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Crossover Idea # 5

Batman & Harry Potter

The first and last trip the Dursley took to North America was a very successful trip in their eyes. In America on a random bus they left the thing that shamed them the most; a freaky five year old curled up on one of the dirty bus seats sleeping. The little five year old with only his cheap suitcase has to getting off the bus when he becomes extremely hungry and ends up in Gotham in the middle of the night. That’s how Jason Todd finds the kid in poor clothes (that were way to big) wondering Gotham’s street. And every time Red Hood leaves the kid at the orphanage the kid randomly pops up in one of Hood’s safe houses the next day. So Jason Todd (The Red Hood) because the guardian to a very mysterious little five year old . And ends up dragging Tim into the new family dynamics because Jason sure in the hell didn’t know what to do when the kid starts to make objects float and change its colors. And there was no way in hell he was going to ask B or Dickie bird for help. And that’s how Harry Potter ends up with two dads and a huge extended family.

Helping Hand

Prompt Credit: Here from phanfic

Description: dan leaves a camera in phils room to record a prank, but the prank doesn’t work. instead, he ends up videoing phil getting naked/jerking off. dan watches the footage back later and ends up jerking off to it. maybe phil walks in on him doing that??

Tags: Masturbation; Handjobs; Prompt

Words: 3225

‘"Holy shit.“ Dan breathes, going forward a little and playing the video, pausing instantly after stumbling on another crude screenshot involving Phil, this time standing beside the bed with his arm propping his body up on his dresser. Fingers grazing his dick and mouth open in sucked breaths.

Should Dan really be watching this? After all it is super embarrassing to Phil if he ever found out. But Phil doesn’t have to find out. Dan’s inner battle is won over by the heat shooting straight to his dick and the need for touch growing over his remaining thoughts like ivy.’

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[trigger warning: transmisogyny, slurs, abusive relationships, rape, child abuse]

i’ve seen a lot of articles that talk about the short lifespans of trans women lately.

most of them explain this with words like “poverty”, “racism”, “transmisogyny”, “comorbid mental illness”, and so on. they use statistics and cite research by experts. 

these sources are certainly valid, but to me, they feel so impersonal and abstract– because this happens to me every day.

let me explain this for you.

transmisogyny is going to the store, to work, to the doctor, to the movies, to the mall, and to restaurants as someone you are not. 

transmisogyny is having to do this every single day because you are exhausted and cannot explain who you are to every stranger you meet, because you cannot risk the violence and ridicule they might throw your way if they react poorly.

transmisogyny is watching those who are supposed to support you laugh so hard that they cry when you try on gender-affirming clothes in front of them.

transmisogyny is your mother misgendering you, over and over and over again, even when you are in tears. it’s her saying that she can call you whatever you want, because you are her child and she owns you.

transmisogyny is meeting someone on OKCupid or Tinder, having amazing conversation for two weeks, then that other person dropping you the instant you tell them you are trans.

transmisogyny is going on dates with a lesbian, falling half in love with her, crying with each other, sharing your deepest secrets with each other, planning future dates, and then having them suddenly dump you with little explanation, only to see them post something transphobic on their facebook weeks later.

transmisogyny is her blocking and ignoring you the second you express being hurt. it’s not ever knowing for sure what went wrong. it’s feeling like you were used for a fuck or two, like a sick experiment, then thrown away when they grew bored with you.

transmisogyny is getting out of a two year, soul-crushing relationship and realizing that all those times she was especially turned on and practically forced you to have sex? you were wearing a dress instead of your “boy” clothes. it’s realizing that she said your name during sex like you were a concept, like you were something else.

transmisogyny is sticking with jeans and a t-shirt for years after you come out because you don’t want to face the doubled street harassment of being an Asian woman.

transmisogyny is random Facebook and OKCupid messages from men who say they want to marry you, who ask you how big your dick is, or if you wanna meet them.

transmisogyny is you, on sale, as a Halloween costume.

