clothes flying off


Characters:  Dean x Reader, Sam 

Summary:  Dean gets a little jealous/turned on watching reader hustle pool.

Word Count:  2200

Warnings:  Smut, Language

Tags are at the bottom.  As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

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I watch her from across the bar, from the booth Sam and I snagged by the wall. She knows my eyes are on her, it’s part of the thrill. It’s her night to hustle pool, she insists on contributing. I know she can handle herself, but I get kinda protective watching her.  

And jealous. I mean, I know it’s part of the con, the way she leans over that table, the way her breasts press together when she lines up a shot. The way she giggles and smiles and teases her marks.  

She told me once that there were two rules for a woman hustling pool. First, make sure the guy you’re hustling feels like he can easily beat you. Building their confidence is key. Second, make them feel like they have a shot at fucking you. Follow those two rules and you’re golden, she said. Every fucking time.

Men underestimate her when she’s in the short skirt and the tank top with plunging neckline. If I’ve learned one thing in this life, it’s never underestimate a woman. She proves the rule. Sam and I always keep a close eye on her, because there’s always that one guy that pushes a little too hard, a little too fast, gets a little too handsy.

She’s never needed us for backup, but it never fails to make my blood boil when they put hands on her. She lets them, it’s part of the game. They’ll wrap an arm around her waist or line up behind her to “help” her with a shot. I know it’s all part of the hustle, but it makes me feel a little crazy. And it makes me horny as fuck.

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oh my god i just read two rotten apples and holy fuck their relationship is so terrible i feel so bad for her goddamn idk why i feel so hurt but pls make jungkook suffer

anonymous asked:

yo… ik everyone will disagree wit me but the relationship in tra is just way too toxic like why do i feel like shit when even if im just the reader. im so fucking mad why is jungkook such an asshole n why is the oc so easy UDHDHJD

anonymous asked:

it fucks with my mind how horrible jk is to the oc in tra i didnt do anything productive today bc i felt like shit LMAO

drabble #3

COUNT → 3.519

GENRE → smut | crack

PAIRING → jungkook | reader

WARNINGS → dom and sub tones | penis in mouth | explicit language | penetration | graphic dirty talk | dick riding | the occasional sarcastic quip

LINKS → 1 | 2 | 3 | 3.5COMING SOON

note → i didn’t have this in mind with the current story line of two rotten apples, which you can read the first part here. so kinda consider this drabble just like. i dont even know. i have no idea. i think as the story goes on. ill link the drabbles for where i think they are in the story. the other two happen later on so they wont be linked yet until more parts are released!!!!!!! anyway i wrote this in a state of anger and perspiration!!!!!!!!!!! if u dont like my characters. or dont like the story. u could just. consider this: close out of my blog and never come back. no one was forcing u to read this. so i didnt appreciate these msgs. i understand u were venting but u didnt even say anything positive about the story so how could u expect me to respond positively??? anyways g’nite

The skin of Elise’s knuckles lightened as her fists clenched on the kitchen counter. She’d been dicing onions for a breakfast omelette but Kale’s noises from upstairs were distracting her as they drifted to her ears from the vent above her head. The kitchen was directly below their shared bedroom, so she could hear every single sound he made, even the bed creaking under his weight.

Washing her hands quickly, she grabbed a nearby towel to dry them off before heading towards the long, twisting marble staircase leading to the upstairs hallway, following the grunts and groans of her beloved husband.

As she peered into the bedroom, she gasped at the sight before her. Kale was lounging on the mattress, a rose placed between his succulent lips and a single cut from one of the thorns garnishing his lower lip. He probably should’ve cut all the thorns off before placing it in his mouth but he was never the smart one. His chest glistened under the light of the full moon, even though just a few seconds ago, Elise was making a breakfast omelette and typically those are made in the morning. She just didn’t have a good concept of time and made breakfast omelettes at night and steaks at eight o’clock in the morning.

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how do you think got7 would be in sex?

Lemme break it down for yah cause I think about this a lot.

He’d be a kindof lazy lover- let me explain. It would be a lot of positions that were easy for him, spooning, you on top, missionary yada yada. He wouldn’t kiss much during sex but he’d always have his hands on you weather it was holding your hand you brushing your hair off your face. The lazy façade wouldn’t last long though cause the moment he found the right spot or you were vocal about something he’d rip into you.

His a fast but sweet lover. He’d want to be with you so bad that things would go so fast. Clothes would fly off, his hands would always be holding you close. He’d like to be able to see you while having sex. None of that doggy style stuff. I also see him as being vocal. Not so much with dirty talk but a lot of moans and grunts to come from him.

He seems like he’d be a rough lover. He’s so sweet and giddy that I feel like in his intimate life he becomes very dominant. He’s always want to hear you moan, he push your body into positions so he could get the deepest etc. I don’t necessarily think he’s kinky though, I think that far would scare him. He’d spank you though…

I think he’s a very intimate lover. Lips always on yours, slow movements quiet words- all that sappy shit. I also think sex would make him attached to someone. He’d always put the others needs before his own and wouldn’t finish himself off before the other person was done. He’d probably stick to one position the entire time too, not to be boring but to be able to fully figure the others body out.

He’d be a loud loud lover. Your touch would always make him shutter and I think out of all the boys he’d be the one who cums the fastest. Saying that I also think he bounces back the fastest. He’s one that would enjoy oral till he came and then penetration. He’d moan and groan and his hands would always be tightly around you.

I think the kids name says it all. He’d be like a ducking rabbit. Always fast all the time. You’d be sitting at the table eating cereal (wink wonk) and then bam(bam) he’d fuck ya on the table. I also think he’d be one who sometimes forgets about his partner like he’d be so wrapped up in his own orgasm he wouldn’t do anything to help the other out. I do think though that’s has a really soft mushy side if it’s the right person- but even sex that starts like that would end in rabbit sex.

He’d be a one that goes into his own world during sex. Like transforms into this other person when he’s horny. He’d pull and tug and push you all over the mattress. But it would fluctuate. First he’d be like that and then two seconds later his entire person changes and he’s pressing his forehead into your softly moaning but it would only last a few seconds before he’d wreck yah.

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95 😁😁

95. “Can you please stop biting your lip…it’s distracting.”

Today marked your third week in your English 101 course, and you still hated everything about it. But school was school and you needed to pass the course in order to move on with your degree. So here you were, sitting on the couch for the third night in a row while sitting tea and writing notes in a mess while you had twenty tabs open on your laptop. 

How to make a sentence, you read the title of your next chapter. Yup, you read it right, about twenty pages on how to properly produce a structured sentence. Shutting your eyes, you lean back against your couch and take a moment to yourself. Only that moment is disrupted by what you were hoping with the Chinese delivery guy. 

You push everything off your lap and set it on the coffee table - which was already a mess - before making a mad dash to the front door of your small studio apartment. Not bothering to look through the peephole, you open the door and are met with a familiar face instead of the delivery guy. 

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Too Long to be Gone

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Clark Kent x Reader

Request: Clark and reader are dating, they both go on separate missions for about a week. They don’t mind showing P.D.A in front of the league. The next morning after a long night the two shared, they tease both of them.

Warnings: Slight NSFW, things get heated between Clark and Reader.

Word Count: 2059

It had been two weeks since you and Clark had last seen each other. You and him were sent on two different missions, while Y/N had been sent Moscow to get Intel, Clark was sent to London to take care of some issues that had came up. Both of them were meant to return the same day, however, Y/N had to stay an extra two days since she had found out that there was more information that she needed to collect.

When you did arrive back home, you were faced with everyone in their normal clothing. Before you went up to go and get cleaned up, you looked for Clark. It took you about five minutes before you had found him in the kitchen wearing one of his many flannels. You couldn’t help but smile, Y/N always loved when he wore one because that man looked quite divine in them.

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Can I get the danganronpa 2 boys with their s/o on St. Patrick day??? Love your NDRV3 headcanons ❤️

I’m so happy you enjoyed my NDRV3 Headcanons! I’d also love to thank you for this prompt! I hope you like it!

