clothes flying off


Characters:  Dean x Reader, Sam 

Summary:  Dean gets a little jealous/turned on watching reader hustle pool.

Word Count:  2200

Warnings:  Smut, Language

Tags are at the bottom.  As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

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I watch her from across the bar, from the booth Sam and I snagged by the wall. She knows my eyes are on her, it’s part of the thrill. It’s her night to hustle pool, she insists on contributing. I know she can handle herself, but I get kinda protective watching her.  

And jealous. I mean, I know it’s part of the con, the way she leans over that table, the way her breasts press together when she lines up a shot. The way she giggles and smiles and teases her marks.  

She told me once that there were two rules for a woman hustling pool. First, make sure the guy you’re hustling feels like he can easily beat you. Building their confidence is key. Second, make them feel like they have a shot at fucking you. Follow those two rules and you’re golden, she said. Every fucking time.

Men underestimate her when she’s in the short skirt and the tank top with plunging neckline. If I’ve learned one thing in this life, it’s never underestimate a woman. She proves the rule. Sam and I always keep a close eye on her, because there’s always that one guy that pushes a little too hard, a little too fast, gets a little too handsy.

She’s never needed us for backup, but it never fails to make my blood boil when they put hands on her. She lets them, it’s part of the game. They’ll wrap an arm around her waist or line up behind her to “help” her with a shot. I know it’s all part of the hustle, but it makes me feel a little crazy. And it makes me horny as fuck.

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Author: Emmy

Characters: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,600+

Warnings: Bad language words maybe? Idk I can’t remember.

Author’s Note: It’s been a gazillion years since I’ve written anything so I’m sorry if this is actual garbage but at least it’s completed garbage so there’s that. Also, I didn’t edit this. Partially because my back hurts too much to keep sitting at this computer desk and partially just because of who I am as a person (I’m lazy). Let me know what you think??

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Limitless (1)

Part 1

Description: You’re the leader of a group of fighters - OT9 EXO - and you’ve trained them. Five years later, you’ve never lost a fight with them by your side. But once it comes down to it, who’s first and who’s last?

Warnings: violence, vulgar language, S M U T (this is also like hella dramatic and you won’t understand any of it if you don’t read the prologue)

Word Count: 4,318

Pairing: Kim Jongin x Reader (featuring Yixing)

Author: Admin Xiufairy ㅅㅇㅅ

You watched Jongin’s fight nervously. You were always nervous when Jongin was the one in the ring. The guy he was fighting was nearly twice his size and while you knew there wasn’t anything to worry about, you just wanted him to be okay.

“He’ll be okay.” Junmyeon said from his seat next to you. “He’s always okay.” You nodded at his reassurance, but it was still doing little to change your mind. You were worried for Jongin and there was nothing that was going to change that.

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Brash Hope Part 2

Summary:  You had a fling with Dean Winchester fifteen years ago.  Now he wants back into your life but, like all things, it’s complicated.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, OMC Dylan

Word Count: 3468

Warnings: smut (unprotected sex), fluff, ANGST (canon typical violence, death)

A/N: This is part two.  Get caught up HERE and I warn you MAJOR angst ahead.  I was anxious to attempt this one as it’s my first time writing angst.  Feedback is appreciated!

It never would have happened without these very wonderful, talented and amazing people:

@wheresthekillswitch my wonderful beta.  You add polish to my scribbles and I am forever grateful.

@arryn-nyxx your beautiful aesthetic captured what exactly what I hoped for in my story.

@pinknerdpanda thank you for sharing your angst expertise with me.

If you’d like to be tagged please send me an ask!

Dean’s POV

I’m looking down at Y/N, her eyes and voice deadly serious as she touches my face.  I can’t help it; I lean into her hand as she speaks.  I’m shocked as the unbelievable words fall from her mouth.

I have a son?


Dean moves towards the house.

“No,” you put yourself in his path.  “He has no idea about you.  All he knows is that I was on my own when I had him.”

Dean looks down at you with eyes full of sorrow and a glimmer of hope, but he says nothing.

“You weren’t in the picture and it wasn’t like I could call you.”

“I know,” Dean says finding his voice.

Dean’s gaze is fixed on the porch.  On your son.  On his son.  After a long pause he looks down at you.

“Can I meet him?”

“Yes, but not tonight.  I have to talk to him about it first.  Then you can, ok?”


That night you tell Dylan about his father.  The tears and anger you’re expecting.  You still aren’t sure how Dylan is processing the revelation that he’s going to meet his father.  His initial anger quickly becomes curiosity; he has so many questions but you think it best to let Dean answer them. The next day you call Dean inviting him over for dinner. At five your doorbell rings and when you open the door there he stands with flowers in his hands and a nervous smile on his face.

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The Stables (Jon x Reader)

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(Gif credit to owner)

Fandom: Game of Thrones

Character: Jon Snow

Persona: Female

Word Count: 569

Request: Requesting a Jon Snow x reader where Jon is about to leave to join the Night’s Watch but the reader stops him in the stables and they roll around in the hay (aka they do it) before he leaves. (And smut is very much okay if you’re feeling it)❤️❤️ 

A/N - Happy Valentine’s Day! <3

Come outside tonight, meet me by our favourite spot.

I’ll be waiting for you.

- J

The note sent shivers of excitement up your spine even though you knew it couldn’t be good news; Jon would never of sent you this note if it meant he hadn’t gone through with his plan. You clutched it to your chest and wrapped the shoal tighter around you. The North was cold enough during the day, but at night it was deadly.

You didn’t bother with a torch, by now you were used to walking around in the dark. You pretty much knew Winterfell like the back of your hand. Getting closer to the meeting spot you could begin to make out an outline of a figure, upon hearing footsteps they turned to you. Instantly you were greeted with open arms: his clothes were cold as you pressed your face into his chest. “Jon…”, it was soft and timid for you were fearing his answer.

“I did it”, he answered grimly preparing for the backlash that was to come. Your sobs mixed in with the bitter snowfall and Jon’s chest lurched, “Come on, let’s go inside”, his gloomy tone only worsened your mood as he lead you towards your shared sanctuary.

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Can I get the danganronpa 2 boys with their s/o on St. Patrick day??? Love your NDRV3 headcanons ❤️

I’m so happy you enjoyed my NDRV3 Headcanons! I’d also love to thank you for this prompt! I hope you like it!

-Mod Kirumi

Ultimate Imposter/Byakuya Togami

  • Normally, he dons the guise of Byakuya but today you can tell he is in the mood for BYAKUYA VERSION GREEN
  • His hair is still blond but he has stuck green clips in his hair
  • His suit is atrociously green
  • He has also brought you two matching hats
  • Otherwise, he continues his day as Byakuya, working his butt off for the entire day.
  • When he comes home, he has purchased 12 shamrock shakes for the two of you??
  • Byakuya should know that you can’t consume that many shamrock shakes!!
  • Oh wait, never mind. He’s purchased *1 shamrock shake for you and *11 shamrock shakes for himself
  • You spend the rest of the day leaning on his shoulder and drinking the sugar filled green shake
  • He feels pity on you because you can’t drink anymore than that

Teruteru Hanamura

  • Matcha buns!! You absolutely love to eat Matcha buns!! And they are green tea Matcha buns!!
  • Of course, he has tried to make it shaped like a butt. Does it really matter? They’re matcha buns!!
  • The next meal of the day, lunch time, Teruteru is wearing a cute hat and and has a new green apron
  • He’s made transforming egg pea rice which consist of scrambled eggs, golden duck soup stock that melts over the green pea rice, and the sexiest fragrance in the world
  • The food is so amazing that it feels like your clothes are flying off with every bite
  • Thankfully they aren’t, but you savour each and every bite. Before you know it, you’ve eaten three bowls of it
  • Teruteru is so happy that you loved his food!!
  • Finally, for dinner, you are escorted downstairs in a blindfold
  • Teruteru also had fuzzy handcuffs to go with it but you refused.
  • And the moment you step into the kitchen and take your blindfold off, your boyfriend has set up the table so you can watch him cook! It’s a live performance!
  • What makes it better is that he brought one of those leprechaun costumes, but he had put his own kinky twist onto the costume.
  • It looks a bit hideous but hilarious, the costume, that is, but you can ignore it while munching the green appetizers.
  • And Teruteru starts to get ready to cook the ingredients
  • But where is the meat? Typically, Teruteru’s dishes include plenty of meat because of the flavour
  • You are about to ask him when he pulls out an ENTIRE FUCKING ROAST PIG

Nekomaru Nidai

  • The day starts like normal. You get up, put on something green,  go downstairs, and go out for a jog with Nekomaru
  • But today, Nekomaru takes you down a different path?
  • You’re so excited. Does this mean that he is taking you down a harder path? Have you finally leveled up??
  • He stops and you look at where you are.
  • It’s a little private area within a forest, filled with soft flowers and silky grass
  • And Nekomaru is smiling so triumphantly because he is so happy that you love it
  • In a tree near the back, there is a bucket of chocolate coins, placed there for you from Nekomaru!!
  • You thank him so much! You can not believe that he did all this for you!
  • He tells you not to thank him, it was something that he was supposed to do for his loved one!
  • But the moment you step forward to claim the chocolates, Nekomaru steps in your way!
  • He tells you to take off your green shoes and your green shirt! You comply, used to following his training orders, and he takes off his green whistle and green jacket.
  • He’s preparing to go higher than 10% this time. And you are so ready to fight!! You’ve been training for this moment!!
  • You both get an equal amount of pinches into each other. Nekomaru is so proud! Until you zone out for one millisecond and he smacks you in the stomach
  • He checks out whether you’re okay, and he is so relieved when you stand right back up!
  • You get chocolates as a reward for such a good fight!

