clothes calling card

The Campaign

The Clothes Calling Card Campaign (CCC) is a collaboration between @dreyafean, @allygarrett, @coleytangerina and @merxplat to raise awareness of how many people love fashion but are left out of ‘mainstream’ sizing.

The cards are available for free and there have two options. One is designed to be handed to a store assistant or mailed to the shop owner/CEO, and the other is designed to be left somewhere in a store to raise awareness with other customers.

The card is intentionally designed to be applicable to all clothing items, and for people of all sizes who experience exclusion from clothing stores.

Feel free to personalise your card, and use which ever one you feel most comfortable with.

Hopefully, together we can start a conversation about how many people would love to spend money on clothes they like, but aren’t deemed desirable customers by too many designers and stores.

The CCC reminds those people what they’re missing out on.