I hate being on Tumblr during the summer.

Every other post is, “waaah my school won’t let me walk around with my vagina sticking out! Waaaah my male teacher said my nipples poking through my shirt were inappropriate!”

School dress codes are put in place for a reason. Do you people not understand that there are people in this world that want to hurt you, to take advantage of you? You may think you’re an adult at the age of 15, but you aren’t. There are sick people out there who want to pray on you, who hang out around schools and get off on seeing your half naked bodies. It isn’t teachers wanting to fuck you, it’s the pedophiles hanging out around school who do. Dress codes are trying to fucking protect you. 

You bitch because you can’t wear leggings - multiple times I’ve seen young girls thongs and bright colored underwear through their leggings. NO ONE wants to see that. You bitch because you can’t wear itty bitty shorts - wearing an extra inch of fabric won’t give you a heat stroke. No one wants to see your butt cheeks hanging out from your shorts. Not just your male peers and teachers - NO ONE wants to see your just-hit-puberty body. 

Y'all keep bitching that it’s ~rape culture~ and ~gross teachers~ keeping us ~womenz~ down, because “omg a leg is gonna make everyone jizz their pants” but it’s not. It’s when you want to wear shorts where your butt is hanging out, where you can see your underwear - when you want to wear shirts that you can see your nipples and boobs through. 

You can wear whatever the hell you want when you leave school. But while you’re there, you get to suffer by wearing non-see through pants, shirts without gaping holes, and shorts that are over 2 inches long. This isn’t a feminist issue, it’s rules trying to protect you and you wanting to rebel against them because it’s the new Tumblr fad. Every generation does it, you’re just doing it more extremely than the past few generations.

I can’t even believe I have to sit here and explain that your borderline-child-porn wardrobe is fucking gross and no one wants to see it, but with the amount of ~waahhh I can’t go outside naked because of rape culture~ posts on my dashboard lately, I’m about to go insane.