transmisogyny is seeking counseling and help at a church and being told, “sorry, we don’t take people like you”.

transmisogyny is hearing a trans man talk about “transphobia” as he cites incidents of violence against trans women as proof that his life is dangerous.

transmisogyny is wanting to apply to a women’s college but being denied. it’s watching men take the space that should be yours. 

transmisogyny is getting kicked out by your roommate days before Christmas, and having nowhere to go because the Salvation Army is the only place available, and you’d have to stay in the men’s bunk.

transmisogyny is watching your boss jam to “dude looks like a lady” when it plays on the radio station at work. it’s knowing that he genuinely cares and works to properly gender you and treat you respectfully, but being too afraid to tell him that the song hurts you.

transmisogyny is not knowing if you are a dyke because your brother sexually abused you. it’s seeing movie after movie with cis men as trans women falling in love with men, never women. 

transmisogyny is never seeing a trans woman on the internet who isn’t also being referred to as a “shemale” or “tranny” at the same time.

transmisogyny is coming to terms with the childhood bullying from your Asian peers– their calling you “fatty” and “freak” and looking down on your poor kid clothes, and finally forgiving them…but realizing that you still couldn’t reconnect because they’d probably laugh at who you are now.

transmisogyny is seeing your other, better-passing trans woman friends deal with creepy messages online or harassment in public and thinking to yourself, “i wish i could pass so well that men publicly threaten to rape me”. 

transmisogyny is real.

Girls and leggings

I am OVER middle school girls being shamed and sexualised for wearing knit pants.

School dress codes are sexist and unequal; we know that and I’m not gonna get into it. If you disagree, we have fundamentally different experiences and worldviews, whatever, not interested in debating it.

But the thing

that drives

me MAD

is middle school girls and knit pants.

Leggings, yoga pants, jeggings, whatever. There are different styles, and call ‘em what you want. If you’ve got a problem with it, here’s the deal: you are sexualising a child.

This twelve year old girl is not wearing leggings because she dreams of being a lustful temptress of prepubescent boys and married middle aged men with no self control.

She’s wearing leggings because that’s what’s on the rack in the juniors section of Target. She’s wearing leggings because they’re comfy and come in cute colors.

She’s wearing leggings because–and this is true–she has been wearing leggings almost every day, six months a year, for the last twelve years of her life.

We dress infants in leggings. We dress two, three, four year olds in leggings. Kindergarteners and second graders and fifth graders wear leggings, and it’s normal and adorable and okay.

And somehow, between May of last school year and September of this one, this kid’s favorite pair of pants has gone from unremarkable to “inappropriate.”

As if middle school isn’t stressful enough without gross old men chastising you for being “immodest” for wearing normal clothes. Like you’re not self-conscious enough about your body, like you’re not panicked enough about puberty, like you’re not already mourning the loss of your childhood because grown ups keep making knowing eye contact over your head and remarking that “you’re a woman now.”


Just let the poor kids wear their own clothes.

Severus Snape Gave Up

Essay put together from This Post by freyaboo

Published without permission but these words ARE IMPORTANT. ~That Woman


As someone obsessed with the character of Severus Snape, I guess I’ll chime in and school people on their useless Snape hate. This is gonna be long, be warned.

Facts about Eileen, Severus’ mother:

  • The Prince family was a Pure family 
  • Eileen was a genius at potions 
  • She was a Slytherin 
  • She was athletic 
  • She wasn’t a purist, because she MARRIED one 
  • She was disowned which means her family was - otherwise why would she and her husband have gone to live in some slummy industrial town that is a bang on impression of Salford? 
  • She was interested in Dark Magic 
  • Severus learned from her either because he read her old books or because she actively taught him 
  • She was abused by her husband

Facts about Tobias Snape:

  • Abusive 
  • Hated magic 
  • Hated his son 
  • Hated his wife 
  • “He doesn’t like anything, much” 
  • Fought all the time with his wife

