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I drew my favorite fashion model, Symmetra.~ *throws sparkles* I wish she would get more legendary skins. OTL


Violet Chachki’s dollar store outfit - made entirely out of jump rope, plastic bags, and duct tape - for her Season 7 RuPaul’s Drag Race audition tape! (x)

Soulmate! Park Jihoon

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Genre: soulmate! au + fashion designer! au; fluff
A/N: Mood board doesn’t exactly match since this was made much earlier but I still hope you enjoyed the au and feedback is always welcome! Dedicating this to my EVERYONG BBYs <3

“I love you because the entire universe conspired me to find you.”

  • Everyone was born with a tattoo of an unbloomed flower on their wrist
  • When you were close to meeting your soulmate, there will be leaves growing on it and more colour will be on the tattoo
  • By the time you meet your soulmate, both your tattoos will bloom into matching flowers
  • However, it will only bloom in the condition that you two have some of sort contact with each other and the tattoos touched
  • Soulmates will have harmonizing flowers that are only unique themselves and each flower represents how the relationship will progress
  • A sunflower may show that the relationship may be bright and cheery
  • While aster could be denoted as a delicate and dainty relationship
  • Unlike many of your friends, your tattoo wasn’t even close to blooming
  • Many of them had leaves on theirs and those who have met theirs had turned into enchanting flowers with an equally beautiful relationship that came after that
  • But you were still stuck with the same old tattoo and while it wasn’t a big deal to you
  • It did hurt when EVERYONE was literally posting about going on dates or just activities with their soulmate
  • While your friends still hung out with you, one way or another, it did just lead to the topic
  • So you channel all that frustration to your job as a tv host
  • You were a host of a popular fashion program where it talks about the latest trends and what not
  • You frequently interviewed a lot of fashion designers especially during fashion week
  • The director had informed you that you will be interviewing one of the guests
  • But they wanted to make it a bit different than the usual format
  • You were to visit the fashion designer personally at their office rather than them coming to the tv studio
  • But it required you to visit the office beforehand to get familiar with the setup
  • There wasn’t much of a difference to you anyways so you just went through your script and highlighted all your notes with a bright pink highlighter
  • When you went to had a coffee break, you noticed how your tattoo had leaves growing on it
  • You became super shocked ???
  • Cause as far as you were concerned, there wasn’t anything different with your schedule which might lead you to meet your soulmate
  • But then again, there wasn’t any point on thinking who it was as you rather just let fate play with your future
  • You did your research on the designer you were going to interview and wow you immediately fell in love with his work
  • You never realized how much you could agree with a fashion designer in terms of fashion sense
  • Cause most of the time, you were pretty much questioning wtf was on their mind when they designed such horrendous clothing
  • Like why would even use a trash bag for inspiration for a wedding dress ???
  • But this designer had a really fancy yet elegant clothing line at a really affordable price
  • It wasn’t a lie when you could see yourself buying most of the things
  • It was a week later when you went over to the designer’s office
  • “I’m looking for Park Jihoon.”
  • You smiled at the receptionist as you handed over the documents to verified yourself
  • You were pretty giddy about meeting him since it was also the first time he will revealing his face after debuting his first line
  • Like he was an extremely mysterious figure, seeing how he never showed himself even after each fashion show where usually the designer walks out
  • His secretary ushered you to a room and told you to knock and let yourself in
  • You did exactly as she said and when you heard a soft ‘come in’, you turned the doorknob and stepped in the room
  • For a moment, you were unsure if you had gone in the fitting room instead cause this boy you were seeing
  • Looked more like a model with his crystal clear skin and doe-like eyes
  • You were used to seeing fashion designers with really quirky style and bold prints
  • But he seemed to mirrored your outfit with a pink oversized hoodie
  • While you had a black pencil skirt on, he was dressed in black ripped jeans
  • You had to collect yourself and remind yourself to breathe cause ????
  • He looked hella good in such simple clothes
  • okay maybe those mismatched neon sneakers could go 
  • But everything about Park Jihoon was pure aesthetic
  • Even with his messy office that had books in all sort of order and clothes with measuring tapes all around, you felt at ease
  • The atmosphere felt so familiar but you swore you had never stepped foot into this place before
  • You were taken aback when he greeted you like WOW THAT WASN’T A MANNEQUIN !!!!
  • He laughed as he waved a hand in front of you when you weren’t reacting cause your mind was still trying to process what was going on LOL
  • Instantly, you realized his laughter was probably going to be something you will be replaying in your head a lot
  • It was addicting like sugar yet it was something you couldn’t bear to lose