DARK LORD Gundam Tanaka

  • You woke up to your Gundam alarm in the morning
  • Well that’s definitely a new line you haven’t heard before
  • You get up from your bed to see what going on and
  • Oh
  • It’s just the green footprint stickers that you stuck on the floor, hamster bed, hamster toilet, and hamster house
  • Last night, after Gundam fell asleep, you thought it was funny to stick stickers and put washable green footsteps all over the place
  • Which reminds you to immediately pinch him after you change into a fuzzy green sweater
  • He just kinda gives his best “what are you doing, brave but foolish human” stare
  • Most people typically find that look scary but it’s a bit hard to pull that off without guy-liner and gundams current silly bed head
  • You explain that it is St. Patrick’s day and that you are supposed to pinch people who aren’t wearing green. You also explain that there are little green men who usually cause mischief and that the holiday is typically associated with gold and rainbows
  • He stops listening after “little troubling green men”
  • His eyes light up. He is so going to trap the one who SABOTAGED HIS HAMSTER HOUSE
  • You try to tell him that you were the one who put the decorations up but he! will! not! listen!
  • He sets up a trap involving a Popsicle sticks, green paint, string, hamster food, his rings and circles of destruction, hot glue, pencils, gunpowder, pens, paper, more stickers, green ink, and chocolate wrappers
  • He keeps hidden underneath the covers until he notices out of the corner of his eyes that there are small green hamster footprints leaving his line of sight
  • His new conclusion?
  • The leprechaun can shapeshift into a hamster.
  • Gundam Tanaka will find and catch the leprechaun
  • After four hours, four fucking hours of fucking doofus, the trap activates. You can hear explosions and gundam’s proud war cry
  • You honestly don’t believe him when he exclaims to you proudly that he has caught the leprechaun! But you walk into the room and there are actually small hamster footsteps that you did not make?!
  • Gundam lifts the trap and…
  • It’s just one of his hamsters that probably accidentally stepped into the ink pad
  • Gundam = amazed that one of his hamsters was actually a dark lord known as the leprechaun and he will not stop boasting to you about his power
  • He’s so adorkable that you can’t not smile at him.

Nagito Komaeda

  • So he’s already wearing green, which mean you don’t have to pinch him, so is that lucky or unlucky?
  • You’re wearing a shirt that’s literally asking him to kiss you, is that lucky or unlucky?
  • Today is a day that is surrounded by four leaf clovers, is that lUCKY or uNLUCKY?
  • Because if this is all supposed to be lucky, then something bad will happen really soon
  • He’s holding your hand and keeping you close to him all day. He tries to keep it as low key as possible that he is so scared about losing you, so he refuses to have anymore good luck come into his way.
  • Which means he won’t kiss you but he promised several kisses when you two get home again. Where he knows that you can be safer.
  • Out for a walk? Gotta hold hands.
  • Going to get a burger from a restaurant? Hold hands while eating.
  • Needing a number two bathroom break?
  • By now your hand is probably sweating
  • You do understand his clingyness though. It is really sweet but seriously? Just because you need a bathroom break and there is a possibility of bad shit happening does not mean that you need a bathroom buddy!! You tell him that in nicer terms though
  • When you exit the washroom, he is so relieved
  • You didn’t die because of him. Today is wayyy too lucky
  • What he does ignore is how in the washrooms, the green paint on the walls were wet and you slipped and got wet, thick, green wall paint all over yourself (and you didn’t want to tell him just in case he felt bad.)
  • But that’s okay
  • So now he is kissing your cheeks because he just loves how soft they are but
  • He honestly didn’t notice green paint all over you??
  • So now his mouth is covered in paint too??
  • Which is probably poisonous and toxic when ingested??
  • Fuck

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu

  • As a member of the yakuza, he didn’t get to celebrate many holidays
  • So when you pinch him he just swears
  • Why the fuck are you pinching him? Do you think you have the authority to do that?? Yeah sure, your bravery is admirable and absolutely fucking adorable but that is one thing you do not do to the heir of the yakuza.
  • You’ve also triggered Peko and she is hiding outside of the house waiting for Fuyuhiko’s signal
  • You try to explain as quickly as possible that it’s st Patrick’s day and that you supposedly get pinched if you don’t wear green.
  • That’s such a stupid rule. Why green? Does it even help that much?
  • He changes his entire outfit so it’s green anyways
  • He finds one of your green shirts and wears it because no matter how much you prod him, he will not wear the Kiss Me I’m Irish shirt
  • In return, he will allow you to paint a four leaf clover on his collarbone
  • “Make it look manly”
  • But as the day goes on, and you two hang out with the rest of the 77th class of Hope’s Peak, Fuyuhiko gets into the spirit.
  • He’s started to try and find different ways to get Nagito to take off his hoodie so he can PINCH THE LIVING FUCK OUT OF HIM
  • He teams up with Kazuichi and draws green mustaches all over Gundam’s face
  • But he claims it’s a new discipline method for the Yakuza and he wants to test it out on his classmates and you
  • It’s so adorable because he has shyly requested to put stickers all over your face and you let him. He’s also painted you green eyebrows and a cool dragon
  • The dragon he has doodled on your face would have been great if it wasn’t in a shape of a mustache
  • When you get home, he acts as if the whole day was childish and ridiculous. But it was definitely “childishly fun.” And he is so ready to have another day like that again. He asks you again and again whether you will do it next year and he is blushing and grinning non stop
  • He’s so thankful to have such a fun S/O
  • And next year he plans on catching a leprechaun

Kazuichi Soda

  • He’s on top of every single holiday
  • So obviously, he gets prepared for St. Patrick’s Day wayyyyy earlier than you do
  • You wake up to a miniature mechanical leprechaun spitting chocolate coins out of his mouth
  • The coins all have “Kiss me” written all over them. At that moment, you know who prepared this special gift for you!
  • In the kitchen, Kazuichi is making breakfast for you! Also, his pink hair now has some streaks of green.
  • But he is covered in oil and rust so you aren’t sure whether the food is safe
  • He’s literally made green eggs and ham for you, and the egg is actually cooked thoroughly! He’s also made green milk, which he promises is not rotten.
  • He swears it’s just food colouring! No way would he ever hurt his s/o!
  • When you go to hang out with his classmates, he is pinching every stranger!
  • And everyone else is pinching him back because your boyfriend simply doesn’t have enough green on him
  • An hour later, he is practically begging you to step in and help him. You give him your green scarf.
  • But now everyone is pinching you!
  • Solution? Both of you wear the scarf at the same time!
  • Now not even Hiyoko has an excuse to pinch someone! (and her pinches are really hard Dx)
  • It gives him an excuse to kiss you in public without being too embarrassed too!

Hajime (Hajimeme) Hinata

  • He really doesn’t celebrate st Patrick’s day
  • Nonetheless, he will still go along with you. He does think the pinching is a little stupid, but whatever
  • But when everyone keeps pinching him, he decides he has had enough! He is wearing a green tie, so he shouldn’t be pinched!
  • No one is listening to him except for you. You try to explain that the green tie isn’t enough for st Patrick’s day with friends.
  • It’s surely just a childish thing! He doesn’t care too much.
  • That is, until you remind him that Nagito and Akane and Nekomaru are coming. Getting pinched by them would be—
  • You two are now going shopping for some green clothes and he really needs you to drive him so u say yes ON THE CONDITION THAT YOU GET TO PICK HIS CLOTHES
  • You prank him a bit by purchasing a Kiss Me I’m Irish shirt
  • Hajime is so red and flustered it’s adorable but you make it clear that you are the only one who can kiss this pillar of salt/meme (as a form of not sincere apology)
  • Yeah, that’s right.
  • But maybe you have forgotten that a certain someone was coming
  • Screw off Nagito. You aren’t supposed to take that shirt seriously.
  • Please stop trying to kiss Hajime
  • Stap
  • Gosh dammit Nagito
When He’s Turned On - Blurbs

Requested? No.

