eyes for a moment more before his face softened. you knew he had had sex before, which worried you a little, because what if you were no good?
“i want you like that as well, love,” he said gently as he tucked your hair behind your ear. “if you change your mind, let me know, please,” he pleaded.

before you had time to respond, matty returned his lips to yours, this time holding your face in hands. after a few moments, you had gained more confidence, so you started faintly moving your hips on his. the new movement made matty’s breath move faster, and you smiled to yourself. he nudged your hips, signaling for you to get off his lap, therefore breaking the kiss. as you moved up the bed and he crawled above you, the row of you exchanged quick pecks, earning a small giggle from matty which only made you giggle back. this was a moment you knew you wouldn’t forget, because you were just so in love with each other.

matty held his body above yours and your hands rested on his back, and you looked into each other’s eyes before he leaned down and started kissing your collarbones. you closed your eyes to cherish the feeling of comfortable silence, as well as marty’s soft lips placing rough kisses on your chest. but that wasn’t enough, so you lightly pushed yourself up, and matty immediately understood what was next. he pulled his shirt off, and you admired the tattoos on his lean torso that you’d never get tired of. you ran your hands lightly over his chest down to the low waist line of his joggers, the soft skin and dark hair leading to the place you wanted to get to. matty’s face revealed the love he had for you in the moment, as he looked at you like you were fragile and needed to be kept safe.

as you started to pull your shirt off, matty said, “no, let me.” he lifted it over your head slowly, leaving you in leggings and a cute bra, which you were thankful you chose to wear now. he motioned for you to lift your hips off the bed, and he pulled your leggings off of your legs.
“god, you have the prettiest legs. i love your legs,” he muttered to himself, not trying to butter you up, but because he genuinely did love them.
“i haven’t shaved them in like, a week,” you remembered, and blushed slightly, hoping it wasn’t visible in the dim light.
“that’s alright, i haven’t shaved mine in 27 years,” matty divulged with a smile.
it was now your turn, so you untied the joggers and pulled them off quickly and with ease, leaving matty in his boxers. you could see his boner quite easily, and you could feel your stomach drop. it’s not like you hadn’t seen his dick before, but tonight was different, and you were filled with anticipation.

matty pushed you back down on the bed gently, and now your hot skin was flush against his; you loved it. you kissed him with more intensity and movement, and you let out groans and pants as you reached your head up to meet his. matty’s hands held on to your hips firmly, and his legs were between yours. you wrapped your bare legs around his waist, pressing your wet panties to his boxers, and you knew the remaining clothing couldn’t last much longer. you were right, because after mere seconds of the position, matty asked if you were ready to take the rest of it off. you nodded, and timidly whispered, “please be naked,” earning a laugh out from him and a joking hit on your arm, which only caused you to giggle at your own cheesy joke. but it was over as quickly as it started, and next thing you knew, matty was unclipping your bra and pressing his hands to your boobs. the contrast in temperature made you shiver as he played with your nipples between his fingers. he held your breasts in his hands and firmly massaged them, and you gasped with surprising pleasure. this was something he’d never done before, and you’d never realized how good it would feel in the heat of the moment. you let your eyes flutter shut until he hooked his fingers onto your panties and looked at you to get your approval. you nodded your head cautiously, and he slid your panties down your thighs. matty let out a quiet sound, almost in amazement. it had been a while since he had seen your uncovered pussy, so you knew he was just as anxious as you to get this going. you hadn’t done anything with him except giving him handjobs and head, and he occasionally fingered you, but most middle schoolers had done that, to be honest. you were ready for something real.