Facts about Severus Snape:

  • Genius 
  • Despite the words he uses, there is no indication he is actually a purist - more on that 
  • He was a halfblood in a mostly Pure House with mostly Pure students who had Pure parents who were probably purists (given the way JK protrays the House) 
  • Wore ill fitting, old clothes as a kid and well into his teenager years 
  • Was poor 
  • Abuse victim of the Marauders, his father and Housemates 
  • Hated his father 
  • Never once mentioned his mother 
  • Abusive 
  • Used as a tool both by Dumbledore and Voldemort against the other 
  • Unpopular 
  • Is said to have known more about the Dark Arts in first year than most seventh years

Is anyone a psychologist? I’m not but even I can see what this trifecta is. The Snape home was a nest of abusive behaviour, negative energy and an apparent lack of concern for a child that seemed to be unplanned or the victim of a failing marriage. There is a reason Eileen and Tobias got married and it was probably a bad one, because they obviously didn’t care for each other in any real way.

For the first nine years of Severus’ life the only things he experienced in life were abuse, neglect and a steady stream of hatred from his father for being something he couldn’t help being. Then he met Lily, a girl who was different than anything he had ever seen before and, as many little boys are wont to do, he fell for her immediately. Despite growing up and watching his father abuse his mother, he knew that Petunia calling Lily a freak for her magic was wrong and stepped into help Lily. He only begins an abusive type of response to Petunia when she begins to abuse him. That’s unsurprising given his background because he likely saw that stuff play out at home. ‘If someone hurts you, you hurt them back’. In my own past that was a running theme and to this day I struggle to control my bad coping issues.

Their friendship was never perfect. Severus was severely traumatized and never got help. No one ever paid enough attention to him or said, ‘can I help you?’. He had no idea how to have a healthy relationship. We have no explanation as to why they were friends for so long but I think that is evidence of Lily being a patient, long-suffering person who recognized that her best friend was messed up. From the snippets of conversation there was with them in the past about Severus’ life, Lily must have known of the abuse Severus went through. Yet she was unable to help, being a child. Maybe her parents didn’t like Severus and didn’t want to help. Maybe they didn’t know of the abuse. Who knows? All we know is that their friendship was real. Six years of hanging out with the same person isn’t a fluke. When we see Severus and Lily as teenagers there is tension there because Lily is frustrated with Severus’ choices but there is obviously at least a half-way positive relationship there. Why else would a strong-willed witch like Lily (who was a genius in her own right) choose to stay around with someone like Severus?

There is absolutely no indication that Lily was abused and accepted abusive treatment from Severus. There’s no indication that he stalked her. There is nothing in canon that says Severus ever admitted his feelings or that Lily ever turned him down romantically.

I’m going to let that bit sink in for a second. Snape-haters seem to have thick skulls regarding that bit so please repeat it a few times until you think you can remember it as I continue.

So. Most of what we see of Lily and Severus’ relationship was shortly before, during or just after ‘the incident’. At that point, there was already tension in the friendship for multiple reasons.

I’m going on a tangent for a second, but follow me, please…

I grew up in an abusive home. No details, just trust me when I know what it’s like to be abused by a parent. I grew up in a private ‘Christian’ school where rich children made fun of me for being poor and where the ‘pretty’ and 'thin’ girls made fun of me for being fat. I had boys pretending to like me and making fun of me when I finally admitted I had a crush on them. 'Don’t wear that you look fatter than you really are’. Had rocks thrown at me. We’re talking serious bullying. Even my friends eventually turned on me one year and began making fun of me. Blah, blah, blah. Again, I understand abuse from my peers.

In my personal life, the day I went to a public school and the anry, 'I hate authority and everyone, fuck you’ punk/goth kids showed up and invited me to be friends with them…I threw myself into the deep end of their fucked up social circle and didn’t look back until I was older. Even now I struggle to maintain healthy relationships. Many friends have written me off for one reason or another. I’ve called friends horrible things. I’ve used them. I’ve been abusive. I admit this. I know that I am damaged and traumatized and I know that my brain chemistry got rewired because of those traumas and that as an adult I have to actively work at undoing it all.