Word Count: 589

Requests: closed still, 6 pending

Warnings: sexual themes

Simon: he will do anything to hide the fact that he’s turned on because he’s embarrassed. Or he’ll put a hand on your thigh, slowly inching it up to give you the message. When you’re alone, he’ll tell you that he loves you with big blue eyes, and in that moment you know exactly what he means.

Josh: Josh will not be able to keep his hands off you. He’ll hold your hands, twine your fingers with his, run his fingers through your hair, trail his fingertips up and down your back. He would eventually do anything to get your bodies closer together without it being too noticeable.

JJ: JJ will walk into your room saying ‘Babe, I need you.’ You’ll roll your eyes at him and watch as he sits himself down on the end of your bed, tapping his lap, telling you to sit down on him. You’ll smirk at him and give in, straddling him, starting a series of kisses, which eventually leads to other things.

Vikk: Vikk would be too shy to do anything to tell you, but if you run your hands through his hair once or press your lips to his skin, he’ll take the chance to attack you with kisses, giving you the hint.

Ethan: He’ll trace random designs on your bare arms, legs and stomach. It’ll distract you from whatever you were doing. 'Can I bring you somewhere?’ He’d ask. The first time he did this, you were confused, but you completely understood when he took your hand in his and brought you up to his bedroom.

Harry: 'Babe, I want a kiss,’ he’d whine as you two were cuddled up on the sofa. You’d giggle, gladly giving him one, but he’d instantly wrap his strong arms around your waist, pressing your body closer to his and deepening the kiss. You could feel him smiling as the kisses became more heated and passionate.

Tobi: He’d tap his foot on the floor, and when you asked him to stop, his excuse was that he had a catchy song stuck in his head. This would be his disguise for a boner when most of the guys were around. But as soon as they were gone, he’d smother you with sweet kisses, clothes flying off and feathering towards the floor. He’d ask you if you were okay with what he was doing every step of the way, of course. He’d be as gentle as he could, especially if it’s your first time.

Callux: 'Sweetheart, look at me,’ he’d whisper to you as you were watching a movie on Netflix. You’d turn your head towards him only to see that his lips were inches away from yours, and then he’d close the gap within seconds. He figured the only way to tell you he was in the mood was to get you in the mood too, and that was by giving you soft, passionate kisses. He’d often opt for French, but sometimes that would get messy quickly, so he carries you to the bedroom straight away instead.

CalFreezy: There would be some romantic music playing in the flat by the time you’d get home, and you’d be greeted by his long arms snaking around your waist, catching a glimpse of his gorgeous blue eyes before he shut them to kiss you softly. He shuts the door behind you and presses you against it as his kisses become more and more needy, and when he trails his kisses down your neck, you know what he’s thinking.

curleys  asked:

jynleia headcanons?

ahhh this is the first time someone has asked me for headcanons so thank you! <3 they is also my first time doing headcanons so sorry if they’re bad!

-okay so i feel like jyn and leia would totally start off as enemies kinda like they think they’re both jealous of each other but really jyn hates people flirting with leia

-they both discover that they’re into each other because they get into a huge argument (in the mess hall of all places) and when leia storms into the bathroom/restroom jyn follows and let’s just say they have some choice words for each other

-they’re totally the kind of girlfriends where if someone even looks at one of them the other one is ready to throw down right then and there

-jyn starting calling leia ‘princess’ as a term of endearment but  now it just makes leia blush a little (which leia hates but jyn loves)

-jyn was the Original Scoundrel (leia has a type)

-jyn and leia are also that couple where the minute they’re alone it’s just a mess of sounds and clothes flying off, they’ve almost been caught too many times

-they are also both very passionate about the rebellion and always rant together about it (just yelling inspiring speeches between each other)

-also im like 100% sure they would totally have matching bracelets to remember each other when separated on missions  

-leia kept one of jyn’s jackets with her throughout the years

-they would try out different hairstyles together and leia actually learned how to do the ‘hoth hair’ because of jyn

-they are just badass girlfriends who would die for each other

One Night Stand

You were nursing your third (or was it your fourth) drink when you saw him walk up to the bar. He was absolutely gorgeous. Everything about him, from his broad shoulders to the way his dimples dug into his cheeks, appealed to you. You downed the rest of your drink in one sip, ignoring the burn of alcohol as the cool liquid went down your throat, and got out of your chair. You walked right up to him and smiled before introducing yourself. He looked at you, his eyes widening and chucking nervously.

“Hi. I’m Hongbin.” He said. His voice was surprisingly deep. You pretended that you hadn’t heard him and leaned in closer.

“What is it?” you asked as you placed your hand on his forearm and dragged it down until your fingertips brushed against his. Hongbin’s tongue ran along his lips quickly and a smirk began to etch into his face.

“Hongbin, Lee Hongbin.” He murmured into your ear, his breath on your ear sending goose bumps down your back.

“Dance with me.” you said rather than asked. He took a big gulp of his drink and followed you to the crowded dance floor. He was a little stiff and you were a little drunk but eventually the two of you found a rhythm. You weren’t normally one to go out and dance (or walk right up to the most handsome guy at the bar for that matter), but the alcohol made you bold. You were enjoying the effects, swaying your hips to the music and letting loose. Hongbin’s hands rested on your hips respectfully, but his eyes were dark as he watched you dance. You grabbed his hands and slid them down so that he was almost gripping your ass. “It’s okay. You can touch me.” you said to him. Hongbin laughed apprehensively as his hands timidly began exploring the curves of your body. He was slowly gaining some of your confidence and, once he let go, he was actually a very good dancer. He took your hand and twirled you so that your back was facing his front. His hands came around your waist with more urgency than before while your hand came up to cup the back of his head. You could feel his hardening member pressing against your butt and grinded against him. A deep moan came from him as his hands begin to play with the hem of your shirt. You tilted your head, moving all of your hair to one side and giving him access to your neck. Hongbin’s lips immediately found the exposed part of your neck and latched on. You let out a loud moan at the contact and tightened your grip on the hair at the nape of his neck.

“I want you so bad.” He said before licking the shell of your ear. You smiled to yourself. Who were you to deny such a beautiful person?

“How bad do you want me?” you teased, turning your face to look at him. His lips came down and caught yours in a soft kiss. He deepened this kiss to the point that you were feeling drunk off the taste of him and your different alcohols mixing.

“Take me home” he whispered your ear. You turned to face him and looked him in the eye to decipher if he was serious. The dark, lustful look in his eye told you he was far from joking. You grabbed his hand and snaked through the club hand in hand. Once outside, Hongbin hailed a cab fairly quickly. He opened the door for you and climbed in after you.

“Where to?” the driver asked. Hongbin looked at you. You looked back at him then at the taxi driver, opening your mouth to speak yet unable to get anything except a hiccup out.

“Take us to the closest hotel.” Hongbin said. “Is that okay?” he asked looking at you.

“That’s fine with me.” You said before he leaned in to kiss you again, his hands cupping your face and holding you close. You kissed him back, the weight of taking a stranger home off your shoulders. Your hand traveled down his chest and over his clothed six pack before palming on the tent in his pants. Hongbin growled lowly and kissed you hard. You could feel his desperation and you’d be lying if you said you weren’t just as desperate for him. The cab stopped in front of a nice hotel. Hongbin paid the driver and got a room at an unprecedented speed. You back hugged Hongbin while he fumbled with the room key. Your hand ventured down the front of his hands when Hongbin flung the door open. He all but yanked you inside and slammed the door behind him. He pushed you against the wall and kissed you passionately, pressing his hips into yours. You began snatching each other’s clothes off, buttons flying in every direction. You quickly unbuckled Hongbin’s belt and let his pants drop to the floor. He put his hands on wall, enclosing you between himself and the door. You kissed his lower abs, your fingers hooking onto his boxers, and looked him in the eyes as you licked over his clothed erection.