-Mod Kirumi

Ultimate Imposter/Byakuya Togami

  • Normally, he dons the guise of Byakuya but today you can tell he is in the mood for BYAKUYA VERSION GREEN
  • His hair is still blond but he has stuck green clips in his hair
  • His suit is atrociously green
  • He has also brought you two matching hats
  • Otherwise, he continues his day as Byakuya, working his butt off for the entire day.
  • When he comes home, he has purchased 12 shamrock shakes for the two of you??
  • Byakuya should know that you can’t consume that many shamrock shakes!!
  • Oh wait, never mind. He’s purchased *1 shamrock shake for you and *11 shamrock shakes for himself
  • You spend the rest of the day leaning on his shoulder and drinking the sugar filled green shake
  • He feels pity on you because you can’t drink anymore than that

Teruteru Hanamura

  • Matcha buns!! You absolutely love to eat Matcha buns!! And they are green tea Matcha buns!!
  • Of course, he has tried to make it shaped like a butt. Does it really matter? They’re matcha buns!!
  • The next meal of the day, lunch time, Teruteru is wearing a cute hat and and has a new green apron
  • He’s made transforming egg pea rice which consist of scrambled eggs, golden duck soup stock that melts over the green pea rice, and the sexiest fragrance in the world
  • The food is so amazing that it feels like your clothes are flying off with every bite
  • Thankfully they aren’t, but you savour each and every bite. Before you know it, you’ve eaten three bowls of it
  • Teruteru is so happy that you loved his food!!
  • Finally, for dinner, you are escorted downstairs in a blindfold
  • Teruteru also had fuzzy handcuffs to go with it but you refused.
  • And the moment you step into the kitchen and take your blindfold off, your boyfriend has set up the table so you can watch him cook! It’s a live performance!
  • What makes it better is that he brought one of those leprechaun costumes, but he had put his own kinky twist onto the costume.
  • It looks a bit hideous but hilarious, the costume, that is, but you can ignore it while munching the green appetizers.
  • And Teruteru starts to get ready to cook the ingredients
  • But where is the meat? Typically, Teruteru’s dishes include plenty of meat because of the flavour
  • You are about to ask him when he pulls out an ENTIRE FUCKING ROAST PIG

Nekomaru Nidai

  • The day starts like normal. You get up, put on something green,  go downstairs, and go out for a jog with Nekomaru
  • But today, Nekomaru takes you down a different path?
  • You’re so excited. Does this mean that he is taking you down a harder path? Have you finally leveled up??
  • He stops and you look at where you are.
  • It’s a little private area within a forest, filled with soft flowers and silky grass
  • And Nekomaru is smiling so triumphantly because he is so happy that you love it
  • In a tree near the back, there is a bucket of chocolate coins, placed there for you from Nekomaru!!
  • You thank him so much! You can not believe that he did all this for you!
  • He tells you not to thank him, it was something that he was supposed to do for his loved one!
  • But the moment you step forward to claim the chocolates, Nekomaru steps in your way!
  • He tells you to take off your green shoes and your green shirt! You comply, used to following his training orders, and he takes off his green whistle and green jacket.
  • He’s preparing to go higher than 10% this time. And you are so ready to fight!! You’ve been training for this moment!!
  • You both get an equal amount of pinches into each other. Nekomaru is so proud! Until you zone out for one millisecond and he smacks you in the stomach
  • He checks out whether you’re okay, and he is so relieved when you stand right back up!
  • You get chocolates as a reward for such a good fight!

DARK LORD Gundam Tanaka

  • You woke up to your Gundam alarm in the morning
  • Well that’s definitely a new line you haven’t heard before
  • You get up from your bed to see what going on and
  • Oh
  • It’s just the green footprint stickers that you stuck on the floor, hamster bed, hamster toilet, and hamster house
  • Last night, after Gundam fell asleep, you thought it was funny to stick stickers and put washable green footsteps all over the place
  • Which reminds you to immediately pinch him after you change into a fuzzy green sweater
  • He just kinda gives his best “what are you doing, brave but foolish human” stare
  • Most people typically find that look scary but it’s a bit hard to pull that off without guy-liner and gundams current silly bed head
  • You explain that it is St. Patrick’s day and that you are supposed to pinch people who aren’t wearing green. You also explain that there are little green men who usually cause mischief and that the holiday is typically associated with gold and rainbows
  • He stops listening after “little troubling green men”
  • His eyes light up. He is so going to trap the one who SABOTAGED HIS HAMSTER HOUSE
  • You try to tell him that you were the one who put the decorations up but he! will! not! listen!
  • He sets up a trap involving a Popsicle sticks, green paint, string, hamster food, his rings and circles of destruction, hot glue, pencils, gunpowder, pens, paper, more stickers, green ink, and chocolate wrappers
  • He keeps hidden underneath the covers until he notices out of the corner of his eyes that there are small green hamster footprints leaving his line of sight
  • His new conclusion?
  • The leprechaun can shapeshift into a hamster.
  • Gundam Tanaka will find and catch the leprechaun
  • After four hours, four fucking hours of fucking doofus, the trap activates. You can hear explosions and gundam’s proud war cry
  • You honestly don’t believe him when he exclaims to you proudly that he has caught the leprechaun! But you walk into the room and there are actually small hamster footsteps that you did not make?!
  • Gundam lifts the trap and…
  • It’s just one of his hamsters that probably accidentally stepped into the ink pad
  • Gundam = amazed that one of his hamsters was actually a dark lord known as the leprechaun and he will not stop boasting to you about his power
  • He’s so adorkable that you can’t not smile at him.

Nagito Komaeda

  • So he’s already wearing green, which mean you don’t have to pinch him, so is that lucky or unlucky?
  • You’re wearing a shirt that’s literally asking him to kiss you, is that lucky or unlucky?
  • Today is a day that is surrounded by four leaf clovers, is that lUCKY or uNLUCKY?
  • Because if this is all supposed to be lucky, then something bad will happen really soon
  • He’s holding your hand and keeping you close to him all day. He tries to keep it as low key as possible that he is so scared about losing you, so he refuses to have anymore good luck come into his way.
  • Which means he won’t kiss you but he promised several kisses when you two get home again. Where he knows that you can be safer.
  • Out for a walk? Gotta hold hands.
  • Going to get a burger from a restaurant? Hold hands while eating.
  • Needing a number two bathroom break?
  • By now your hand is probably sweating
  • You do understand his clingyness though. It is really sweet but seriously? Just because you need a bathroom break and there is a possibility of bad shit happening does not mean that you need a bathroom buddy!! You tell him that in nicer terms though
  • When you exit the washroom, he is so relieved
  • You didn’t die because of him. Today is wayyy too lucky
  • What he does ignore is how in the washrooms, the green paint on the walls were wet and you slipped and got wet, thick, green wall paint all over yourself (and you didn’t want to tell him just in case he felt bad.)
  • But that’s okay
  • So now he is kissing your cheeks because he just loves how soft they are but
  • He honestly didn’t notice green paint all over you??
  • So now his mouth is covered in paint too??
  • Which is probably poisonous and toxic when ingested??
  • Fuck