matty slid his still somewhat clothed body down the bed on his stomach so his head was between your thighs. you were so nervous something wouldn’t be right, and he could tell. your legs were shaking slightly at the thought of every little imperfection. would he notice the weird bumps on your legs? what about the fact that you weren’t perfectly shaved? would you taste bad? the doubts ran through your head, but before you could voice them, matty nudged your legs apart a little more. his eyes shot up to yours as he placed his hands on the tops of your thighs.
“babe, relax, it’s alright. it’s just me, you know me and i know you. nothing will freak me out now.”
you blinked down at him and laid your head back down on the pillow below you.
“i know, i know, i just… i trust you. i’m just so not confident in my body sometimes,” you confessed. “plus, i’ve never done this before.”
“listen, if you want me to stop i will, but i don’t want fear to hold you back from something i want to give you. let yourself relax, i promise, i love you and nothing that happens tonight can change that. this is about you, making you feel good since you’ve never had something like this with someone, and i want it to be life changing,” matty said in a calm voice. you nodded and closed your eyes, taking a deep breath and relaxing into the bed.

with that, you felt matty’s fingers spread your folds carefully, and his breath hit your thighs as he leaned in to kiss them. he moved his mouth closer to your wet center until you felt the shock of his tongue lick a wide stripe up it. you took a quiet gasp and moved your hands to the pillow by your head, gripping it. matty moved his mouth to your clit, his lips wrapping around it and sucking, sending pleasure through your body that you’d never had before. it was so intense and sudden, and you wanted more. matty moved his tongue around your clit, then back down to your pussy, using his tongue more forcefully and intensionally. hot wetness of his mouth against your sensitive parts gave you a sensation you’d never imagined before, and all you could think to do was squirm. it was like the feeling was too good, and you couldn’t sit still. as matty continued to swap back and forth between your clit and pussy, he held your hips down to keep you still. you could feel his smile as he let out a small chuckle at how squirmy you were, and the feeling of his hands pressing you down was so hot. after a minute, he switched to making figure 8s with his tongue on your clit, and after a minute or two of this agonizingly amazing feeling, your heavy breathing and the wet sound of matty’s mouth were the only sounds in the room.

you could feel an orgasm approaching, even though you’d only had a few orgasms in your life. you knew matty might stop right before you came, and you didn’t want that, so your hands latched on to his hair tightly, earning a moan from matty. you spoke a coherent sentence for the first time in minutes.
“oh god, matty, please- please don’t stop keep going, shit,” you moaned in a raspy and somewhat frustrated voice. you just needed to cum so badly, but you were at his mercy. thankfully, he only picked up the pace, and seconds later your back was arching as you lifted your torso off the bed and squeezed your eyes shut, the only words falling off your lips were his name and curse words, the exploding feeling that started at your pussy pulsing all through your body, making your toes curl. after the heavenly moment passed, matty finally took his mouth away from your center and lifted his up to look at you, laying wrecked on the bed above him. your face glowed with faint sweat, your hair a mess, and your eyes closed as your chest heaved.
“did you really think i would edge you the first time you get eaten out?” he asked, in a soft teasing voice. he placed one more kiss on your center before trailing them up to your belly button, between your breasts, then to your neck and finally back to your mouth. you lazily gave him a simple kiss, and he admired you while you recovered.

when you had caught your breath, you leaned up and put your hands on his boxers. you felt matty’s now fully hard dick through the thin material, and he looked down at your hand for a moment, enjoying the feeling, before he moved your hands to the waistband of his underwear. you got the idea, and you pulled them down his hips. his dick sprang free, and you licked your lips at the sight. before you could put your mouth on him, matty held your chin and tilted it up at him.
“no, (y/n), tonight is about your pleasure,” he said in a raspy voice. he repositioned himself above you, and you rested your hands on his rib age. no words were exchanged as matty got in a position to enter you, but he looked up at you, his face softened, and he held your cheek before looking back down to slowly enter you.

the feeling was slow building, and a slight pain at first, even though you were so wet. matty slowly pushed himself all the way inside you while your breathing was strained in anticipation and he held his until his hips were flush against yours. he held still for a moment. everything felt so right in the world.
“all good, yea?” matty muttered almost incoherently, looking into your eyes with a tight look on his face. you knew it was taking all of him to make this a gentle moment, and not just start thrusting into you roughly. you nodded and smiled, giving him the go ahead to move. matty slowly pulled his hips back, then forward again, and your eyes shut at the feeling. god, it was so good. you felt filled, and with the one you loved most.