“Don’t tease me, baby” He warned softly. “If you tease me you won’t be coming tonight.” He added. You liked the change from the shy boy to this daddy. You freed his pulsating cock and took it in your hand. You flattened your tongue and licked him from the base to the top, swirling your tongue around his leaking tip before licking back down to the base. Hongbin’s groans and moans guided you as you took him in your mouth. When you hollowed your cheeks and bobbed your head up and down, Hongbin let out a less-than-manly cry and gripped your hair. “Fuck, your mouth is so good, baby.” He said. You hummed around him, the vibrations causing Hongbin to spew unintelligible moans under his breath. You came up, the vulgar pop as your lips left his cock giving you a satisfied smile. You started to pump him in your hand, your saliva acting as a lube, until Hongbin grabbed your chin and made you look up at you. “I want to taste you.” He said pulling you up and picking you up. He set you on the table and yanked your panties down. He spread your legs and draped one of your thighs over his shoulders. He wasted no time pleasing you, dipping his tongue into your dripping entrance. You moaned and threw your head back, hitting the wall at the feeling of his warm tongue on you. He lapped at the arousal at your entrance and licked up and down your lips, carefully avoiding your sensitive clit. His slowly fucked you with his tongue, the wet muscle causing you to moan out in frustration. You wanted him so bad and he was drawing this out as long as he could. Hongbin flattened his tongue out and ran it against your clit harshly. You screamed out at the assault, your aching clit sending sparks through your body. Hongbin’s tongue flicked against your clit relentlessly, only stopping to tongue fuck you occasionally. You could feel yourself getting close to your orgasm, Hongbin having found the perfect combination of flicking your clit with his tongue, when he suddenly and without warning pulled away.

“Hongbin!!!” you whined, lifting your hips up into thin air searching for any contact. Hongbin laughed and kissed the inside of your thigh.

“I don’t want you coming just yet, baby” he said, his lips covered in your juices. He reached over to his pants lying on the floor and pulled out a condom. “I want you to come around my cock while I fuck you.” He said. If looks could kill, you were sure he’d have been dead where he stood. You snatched the condom from his hand and stood up (a little wobbly) and pushed him towards the bed. Hongbin was taken aback by the change in power, but went with it. You took his cock in your hand and rolled the condom on before straddling him. Hongbin grabbed your hips expectantly as you lined yourself up with him. You leaned forward and kissed him before slowly sliding down onto him.

“Oh my god.” He huffed, his grip on your hips tightening. You moaned deeply, savoring the feeling of his fullness stretching you, before you began to ride him. Hongbin sat up, holding you tightly, and took one of your nipples in his mouth. You moaned out at him, holding onto his broad shoulders while he worshipped your body. You pushed him back down onto the bed and slammed your hips down on him again and again. Hongbin arched his hips up into you, meeting you thrust for thrust. You felt yourself getting dizzy as your whole body focused on your impending orgasm. You let out several broken moans as you came hard on him. You collapsed forward, barely holding yourself above Hongbin. He reached up and moved some of your hair out of your face. He gripped your hips and held you in place as he pumped into you erratically. You bit into his shoulder and held onto him as he fucked you. His thrusts became jerkier until one well-placed thrust had him coming undone. Hongbin’s grip gradually became softer until he was rubbing soothing circles into your skin. You rolled over and slammed into the pillow ungracefully but contentedly. You almost fell asleep, but sat up and ran a hand through your hair, mumbling to yourself about the whereabouts of your clothes as you got out of bed. Hongbin, who was struggling to keep his eyes open, reached out for you. “Don’t leave.” He said.

“You want me to stay?” you asked.

“Yeah.” He said bashfully. “We can order room service.” You tried to hide your smile. Even with his hair a mess, all sweaty and fucked out, he still managed to be cute. “Stay with me.” he said, reaching out for you. You took his hand and got back in bed, figuring what the hell. Hongbin smiled his dimpled smile and wrapped his arm around you comfortably. You snuggled up to him, enjoying the warmth from his body, before dosing off into a peaceful sleep.

Today, I fucked up by having a one night stand

Obligatory disclaimer: This happened a couple of months ago. My friends encouraged me to post here about it and today I decided to. I know, I know…

So, a good friend of mine invited me to a cowboy themed drag show he was putting on as fund raiser for a pretty bad flood that happened in our area recently. I accepted and showed up on time but realized pretty quickly that “on time” is early and no one really shows up early anymore. Should’ve known.

After the obligatory “hello’s” and “how ya doin’s” to my buddy and the other folks running the event, I found the bar and settled in. Drink in hand, I began scoping out the few people that had trickled in since I arrived. I didn’t really expect to find anyone I’d be into at this event but hey, I’d gone through a pretty bad break up a couple of weeks prior and was feeling desperate for some action.

After chatting with the bartender for a while I finish my second drink. Feeling a little loose, I turn around to check out the new arrivals when I notice an old friend of mine sitting alone at a table on her phone.

I walk over, say hello and we begin to catch up. I hadn’t seen Angela (nope, not her real name) in about a year and find out she was in from out of town and meeting up with a few of the folks I planned on seeing this evening as well. Score. We’d always had a mutual attraction to each other but never acted on it since I had always been in a relationship. Obviously I’m thinking that shouldn’t be a problem now.

The night progresses and we meet up with all our mutual friends. We drink. We dance. We have a blast. Everything is going well and her and I are really hitting it off.

Once the show ends, someone suggests we go to another bar and as a group, we all agree. Everyone is already quite drunk so inhibitions are pretty low. Angela and I made out on our way to the bar and I’m feeling like a boss ass player.

One or two bars later and we end up at an after hours dance club. It should be noted that Angela and I pretty drunk at this point and I convinced myself that I’m some sort of amazing dance god. She’s digging it even if I’m struggling to keep from falling down so I go in for the kill.

“You wernt ta come over ter my place??”

I asked right before the beat dropped so I never actually heard what she said but it was something along the lines of, “Sure. I guess.”

Fuck yes. I’m da best.

I call an Uber and we start heading towards my apartment. She has us stop at a 7-11 to get her a toothbrush and I grab an ice cream sandwich. This night is going way better than I thought it would.

We get home and our clothes start flying off. My buddy had given me a couple of Viagra a while back so I pop one. I didn’t want to get whiskey dick so it seemed like a good idea at the time.

We start going at it and the Viagra kicks in. My Tony Stark turns into Iron Man and for about 15 minutes, we have amazing sex. I feel like such a boss.

She flips over and prepares herself to ride Reverse Cowgirl. I remember thinking, “Hmmm. Things seem a little dry down there.” just before she slams down on the saddle.

You know that moment when you’re in so much unexpected pain that your brain doesn’t even really register it? You know something bad just happened but you don’t really feel it yet. That’s about where I was in that moment.

I shout in pain and push her off. I look down at my boy and blood is shooting out of the front. Literally shooting out. The Viagra and high alcohol content are pumping out blood like the fucking Bellagio Fountains.

I run to the bathroom holding my junk and jump into the bath tub. She comes careening in after me shout-asking what the hell happened. I shout-tell her to shut up and take a deep breath before examining the damage.

Turns out, her forceful mount and lack of lube put an abnormal amount of stress on my bowstring (Frenulum is the technical term) and popped the little guy right in half.

So here I am, sitting naked in the shower, unwillingly rock hard, drunk and bleeding an impressive amount. She becomes hysterical, starts crying and calls her Dad.

Why her Dad? Well, apparently he’s a doctor. Apparently she thinks he can give her some advice or home remedy to fix my broken bowstring at 4 AM in the morning. Yeah. I don’t think so.

You know what this guy says? “Why are you talking to me? Take him to the hospital.” Thanks Angela’s dad. Real helpful.

After about 15 minutes, the bleeding slowed slightly but I’m starting to feel pretty woozy. The shock of the situation finally subsides and I begin laughing uncontrollably. I think, “This is what’s happening to me right now. Everything I’ve done in life has led up to me boner bleeding in the shower. This is what I have become.”

Angela puts some clothes on and grabs the keys to my car. She tells me to get out of the shower and meet her out front to go to the ER. I tell her she better Yelp the best one because I’m not having some 4 star doctor handle my precious wounded hog. She’s not very happy with me at that moment.

As I shamble out of the shower and gingerly put some clothes on, I look around for the nearest object to carry my broken junk in. Maybe a smart person would grab a towel but nope, I grab a wide mouth Mason jar that was sitting on the counter and tuck my dick and balls in that. Why both? It was just more comfortable that way.

The blood isn’t coming out as much at this point but I still have an erection. Pants pulled up to my thighs and holding the bloody Mason jar between my legs, I walk outside and get in the car.

We drive the 5 minutes to an Urgent Care (5 star rated on Yelp, of course) and I walk in there with all my glory showing and no fucks to give. There’s a few people in the waiting room but the guy behind the counter doesn’t want me sitting in there with them because my pants aren’t pulled up so I get the VIP treatment and see the doctor right away.

I explain the situation to Dr. Ted while Nurse Caroline takes my Mason jar and throws it away (I mean, I didn’t want it back I guess). Ted is in his late 60’s and and Caroline isn’t far behind in age. Ted gets the thing clean and puts pressure on it when he drops the bad news.

“OP, the bleeding isn’t really going to stop with out putting pressure on it. I don’t want to stand here all night and hold your [Glorious Member] so we’re gonna have to stitch it up.”