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu

  • As a member of the yakuza, he didn’t get to celebrate many holidays
  • So when you pinch him he just swears
  • Why the fuck are you pinching him? Do you think you have the authority to do that?? Yeah sure, your bravery is admirable and absolutely fucking adorable but that is one thing you do not do to the heir of the yakuza.
  • You’ve also triggered Peko and she is hiding outside of the house waiting for Fuyuhiko’s signal
  • You try to explain as quickly as possible that it’s st Patrick’s day and that you supposedly get pinched if you don’t wear green.
  • That’s such a stupid rule. Why green? Does it even help that much?
  • He changes his entire outfit so it’s green anyways
  • He finds one of your green shirts and wears it because no matter how much you prod him, he will not wear the Kiss Me I’m Irish shirt
  • In return, he will allow you to paint a four leaf clover on his collarbone
  • “Make it look manly”
  • But as the day goes on, and you two hang out with the rest of the 77th class of Hope’s Peak, Fuyuhiko gets into the spirit.
  • He’s started to try and find different ways to get Nagito to take off his hoodie so he can PINCH THE LIVING FUCK OUT OF HIM
  • He teams up with Kazuichi and draws green mustaches all over Gundam’s face
  • But he claims it’s a new discipline method for the Yakuza and he wants to test it out on his classmates and you
  • It’s so adorable because he has shyly requested to put stickers all over your face and you let him. He’s also painted you green eyebrows and a cool dragon
  • The dragon he has doodled on your face would have been great if it wasn’t in a shape of a mustache
  • When you get home, he acts as if the whole day was childish and ridiculous. But it was definitely “childishly fun.” And he is so ready to have another day like that again. He asks you again and again whether you will do it next year and he is blushing and grinning non stop
  • He’s so thankful to have such a fun S/O
  • And next year he plans on catching a leprechaun

Kazuichi Soda

  • He’s on top of every single holiday
  • So obviously, he gets prepared for St. Patrick’s Day wayyyyy earlier than you do
  • You wake up to a miniature mechanical leprechaun spitting chocolate coins out of his mouth
  • The coins all have “Kiss me” written all over them. At that moment, you know who prepared this special gift for you!
  • In the kitchen, Kazuichi is making breakfast for you! Also, his pink hair now has some streaks of green.
  • But he is covered in oil and rust so you aren’t sure whether the food is safe
  • He’s literally made green eggs and ham for you, and the egg is actually cooked thoroughly! He’s also made green milk, which he promises is not rotten.
  • He swears it’s just food colouring! No way would he ever hurt his s/o!
  • When you go to hang out with his classmates, he is pinching every stranger!
  • And everyone else is pinching him back because your boyfriend simply doesn’t have enough green on him
  • An hour later, he is practically begging you to step in and help him. You give him your green scarf.
  • But now everyone is pinching you!
  • Solution? Both of you wear the scarf at the same time!
  • Now not even Hiyoko has an excuse to pinch someone! (and her pinches are really hard Dx)
  • It gives him an excuse to kiss you in public without being too embarrassed too!

Hajime (Hajimeme) Hinata

  • He really doesn’t celebrate st Patrick’s day
  • Nonetheless, he will still go along with you. He does think the pinching is a little stupid, but whatever
  • But when everyone keeps pinching him, he decides he has had enough! He is wearing a green tie, so he shouldn’t be pinched!
  • No one is listening to him except for you. You try to explain that the green tie isn’t enough for st Patrick’s day with friends.
  • It’s surely just a childish thing! He doesn’t care too much.
  • That is, until you remind him that Nagito and Akane and Nekomaru are coming. Getting pinched by them would be—
  • You two are now going shopping for some green clothes and he really needs you to drive him so u say yes ON THE CONDITION THAT YOU GET TO PICK HIS CLOTHES
  • You prank him a bit by purchasing a Kiss Me I’m Irish shirt
  • Hajime is so red and flustered it’s adorable but you make it clear that you are the only one who can kiss this pillar of salt/meme (as a form of not sincere apology)
  • Yeah, that’s right.
  • But maybe you have forgotten that a certain someone was coming
  • Screw off Nagito. You aren’t supposed to take that shirt seriously.
  • Please stop trying to kiss Hajime
  • Stap
  • Gosh dammit Nagito
Brash Hope Part 2

Summary:  You had a fling with Dean Winchester fifteen years ago.  Now he wants back into your life but, like all things, it’s complicated.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, OMC Dylan

Word Count: 3468

Warnings: smut (unprotected sex), fluff, ANGST (canon typical violence, death)

A/N: This is part two.  Get caught up HERE and I warn you MAJOR angst ahead.  I was anxious to attempt this one as it’s my first time writing angst.  Feedback is appreciated!

It never would have happened without these very wonderful, talented and amazing people:

@wheresthekillswitch my wonderful beta.  You add polish to my scribbles and I am forever grateful.

@arryn-nyxx your beautiful aesthetic captured what exactly what I hoped for in my story.

@pinknerdpanda thank you for sharing your angst expertise with me.

If you’d like to be tagged please send me an ask!

Dean’s POV

I’m looking down at Y/N, her eyes and voice deadly serious as she touches my face.  I can’t help it; I lean into her hand as she speaks.  I’m shocked as the unbelievable words fall from her mouth.

I have a son?


Dean moves towards the house.

“No,” you put yourself in his path.  “He has no idea about you.  All he knows is that I was on my own when I had him.”

Dean looks down at you with eyes full of sorrow and a glimmer of hope, but he says nothing.

“You weren’t in the picture and it wasn’t like I could call you.”

“I know,” Dean says finding his voice.

Dean’s gaze is fixed on the porch.  On your son.  On his son.  After a long pause he looks down at you.

“Can I meet him?”

“Yes, but not tonight.  I have to talk to him about it first.  Then you can, ok?”


That night you tell Dylan about his father.  The tears and anger you’re expecting.  You still aren’t sure how Dylan is processing the revelation that he’s going to meet his father.  His initial anger quickly becomes curiosity; he has so many questions but you think it best to let Dean answer them. The next day you call Dean inviting him over for dinner. At five your doorbell rings and when you open the door there he stands with flowers in his hands and a nervous smile on his face.

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The Stables (Jon x Reader)

Originally posted by got-source

(Gif credit to owner)

Fandom: Game of Thrones

Character: Jon Snow

Persona: Female

Word Count: 569

Request: Requesting a Jon Snow x reader where Jon is about to leave to join the Night’s Watch but the reader stops him in the stables and they roll around in the hay (aka they do it) before he leaves. (And smut is very much okay if you’re feeling it)❤️❤️ 

A/N - Happy Valentine’s Day! <3

Come outside tonight, meet me by our favourite spot.

I’ll be waiting for you.

- J

The note sent shivers of excitement up your spine even though you knew it couldn’t be good news; Jon would never of sent you this note if it meant he hadn’t gone through with his plan. You clutched it to your chest and wrapped the shoal tighter around you. The North was cold enough during the day, but at night it was deadly.

You didn’t bother with a torch, by now you were used to walking around in the dark. You pretty much knew Winterfell like the back of your hand. Getting closer to the meeting spot you could begin to make out an outline of a figure, upon hearing footsteps they turned to you. Instantly you were greeted with open arms: his clothes were cold as you pressed your face into his chest. “Jon…”, it was soft and timid for you were fearing his answer.

“I did it”, he answered grimly preparing for the backlash that was to come. Your sobs mixed in with the bitter snowfall and Jon’s chest lurched, “Come on, let’s go inside”, his gloomy tone only worsened your mood as he lead you towards your shared sanctuary.

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Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
3 644
warning : smut
summary : (in the new Prison World) Reader gets sent into the Prison World with Kai. One day Kai comes back and finds out she had sneaked into his room while he was out of the house.
*not my gif

Three months.
That’s how long it had been since Y/N had arrived in the Prison World. It was still a mystery to her how exactly that had happened. First few days had been hell for her , with Kai either torturing her using his magic or following her around trying to get her to talk to him. She hadn’t had a clue who he was at first , then he had told her his story. Y/N had ran away , trying to hide from him - it was a big world after all , but Kai had found her.

“I promise I am not going to hurt you. I might annoy you but never hurt you.” he said wrapping his hands around her , ignoring her protests and attempts to get free. “I don’t want to be alone again. Trust me , neither do you. Just give me a chance.”

After that things had gotten better , sort of. Kai still had a bad temper and they often fought over the smallest things like how hot the coffee should be or if the pancakes had been fluffy enough. He had had only one request , though he made it sound more like an order. Y/N was not to go into his room. Naturally Y/N had been always curious about what could be inside that would make him forbid her to enter. Over the following weeks Y/N had started to feel attraction to him. There was something about the way he acted when he was angry that turned her on every time and a couple of times she found herself dreaming smutty dreams about him which only added more to her desire to be with him.
That was the case this morning.
Y/N walked to the kitchen in her PJ’s only to find a breakfast left for her and a note with her name on it…

Off to the store.
Be back before lunch.
- K.