So imagine a small boy, abused and traumatized and terrified of being alone without the one person in the world who accepts him despite his huge, overwhelming flaws. Imagine going into a House where people know who your mother was. They know she fucked a Muggle and had you. Hell, maybe he had cousins in Slytherin, Prince cousins, and they made it all worse. Then imagine that one or two them, for some reason, reach out to you. Offer protection maybe. Obviously they wanted something but Severus was desperate for anything positive in his life.

By the age of fifteen he’d been dragged deep into their shithole and couldn’t get out. Not even Lily could save him, which is evident in the scene where he calls her 'that word’; let me end this sentence by saying that Lily was not responsible for saving Severus in any way…I’m simply saying that not even his best friend could get to him. Having grown up in a deranged home, Severus was already a bit deranged himself. Being scooped up by the clever, cunning boys of Slytherin was probably Severus’ doom from the beginning.

There is no explanation as to why Severus got so in with the Death Eaters but I suspect it’s the same reason I decided my soul was black, that washing my hair was stupid and that threatening to suck the blood from people’s jugular’s was cool. Children, who are wildly immature, weak and stupid, are prone to doing stupid shit to get accepted. I believe that’s what it started as. He couldn’t be with Lily in Gryffindor.

Which brings me to another point. Gryffindors. If you notice in the books, the majority of Gryffindors have all sorts of nasty, hateful things to say about Slytherins. None of them are kind about it. I can’t recall any scene where a Gryffindor says anything positive about Slytherins but correct me if I’m wrong. Who wants to bet that the moment Gryffindors found out Lily was friends with Severus, they told her how bad Slytherins were? Maybe Lily, a child herself and vulnerable as many children, bought into some idea of what Slytherins were. Maybe her Housemates began to discolour her view of Severus.

Maybe their friendship became strained because both of them were trying too hard to be accepted by those around them. But maybe not. There’s nothing that indicates this, but I believe it’s a realistic idea.

Back from the tangent…

The day Severus called Lily a 'Mudblood’, she also called him 'Snivellus’, a word James Potter had been using for four years to abuse Severus with. They both said awful things to each other. Yes, the term Mudblood was a terrible slur, and yes Severus shouldn’t have said it but he was fifteen. Mortified that the girl he loved was seeing him like some dangling, broken mess while James Potter, the rich and popular boy of Gryffindor - who constantly threw himself at Lily (and yes this is canon I will fucking find every mention of it if you disagree) - stood looking like some clever, windswept bad ass to those around him. Everyone was laughing at Severus. His own Housemates included. Probably his Slytherin friends too.

It’s all well and good to say that you would not have done what Severus did, but as someone who has been abused more than I want to admit, I will tell you that it is FAR easier to take the angry, dark way of things than to step back and be the bigger person. Severus said an awful word but he was a stupid, traumatized, abused little boy who had reached a breaking point. He was not an evil, child-killing Death Eater. He wasn’t a dark wizard looking to murder Muggles. Yes, he ran his mouth, he was crude. He hung out with the wrong crowd. But he was still a child when he was thrown into the air, turned upside down and used as a living laughingstock to anyone and everyone who wanted a look.

And no one saved him. Even Lily let it continue when he called her a name. In the end, Severus was left to his abuse because everyone gave up on him.

So you know what Severus did? He gave up on them. He was left without his best friend, was left to be a laughingstock even more than he had been before. There was nothing in his life except those Slytherins who had 'befriended’ him. Not even his Head of House gave a shit about him. He was too busy doting on Lily, a seemingly well-adjusted, clever, pretty girl (which creeps me out tbh). Severus became exactly what everyone assumed he was when he was eleven. Because what else was there? There were no friends at school. No friends at home. His parents obviously didn’t care. The staff obviously didn’t care.