matty continued the slow movement a few times as you placed your hand on the back of his neck and he bit his lip, quiet curses falling from them occasionally.
“matty, please,” you whined once you were ready to step it up. that’s all it took, and he slowly built up the pace. his hands were by your head, and after he realized you didn’t look completely comfortable, he grabbed the pillows from behind your head and threw them to the floor. you reached up to kiss him again, and he pressed his chest down on yours to feel as close to you as possible. his hands moved to your right boob to massage it while he thrusted inside of you, and your kiss was cut off by your loud moan when he hit just the right spot with his dick.
“oh fuck matty,” you exclaimed. if he kept it up, you would cum within minutes. matty chuckled cheekily as he moved his mouth to your neck again and picked up the pace even more, if possible. you tightened your legs’ grip on his waist as you wrapped your arms around his back, scratching it out of desperation. matty was moaning quite regularly at this point, and just that sound almost sent you over the edge for the second time of the night.
“baby, ugh you feel so good, shit,” matty growled in a voice you’d never heard before, and you loved it.

everything was overwhelmingly good, but something was missing. almost as if matty had read your thoughts, he moved his hand between your bodies to rib your clit with his fingers in clumsy figure 8s. your body shook at the fast approaching orgasm, thankful that he had made this move. you could tell matty was close as well, for his movements got sloppier and more frantic. every breath he took was labored and audible in your ear, desperate moans within every single one. then, after his dick had brushed your g spot one last time, your body convulsed and curled up as much as possible, this second orgasm better than the first. your mind went blank as you breathily moaned matty’s name. only seconds later, matty pulled out and leaned up on his knees in between your legs. you got to properly look at him as his face was distorted with pleasure and he jerked himself off a few times. his hair was stuck to his face, his neck was slightly dewy, and his chest was just barely shaking as he took heavy breath. he threw his head back and let out a strangled moan, louder than any he already had, followed by smaller gasps as his hot cum shot onto your lower stomach. he jerked himself off a few more times to ride out his orgasm, and you watched him in hazy awe, in his most vulnerable state.

as matty was recovering, biting his lip and lazy jerking off, he looked back to you and smiled tiredly.
“ah, fuck, i made it about myself just then,” he laughed as he pushed his body back up to kiss you all over your face, but you shook your head.
“no no, that was so sexy,” you assure him. matty ran to the bathroom to wet a towel and wash the cum off of your stomach, and when he returned he gently wiped it off with the most care and attention. you pulled the bed sheet over your body as he threw himself onto the bed beside you, and you grabbed his arm to hold. after a moment of silence, you rolled over on top of him, chest to chest, and he gave you a content smile as you looked down at him.
“thank you so much, that was so, so amazing. i love you so fucking much,” you cooed as you leaned down to passionately kiss him. you then laid your head on his chest, naked bodies completely intertwined, and he played with your hair absent mindedly while you talked about anything and everything, before falling asleep in each other’s arms.

So I wrote a part two to this story, I hope it’s okay. I’m tired, so this is barely beta’d.

Thank you to all of the nice comments I’ve been seeing!! You’re all very nice!

Lance fights the idea of the healing pod. They don’t know much about how the pods affect humans over prolonged uses, so the idea of using them too often is discouraged. Not for colds and small illnesses–no, they’ve got tweaked and changed medications for those with them in the medical bay–but for broken bones or heavy wounds. An infected wound, Shiro’s already clarified with Coran, can be treated in the pods, and it definitely fits the criteria, but Lance turns it down.

“It may be better to wait until he can hold something down,” Coran suggests softly.