Kai had made her her favorite breakfast - chocolate chip pancakes with coconut cream on top and a cup of coffee with steam coming off it. Y/N took a sip , nearly choking when she found out there was cinnamon in the coffee. She loved cinnamon in her coffee and he had made sure the start of the day for her would be perfect even without him around. He was being extra nice to her lately and she had no idea why.
A thought popped into her head as she was eating her pancakes , her gaze drifting to the clock on the wall on the left. It was 10.45AM which meant she had time to go and maybe find out why Kai wanted to keep her away from his room. Y/N got up quickly nearly running towards the second floor , taking the stairs two at a time. A minute later she stood in front of his bedroom. For a moment she hessitated , then she placed her hand on the door knob and twisted it. The door had always been locked , but not this time…
Y/N smiled to herself , carefully pushing the door open. Kai’s room was pretty basic , a king size bed on the wall straight ahead of the door , a desk near by the window and a walk in closet to the left. As far as she could gather , there wasn’t anything in there he’d want to hide from her. Her fingers trailed his desk and she sat on his chair , spinning it around a couple of times. There were a couple of pencils on the desk and blank parchment paper. The drawers had locks and she fought the urge to try and open them so instead she got up and tossed herself onto his bed.
“Woww.” she muttered , her head resting in the softest pillow ever. “Maybe that’s why he didn’t want to left me in here. Cuz he knew I’d want one of those.” she laughed to herself , turning her head around taking in Kai’s scent. It was everywhere in the room , intoxicating her. Y/N closed her eyes for a moment , the dream she had had earlier popping into her mind.
In the dream Kai had sneaked behind her as she was getting ready to go to sleep and pushed her onto her bed , crawling over her. His lips on hers , kissing her without letting her take a breath for more than a second and then his hand had pushed into her PJ bottoms teasing her for a few minutes before his fingers had entered her… Sadly for her the dream had ended in the middle of nothing when the alarm clock had woken her up.
Without realising it Y/N hand slid down her stomach and into PJ bottoms , her fingers lightly rubbing her swollen clit. It had been nearly 2 hours since she had woken up , yet the feeling was still there and the dream had felt so real. Her eyes fluttered closed , a low moan escaping her lips. Her other hand squeezing her breasts through her shirt. Y/N had no idea how long she had been there and then suddenly the feeling of someone’s eyes on her made her open hers. Kai was standing by the door , looking at her with an unreadable expression on his face. Y/N froze for a second , pulling her hand out of her PJ’ bottoms and getting off the bed quickly with a terrified expression on her face.
Kai hadn’t expect to find this when he got home , not exactly anyways. The past few weeks he had been the one sneaking into her bedroom in the middle of the night , manipulating her dreams. He didn’t know what those feelings he had meant , all he knew was that he wanted her…and he had fought the urge to grab her and have his way with her in the real world for weeks now. But this changed everything. Y/N hadnt even realised he had returned and just kept teasing herself onto his bed. Every moan tumbling off her lips making Kai want her even more. He had to yet again fight the urge to whoosh himself on top of her ,pin her hands over her head and fuck her senseless.