I ask if there’s anything else we can do. Literally anything else. Glue? Bandaid? Caroline puts pressure on it? No dice.

In a last ditch effort, I ask for some sort of anesthetic but he explains that would be more painful than just getting the stitches.

Caroline holds my hand. I glare at Angela. Ted puts 3 stitches in. I cried. We all bonded.

Angela and I drove back to my place in silence. She left back to her hotel shortly after we got back. We haven’t talked since then but I like to think the conversation with her dad the next day was very awkward.

Three days later I got the stitches out. Ted and Caroline weren’t there so I had to explain the story to a whole new set of people. They laughed, a lot. I left them a 5 star review on Yelp.

TL;DR I thought I was a boss ass bro getting a one night stand. Ended up breaking my dick and going to the ER.


Imagine #38 || Request #35

Here’s another imagine I hope you guys would like! In other news, this update will slowly be followed by another imagine… like literally s l o w because I only got a quick free time to get back to writing. I’ll try to post photos of what interiors I’ve designed soon that was due last Monday. 

Warnings: spoiler alert* for those who haven’t watched season 5B

If errors occur, I apologize.


Silently watching the game from the bleachers with the crowd cheering as they stood right when the Cyclones scored another goal, you gasped at the same time when you saw quick bursts of Brett’s bloodied face flashing in your head at that same moment. Your eyes quickly darted towards the players of Devenford Prep and searched for the said boy. When the banshee sitting beside you noticed the worry lines on your face, she sat back down and asked you what was wrong.

“Brett,” you answered, your voice slightly shaky.

Unlike the banshee, you were the kind that foresaw the oncoming death but tries to prevent it. You were somewhat the purgatory of people before some of them truly fell to their eternal sleep. It wasn’t a surprise that you ended up being a part of Scott’s pack since most banshees had someone like you sticking by their side, and with Lydia being one, you were drawn to her in which the banshee in her instantly recognized you as somewhat its apprentice. (a/n: idk if you guys know any creatures that are like this, but no, it’s not like what Parish is *spoiler alert(maybe? Most definitely) for the next scene(s) for those who haven’t watched Season 5B yet, I’ve warned you the second time ;) *)

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I Care *smut*

Author: obrosey-af

Characters: Stiles x OC

Word count: 1,666 (i’m dead serious and I don’t wanna talk about it lol)

Warnings: smut, sex

A/N just an idea i’ve been wanting to mess with, I hope ya’ll like it! Let ya girl know whatchya think. -Er


Originally posted by teendeucalion

“So am I going to see you later?”

“Hmm, we’ll see,” I wink, pushing Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome away from leaning against my body against my locker.

Once he walked away, I turn around and begin spinning the lock and swinging the door open.

“Really? That guy?” Stiles asks, popping up to my left, his face all contorted.

“What? Tanner’s sweet,” I smile, flipping through folders and binders stacked neatly on the narrow shelf.

Tanner is an idiot. He asked Coach this morning what economics was…in economics class!” he exclaims, arms flailing in every direction, “He’s not exactly the brightest crayon in the box, G, just some dumb jock.”

“Well, it’s a good thing I’m not seeing him for his brains then,” I smirk as I shut the locker door.

“Can you at least just pick one? Instead of stringing a whole slue of guys along,” he asks, throwing his arms up in defeat, sounding slightly annoyed.

“Oh my god, dad, calm down,” I snap, walking past him.

“I’m not being a dad, Griffen, I’m just-” he begins.

“You’re just what? Worried about me?” I cut him off. I knew very well what he was going to say, he’s said it enough times before.

Stiles opened his mouth to say something, but stopped and looked to the ground, shoving his hands in his pockets.

“I just don’t want you to get hurt,” he sighed, looking up to meet my gaze.

“It’s not a big deal, Stiles, I’m just having fun,” I insisted, patting him on the shoulder before walking away down the hallway.

Sure, I’ve been around the blocks a few times. I’ll see a guy for a week or so in a completely platonic we only want sex kind of way and then we both move on. My friends have never judged me for it. To be honest, they don’t really care enough to have an opinion. Nothing I’m doing is hurting me, so it’s not a problem. Stiles, however, has always seemed to find something wrong with the guy. Connor was too short for me, Ethan talked about himself too much, Tanner’s too dumb. The list goes on. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say Stiles had a crush on me, but I apparently don’t know any better because Stiles Stilinski does not have feelings for me.

Later that night, I sat in the bleachers with Lydia, watching the last few minutes of the lacrosse game. I told Tanner I would come see him play, but I was really only there for what we were going to do after. The final buzzer sounded, leaving the score 5-2 Beacon Hills. The players started slowly making their way off the field, grabbing their gym bags from the bench. Tanner walked over just as Lydia and I made it off the stands. He wrapped his arms around my shoulders, placing a chaste kiss to my lips. I started to say something when he pulled away, but Stiles interjected.

“Griffen, I need to talk to you,” he spoke so quickly, his words seemed to all blend together.

“Can it wait?” I asked in an annoyed tone, looking back up at Tanner.

“I need to talk to you, like now,” he pressed.

I took a deep breath and rid my face of my annoyance, switching to a smile for Tanner.

“I’ll be right back, okay?” I smiled, patting him on the chest.

He mumbled an ‘okay’ as Stiles grabbed my arm and practically dragged me towards the parking lot.

“Stiles, will you tell me what you’re doing?” I exclaimed as we came to a halt next to his beat up jeep.

Instead of answering me, he lightly pressed his body against mine, leaning me against the jeep as he rested his lips on mine, exhaling deeply. It took me a moment to realize what was happening. I was so mesmerized by the way his lips were moving so in sync with mine, pulling back didn’t even cross my mind.

“Stiles, what the hell,” I mumbled against his lips as I took his lower lip in between my teeth.

Stiles pulled his head away just enough to look me in the eyes and he took a deep breath.

“Do you know how fucking insane I go every time I see you with some new guy?” He asked in a raspy voice, sounding slightly angry.

“What?” was all I could muster after Stiles literally just took my breath away.

“Every fucking time you tell me about your new boy toy of the week, every fucking time I see his body pressed against yours like mine is right now, I go out of my mind, G,” he says, his voice a bit more calm.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I whispered.

“Why didn’t I tell you?” He laughed as he completely broke all contact between us.

“I didn’t tell you because you were happy, G. You seemed so goddamn happy hooking up with those guys because that’s all you wanted,” he sighed, “All you wanted was sex and that’s not all I wanted with you.”

“That’s not all I want…” My voice in a hushed tone once again, my bottom quivering slightly. “That’s all they wanted.”

“What’re you talking about?” He sighed, walking closer to me once again.

“They’re the ones who only wanted sex, Stiles, they didn’t want to actually be with me,” I exclaimed, becoming frustrated.

“Then why do give it to them?” concern filling his voice.

“Because no one wanted me!” I shouted a little too loud and looked around to see if anyone was standing by. “It’s a win win if you think about it,” I laugh.

I carried on when Stiles didn’t answer.

“They win because they get laid and I win because for a little bit I actually feel like I’m with someone, like they care about me more than to just sleep with me.”

I was past feeling upset now. I’m frustrated, and annoyed and a little pissed off at Stiles for making me admit all of this.

“I care,” Stiles said nonchalantly, shrugging his shoulders.

“About what?” I snapped.

“You! I care about you, you big idiot!”

“Shut up, Stiles,” I brushed him off as I went to walk back towards the field.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Stiles exclaimed, pinning me against the car with his hands on either side next to my head.

“How the hell can you stand here and tell me that I don’t care about you, huh?” he said, his face inches from mine. “Why the hell would I be standing here, Griffen? If I didn’t care, you’d be over there with the guy who’s dumber than the his goddamn lacrosse stick.”

“His name is Tanner,” I giggled.

“I don’t care what his name is, I only care about you right now and the fact that I’m trying to profess my goddamn love for you and you’re going on about yourself, do you know how selfish you are?” he joked, a smirk creeping across his face.

I craned my neck forward and pressed my lips to his roughly. His hands moved from the car to my face to cup my cheeks. My hands found the hem of his jersey and I slowly slid my hands up, moving over every one of his toned muscles. I felt him tense under my touch and his hands flew to my hips, pulling me flush against him, revealing the growing bulge in his lacrosse shorts. I dragged my hands down, stopping at the elastic band of his shorts and pulled slightly at the front of them.

“If you keep doing that, I’m throwing you in the car right now,” he mumbled as his breath hitched in this throat.

I’m pretty sure he only meant to think it in his head instead of saying it out loud because his lips froze and his eyes were open wide.

“How about I save you trouble and get in myself,” I whisper huskily, reaching for the handle of the back door.