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**credit to original owner of gif  ヽ(^◇^*)/

Pairing: Jimin x reader
Word count: 1.6k
Warning: smut ⚠️
a/n: okay so… I still don’t know that much about Jimin but… He definitely is a) a bias wrecker and b) a great sub. I’m just gonna go like, pray for forgiveness :)

“You’re not going to last,” you mumble. Jimin doesn’t reply, only staring at you with a dark look in his eyes. You trace your finger across his lips, smiling sweetly at Jimin as he tries to remain as still as possible.

You were straddled across his lap on the bed, his back pressed against the headboard with your two legs either side of him. You were dangerously close to him, and he was dangerously close to flipping you over on the spot and taking you right there.

“Come on, baby,” you coo, pressing down onto him harder and feeling his clothes length pressing against your thigh that was against him. “Don’t you want to touch me?”

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First Time | | John Swift {Jswazz}

*Have some Swazz smut cause Im trash.* 

I giggled softly and Swazz soon crawled back into the bed with me and gently brushed away a strand of hair away from my face. He leaned down and kissed me softly as his hands made their way to my light blue jeggings. He looked at me for confirmation and I gave him a small nod to let him know it’s okay. He pulled them down and as he did so, he left small little kisses on my legs. He got them down to my ankles and I shook my feet getting them off.

I now had nothing on except for the matching set of my black lace bra and panties.

John’s eyes carefully roamed down my exposed body and I looked down to see his bulge was very prominent out of his tight black jeans.

I soon heard the click of him unbuckling the belt on his pants and in the split second, they were thrown onto the ground along with the rest of our clothes.

He pressed his body against mine, and we molded perfectly together. I gripped his face in my hands as he kissed me fiercely and passionately. My legs were wrapped around his waist once more, and I could feel the bulge in his briefs rubbing into my core making me moan.

“God, your moans are so sexy,” he groaned into the crook of my neck. I soon felt John’s large hands make their way to the cups of my bra, massaging my breasts over the lacy fabric.

“God,” I moaned.

His fingers soon wander to my sides and I arched my back upwards as I soon realized he was moving to unclasp my bra. He slowly and gently pulled it from my body, my breasts being completely and fully exposed to him.

His lips went down and wrapped around one of my breasts. My eyes fluttered shut as he began sucking gently. He soon began to flick his tongue over my harden nipple and my mouth parted. He replayed this action to my other breast and as he slowly brought his mouth away, he made a popping noise while doing so.

I could feel myself getting wet and I really couldn’t wait anymore. I knew it was bound to hurt, but I just needed him.

And I needed him now.

I wasted no time bringing my hands to the waistband of his briefs and I gently rolled him over so that I was now on top.

“Look at you,” John teased. I smiled a little and slowly began to drag the underwear off his legs. His erection sprung up, whacking his stomach. My eyes widened as I saw the size of him. I mean, I figured he would be big - but not… This big.

I let out a small breath of air and my eyes flickered to Swazz who propped himself up with his elbows, watching me intently for my next move.

I had absolutely no idea to perform oral sex, and I was kind of nervous. What if I’m terrible? What if he makes me stop because I’m that bad?

“What’s wrong?” He asked concern filling his tone.

I sighed. “What if I’m…Bad?” I could feel my cheeks flush at this conversation but he just chuckled.

“You won’t be bad, babygirl. Just do whatever feels right,” he says. I swallowed and nodded. I looked down at his length once more, before I hesitantly wrapped my hand around the throbbing erection. I slowly began to pump my hand and I looked up to see John’s eyes shut tight, his mouth slightly parted.

I stopped pumping and slowly brought my lips down and engulfed his length into my mouth. It was an odd, unusual taste, but I continued to take him into my mouth. I soon heard him let out a sharp breath and I stopped, looking at him with worry.

“Fuck, no. Keep going,” he breathed. I obeyed and put him back into my mouth. I slowly began bobbing my head up and down and I didn’t really know what to do with my hands, so I kept them at my sides.

