clothes i can't afford

The signs as things my classmates have said #6
  • Aries: but if you're taken on the bed by the taste of lemon
  • Taurus: I sell my body for flour
  • Gemini: I know that potatoes have skins, alright
  • Cancer: There was alcohol everywhere and the wall.. was on the floor! the wall was on the floor!
  • Libra: 4 and a half long
  • Leo: Search "surfer attacked by shark"! Lots. Search "skater attacked by shark". Nothing!
  • Virgo: We want more hungry, we want bread!
  • Scorpio: You're not supposed to come in and proclaim that no-one wants to see your penis!
  • Sagittarius: *playing Ludvig the 16th* I am Napoleon!
  • Capricorn: *playing a poor baker* The state,that is me
  • Aquarius: Maybe I can buy flour with my penis...
  • Pisces: This seasalt and the clothes I'm wearing is all I own, I can't afford cake and you're treating me like shit! I'm breaking up with you!

RAP MONSTER: I think I’m concerned with brands. Even if I get critized from everyone. Especially from Suga, I hear a lot from him. He would say “you (always) wear those expensive clothes”, but when he receives Givenchy or Chanel clothes as presents, he wears it everyday (laughs). As expected, there is a reason why expensive clothes are expensive. Shall I say it’s because of the material or the tailoring. The difference between branded clothes and non-branded clothes is as far apart as earth and the heaven.

V: It seems that you have your own philosophy. As expected from the leader! So cool!

RAP MONSTER: Because I spent most of my income on clothes.

V: I wanted to do that too but my mom stopped me. I’m saving right now. Humph.


On today's episode of "My Dad Is a Fucking Whiny-Ass Baby":
  • Dad: Oh don't be silly. Women don't excel at academics. Men are much wiser than women.
  • Dad: Same goes for sports. Women suck at sports. That's why they have leagues for women along with the REAL leagues.
  • Dad: I think America having a health-care plan in which people have to pay for every treatment by themselves or have an insurance is great and we should do that in Finland as well.
  • Dad: I think that rich people are oppressing us worker folk way too much. Screw the rich academic folk, they suck ass.
  • Dad: If you don't have any money, then boo-fucking-hoo. You don't deserve any help if you're poor and unemployed no matter what the reason is. Tbh I think the only reason people are unemployed is because they're lazy little shit leeches.
  • Dad: It's your own fault if you're poor.
  • Dad: We're so poor oh shit
  • Dad: What do you mean you need new clothes those holes in your clothes just help you cool down and besides I can't afford to buy you new clothes right now.
  • Dad: Hey, look at this totally useless shit I bought that costed a ton and we're never going to use.
  • Dad: Why am I so poor you should get a job and buy me cigars with your money

anonymous asked:

Hey! I just heard about all of the stuff going on and I'm a trans woman who donated to Alex at one point. I also had the thing happen where she low key tried to manipulate me into sending hundreds of dollars. She was quite snappy with me as well when I told her I'd rather donate some clothes. She asked why and I was like ???? Because I can't afford money? And she literally said "I'm sorry but why is that my problem?" And I have screen shots somewhere if I can find them I can submit later.

Please. That would be very helpful.

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I adore the way you look and all your clothes and i see my boyfriend liking/reblogging you're pictures and it makes me feel bad because I can't afford nice clothes that I want, the struggle aha

Thanks, but I hardly spend any money on clothing at all! I shop via clearance, thrift stores, or eBay; I rarely spend over $20 on anything!!

  • Me on an ordinary day: I don't mind dress codes in CONCEPT so long as they aren't used in PRACTICE as a means to promote respectability politics or police the bodies of women and girls. If the message is just "dress appropriately" and not "dress modestly" or "dress appropriately OR ELSE" I get why a dress code would be helpful.
  • Me in literally any situation where I'm required to tuck in my shirt: What kind of bourgeois nonsense is this?! I can't afford these clothes. Do you have a PROBLEM with the way I present myself? I don't remember ASKING you to get married??

mentalcomics  asked:

Hey, I'm nb and run a blog called customtransclothes with the purpose of making nice clothes for trans people who can't afford them. I only charge for shipping (and maybe a zipper or a couple buttons if I need them) but I'm accepting donations from anyone to cover those costs. If you could check it out and signal boost that would be great.


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Is it weird that I go to expensive sites, like for cars and clothes, and pick out what I like even though I can't afford any of it? I mean it's kind of depressing but at the same time it keeps me motivated whenever I'm doing homework and just like "forget this crap."

omg haha I do that too! I go on net-a-porter, niemans, saks, bergdorfs look at multi million dollar houses, boats, cars etc. On the retail websites I add everything to my cart and then the total adds up to like $250,000 and I’m like soon…. soon I can check out 250k worth of shoes, bags, makeup, clothes lmaoo don’t worry bb your not alone<3

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I really need some help finding stores I can shop for spring summer clothes at!! I wear a 18/20 usually and I have the hardest time finding cheap, cute clothes. I usually can't afford to spend more than $20 on a shirt!! every place that carries plus size only makes things that grandmas would wear and im just looking for some cute young people clothes lol. forever21+ would be great if they had a bigger selection

I totally hear you. $20+ for a shirt (a lot of the time just basis ass t shirts) pains me too. I would recommend forever21, wetseal, h&m, newlook. check out asos, simplybe, and modcloth’s clearance sections. torrid is going to be doing haute cash next month so basically half off everything.