Severus Snape gave up.

The character of Severus Snape is a realistic portrayal of someone who has been severely abused and never gotten help. He perpetuated the abuse that was done to him. He held grudges. He never learned how to interact with people properly. He never let got of his anger.

But at the age of twenty, after handing over secrets to the Dark Lord - someone else who manipulated him and got him to believe he was useful, it seems - Severus was faced with the reality of what he’d signed up for. I believe he shut down after that day he lost Lily. I believe he stopped being anything but what people expected him to be. He had no way of coping with the shit in his life so he just…gave up. But when he found out that his actions were going to get Lily killed, he panicked. She had gone off and married his worst tormentor, but his knee-jerk reaction was to run to Dumbledore and grovel and beg to make things right.

Remember how when they meet up, Dumbledore says 'you disgust me’ because he assumes Severus wants Lily for himself? He hates Severus, a boy of twenty, a boy who was never shown an ounce of mercy as a child. Dumbledore knew the abuse was going on when Severus was a kid, because Dumbledore is shown to have somehow known everything going on around him. There’s no way he was ignorant of what was being done to Severus. But he never stepped in, did he? He left Severus to the 'mercy’ of James Potter and his friends. Why? I think that’s a question that needs to be answered - but not by me, not here, because this is already too long.

Severus asked for Lily to be spared in exchange for Harry. Voldemort was a monster incapable of love or mercy or anything positive. Asking for any kind of altruistic mercy would have been stupid and Severus knew that. He played the situation the only way he could, but with Dumbledore he readily asked for the entire Potter family to be saved.

“And what will you give me in return, Severus?”

That was Dumbledore’s answer. For the rest of the memories involving Dumbledore, there is nothing but Dumbledore reminding Severus over and over and over again of what he did. Of how he is responsible for Lily’s death - which is simply not true. Even when Severus hands his whole existence over to Dumbledore, becomes a fucking pawn, he is never allowed any mercy, only reminded that he is nothing, that he is a mistake and that all he ever does is make mistakes.

No wonder Severus Snape never healed. No wonder he never became a kinder person.

*drops mic*

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Can we talk about Andrew wearing his boyfriends' clothes? Specifically can we talk about Neil and Andrew finding out that Kevin's clothes are v safe and warm because he's so much taller than either of them? Also Andrew wearing Neil's clothes and Kevin being alarmed by how adorable his smol boyfriends are

CLOTHES SHARING IS MY KINK HOLY SHIT (okay poor mobile formatting,, be prepared)

– neil has a problem with stealing clothes tbh like most of the shit in his closet isn’t even his
– he steals both andrew and kevin’s team hoodie, like, do you need three fox hoodies? the answer is yes
– kevin’s hoodie goes down to neil’s knees and it’s so cute oh mygod he’s so smol
– nicky almost has a heart attack whenever neil wears it
– andrew’s hoodie actually fits neil which is a massive change from when he wears kevin’s (most days)
– andrew’s could be classified as being on the “tighter side”, compared to the baggy clothing that neil usually wears (pssst,, andrew wears a small, but sometimes he has to go a size up because muSCLES)
– andrew sometimes grabs neil’s hoodie because he might as well? neil sure as hell isn’t layering it on top of the stolen one
– andrew never gets a hold of kevin’s hoodie because neil always has it
– kevin, the poor kid, gets all of his clothes stolen and nothing in return,,,
– that kid could never fit in andrew or neil’s clothes so he can’t steal them out of spite
– he would brutally stretch out or rip their clothes if he wore them
– neil gives kevin kisses to make up for always stealing his clothes even though kevin thinks that neil looks adorable, but he would never say that out loud, he just acts annoyed (neil can see right through it)

Kat & Jasmine trying to raise money to replace Jela & the Twins’ stuff. This is WHACK for a number of reasons:

  1. They ruined it, so THEY should be paying for it. Not anyone else. Begging for money to right your wrong does not settle it.
  2. They’re making the Twins & Jela look bad with this “fundraiser” to replace their Gucci & Louis. WTF, couldn’t you use your infamy to support a BETTER cause? Like helping poor kids get clothing or something?
  3. The only reason they feel bad is because of the way the fans reacted. At the time, they were all “make bgc history” and shit.
  4. They’re probably going to KEEP any money they raise from this anyways…

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It's always been my headcanon that Viktor spent a lot of time playing in the snow as a child and got mild frostbite (you know, when ice crystals form in your veins and they become permanently visible). Take it from me - I live only a few hours from the northern Russian border, it happens all the time despite a parent's loving precautions.

I lived in Ural and I know how cruel is Russian winter ;_; Bb Vitya would get mild frostbites if he’d spend a lot of time playing in snow no matter how warm his gloves/clothes would be. Poor kid ;_;

N: At first he wouldn’t find the humor in it, mainly because at his whole career was on based other worldly art concepts. But as he re-watches all the old videos, he’ll bond with his child and start to find some humor as vivid memories of long hours in the make up chair and fitting rooms come back to mind. “It’s called style! You know nothing about style!”

Leo: Leo would close the laptop and then walk away, hanging his head in shame as his kid continues to laugh. The memories would then flood back to him as well causing him to cringe at all the past outfits. “Son…I did it for the money.” 

Ken: Ken would find the humor in it as well, but then take the chance to convince his kid that he was the most stylish one. He’d even start ranking the past outfits from most favorite to least. “But doesn’t daddy look cool though? I was the best looking one every time we walked onto a stage.”

Ravi: Ravi would shake his head, slightly annoyed and embarrassed that his kid is poking fun at him. However, he’d be a good sport about it and join his kid on the binge watching of past Vixx outfits. He’d too commence to laugh especially when his kid slaps him with a silly analogy of what he looked like in those costumes. “I don’t know who approved that one outfit. I still have nightmares.” 

HongBin: HongBin would make it seem like he was forced to wear those clothes against his will so his kid doesn’t think he has poor taste in fashion. He wouldn’t stay long in the room though, wanting to avoid any further discussion of why he was always half-naked on stage. “Why are you watching my old videos? I didn’t dress like that all the time. Those are costumes. Like…your Halloween costumes…except for adults…who sing.”

Hyuk: The only way to make those outfits seem cool is to up their cool factor aka give them super powers. So, in order to make his kid think that those stage outfits were not just funny looking, he’d convince them that the outfits were what helped him perform on stage and made him a great performer. “You wish you could dress like that. You see, daddy was a loser before I wore those outfits. Once I put those clothes on I became Super Manhyuk. Fans would cry and faint watching me fly across the stage.”

Thanks for asking!
-Admin Cheezy ^_^

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Does Tiny!Steve like to cuddle more now since he can be wrapped up in Bucky now? Thanks! :)

Here’s the thing about Steve - he loves being cuddled. 

It doesn’t matter whether he’s big or small, Steve likes being held.  He’d never minded being affectionate with his Ma when he was little.  Hilariously, his mother adored Little Lord Fauntleroy and had always thought her own little man was very much like that character, sans the ridiculous clothes and the exaggerated saccharine characterization that poor kid would get from his fandom.  Fauntleroy of the book was a brave, earnest, sweet-natured, kind little guy who was still very much a boy like most boys his age and liked baseball and running and romping. 

If Fauntleroy resembles any tiny, wheezy little baseball-loving Brooklyn boys that we know and love, then please note that Irony has nursed a massive crush on Steven Grant Rogers since his birth.

Until he was seven years old, Steve did call his Ma Dearest and still did it on occasion as he grew up.

I love you, Dearest were the last words his Ma would hear from Steve.