Kai hadn’t said a word to her , his eyes following her every move as she made her way to the door. Kai had blocked her way and didn’t seem to have any intension of letting her go through it. Y/N kept looking at the ground.
“Oh sweetheart , don’t look so scared and ashamed.” said Kai in low calm voice. “I am not angry you got in my room without permission. However …” he lifted her chin up and she noticed his eyes were black. “… I am quite upset you teased yourself on my bed.” he paused for a moment , his fingers stroking her cheek in a loving way. He wanted to be the one touching her like that.
“I … I um… I’m sorry.” she said , panic starting to take over her.There was no way to tell what he’d do next. “It won’t happen a-again.”
“You are right about that , sweetheart.” he said with a devilish smirk. “I am going to make sure of that.”
Y/N looked at him with a puzzled expression than took a step back from him , then another seeing how he wasn’t moving from the door. When she was halfway back to the bed , Kai stepped towards her and she tried to run past him but he used magic to shut the door and lock it. Her hand was on the door knob , the other on the door trying to open it. In the end she rested her forehead resting against it and then she felt someone behind her. Slowly Y/N turned around coming face to face with Kai , who didn’t look angry at all. He was looking at her as if she was his pray. Kai braced his hands against the door caging her in , slowly leaning towards her.
“Sorry for closing the door like that.” he said in a low voice. “I just can’t affort to let you go. Not yet anyways.”
Kai listened to her heart beat and her breathing both of which had changed completely in the past half minute. Her eyes were darting between his eyes and his lips , then she blinked fast a couple of times and swiftly sneaked under his hands. He smiled to himself , turning around and grabbing her by the waist before in a flash he pushed her onto his bed , leaning over her , making her drag herself up until her head hit the headboard. Kai standing this close to her , looking at her the way he did - with a mix of seduction , anger and domination - was driving her nuts. She could feel herself getting wetter by the second.He brushed his fingers through her hair for a moment.
“What are you going to do to me ?”
“I am going to teach you a lesson , sweetheart. You can’t break the rules without concequenses…”
Kai slid back off the bed pulling her hips down. Y/N shifted on the bed and he pinned her back onto it with magic , holding her hands over her head. He popped up in his closet for a moment coming out with a thin rope and tied her hands to the headboard.
“You didn’t think I’d let it slip because its the first time did you?” his voice low and seductive. “No , no , no …”
He snapped his fingers and her clothes / underwear went flying off her body torn to pieces , leaving her completely exposed to him. He bit his lower lip at the sight of her on his bed. It was finally real , not a dream he had given her. Kai leaned over Y/N , burrying his head in the crook of her neck leaving wet sloppy kisses which slowly he turned into purple splotches. Kai’s finger trailed agonisingly slowly down her naked body towards her heat. His fingers teased her folds for a few moments , spreading her arousal around before he pushed two fingers inside her , watching her throw her head back. Y/N bit her lip trying not to moan out. Kai’s thumb rubbed her clit in figure eights , the pressure getting harder by the second.
“Kai … ” she moaned out. “I’m s-sorry.“
“I know you are sweetheart … but lets not pretend this isn’t what you wanted to happen.” he whispered to her. “I bet you’ve been dreaming about this , haven’t you ?”
Y/N gulped. How did he know ? She tried to think of a moment she had slipped up but couldn’t focus on anything besides him right now. His lips hovering over hers , his fingers curling inside her slowly , exploring every inch before he pulled them out and pushed them in again and again at a faster pace. A soft moan tumbled off her lips and she could see Kai’ smirk hearing it ,pushing and curling his fingers inside her faster every second. The louder her moans were getting the more he speeded up his actions and just as she was about to cum he pulled his fingers out leaving her stranded on the edge.
“What the …”
“Oh , sweetheart..” Kai tilted his head , “You didn’t think I’d let you cum did you ? You are not going to cum until I say so.”
Y/N pushed her hips down at him looking for any kind of friction , but there was none. She closed her eyes for a moment remembering the feeling of Kai’s fingers assaulting her , his lips on her body ..
“Please Kai …”
Instead of finishing her off , Kai leaned over her , his lips hungrily kissing hers. Y/N opened her mouth wide open , allowing his tongue to explore her mouth. She moaned into the kiss , his hand snaking around her neck squeezing it lightly for a moment as he left kisses down her neck and onto her chest. Taking in her breasts into his mouth , moaning as he did so. Kai’s hands squeezing them and rolling her nipples between his middle and index fingers. Y/N arched her back off the bed a little , a louder moan escaping her lips.
“Please …” she begged again and again , as his lips trailed down her stomach leaving kisses and wet splotches on their way to her heat. He rubbed her clit in rough eights for a few moments , while leaving soft kisses on her tights getting closer and closer to where she needed him most.
Kai enveloped her swollen clit in his mouth sucking on it while roughly pushing in two fingers inside her without any warning. Y/N let out a small scream at the feeling, her back slightly arching from the bed. He curled his fingers inside her , exploring every inch before pulling them out all the way to the fingertips and pushing them in again. Y/N moaned out pushing her hips down on him.
“I want to touch you..” she cried , pulling at the rope tying her hands to the headboard. “Please let me touch you.”
“No.” said Kai sternly. “Naughty girls don’t get to make demands sweetheart.”
Her walls clenched around his fingers , a louder moan escaping her lips. Somehow Kai had found her g-spot and almost each time he pushed in his fingers , he hit it. His tongue flickered on her clit for a moment before he blew a light stream of air onto it getting her even closer to the edge again.
“K-Kai … I’m clo-se” she moaned out , her eye lids flittering open and closed catching glimpses of Kai’s face. He looked at her with such lust and domination it turned her on even more…and just as she was about to get her release there was nothing. Kai shoved his wet fingers into her mouth , watching her gag and trash under him a single tear rolling out of her eye. She didn’t know how , but this gesture turned her on even more.
“Did you think I’d let you cum this time , princess? Tsk tsk .. No , no…” his voice dropping a few octaves. Kai pulled his fingers off her mouth leaning in towards her. “What kind of a lesson would that be?”
He traced down her body with his fingers , lightly rubbing on her clit for a moment getting her back a step from the edge before denying her her release once again.
“Please Kai ..” she begged.
Kai shook his head. “No.”
His hands cupped her breasts , squeezing them tight rolling her nipples in between his index and middle finger before he pressed the flat of his tongue onto them.
“Please Kai .. I need you. ” she begged again.
He growled and looked up at her , purple black veins under his eyes showing for a few seconds. Y/N hadn’t realised how hot he looked when his vampirism showed.
Kai lightly rubbed her clit before pushing his fingers inside her again , this time three fingers stretching her out a little. He couldn’t help but think how good it would feel when he got the chance to fuck her the way he wanted - so rough she wouldn’t be able to walk for days. Or maybe he’d play nice the first time. He hadn’t made up his mind yet.
“Kai ..” she moaned out his name as for 4th time he got her to the edge and denied her the pleasure she craved. Except this time he left his fingers inside her.
“Please what sweetheart ? You want to cum ?”
Kai was enjoying this , she could tell. If only she hadn’t had been pinned to the bed…
“Yes .. please let me cum… ”
His fingers curled inside her again once then stopped again.
Kai leaned over her , their foreheads almost touching , his eyes gazing into hers as he curled his fingers inside her once again. Y/N bit her lip , her eyes rolling in her head. He was driving her insane - playing with her like that , making her crave him more and more… All she wanted was him , right in this moment.
“Please Kai…” she begged him again. “Fuck me.”
Kai grinned hearing the words he had been waiting for her to say. His fingers curled inside her again , pushing and pulling at a faster speed , his thumb rubbing her clit in rough eights right before he pulled away again , getting off the bed stripping off quickly and getting onto the bed again. Kai parted her legs , leaning in burrying his face in her core , his tongue sliding inside her while his nose lightly brushed against her clit.
“Please..” she begged as he suddenly stopped again.
He pushed two fingers in , curling them inside her cheating with vampire speed pumps. Y/N threw her head , arching her back a loud moan following as he slowed down for a second and picked up the pace again. She was almost at the edge , half afraid he’d deny her the pleasure she craved again , half afraid she’d cum before he had told her to.
“MMmm cum for me baby girl.” he said , his tongue flickering across her clit for a second before his lips began sucking on it again.
“Kai Fuckk” she moaned out as a strong wave of orgasm washed over her. All the built up pressure getting released at once making her scream out his name. Kai kept devouring her , not stopping or slowing down for a second , pushing his fingers inside her again cheating using his vampire speed as he thrusted and curled them insde until another release came. Y/N trashed and screamed his name , suddenly realising he had used his magic to undo the rope tying her hands. He pulled himself up and just as she thought maybe she could get some control , Kai pinned her wrists over her head again , his grip so tight there would definitely be bruises the shape of his finger tips. His fingers stroked her cheek gently.
“Sweet innocent Y/N…” he whispered. “I’ve been wanting to make you mine for weeks … now there is no way I’d ever let you go.”
“Then don’t.” she whispered.
After what he had done to her in the past hour , she never wanted to be away from him. Kai teased her entrance with his hard lenght , pushing just the tip inside of her and pulling out then repeating again listening to her moans. Without warning he thrusted in deep , making her body jolt forward. He was filling her to the brim.
“Fuck Kai.” she screamed out. He pulled out almost completely and then thrusted in even deeper with bigger force than before making her scream out again. Kai breathed heavily , intertwining his fingers with hers as another hard deep thrust followed. He was going in a slow pace , stretching her out before picking up the pace. Every thrust knocking out the air from her lungs leaving her wanting more. Her mouth hanging open , gasps and moans escaping her lips.
“You’re so tight..” grunted Kai.
He thrusted in deep , hard and fast over and over again. Kai wrapped his hand around her neck , holding her in place while swinging her leg over his shoulder. Y/N held onto his wrist for support as his hard length pumped inside and out of her going in deeper than before bringing her closer and closer to another release. Being with Kai in the real world felt much more magnified than what had happened in her dreams. Her mind was cloudy but a part of her was starting to wonder if those dreams she had had been all part of her subconcounce or maybe something else.
“K-Kai , I’m clo-se..”
“I know sweetheart , so am I… ” he grunted , his thrusts getting sloppier but never slowing down. Kai’s hand reached to rub her clit , drawing rough figure eights on it , turning her moans into little screams. Y/N’s walls contracted more frequently around his shaft making him groan each time that happened. She was a whimpering moaning mess , her eyes rolling into the back of her head. Her back slightly arching from the bed as she came screaming his name and trashing under him. Kai’s eyes were on her the entire time , a smug smirk on his face hearing Y/N scream his name again. Her orgasm triggering his.
Y/N felt Kai come in hot spurts inside of her, his thrusts not slowing down until he was done. He released his grip on her neck leaning in to kiss her , taking the last of her breath away before collapsing on top of her. Kai was breathing heavily , his hot breath tickling her skin. He placed a soft kiss onto her neck , feeling his fangs come out. There had been another thing he had wanted to do , all of his self control slipping away as his emotions blurred into hunger. A split second later Kai sank his teeth into her coroted artery , Y/N’s nails digging into his back as he fed from her.
“That feels amazing.” she whispered.
Kai rolled off her looking at the ceiling for a moment before turning towards her. Y/N had already turned towards him , her eyes gazing into his. There was blood dripping from his chin , her blood.
“So sweetheart… Did you learn your lesson?”
Y/N nodded , she had learned a lesson.
Except she was sure it had been the wrong one.A few days passed and Kai had gone back to acting the way he had before their intimate moment , then Y/N sneaked into his room in the middle of the night snuggling closer to him. Kai had had his eyes closed and Y/N had assumed he was sleeping but then in a flash he was on top of her , his hand on her neck.
“I guess I haven’t learned my lesson as well as I thought …” she trailed , seeing Kai smirk at her. “Care to refresh my memory ?”

MASTERLIST March / April 2017


Author: Emmy

Characters: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,600+

Warnings: Bad language words maybe? Idk I can’t remember.

Author’s Note: It’s been a gazillion years since I’ve written anything so I’m sorry if this is actual garbage but at least it’s completed garbage so there’s that. Also, I didn’t edit this. Partially because my back hurts too much to keep sitting at this computer desk and partially just because of who I am as a person (I’m lazy). Let me know what you think??

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Limitless (1)

Part 1

Description: You’re the leader of a group of fighters - OT9 EXO - and you’ve trained them. Five years later, you’ve never lost a fight with them by your side. But once it comes down to it, who’s first and who’s last?

Warnings: violence, vulgar language, S M U T (this is also like hella dramatic and you won’t understand any of it if you don’t read the prologue)

Word Count: 4,318

Pairing: Kim Jongin x Reader (featuring Yixing)

Author: Admin Xiufairy ㅅㅇㅅ

You watched Jongin’s fight nervously. You were always nervous when Jongin was the one in the ring. The guy he was fighting was nearly twice his size and while you knew there wasn’t anything to worry about, you just wanted him to be okay.