We climbed inside and before I knew it, hands were grazing all over bodies and clothes were flying off. I straddled Stiles after I assisted him in removing his boxer briefs and me my panties. He stroked himself a few times before lining himself up with my entrance.

“I love you too,” I exhaled against his lips.

Stiles stopped his movements and pulled away to look at me.

“Don’t say that just so this will happen and because I said it,” he gestured towards our current position.”

“I’m not,” I smiled shyly, “I do love you, you big idiot.”

Kissing again, we smiled against each other’s lips. I slowly lowered my body onto his, letting him fill me completely. We both wait a second for me to adjust to him before we both started slowly thrusting our hips up and down. His lips left mine and found my neck, licking small strips before placing a kiss over top. His breath was hot against skin, sending an electric feeling throughout my body.

“Oh my god,” Stiles mumbled, his breathing getting shallow.

I moaned his name as his thrusts became harder and faster while profanities fell from his lips.

“Griffen,” he moaned.

His breathing became calmer and deeper and his movements became sloppy. His cock twitched inside of me, followed by liquids filling me completely. He offered a few more thrusts for me to ride out my high, which sent me over the edge and I came around him. We sat in the same position as we tried to calm our breathing, our foreheads resting against each other’s. I raised my body up, pulling him out of me and plopped on to the seat next to him. He leaned over and placed his hand just below my ear, pressing his lips hard to mine.

“I’m the only one you do this with now, got it?” He smiled, nudging my nose with his.

“Got it.”

anonymous asked:

Lmaoo your hashtags on the "he fell so cutely" are so saltyyyy. Spread the salllt spread itttt

I need Jimin to know he’s not fooling me. I know what he’s doing!  I’m not going to fall victim to his panty dropper ways! My panties are staying firmly on my body, thank you very much!

Originally posted by ridinginboyswithcars

It’s not my fault if the rest of my clothes come flying off when he’s around.

anonymous asked:

for the fic request: magnus taking care of alec or vice versa?

i went with alec taking care of magnus!!

There’s a sharp, bruising chill to the air and it does nothing to ease the frayed edges of Alec’s nerves. He should have applied a thermos rune before he left; the weather is starting to turn and Alec owns approximately one jacket that he hates to wear. It’s worn and ill-fitting and slashed open at one sleeve, so wrecked that just thinking about standing beside Magnus in it makes Alec hot in the face. Magnus always looks immaculately put together with sharp clean edges and soft silk curves and if he’s being honest, Alec can’t understand why Magnus would be into a Shadowhunter who owns four pairs of the same jeans and a handful of fraying jumpers.

Magnus is the reason Alec is powering through the cold right now.

The two of them have been taking things slow and tentative ever since the wedding, which Alec appreciates. He hasn’t been in the right space to even think about managing a relationship what with Jace still missing and the entire Clave being in up in arms about it. They did go for dinner a few weeks back, a quiet affair with gentle smiles and tentative touches that gave Alec a few hours to escape the constant headache of his lost parabatai, but they haven’t had time for an awful lot else. Magnus is being predictably wonderful about the whole thing; many a night has Alec found himself on Magnus’ sofa, Magnus’ hand a soothing presence in his own as he rambles on about his deepest fears and how sorely he wishes Jace was here. It’s like a breather, seeing Magnus, a few hours where he doesn’t have to be the strong leader that everyone needs him to be.

The problem is, Magnus hasn’t answered anyone’s calls for the past two days and Alec is a little worried.

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anonymous asked:

If you're still doing prompts and are comfortable writing it, how about either cam girl ladybug or cam boy chat noir? Personally I'd love to see how you'd write cam boy chat noir but it's your choice :) only if you're comfortable writing it xx


Ah, you are really sweet anon, asking me if I’m comfortable with it. That’d be a yes, lol. I’m not the best writer for sin, but I’m trying. Also, I kind of thought of a cam au before and you just gave me a reason to write it lol. And I’m glad you are more interested in cam boy Chat, cause that would have been my pick. So here we go.


Adrien honestly didn’t remember how this started. No, literally he didn’t remember. He was pretty convinced he make an account on that site while drunk and sad. Seriously, his brain, in drowned in sadness and expensive wine said ‘hey, why don’t you become a cam boy, you are handsome enough for people to pay to see you get naked’. And he actually did it. What possessed him to actually keep the whole thing on? A feeling of extreme confidence and sexiness that he had the nerve to display only while wearing a mask. The mask was part of the appeal sure, though Adrien wore it at first because the last thing he needed was pictures or videos of Adrien Agreste doing cam work. That would have been a scandal he would never get out of.

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Don’t touch her

Originally posted by hopeatuuli

Request: Namjoon scenario where his gf is being bully(the bully likes y/n) and Namjoon hears that y/n is being bully and he stops the bully by hitting him. It leans to smut.

“Hello! (Y/N)! Don’t ignore me when I’m talking to you!” Jun got in your face, pushing you up against a locker. “I think I asked if you’re free later tonight.” Jun had blocked your view from anything that wasn’t him. He grabbed your chin, forcing you to look up at him. “Are you going to answer or not?” 

“I’m busy later tonight. I don’t have time for your petty games. Let me go.”You elbowed Jun in his ribs, taking the breath out of him. You were three strides away from the door when Jun grabbed you by your wrists, forcing you to him. “Babygirl, you don’t have to lie. Don’t hide your feelings for me. I want you just as bad.” 

“I have someone waiting for me outside. Please stop. Let me go.” You were struggling against him, trying your hardest to get him to let you go. “I think she asked you to let her go.”Jun froze, tightening his hold on you. “I don’t think this is any of your business buddy. Why don’t you get out of here and leave me and my girl alone.” The voice got closer, until he was right behind Jun. “Why don’t you get out of here and leave my girl alone? Or would you rather have my fist in your face?” 

Jun released you, looking back at the person.Your head hung low, you already knew who the person was; you just didn’t expect him to actually be here.  “Who do you think you are? Don’t you know when to butt out of another person’s business?”  Namjoon looked at you, then back to Jun. “I think i’m (Y/N)’s boyfriend so her business is mine when someone or something is upsetting her. Don’t you know when a person says ‘no’ or ‘stop’ that means you listen to them?” 

“That’s not what she said the other day.” Namjoon punched Jun in the face for that comment.  Namjoon repeatedly punched him in the face until there was no movement from him. You stayed planted with your head hung low. Namjoon gently placed his hands on your shoulders and went down to your level. “(Y/N)? Are you okay? Did he touch you?” You shook your head, violently trying to hold back the tears that wanted to pour out oh so badly.

“Hey, it’s okay Jagi. Let’s go back to the dorm okay?” Namjoon pulled you into an embrace as he helped you out of the building, leaving Jun there unconscious. When you finally got back to the dorm, Namjoon carried you in bridal style, making sure that you were taken care of. “Jagi’s back!” The maknae line attacked the two of you when you walked in. “Don’t touch her! Guys we need some space for right now okay? I will tell you guys what happened later. 

The guys looked concerned as they left you and Namjoon. You wanted to tell them what happened, but you had to tell Namjoon first. Namjoon left you in the living room and came back with a glass of water and the comforter off of his bed. Namjoon draped the comforter over the two of you and gave you the glass of water to drink. “Are you going to tell me what happened?”

You kept your head bowed for a few minutes until Namjoon raised your chin up to look at him.”It’s okay if don’t want to tell me. I just want to make sure you’re okay.”

“I’m okay. I just really hate that guy. I didn’t want to tell you that he has been bullying me for a while now. He still believes the whole elementary school thing that if you like a girl you’re supposed be rude and bully her to get her attention.” Namjoon was quiet. You looked out of the corner of your eye to see him with his head bowed and his fists clenched. 

“Namjoon? What’s wrong?” Namjoon pulled you into his embrace, kissing the top of your head repeatedly.  “I’m sorry. I’m sorry I wasn’t there to protect you.” You pulled away, confused as to why he would think that it’s his fault. “No it’s okay. It’s not your fault. I should’ve told you about this and then you wouldn’t be feeling like this.” You kissed Namjoon tenderly just to let him know that none of this was his fault. He responded, kissing you back with just a little more force. 

The kiss started picking up speed. There was a good possibility that neither one of you knew what you were doing at the time, but clothes started flying off and Namjoon was leaving dark purple marks over your neck while his hand were working your breasts. Soft quiet moans came from him as you palmed his member through his jeans, massaging him. “Don’t be a tease baby. Do something about it.” 

You pulled away from him, making your way down to the growing bulge in his pants. Hastily, you unbuttoned his pants, puling his boxers down with them to reveal his excited member. Being able to see him grow before you took him in your mouth had you rubbing your thighs together, trying to ease the throbbing from your heated core. You pumped him a few times, making him grow to his full size. 

