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–Bucky is no longer allowed to borrow Sam’s clothes. that’s okay, he has Steve’s! 😂🙈

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Is there a way to buy less expensive clothes that aren't made by people who are pretty much treated like slaves? Because as someone who has very little income spending $50+ on a tshirt is just not practical, but I want to be more careful and informed about where my clothes are coming from.

Yes, buy designer things second hand.

The good news is, people tend to treat their expensive things better so there is tons of fancy shit in like-new condition for the same price as Zara or less.

Try eBay shop Linda’s stuff or your local consignment store to start. The bigger the rich person population is in your area, the better your local options will be. Otherwise the internet is fantastic for shopping.

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okay, I wanted to ask you cuz i'm not super into Zelda and all, but I like sidlink-- I've been seeing lots of people saying that Sidon finding link in the gerudo outfit attractive is transphobic and I just want to know why people are saying that all of a sudden? I'm just really confused. all I know about that outfit is he uses it to get into a city of women or something?? I'm confused.

I’ve seen these people complaining in the tags about how its apparently racist and promoting hertonormativity, which brought up the issue that by thinking it promotes heteronormativity; you’re assuming Link couldn’t possibly be a trans girl. 

I’m not personally offended by it but I’m also not a trans girl so my opinion on what should and should not offend them is of little importance. I think people just find any reason to bitch now a days, clothes are clothes, why do we need to police what other people dress their flesh prison in? Not to mention it’s fiction, who gives a shit who likes it, I don’t think someone’s kinks are anyone else’s business; you do you.

Not sure how racism ties into this considering they’re a fictional race, but the amount of reaching I’ve seen in posts people have made trying to say this is problematic was hilarious.

Being Darkiplier’s S.O. would include

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X Him constantly insisting on you sitting on his lap. 

X Scarring away any person he views as a threat. Like, literally growling…

X Constant casual touching while in public, but no kissing. Holding hands, arms around your waste, ex. Kissing however is private.

X You being the first one to say “I love you.” He takes forever to say it back, but he always has it in his eyes. 

X It’s a struggle to ever have your own alone time.  

X But you know that your always safe, he makes sure of that.

X Knowing you are the last person he would ever hurt… On purpose. 

X He loves to shower you in gifts. (Jewelry, clothing, flowers, ex.) But especially anything you can wear. He likes people knowing your his.  

At some point I should combine my knowledge of fashion history with my knowledge of the rise of the capitalist mode of production because I think that would be interesting. 

I mean, more than I already do on a regular basis like.  But the changes in fashion as clothing production becomes more centralized &
more specialized.  And how capitalism co-opts fashions that develop out of the urge people have to create their clothes and thus their self-expression themselves. 


This is a set of sketches and a story I did senior year of College for a small book I wanted to make as a personal project. It never came to completion but I have adapted the themes into a concept for a 2 part anthology I plan making someday in the future. I called it dissociation, which essentially means a disconnect between two things because I’ve always felt that my thoughts, actions, and emotions function in a lot of different pieces rather than one whole working mechanism.

Royalty AU - Crown Princess Marinette of the Dupain-Cheng Twin Kingdoms

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(Adrien, Alya, Nino, Chloé, Sabrina, Juleka, Rose, Nathaniel, Alix, Kim) (other classmates coming soon)


everybody lives AU | AKATSUKI
• setting — the Last

Akatsuki becomes a mercenary group for hire, as they did in Road to Ninja. 
This is more appropriately named the “everybody comes back to life and somehow things work out AU”… but as promised, 10 Akatsuki members in the timeline of The Last! Designing is fun (esp the village flak jackets) (・∀・)

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