“He’ll be okay.” Junmyeon said from his seat next to you. “He’s always okay.” You nodded at his reassurance, but it was still doing little to change your mind. You were worried for Jongin and there was nothing that was going to change that.

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Where now?

Heyyy, it’s Reece again, I didn’t know you write smut so could you write an Archie x reader smut please? Idk about the plot so maybe you could come up with it, BUT do make Archie and me start as friends first please. If you don’t remember details about me then, I am African-American, 5'4, and have short nrown/auburn hair. Sorry if i seem bossy. THANKS💖💖💖

Warnings- Smut and strong language

Word count- 1729

Tag list - Unkown-Chronicles

“Archie do I have to go to Cheryl's party? I really don’t want to go.”

“Come on Reece it’ll be fun, come on for me?” He stretched out moving form your side to face you his eyes looking for a reaction. 

“So you’re telling me you are asking me to not only come outside and socialise at the dance but then go to the party after wards?” You said crossing your arms over your chest, he didn’t respond but still looked at you with puppy dog eyes. 

Fine I’ll go but you owe me Andrews.” He smiled and nodded wrapping his arm around your shoulders.

The bell rang signalling for you to go to class, you both had biology, which you personally hated, but hey you had to get it done. 

“Right partner up! Disection today!” Your teacher yelled, sending the class into a frenzy of who was going to pair up with who.

I’m with Betty!” Veronica called

“I’m with Kevi-”

“Nope hes with me.” Mose stated as he walked by slightly pulling on Kevin’s arm. Kevin pulling a helpless face. 

You glanced around your eyes landed on the the unusual pairing in front of you, the two redheads, their whispering was slightly unnerving. Your eyes still focused on them, until Cheryl quickly turned back her eyes locking onto your own. You quickly diverted your head down, your short brown and auburn hair fell in front of your face, looking down at the frog in front of you.

“Hey Reece, can I sit here?” You looked up to see Jughead. You nodded at him, smiling in the process. He pulled the seat out from next to you.

“Unusual isn’t it? Them two.” He said his pen pointing in their direction

You shrugged your shoulders in response, you were very protective over Archie, you’ve known him since you were both kids, you witnessed him being hurt, especially after the Miss Grundy situation. 

~~ Time skip to the dance ~~

You had done your hair in lose curls, minimal makeup nothing to drastic. You were wearing a pale pink dress that came mid thigh, you had nude heels on to give you a boost on your height of 5′4. You didn’t have a date to the formal instead you were just going to go as a group of friends, you were currently waiting in your hall, for the knock on the door.

Once you heard it you opened the door, smiling at the group of faces you were met with. 

“My god Reece you look amazing” Your best friend smiled at you his hand lightly gripping yours to help you down the stairs in front of your house.

“Thanks Arch, not to bad yourself, and everyone else looking as beautiful as ever”

They all smiled and giggled in response, you never really attended the formals, but you made a promise to Archie for after the formal, so you might as well go.

The night was going amazing so far, you’ve danced with every member of your group, and if you were being honest you were enjoying your self massively. 

“Two seconds guys I’m just gunna get a drink.” 

“Well, Reece, I heard you are coming tonight. I even heard that you are going to come to the after party at my house. Correct?” Cheryl sneered, her eyes darting over your appearance. 

“Yeah, that is correct, I made a promise to a friend.” You simply said your arms crossing over your chest looking Cheryl directly in the eye. The air became thick with tension, both of you not backing down. 

“You guys okay?” You heard Archie say, his hand cupping the small of your back.

“Yeah fine, don’t worry about it.”

A smirk rose onto Cheryl face, “Interesting…see you both later on.”

When you arrived at the Blossom mansion, you couldn’t believe the size of it, of course you had heard of it, its the dark mansion with it’s own grave yard. You had this weird chill that rushed over your body, sending goosebumps to the top of your skin.

“Right everyone time to play 7 minutes in heaven, lets go clockwise. Reece your first, spin the bottle then.” Her face was so smug she clearly knew what she was doing. You rolled your eyes, you honestly couldn’t be bothered to play stupid games of Cheryl but you went ahead anyways. You spun the bottle and it was kind of in slow motion, the bottle spun slowly, you watched every person that it passed. Then it stopped, you looked up to be met with Archie.

“Right then the pair of you in the closet, I’ll get you in 7 minutes” She said smiling and clapping her hands with excitement. As you both walked to the closet whoops and cheers were heard behind the pair of you. 

Once you entered the closet, you struggled to find a light, the area was cramped enough you would’ve fought that you would’ve found it by now, you stumbled in your heels, falling slightly onto Archie, his arms reaching up to your waist forming a slight tight grip to steady you, thank god you were still in the dark, you were able to hide the blush that was forming on your cheeks. You hand searched for the light still, it was only when you turned it on you realised how close you were to him, your hands rested on the tops of his arms, ready to push your self up, but you couldn’t do it, and Archie couldn’t push you up either, you both stood their looking at each other questioning what to do next, the silence was comfortable not awkward. 

“Archie-” You whispered unsure of where you were going to go, you never had this tension between the pair of you.

His lips came crashing to yours, his hands flew up and tangled in you hair pulling slightly, you both pulled away for a split second, looked in each others eyes, giggling at what just happened, you looked down and looked up again to meet Archie’s gaze, you both closed the gap again, this time more passionate, hands griping each other, his hands slid to the bottom of your back, his left hand traipsed down to your butt , squeezing it slightly you moaned into his mouth,

“Fuck me that’s hot” He whispered against your lips, his hands still needed your butt, you moved your lips to his jawline, nipping every now and then, his head rolled back to allow you more access. 

“Alright love birds times up come on out.” Cheryl’s voice boomed. You both pull away from each other, slightly out of breath, chests rising at a rapid pace.

You opened the door to be met by Cheryl standing their smirking, you coughed slightly to give the impression that you were sick Archie quickly caught on,

“Yeah Reece, isn’t feeling too good so I’m going to take her home, thanks Cheryl.”

You both left, his hand cupping your lower back, guiding you out of the mansion, “How about we continue at my place?” He whispers into your ear, sending shivers down your spine.

“You got it Andrews” You smirked, biting your lip after you said his name.

What happened next was a blur, once you entered the house clothes were flying off, your shoes first then your dress, you were now standing in front of him, slightly ashamed at the fact that your underwear wasn’t matching. He in front of you only in his boxers, both looking at each other up and down, with looks of nothing but admiration. Various of red marks were scattered around his body. He walked closer to you, his hands moving his way up from your back moving to cover your bra strap, pulling slightly to pull at the hooks. You raised your shoulders to let the straps fall forward, your arms snaked out of the restraint. His hands cupped them straight away, rolling your nipples in between his fingers, pinching them causing them to become erect, you hand traced his bulge. His breathing quickened his eyes became darker full of lust. 

“Fuck this” he muttered. His hands moved to cup your butt, giving you the signal to jump. you wrapped your legs around his waist, your arms crossed behind his neck your lips connected, you ground your hips up and down his bulge hoping that soon enough he would get the message. He moved to pin you against the wall, he left only one hand supporting you while he moved his boxers down, his member finally was free of the constraints. His hand then moved to move you underwear to the side, he rubbed his member up and down your slit, trying to stimulate you even more. You moaned at this contact, you scratched your nails up his back, sure to leave marks once you’ve finished.

Archie I swear to god, put it in” You breathed out still slightly annoyed at how long he’s taking. He chuckled at you looking at you from the corner of his eye, raising one eyebrow. 

Out of the blue he suddenly thrusted into you, you moaned at the sudden contact, he grunted as soon as he came to a standstill. 

You are so tight Reece, Jesus.”