So when they were kids and nobody was going to look sideways at a pair of little boys being affectionate with each other, Bucky and Steve cuddled.  A lot.  It was one of the things they would miss as they grew older and of course, being this affectionate would get them sideways looks.  To say nothing of the stranger, “funny” feelings that they got around each other since puberty hit. 

Bucky, especially, hated the fact that he needed to firmly squash the impulse to hold what had been his tiny, adored punk, cuddle him close and nuzzle into his neck.  He’d had to cover that up with other gestures - words, stupid jokes, small presents like a new pencil or a cupcake from Mrs. Jones’ Bakery, taking him to a baseball game or telling him a funny story.  Anything to make Steve’s eyes light up and bring out that smile that he loves, the one that’s pure sunshine. 

Now, we know that things are a lot different these days and the boys are now allowed to cuddle as much as they want - thank God.  And the thing is, Bucky knows that Steve can get caught up in looking out for other people, that he forgets about himself. 

He’s known that Steve’s a mess inside his own head too.  He’s seen Steve put on that smile, the one that he hates so much because that specific smile only appears when he’s feeling his worst and doesn’t want to show anyone.  The last time Bucky had seen that was when Steve’s mother died.

And of course, that memory would come back first, among all the others.

So Bucky watches Steve closely, knows when his fingers clench around his pencil and realizes that he hasn’t drawn a thing in his sketch pad even though he’s had it for the last hour or so.  He knows when Steve’s lips thin at one of Tony’s more obnoxious jibes and okay, so maybe Tony doesn’t need punching out because on a good day, Steve will snark and sass back.  Also, it’s actually less about Tony and more of Steve just not having the best of days and if it isn’t Tony, it’s Clint. 

Bucky can tell when Steve’s usual efforts to cope and present his usual strong front isn’t enough.  So big or little, his punk will get cuddles.  Maybe it’s easier to wrap himself around a tinier Steve but even when he’s big, they still fit all right.  Bucky nuzzles his nose into Steve’s neck, leaves little kisses near his pulse and right along the line of his jaw and the corner of his mouth.  Steve will tease him about his aim but Bucky doesn’t care.  He’ll laugh and tease Steve a little more until he’ll settle in for a proper kiss.  Better than coffee, Bucky will tell him.  And Steve will laugh in turn, making their kisses even sweeter.   

Bucky will cuddle Steve until the shadows leave his eyes, until he can coax the sunshine back into that sad, soft little smile.  It’s worth it, every time. 

- end -

Reaction: If they went shopping with you and you really take your time picking clothes


“i am just gonna look over here– wow they have some nice clothes” *goes over to the male section and comes back with a handful of clothes for himself*

He’d be pretty excited to go shopping too. Not because he’s shopping with you, but because he’d leave you and go check clothes for himself instead. He wouldn’t mind you taking time, that just means he have more time to look at clothes too. It would probably end up you waiting for him instead.


“yeah this looks good!” *smiles*

He wouldn’t really mind, he’d want you to get something you really like instead of hurrying and buying something bad. However his excitement might not be so high, at first he’d be giving you his opinion and helping you finding clothes, but as the time went by he’d just give up on it and instead just follow you around occasionally go sit down.


*sighs* “what are you looking for so long?”

He’d want to leave almost immediately, Junhoe’s the type of guy who walks into a store, gets what he wants and then leaves. So you walking slowly, going around checking every hanger in 13 different stores would make him annoyed. Either he’d tag along, but making sure to nag every fifteen minutes, or he’d give up on you and go sit down in an café while waiting for you. Although he would take the chances when you’re in the cabin, secretly sneak in and steal some kisses because wow you really look great in those clothes.


“i think this would look pretty damn hot on you” *laughs*

He’d make it fun, if he’s going to be there for a while he might as well enjoy himself. It might not be as enjoyable for you though. He would take the ugliest clothes he’d find and make you try them on, and after you telling him to stop, he’d start bringing you the sexiest clothes instead. So really, taking Bobby shopping with you for a longer time is a bad idea.


