clothes pattern

flower cloak.

Final demo!  This one is the sleeveless version of the dress that can be worn over or under a blouse, pinafore-style paired with a bell-sleeved jacket with a mandarin collar.  Also a different underskirt from previous versions: more A line so the line of the dress is smoother (both underskirts will be included, too)

Pattern will be available this Friday :)  Earlier for subscribers.  And remember, you can win these dresses in the monthly giveaway, too!

I’ve been preparing for a Ye Olde SCA campout this weekend.

My technique in sewing medieval clothes without a paper pattern is a little involved, but I like being able to make a garment and have it fit perfectly the first time I put it on, without having to do a fitting even one time.

How do I do this? Two programs - MakeHuman and Marvelous Designer

- I made a perfect 3D model of myself in MakeHuman by using my measurements and height, following this tutorial

- I imported the creepily perfect 3D model of myself into Marvelous Designer.

- I took medieval patterns from the internet, traced them, and resized them to fit the perfect 3D model of me. Like this t-tunic.

or more complicated clothes:

- Cut out the fabric using the same dimensions, adding a seam allowance

- sew it together (correctly the first time, not wasting fabric)

The first time I made a t-tunic, it went over my head and fit perfectly. I made a t-tunic for my brother using this technique, and he didn’t have to be involved in the process at all except for putting it over his head and it fitting perfectly. 

The hard part would be cutting out the fabric for more complicated clothes, but with ancient/custom clothing like this, you’d have to find a way to do that anyway. With this program, you know at least that it’s going to fit your beautiful body, and there’s less chance of wasting expensive linen..

I was actually using this technique to make custom 3D clothing to fit a Skyrim character (a much more difficult and painstaking process), but then realized that the skillset of making 3D model clothes could be applied to real life. And now all I want to do is invent my own weirdly perfect wizard fashion clothes, or even just make custom normal clothes that fit me weirdly perfectly.


How to use Draping Tape by BritxBrat2Fashion



Submitted by: @spaaceegaayy I drew some joons

1) can I get a heck yeah for foldable canes

2) I’m sorry if the left one looks too messy I just figured it looked better with parts of the sketch left

3) I have figured out that drawing pinstripes in sharpie is the bane of my existence