clothes folds

Business Trip

getting up far too early, letting the morning sun seep in,
keeping sleep at bay with fleeting moments of reading
a passage from a faded novel to keep from thinking
too much, as he slowly packed away his clothes.

he kept folding fabric without looking up,
to do anything else was impossible,
if he did, he would see her face.

it would have been enough
to take the life from limb,
to climb back into bed,

and simply let her
be with him.

voiceintheradio  asked:

// AAAAAAAAAAAA I LOVE YOUR TAGS!!! AND I'M SO GLAD YOU CLICKED ON IT AN D NOTICED AND COMMENTED ON IT :DDD / also you can yell more here since the tags didn't let you apparently :DDD

Yes YES!!! I literally GASPED when I clicked on it and saw it!!! I love it when people do stuff like that!! :DD
And yes!! More comments cause tumblr mobile is a jerk!! Okay okay so I just really really love how you colour and shade your art?? Especially his bandages and clothes!! I don’t know but I just LOVE the way you do blood and blood stains??? Like all your pieces with Host and blood are just A++!!! And just shading in general??? Cause you make it look so real and natural and usually lots of folds in clothing is too much or makes it look strange but you make it look JUST RIGHT and so?? good?? Also I really love his hair!! Just the way you draw it slicked by with some layers??? ALSO ALSO YOUR EXPRESSIONS IN YOUR ART MAKE ME FEEL THINGS. Host is so sad and lost and I just wanna comfort him and you conveyed it SO WELL!! I JUST SUPER LOVE YOUR STYLE OKAY


Hey friends!

Sorry for the late TUTOR TUESDAY, but here it is! Today is on clothing folds and was a recommendation from @kitemist, thanks! If you have any recommendations you’d like to see send ‘em in here or my personal! Hopefully I can expand on clothes more soon! Keep practicing, have fun, and I’ll see you next week!

quick tutorial on clothing folds for people with no idea how to draw clothing folds

so if, like me, you’ve done all the research on how clothing folds, and you have a decent idea how the physics works, but you just can’t get it to look right?

change all your lines into this

im serious

it makes everything look so much more natural

for added realism, just add random bumps to the line wherever you put one

and there you go!

(please dont judge me for my anatomy i drew this in five minutes)



I stopped the coloring of the shirt here cause I guess you get the basic idea. If you wanna see more of the coloring and the brush I use you can look HERE!
Also you can see how not just folds but shading can define a form HERE!

I hope this helps! I’m so bad with words and explaining things (/)//(/)

But I love you more than words can say