*picks clothes for you* “hey i think this would look really nice on you, beautiful”

Yunhyeong has a great sense of fashion and he loves shopping, especially with his beloved girlfriend. He would look for clothes for himself and at the same time for you too, even finding some pretty things you’d like. He would give you advice and patiently wait for you to come out from the cabin so he can see how great you look in the clothes he picked.


“i think this looks pretty cute” *points at clothes you picked*

Donghyuk would think it would be quite fun, even if it might not be his most ideal way to spend time, he wouldn’t mind it as long as it’s with you. He’d walk along side you and you two would talk while looking for clothes. In a way it would turn into a cute date instead of simply shopping clothes.


“yeah you look great!” *smiles*

This poor kid would be so tired after a while but not say anything and patiently wait till you’re done with your shopping. When you need his opinion, Chanwoo would repeat himself over and over again and say it looks great. Not because he is annoyed but he honestly things that everything you pick out looks great on you or maybe he is just a sweetheart who is too nice.

- Admin Bella & Moyo 

mackerelsandwich submitted:

imagine that oikawa actually has really bad taste in fashion and iwaizumi has to coordinate all his clothes when they go out but no one else knows so all oikawa’s fangirls think he’s so cool and trendy but hes actually that one guy who wears socks and sandals going outside

One day, Iwaizumi gets so pissed off at Oikawa he leaves him hanging in the morning. Oikawa goes out wearing something incredibly uncoordinated: plaid shorts, open sandals with knee-high socks, a too-tight polo over a long-sleeved undershirt and a baseball cap on sideways.

All the clashing colours are giving Iwaizumi a headache, but what Iwaizumi finds worst of all:

Oikawa manages to turn it all around, fibbing that he’s wearing it to raise money for poor kids who can’t afford nice clothes and he actually collects an incredible amount of money by the end of the day.

I know that in High School we used to bully the poor kids with ugly clothes, but we can’t do that anymore. If they’re here it means they’re smart enough to earn a scholarship, so they could help with the lab reports and stuff.
—  A Pure and Applied Sciences sophomore to another Pure and Applied Sciences sophomore submitted by anonymous
For the children saying Kishi built up the red herring too much to "backpedal"

You don’t know how red herrings work do you? Red herrings ALWAYS drag you till the very end until BAMG, you’ve got the answer.

It. Was. Always. Stated. From. Kishi’s. Mouth. That. Sarada. Is. Sakura’s. Daughter.

The Gaiden picked superficial shit like GLASSES and CLOTHES that are not genetic to parallel Sarada to Karin, while at the same time we’d see Sarada being paralleled PHYSICALLY and in POWER to Sakura (those are genetic, poor kids. Not clothes and glasses).

The DNA test y'all loved so much is 100%. Do you know how dumb THAT is? Literally everyone with a brain (not y'all obviously) knows the only way a DNA can match 100% is if its your OWN. 100%. Like. You. Genetically. Unlike. 50%. Like. Your. Parents.

Who is a 100% to you genetically…? Pfffft! YOU.

The Karin mama crap wasn’t built up enough to be pulled off. You only say that shit because you WANTED it to be true and were ignoring how STUPIDLY obvious it was.

I have no sympathy for those that allowed ship hatred to blind them THIS hard. Even I don’t do that shit with my NOTPs.

If you wanted it, believed it and are pissed at Kishi once again calling him a shit writer, think for a minute of how HARD HE TROLLED YOU.

You bought something this unbelievably dumb because you wanted it so bad. T^T

Sorry, but y'all clear as day in this.

*Friendly message by someone that can spot bullshit and feels no sympathy for your ass when you’re spamming my effing OTP tag talking about “making sense”*

PS: You can thank your fellow shipmates for sending threats and insults towards Kishi and his assistant after 700 had been released for the Gaiden y'all hate so much now. Lmfaoooooo