“Whatever you can’t fit, use your hand,” John struggled to get out. I continued to bob my head up and down and I grasped whatever wasn’t going into my mouth and pumped.

I let my tongue swirl around his tip for a moment, and I felt satisfied as I heard him let out a loud, raspy groan. I began my previous actions again.

I hallowed my cheeks in and out as I bobbed my head. I quickly looked at Swazz through my lashes and as soon as I did, he groaned.

“Fuck, do that again,” he groaned. “Look at me.”

I brought my eyes up again and looked at him which caused his lips to part and he threw his head back.

“Fuck!” He groaned rather loudly.

I continued doing my actions faster, and I felt John’s hand wrap around my hair, forcing me down his length. I slowly moved my hand away and with ease, and I took all of his length into my throat. I heard him gasp loudly and I felt him subconsciously thrust into my mouth, but I didn’t stagger away. I slowly moved my head back up for air, and Swazz looked at me with awe.

“How the hell did you do that?” He panted.

“Do what?”

He chuckled in disbelief. “You just took 9 inches down your throat without gagging!”

I blushed at his words and shrugged. “I dunno…I just don’t have a gag reflex.”

Swazz eyes widened as soon as those words left my mouth, but he didn’t say anymore as I took him to my mouth again. I pumped the lower half with my hand, my wrist jerking around.

I did this action really fast and as I pulled away, the trail of my saliva trailed down my chin. Swazz soon flipped us back over so he was on top again. He quickly glided my panties off in one swift motion, leaving us both there naked. He went into the crook of both my knees and pried them open. I felt a tad embarrassed at the fact that I was so exposed to him right now, but those thoughts quickly washed away as I felt his warm tongue lick a long, hot stripe up my core. I gasped loudly, which gradually turned into a moan.

“Shit,” I cursed as he flicked his tongue up and down numerous times. He hooked his strong arms on either side of my legs, but he let one go and pushed me back down as I tried to arch my back up.

“Stay still,” he growled, making my heart race at his demanding tone.

I tried my best not to wriggle around, but it was hard due to the amount of pleasure I was feeling. I moaned John’s name quite loudly, and he hummed onto my core, making me go over the edge.

I gasped loudly. “Shit, shit, shit, Swazz!” I could feel myself about to come undone, until suddenly he stopped. I panted loudly as he pulled away.

“Why?” I managed to get out. He smirked a little.

“Not yet, baby,” he murmured. He reached over my body and opened up one of the drawers, grabbing out a small, silver package.

I slowly made my way under the covers as John ripped the package open with his teeth, sputtering out the tip that had came off from it. He pulled out the condom and I gulped slightly as he rolled it down his shaft. He stroked himself a few times, before getting under the covers with me, hovering in between my legs.

“Are you sure?” He asked softly.

I bit my lip and didn’t hesitate to say, “Absolutely.”

He gently pressed a kiss to my forehead, and lined himself up with my entrance.

“Tell me if it hurts too much and I’ll stop,” he assured me. I nodded and soon enough, I felt him slowly and gradually entering into me.

I held back a hiss as Swazz put half of his length into me.

“You okay?” He asked. I nodded, but didn’t open my eyes.

Their was a sharp pain inside of me and it was almost unbearable. I felt a few tears prick my eyes, but I rolled them away. I had to bite my tongue to keep me from crying out in pain.

This was probably one of the most excruciating pains I’ve ever felt in my life, but I didn’t want to tell John to stop, because I really did want this. I wanted us to be closer in our relationship. Swazz began to slowly move his hips, his length going deeper, and deeper inside of me. With every thrust he made, the pain slowly decreased and got overcame by…


I began to let out soft moans and as soon as Swazz saw I was no longer in pain, he picked up his pace. His hands were on each side of my face, but he slowly went to support his body weight with his elbows and trap my face in-between his arms. My nails dug in with his back, surely to leave marks.

He continued to thrust into me with a nice easy pace, but my body wanted more.