You licked the slit of his head, gathering the taste of pre-cum in your mouth. “Baby quit being a tease, before I take control.” You wanted him to take control, but you also wanted to be the one to pleasure him for once. Just as Namjoon was going to grab you to take control, you took him fully into your mouth; nose against his happy trail. Namjoon tilted his head back against the couch, a low growl rumbling in his chest. “Fuck baby, don’t make me cum already.” 

The feeling of him in your mouth sent shivers down your spine. You wanted him to finish in your mouth. You wanted his hot seed to run down your throat. You continued bobbing your head at a fast pace, tongue going over his slit everytime you got to his head. His member began to twitch in your mouth, letting you know he was close. “Stop. I want to make sure you’re taken care of as well.” 

Namjoon gripped your shoulders, prying you off of him as he laid your down on the couch. He ripped off the shorts you were wearing, dragging your panties down with them. “Jagi, why do you even bother to wear panties? You ruin them everytime you see me. It’s nice to know that I can make you this wet and no one else can.” Two of his fingers found their way through your entrance, catching you off guard. You thought you were going to explode with just his fingers inside of you.

Just as soon as his fingers we inside of you, they were out just as fast; leaving you feeling empty and needy.  Namjoon placed himself at your entrance, being the one to tease you this time. “Baby please. Fuck me.” You moved your hips to where his head was in between your folds. He moaned at the sensation that you were giving him. 

He pushed himself inside of you, moving slowly back out before thrusting all of him inside of you. Eagerly you moved your hips against him, wanting to increase the friction that was already there. Namjoon put both hands on your hips, wanting to be in control. The pace began to pick up and you could feel him against your walls. An endless chorus of moans came from both of you as you both pushed each other to your climax.

You could feel his member begin to twitch and his movements became more sloppy as he brought his mouth down to yours to silence the moans. Not that that helped at all. Namjoon hit his climax first, but continued to thrust into you until yours hit and he rode his off at the same time. Namjoon pulled out of you when he knew your high was over. He left you on the couch as he grabbed a warm washcloth to clean you off. He brought you to his chest as the two of you laid on the couch, continually pressing kisses to the other wherever you could find skin that hasn’t been touched. 

“Next time that guy tries to mess with you, let me know and I’ll take care of it okay?” You nodded your head. Knowing that he will always be there to take care of you made you realize just how much you love him. Damn you were lucky.

The stars burn for us.

Ereri one shot I did for a dear friend today.
78% smut.
Slight bondage? Whipping. Subspace. ( Some say subspace counts as violence ) Omegaverse. Slight Canonverse. Reincarnation. Anal sex. Sensory deprivation. Hella sad intro. Maybe some fluff? ( whatevenisfluff/Ionlywritefluffforher ) I don’t know what other warnings to add? 2,733 word count. Read at your own peril.

“Levi, I can’t see you any more …”

Eren’s voice was incredibly weak, nearly lost to the wind. Levi clung desperately to the boy’s hand, skin growing colder with every heartbeat.

“You should be healing. What’s wrong?” Levi spoke softly, desperately hiding the sadness in his voice. He couldn’t understand. Eren always recovered from his injuries. Levi had applied tourniquets to each of Eren’s thighs in a desperate bid to stop the greedy flow of blood. A 16 meter Titan was responsible for the amputation of Eren’s lower limbs. It now lay behind them, a ribboned shadow of its former self - evaporating in steam.

“I can’t see … I’m scared …”

“Shh. I’m here.”

Levi took Eren’s hand and pressed it against his cheek. He could feel Eren’s thumb try to move, to brush against his skin. Levi offered help, moving Eren’s hand lightly with his own. He wanted desperately to open up - let out these horrid feelings, but he couldn’t. Levi needed to stay strong for Eren. Being humanity’s strongest had never been such a burden before.

He didn’t know how long they sat there - Hours could’ve passed and it wouldn’t have changed anything.

“It doesn’t … Hurt any more.”

“Good. That’s good.” It was all Levi could think to say.

“I love you Levi. I’m s-sorry. I know … You wanted to get married.”

“Tch. Don’t worry about such things right now.”

Eren smiled blindly. Levi leaned down and brushed his lips against the others. “It’s okay, Eren.”

“F-fate … Is cruel. If I could ask you … For anythin-” Eren choked and Levi raised the boy up, cradling his head with a gentle touch. “- Please. I want … To see you again. Another day, another life. Never forget me. E-even if you come to love anoth-.”

Levi’s eyes widened as Eren’s chest ceased all movement. “No …” He whispered softly. Eren’s face no longer held furrowed lines of pain. His face had relaxed, illuminated by the light of the sun. Drops of clear liquid splattered against the blood that stained Eren’s skin. But it wasn’t raining?

Eyelids fluttered against a blurry liquid. He was crying. A dam had burst open. Forceful sobs racked his body, making it hard to breathe.

“AHHH!” Levi screamed with a blind fury.

After some time, Levi dimly became aware of his surroundings once again. He was still clutching Eren’s body tightly in his arms.

“You’ve … Left me. You stupid brat. You promised you never would.” Levi leaned down until his forehead pressed against Eren’s. Blood had long since dried on the boys’ skin. “I failed you. Fuck, I couldn’t get to you in time. I’m so sorry” The tears threatened again as Levi slumped down on top of the lifeless body. “I feel so small …” He whispered.

Humanity’s strongest crumbled under the weight of his world crashing down.

////////// Far too many lifetimes later.~

“I want you to send me into subspace. I read online that it’s part of BDSM. I know you’re into that.”


“I knew you’d say that. Stubborn alpha.”

“Tch.” Levi rolled his eyes and went back to reading his book. By some fucking alignment of the stars or a red tendril of fate, Levi had met up with Eren again. That day had started out relatively mundane. Levi woke and had been in the process of his daily commute to work when he’d bumped into an omega on the streets. Both of them halted - a complete standstill as memories flooded.

Since that day, they’d been nigh inseparable - Lazily wasting the days loving each other. Everything had been fine until a nosey little omega had gone through Levi’s things. A hidden stash containing a varied assortment of ‘play toys’. Since then, Eren had been hounding him, pleading for Levi to indulge his curiosity.

“Let me into your world, Levi. I know it’s only been a few months since we found each other - But don’t you think it’s time? I’m dying to live. Something’s gotta give.”

“You don’t know what you’re asking for, brat.” Levi had looked up from his book once more, gazing at Eren’s pleading eyes. He sighed heavily, unable to understand. The omega had died - in his arms. A death Levi wouldn’t wish on anyone. He’d only guessed at how excruciating it could’ve been.

“Why do you ask me to give you pain? Surely you realize that’s what subspace entails? You’re asking me to /hurt/ you, Eren.”

“I want this. Every part of you. God damnit, enough is enough. Let me in.”

“Eren …” Levi sighed quietly. They’d been going back and forth on the topic for so long. It had even devolved into full blown arguments on more than one occasion.


Levi hesitated, then finally nodded his head.

“Yes!” Eren jumped up from his chair in exuberance. “When do we start?! Now?!”

“So soon?!” Levi quipped.

“Why not? Life is short. I don’t want to waste any more time.”

“Tch. I know that very well.” Not even four months after they’d found each other, they’d gotten married. A fated pair, denied for far too long.

“I know I need a safe word … I was thinking Sina.” Eren chuckled while Levi balked. He still couldn’t understand how Eren could make such jokes about their past life.

“Very well. Go to the bedroom and rid yourself of your clothing.” Levi said quietly. He still felt incredibly reluctant.

“Sure thing Captain!” Eren disappeared in a whirlwind of excitement, clothes flying off as he went.

Levi licked his lips and closed his book, setting it down on the table. He followed distantly behind Eren. Once he entered the doorway, he gasped. Eren sat perched on the edge of the bed completely nude, spinning a pair of medal cuffs around his index finger.

“You will call me Sir, and nothing else from this point on.”

Eren nodded gleefully, practically bristling in his excitement.

“When you are unable to speak, use two fingers to make a ‘peace’ sign. That is your alternate safe word.” Once more, Eren nodded. Levi approached their shared closet and pulled free a small black box. He flipped the lid up and extracted a blindfold as well as two small foam ear plugs.

He turned and closed the distance between himself and Eren. The boy gazed up at him with trusting eyes and nodded. “I’m ready,” Eren said.

Levi nodded and slipped the blindfold over Eren’s head. It sat snugly in place and Levi nodded to himself. Already the room had become permeated with pheromones, hinting at the omega’s arousal. “I’m going to knot you this time, Eren. Do I have your consent?”


“This will be the last time you hear me speak. I love you.”

“I love you too, Sir.”

Levi nodded softly. He compressed the earplugs before slipping them in each of Eren’s ears. Sensory deprivation played on one’s ability to trust. It also had another aspect. It forced their senses to compensate - touch would be heightened tremendously.

