clothes flying off

4. “How can I hate someone so much, yet love them even more?” Derek hale

“Get out!” Derek snapped, the table cracking under his fist.

“Fine!” You shouted, your glass shattering in your hand. “I don’t want to be here anyway!”

“Good!” Derek cried. “Then don’t come back.”

“Fine.” You grabbed your jacket off the far wall. “I’m done with this.”

“Just run away like you always do.” Derek called at your retreating back.

“I hate you!” You shouted, turning and throwing your keys at his head.

He dodged to the side and darted forward, grabbing your wrist. “I hate you too.”

“Then let go.” You growled.


And then you were kissing, and groping, and rolling. Clothes went flying, ripped off with zero regard as you struggled desperately to get closer to each other as quickly as possible, the silly idea of buttons or zippers forgotten.

Twenty minutes later the two of you were gasping on the floor, Derek’s arm draped lazily over your stomach.

“Still hate me?” He asked hoarsely.

“Yeah.” You nodded. “How is it possible for me to hate someone so much, yet love them even more?”

“I don’t know.” Derek shrugged under you, his fingers sliding up and down your back. “But we happen to have it down to a science huh?”

“Yeah.” You pressed your lips against his shoulder. “Pancakes?”

His laugh rumbled against your cheek. “I’ll get the syrup.”

This was requested by an anon. Thank you for the request i really liked writing this. Sorry if it’s a little short. Please feel free to request a drabble or a onshot if you like what you see