“Faster,” I moaned quietly. He seemed completely taken off guard with my request, but obeyed nonetheless.

He thrust into me even quicker and at this point I couldn’t hold back my moans. I felt John kiss me rather roughly. My eyes were still shut tight, due to the overcoming pleasure weaving through my body. His lips detached from mine and I could hear grunts and pants leave his lips.

“Open your eyes for me baby,” he grunted. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t bring myself to open my eyes. I’m pretty sure they’ve rolled to the back of my head.

“Look at me, Y/N,” he growled. “Let me see those pretty eyes.”

It took all my strength to open my eyes to see John’s brown ones staring right at me. My moans soon turn into small little squeaks as he pounded even deeper into me.

“More,” I panted.

He soon gripped the headboard and thrust even faster into me. My black sparkly toes curled in pleasure and John’s name left my lips numerous times.

After about ten more minutes, I could feel the warmness build through the pit of my stomach. The pleasure increased even more, and I bit down on Swazz’s shoulder, to keep me from screaming.

“I’m so fucking close,” he groaned. I don’t understand how he could’ve said that, when I could barley form words at the moment.

My legs began shaking and I knew I was close to the brink of coming undone.

“John!” I cried.

“Cum for me, Y/N. Be a good girl and cum,” he cooed into my ear.

Those ten words were all I needed to have myself completely release over him. John also reached his high and both our names left each others mouths, screaming in ecstasy.

He thrusted a couple more times, before both of our breathings died down and Swazz brushed away a sweaty piece of hair from my face.

Jonn soon began pulling himself out from me and collapsed right next to me. We were both breathing heavily and I soon felt John’s large arm, wrap around my waist, pulling me closer to his chest. He kissed my shoulder blade and my eyes fluttered shut in content.

“Perfect,” he mumbled into my skin.

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people who wear eyeshadow everyday freak me out like how are you so in control of your life most days I can’t even find clean pants

Lydia’s ‘Good Girl’

Requested By Anon

Lydia x Fem!Reader

Warnings: smut, oral, dirty talk  

Lydia smiled when you finally arrived for your study session. The amount of studying had decreased over the term and now you got maybe ten minutes of studying done. She’d already laid everything out so as to make the most of the limited time she had to study with you.


“You ok?” Lydia hummed when you sat down, noting your baggy clothes and knowing without asking that you were feeling insecure.


“Fine.” You mumbled.


“Ok.” She hummed and waited for you to settle in.


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Imagine Remus coming to see you all beat up and convincing him to let you comfort him.

You were already in your night gown, laying across your bed while you read the chapter assigned to you by your Astronomy professor. You had gotten to your dorm early, wanting quiet before your roommates came back from dinner so when you heard a knock at the door you were slightly surprised. They were half an hour earlier than you expected them to be, but then again maybe it wasn’t them. Why would they knock?

You stood up and shut the curtains of your bunk to hide your mess before going to the door, opening it just slightly. “Remus,” You breathed, your eyes widened when you saw the long scratch marks across his face. “What… Who did this to you?” 

He sighed quietly and looked down at you, a small cloth pressed against his temple to soak up whatever blood was still coming out of the deep slash there. “Can I come in?”

“Of course,” You nodded, swinging the door open and not minding what you or your room looked like. “Go ahead and sit down, Remus. Anywhere you’d like.” You walked back to your bed and parted the curtains, quickly sweeping your school things out of the way for him. “What happened?” You whispered. 

You could almost feel the grimace Remus gave at that question. “I’d rather not talk about it.” Well, that was bullshit. He comes to your door all beat up and bruised and you don’t talk about it? You almost opened your mouth to say that, but caught yourself before you did. 

“Alright. You just… Sit with me alright? I’m pretty good at healing bruises and I’ve never botched a simple stitch up spell. You’ll be looking just as handsome as ever in a few moments.” You smile and pressed a gentle kiss to his unmarred cheek before picking up your wand off of your bedside table.