“Archie move please” 

His hips snapped to meet yours, moving at a fast pace, your feet dug into his butt making him to go deeper every time he entered you. Your name rolled of his tongue, your toes curled in pure ecstasy, you felt a knot developing in your stomach, knowing that soon enough it will come undone.

“Archie, I’m close.”

“Me too Reece, hold on please baby” He grunted thrusting harder and faster into you.

This knot built up and burst within your stomach, causing you to clench around him, helping him to come to near the end. Once your high had settled, his thrusts got sloppier, you pushed your self off him, dropping to your knees in front of him, wrapping your hand around him, slowly rubbing him to his release, his hands wrapped in your hair tugging slightly, you replaced your hand with your mouth allowing him to come undone within your mouth. You swallowed his loads licking your lips and looking at him through your lashes, the question on both of your minds,

“What was going to happen from now on?”

So I’m back sorry I’ve been away for a long time, i have requests that I’m writing if yours hasn’t been posted don’t worry it’s on its way. If you would like to leave a request then feel free to submit and there’s a master list over on my blog.

Saturday Nights

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Pietro x Reader

Author: Katy

Word Count: 1117

Warnings: some kissing, nothing descriptive, some implied bedroom shenanigans

Request: If you have time, can I request a reader x Pietro where they both get drunk and Pietro admits he likes her and/or they sleep together.? But then the reader sneaks away because she also likes him but thinks it was because he was drunk and she is just a one-night stand to him. Maybe he tracks her down after? Thanks so much Love x

A/N: Hey there, so I’m finally getting into writing again so hopefully we’ll be posting more often! I really enjoyed writing this one, especially because I just love Pietro! Hope y’all like it!

It was Saturday night, which meant party time at Avengers Tower. Tony usually had everyone invite close friends and invited some celebrity friends of his own. You enjoyed these get togethers. Nice music always filled the building and conversation with people was often quite entertaining. A memorable moment would be when a karaoke machine was brought and many Avengers broke out into a horrendous version of “YMCA”. Another time, a conga line was formed and ended in a few vomiting individuals. Alcohol was usually the cause of these hilarious scenarios. But alcohol also created some extremely embarrassing, or unlikely situations. Tonight would turn out to be one of those nights to remember. 

You sat at the bar alone, sipping some random, mediocre alcoholic beverage. You gazed down at your phone, trying not to look too awkward.

“Mind if I join you?” a accented voice pulled you from your device.

“Of course not, sit down, please. I’m dying to end my boredom,” you faked a desperate voice. Pietro, who now sat next to you, chuckled.

“I’d say this hasn’t been one of Tony’s best parties,” Pietro commented, “but the excessive drinking never seems to disappoint in embarrassing at least a few people.” you laughed, he had a point.

“I strongly agree, do you remember that one time you got so into “I’m Sexy and I Know It” that you started taking off your clothes?” Pietro burst out into booming laughter, “and then we had to have Steve basically tackle you to the ground to get you to stop?” you remember every second of that night. It was when the karaoke machine was set up. No one could stop laughing at Pietro’s wild singing, they also hadn’t seen the little strip show coming. Your eyes had been glued to your crush the entire performance. When things got out of hand and Pietro’s clothes were flying off, a few people began attempting to stop him, but Steve eventually had to wrestle him to get him to stop. That’s the night everyone discovered drunk Pietro could get a little frisky.

“Okay, okay we don’t need anymore details of that party,” Pietro finally gained control of his laughing to speak, “I wonder what would happen if I got that drunk again…?”

“Ooooh, now that would be funny to watch!”

“Then let’s do this! But you have to do it too” Pietro called the barista over and order a few drinks for the two of you. Your mind told you this was a bad idea. Getting drunk with the guy you had a major crush on? Definitely not something you’d usually do… but you only live once, right?

After several drinks you and Pietro were dying of laughter, probably caused by a stupid joke. The laughter died down and you were both quiet now. You looked into Pietro’s beautiful eyes, and for what felt like the first time, he looked into yours with the same intensity. There was tension building between the pair of you and no one else was around to break it.

“Y/N, would you like to take this somewhere a little more private?” he spoke softly.

“Yes, I would.” you followed him down the hallway, even in this drunken state you were pretty sure you knew what was about to happen.

You’re eyelids fluttered open to an unfamiliar ceiling fan hanging above. An involuntary yawn left your mouth and you stretched your body. As your body moved around in the bed you lay in, you realized that you were fully naked. You jumped a little, surprised and confused of why you weren’t in your bed in pajamas. A massive headache pulsed in your head. You turned to look around and was that… Pietro? A sleeping shirtless mass of a man lay in the bed next to you. You rubbed your eyes, were you just imagining this? Your memories from last night started flooding back. You panicked. Pietro was drunk when this had happened, you both were, it had been a mistake. The easiest way to avoid any awkwardness would be to leave now. You swung out of bed and quietly retrieved your clothes, strewn across Pietro’s bedroom floor. Tip-toeing out of the room, you quickly found your way to your own room.

You had decided an intense training session would help your hangover. Finding your way to the training room you worked on some of your offensive moves. Punching, kicking, elbowing, and kneeing the bag helped relieve some of the hangover symptoms, but it also gave you some time to think about what had happened with Pietro. You had a crush on him, that was a fact. He had slept with you, yeah pretty sure that happened. He returned the feelings you had for him… well that remains undecided. You continued with your reps, letting your emotions out into the work out. Totally focused on the moves, you didn’t notice when someone else entered the training room. The sound of the door clanging closed caused you to spin around. Oh no. It was Pietro.

“Y/N, when I woke up I thought maybe last night had all been a dream,” he sounded almost sad, but it must just be confusion.

“Well, it wasn’t, but it was a mistake.”

“That’s how you see it?” okay that must be some sadness in his eyes.

“You were drunk, I was drunk, we weren’t thinking,” you felt like crying. You wanted to tell him how you really felt but he would never feel the same. You couldn’t tell him and then be rejected. He didn’t reply he just kept staring with a furrowed brow. That strong gaze seemed to be pulling the truth from you, “listen, to me it wasn’t a mistake. But to you, it probably was. So how about we just forget this ever happened. You can move on… which I’m sure will happen quickly.”

“What if I don’t want to forget? What if this wasn’t a mistake?” his words surprised you. He must be kidding or somehow messing with you. “Y/N, I really like you. I have for a while, but you are just so beautiful and talented and put me to shame in so many ways. I thought you would never return the feelings I had for you.” tears welled up in your eyes, this couldn’t be happening…

“Pietro, but I do,” in the blink of an eye Pietro was right in front of you. His eyes looked into yours, just like how they had last evening when there was no one else there. His hand came up to lift your chin. The Sokovian boy pulled you in for the most wonderful sober kiss you had experienced.


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When He’s Turned On - Blurbs

Requested? No.

Word Count: 589

Requests: closed still, 6 pending

Warnings: sexual themes

Simon: he will do anything to hide the fact that he’s turned on because he’s embarrassed. Or he’ll put a hand on your thigh, slowly inching it up to give you the message. When you’re alone, he’ll tell you that he loves you with big blue eyes, and in that moment you know exactly what he means.

Josh: Josh will not be able to keep his hands off you. He’ll hold your hands, twine your fingers with his, run his fingers through your hair, trail his fingertips up and down your back. He would eventually do anything to get your bodies closer together without it being too noticeable.

JJ: JJ will walk into your room saying ‘Babe, I need you.’ You’ll roll your eyes at him and watch as he sits himself down on the end of your bed, tapping his lap, telling you to sit down on him. You’ll smirk at him and give in, straddling him, starting a series of kisses, which eventually leads to other things.

Vikk: Vikk would be too shy to do anything to tell you, but if you run your hands through his hair once or press your lips to his skin, he’ll take the chance to attack you with kisses, giving you the hint.

Ethan: He’ll trace random designs on your bare arms, legs and stomach. It’ll distract you from whatever you were doing. 'Can I bring you somewhere?’ He’d ask. The first time he did this, you were confused, but you completely understood when he took your hand in his and brought you up to his bedroom.