He knew Eren had done extensive research on subspace. Only then, could Levi proceed in confidence.

With gentle hands, Levi coaxed Eren into a different position. The omega was now on his hands and knees, extremely close to the edge of the bed. Levi would have no trouble reaching the boy while standing. He retrieved the box, setting it on the nightstand this time. Inside, Levi pulled a single bullet out.

A light caress caused Eren to tremble as Levi fondled his curves. The tanned skin was currently unmarred, but that would soon change. Levi smiled softly to himself as he lifted the small bullet, gently coaxing it inside Eren’s slick entrance.

“Mmmm,” Eren groaned softly. Levi hadn’t indulged Eren’s previous request for use of toys. He didn’t know if the omega had ever been at the mercy of something as simple as a vibration. With a small flick of this thumb, a muffled whirring sound filled the silence. Eren’s body flinched in response before the boy groaned in pleasure.

Rummaging through the box once again, Levi pulled out a small fleshlight. Unlike most on the market these days, this one was heavily ribbed on the interior and also vibrated. He pushed Eren’s legs apart, using the omega’s own lubrication to fondle and slicken the boys’ erection. When satisfied, he gloved Eren’s length with the small device. “Wha-”. The boy was cut off as Levi slid his thumb over the button, switching the fleshlight on.

Eren mewled softly, rocking into the small device, pushing it down into the mattress.

“Would that I could, I’d spend the entire day watching you like this.” Levi mused softly.

With a sigh, he returned back to the black box, pulling out a small crop. The leather tip was extremely stiff, never having been used before. Hopefully he wouldn’t end up breaking it in on this night.

Levi waited until Eren was practically writhing before he cracked the whip against his ass. Eren jerked in response as an angry red welt appeared. “Ah .. Brat. Don’t make me do this for long.” Levi whispered.

Again and again, Levi struck the pliable curves of Eren’s body, assuming a steady rhythm. Sweat glistened, blanketing the omega’s body. Even Levi had begun to perspire from the exertion.

Slowly, Eren’s breathing had begun to change - Shifting from erratic panting to slower, more steady breaths. Levi dropped the crop and it clattered loudly to the floor. Stark marks marred the beautifully tanned skin. Levi gently palmed the burning flesh, confident once he got no response from Eren.

Slowly, Levi pulled the blindfold off of Eren as well as removing the foam ear plugs. Eren’s eyes had opened, though they appeared glossy, staring at nothing. Levi exhaled with relief. It hadn’t taken /too much/ to push the small omega over the edge.

He gently rolled Eren down onto his side and removed the small fleshlight. Levi was quite shocked to find it /full/ of milky liquid. “Heh. Enjoy that, did you?” He reached around and carefully extracted the bullet, switching both toys off and letting them clatter to the floor.

The small body offered no resistance as Levi gathered the omega into his arms. Eren still appeared dazed as Levi snatched a bottle of water from the nightstand. Balancing Eren carefully as Levi sat down on the bed, he managed to open the bottle. Levi slipped one finger inside the opening of the bottle before tracing Eren’s lips with his damp finger.

“You did well. Beautiful boy.”

He absently stroked Eren’s cheek. Levi marveled at the beautifully lit green hues - the vulnerability that lay therein.

Time passed slowly and Eren finally began to rouse. Levi smiled down and was rewarded with one in return. “Hello Sir.”

“How do you feel?” Levi asked with hesitation.

“I feel … High.”

With an exhale of relief, Levi leaned down and brushed his lips against Eren’s forehead. He clutched the small omega against his frame and rose, walking into the bathroom. Levi carefully sat the boy down, keeping his hands on his hips to steady him.

“You may not feel this right now, but you certainly will tomorrow.”

“Feel what?” Eren inquired.

Levi pointed to the mirror and Eren craned his neck, glancing behind himself. Levi carefully monitored Eren’s expression and found himself surprised when the omega didn’t scream at him. In the short time frame, bruises had formed. His entire backside looked a hot mess. “Oh,” Eren said, followed by a light chuckle. “I thought it would be bad.”

Levi gaped.

“Did you seriously bring me here to show me that, though? I genuinely don’t care. That was singlehandedly the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced.”

“No,” Levi interjected. “I brought you here to clean you. You were covered in sweat and cum, but I didn’t want to rouse you.”

“I’m glad you didn’t. Honestly, I can’t wait to do that again.” Eren offered a smile bright enough to rival the sun. Levi just chuckled and shook his head. “It’ll be a while before we do it again. You need to heal. Come, let me tend to you.”

Eren nodded and Levi began filling the expansive hot tub. Once satisfied with the water level, he cut off the supply then undressed. Eren crossed over and Levi lifted the omega in his arms.

“You have the sweetest cries. A melody to my ears.”

Eren beamed, nuzzling Levi’s neck. He shuddered, chills brushing against the surface of his skin. “I see your neck is still sensitive.” Levi chuckled and nipped at Eren’s ear. The boy squealed and splashed water at Levi.

“I love you, Eren.” Levi said quietly, suddenly serious. Eren raised his brows in response, wrapping his arms around Levi’s neck. “I love you too. Thank you for agreeing to do that with me.”

“Shh. Let’s get you cleaned up.”

Eren nodded and dunked himself underwater before resurfacing and shaking his head. Water droplets flew off in every direction. “Hey now!” Levi said sternly. Eren just shrugged and turned around, presenting his back.

The water churned softly from the jets and soon, bubbles began to form as Levi lathered Eren’s skin. He was extremely careful as he brushed over the bruised curves of Eren’s ass. The omega didn’t make a sound throughout the entire session, simply savoring Levi’s ministrations.

Once the water had begun to disappear down the drain, Eren finally spoke. “Levi. Let’s have sex. You said you were going to knot me, but I don’t … Think you did.”

“My, my. You’re just full of demands today. You assume correctly. I didn’t do any more than absolutely necessary.”

Eren chuffed with displeasure. “I want to do it.”

“Very well,” he replied. “Let’s get dried off first.”

“No. Now.” Levi raised his brows at the demanding little omega, then nodded. At that, pheromones flooded the room once more. Eren had all but squealed with delight, clamoring into Levi’s lap. He shook his head, but still smiled as they rose from the tub. Levi crossed over to the brightly lit vanity mirror.

“Stand here. I want you to watch yourself being fucked by me. Those beautiful expressions that light up your face when you’re most vulnerable.” Eren nodded slowly as Levi sat him down and gently nudged his legs apart. Already the omega was slick, the clear fluid flowing down long tanned legs. “Do not muffle those beautiful cries. Sing in that language you share only with me.”

Levi fisted his length at the base, pressing his hips forward slowly. The slick Eren produced made it easy to enter the omega’s clenching heat. Levi entered Eren at a measured pace, glancing up to gauge the boys’ reaction.

Eren’s eyes were heavy lidded, lips parted as he exhaled slowly. “Ahh, Levi …”

The alpha inside surged to the surface and Levi struggled against the instincts raging inside him. 'No. This is /my/ night,’ he thought to himself. Levi was going to take things slow, savor every moment. The expressions flitting across Eren’s face would be worth it.

Levi finally managed to fully glove himself inside Eren’s tight sheath. “M-more,” the omega whimpered. He locked eyes with the demanding brat before retracting, leaving only the head of his erection inside.

“D-damnit ..”

The man chuckled before surging his hips forward. He assumed a relatively slow pace, gently nudging against a small bundle of nerves nestled inside Eren’s heat. “A-ah! There!” The boy cried loudly. Levi nodded and shortened his thrusts, consistently rubbing against the boys’ prostate.


Seconds later, an intense shudder rippled through Eren’s body. Levi glanced down at where their bodies connected, then back at the mirror. Eren’s face was one of pure ecstasy. The sweet vision sent Levi crashing over the edge of sanity. His knot flared with a fury as he spilled inside the omega.

He stilled immediately as Eren whimpered. “Shhh, breathe.” Levi whispered softly. Eren pulled air in slowly as Levi traced the gentle contours of the omega’s back. “Spread your legs more - Open your hips. I won’t let you fall.”

Eren nodded, shifting the position of his legs. Levi kept the omega steady, hands on his waist. “It still hurts,” Eren said softly.

“It’s okay baby, it’ll stop soon.” Levi leaned forward and kissed the base of Eren’s neck.

“Thank the lucky stars I found you again, Eren. I wonder how many times our souls have returned, blindly searching for one another. After so long, I have you here in my arms.”

Eren’s whimpers had ceased lieu of a soft sigh. “Levi …”

“Touching you, kissing you. All this time, it’s like coming up for a breath of fresh air. I want to spend the rest of my life, immersed in your melody. In this life, and every one that follows after that.”

And so they did.~