Harry: 'Babe, I want a kiss,’ he’d whine as you two were cuddled up on the sofa. You’d giggle, gladly giving him one, but he’d instantly wrap his strong arms around your waist, pressing your body closer to his and deepening the kiss. You could feel him smiling as the kisses became more heated and passionate.

Tobi: He’d tap his foot on the floor, and when you asked him to stop, his excuse was that he had a catchy song stuck in his head. This would be his disguise for a boner when most of the guys were around. But as soon as they were gone, he’d smother you with sweet kisses, clothes flying off and feathering towards the floor. He’d ask you if you were okay with what he was doing every step of the way, of course. He’d be as gentle as he could, especially if it’s your first time.

Callux: 'Sweetheart, look at me,’ he’d whisper to you as you were watching a movie on Netflix. You’d turn your head towards him only to see that his lips were inches away from yours, and then he’d close the gap within seconds. He figured the only way to tell you he was in the mood was to get you in the mood too, and that was by giving you soft, passionate kisses. He’d often opt for French, but sometimes that would get messy quickly, so he carries you to the bedroom straight away instead.

CalFreezy: There would be some romantic music playing in the flat by the time you’d get home, and you’d be greeted by his long arms snaking around your waist, catching a glimpse of his gorgeous blue eyes before he shut them to kiss you softly. He shuts the door behind you and presses you against it as his kisses become more and more needy, and when he trails his kisses down your neck, you know what he’s thinking.

Today, I fucked up by having a one night stand

Obligatory disclaimer: This happened a couple of months ago. My friends encouraged me to post here about it and today I decided to. I know, I know…

So, a good friend of mine invited me to a cowboy themed drag show he was putting on as fund raiser for a pretty bad flood that happened in our area recently. I accepted and showed up on time but realized pretty quickly that “on time” is early and no one really shows up early anymore. Should’ve known.

After the obligatory “hello’s” and “how ya doin’s” to my buddy and the other folks running the event, I found the bar and settled in. Drink in hand, I began scoping out the few people that had trickled in since I arrived. I didn’t really expect to find anyone I’d be into at this event but hey, I’d gone through a pretty bad break up a couple of weeks prior and was feeling desperate for some action.

After chatting with the bartender for a while I finish my second drink. Feeling a little loose, I turn around to check out the new arrivals when I notice an old friend of mine sitting alone at a table on her phone.

I walk over, say hello and we begin to catch up. I hadn’t seen Angela (nope, not her real name) in about a year and find out she was in from out of town and meeting up with a few of the folks I planned on seeing this evening as well. Score. We’d always had a mutual attraction to each other but never acted on it since I had always been in a relationship. Obviously I’m thinking that shouldn’t be a problem now.

The night progresses and we meet up with all our mutual friends. We drink. We dance. We have a blast. Everything is going well and her and I are really hitting it off.

Once the show ends, someone suggests we go to another bar and as a group, we all agree. Everyone is already quite drunk so inhibitions are pretty low. Angela and I made out on our way to the bar and I’m feeling like a boss ass player.

One or two bars later and we end up at an after hours dance club. It should be noted that Angela and I pretty drunk at this point and I convinced myself that I’m some sort of amazing dance god. She’s digging it even if I’m struggling to keep from falling down so I go in for the kill.

“You wernt ta come over ter my place??”

I asked right before the beat dropped so I never actually heard what she said but it was something along the lines of, “Sure. I guess.”

Fuck yes. I’m da best.

I call an Uber and we start heading towards my apartment. She has us stop at a 7-11 to get her a toothbrush and I grab an ice cream sandwich. This night is going way better than I thought it would.

We get home and our clothes start flying off. My buddy had given me a couple of Viagra a while back so I pop one. I didn’t want to get whiskey dick so it seemed like a good idea at the time.

We start going at it and the Viagra kicks in. My Tony Stark turns into Iron Man and for about 15 minutes, we have amazing sex. I feel like such a boss.

She flips over and prepares herself to ride Reverse Cowgirl. I remember thinking, “Hmmm. Things seem a little dry down there.” just before she slams down on the saddle.

You know that moment when you’re in so much unexpected pain that your brain doesn’t even really register it? You know something bad just happened but you don’t really feel it yet. That’s about where I was in that moment.

I shout in pain and push her off. I look down at my boy and blood is shooting out of the front. Literally shooting out. The Viagra and high alcohol content are pumping out blood like the fucking Bellagio Fountains.

I run to the bathroom holding my junk and jump into the bath tub. She comes careening in after me shout-asking what the hell happened. I shout-tell her to shut up and take a deep breath before examining the damage.

Turns out, her forceful mount and lack of lube put an abnormal amount of stress on my bowstring (Frenulum is the technical term) and popped the little guy right in half.

So here I am, sitting naked in the shower, unwillingly rock hard, drunk and bleeding an impressive amount. She becomes hysterical, starts crying and calls her Dad.

Why her Dad? Well, apparently he’s a doctor. Apparently she thinks he can give her some advice or home remedy to fix my broken bowstring at 4 AM in the morning. Yeah. I don’t think so.

You know what this guy says? “Why are you talking to me? Take him to the hospital.” Thanks Angela’s dad. Real helpful.

After about 15 minutes, the bleeding slowed slightly but I’m starting to feel pretty woozy. The shock of the situation finally subsides and I begin laughing uncontrollably. I think, “This is what’s happening to me right now. Everything I’ve done in life has led up to me boner bleeding in the shower. This is what I have become.”

Angela puts some clothes on and grabs the keys to my car. She tells me to get out of the shower and meet her out front to go to the ER. I tell her she better Yelp the best one because I’m not having some 4 star doctor handle my precious wounded hog. She’s not very happy with me at that moment.

As I shamble out of the shower and gingerly put some clothes on, I look around for the nearest object to carry my broken junk in. Maybe a smart person would grab a towel but nope, I grab a wide mouth Mason jar that was sitting on the counter and tuck my dick and balls in that. Why both? It was just more comfortable that way.

The blood isn’t coming out as much at this point but I still have an erection. Pants pulled up to my thighs and holding the bloody Mason jar between my legs, I walk outside and get in the car.

We drive the 5 minutes to an Urgent Care (5 star rated on Yelp, of course) and I walk in there with all my glory showing and no fucks to give. There’s a few people in the waiting room but the guy behind the counter doesn’t want me sitting in there with them because my pants aren’t pulled up so I get the VIP treatment and see the doctor right away.

I explain the situation to Dr. Ted while Nurse Caroline takes my Mason jar and throws it away (I mean, I didn’t want it back I guess). Ted is in his late 60’s and and Caroline isn’t far behind in age. Ted gets the thing clean and puts pressure on it when he drops the bad news.

“OP, the bleeding isn’t really going to stop with out putting pressure on it. I don’t want to stand here all night and hold your [Glorious Member] so we’re gonna have to stitch it up.”


I ask if there’s anything else we can do. Literally anything else. Glue? Bandaid? Caroline puts pressure on it? No dice.

In a last ditch effort, I ask for some sort of anesthetic but he explains that would be more painful than just getting the stitches.

Caroline holds my hand. I glare at Angela. Ted puts 3 stitches in. I cried. We all bonded.

Angela and I drove back to my place in silence. She left back to her hotel shortly after we got back. We haven’t talked since then but I like to think the conversation with her dad the next day was very awkward.

Three days later I got the stitches out. Ted and Caroline weren’t there so I had to explain the story to a whole new set of people. They laughed, a lot. I left them a 5 star review on Yelp.

TL;DR I thought I was a boss ass bro getting a one night stand. Ended up breaking my dick and going to the ER.

forgottenqueenofdreams  asked:

OMG, I've just discovered your blog and I really like your scenarios ( ⓛ ω ⓛ *). Anyway, may I have headcanons for Jiji, Higekiri, Kogarasumaru, Kogitsunemaru, Sengo and Tsuru? How each of them would deal with completely drunk Saniwa who acts...well, indicently and tries to hit on them?

Ohohoho! I love drunk Saniwa I have a whole headcanon for them. Under the cut to be safe!!

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