  • You composed yourself to stop being a mess
  • You started out by telling him the premises of the episode and how it was going to work
  • Conversations about the job flowed easily between you two as he showed you around the place and you told him where each camera could be
  • You two discussed how he came into the industry and he also asked about your job
  • You could tell he was genuinely interested and not just because he wanted to be polite
  • His eyes lit up when you told him how much you adored his clothing
  • He told you he wouldn’t mind if you tried some of his unreleased pieces since you had the same fit as the model
  • This was a good opportunity that you couldn’t miss out on tbh so you said yes eagerly
  • It felt weird when all the clothing fitted you perfectly as if it was altered and made for you
  • When you stepped out of the fitting room, Jihoon started blushing as the tips of his ears went red
  • You were made for his clothes and it didn’t help that his collection was also called ‘Seoulmate’ (I DIED AT THS PUN OKAY)
  • Just looking at you, he could already think of so many ways to style that skirt you had on
  • He just only met you but he already felt like you could be his muse
  • It was as if you two had a connection
  • But then again, you both were aware that you guys had your own soulmates so neither of you approached each other for more
  • After everything was done, he walked out of his office to the lift
  • You both reached out to press the lift button at the same time
  • That was when your tattoos accidentally met and you felt a shift in your veins
  • It was as if something had come in and filled all the empty parts of your body
  • You gasped when you noticed how your unbloomed tattoo had transformed into a pink tulip
  • It matched with Jihoon’s as he showed you with his wrist with a bright expression
  • You knew what the flower stood for: a genuine and happy relationship
  • Both of you were still sort of stunned but Jihoon straightened up as a grin took over his good looks
  • “My treat today?”
  • You remembered you had plans but that could wait as Jihoon opened the car door for you, telling you he knew a really good cafe that served fantastic food
  • As you two sip on coffee and at your dinner, you two shared personal stores about each other and you giggled about his friend’s stories where Daehwi accidentally tripped on the runway when he saw his girlfriend who was supposed to be in London
  • It was as if your souls were entwined
  • From the somewhat unplanned matching outfits to the gesture when you two spoke but everything about you two fit so perfectly
  • After dinner with him, you were surprised when there was basically a pink bouquet with every flower you could imagine waiting for you at your door after Jihoon dropped you home
  • You had to stop yourself from smiling too hard at the note as you put the flowers in a vase
  • “If I had a flower for how much I thought of you, I did be walking in a garden forever.”
  • Honestly, he just seems the type to get jealous so easily
  • But he is always trying to play it cool
  • He knows you two are soulmates but he still doesn’t like the fact that Daehwi has his arms around your shoulder
  • Or how Jinyoung would give you a hug when you congratulated him for winning his figure skating competition like he sort of puffs his cheeks when he sees that happening
  • He doesn’t bring it up to you often cause he wants to look manly and he is a bit insecure
  • But you did pinch his cheeks and just go HOW CUTE
  • And like pepper him with kisses until he realizes that yes, you love him just as much as he does
  • Jihoon is super sneaky lol
  • Like he will literally smirk in joy when you are a blushing mess
  • He will whisper things like how much he loves you or just gives you surprise kisses like eveRYWHERE
  • Both of you will always share hoodies and sweaters and he gets so soft when you have like sweater paws
  • But also make sure you won’t hide your flower tattoo cause he somehow hets super proud looking at it 
  • Sundays are c u d d l e days
  • You two just laze around the house after having breakfast and he will always trace your tattoo whenever you are in his arms
  • You two are definitely more into sweet than savoury and like even your contacts for each other shows that??
  • He literally saves you as cinnamon roll with a bunch of heart emojis cause those are his favourite
  • You usually do the cooking and he does the dishes but he makes it a point to cook for every now and then even if it’s pasta every single time …
  • He is such a sucker for you tbh
  • You could request him to do anything for you and he would cause when Park Jihoon falls in love, he goes HARD
  • There was a time where you jokingly said you wanted to try all 31 flavours of Baskin Robin
  • 3 hours later, Jihoon comes home with Daehwi and Jinyoung carrying bags of ice cream
  • You literally went ……..
  • Well it didn’t matter anyways cause you two had a lot of ice cream to eat when you two chill at home
  • He doesn’t do much aegyo but WHEN HE WANTS SOMETHING???
  • Jihoon will literally jeojang-ed his way through everything like when he wants to eat the last piece of cookie or chocolate
  • Forehead kisses are definitely both your thing
  • Whenever he feels insecure and thinks that he is not good enough for you
  • You will wrap him into a hug and kiss him while you just gently rubbed his back
  • He sometimes mumbles in his sleep and it’s sort of cute when you asked him about him it the next day
  • “Jihoon, did you know you said my name in your sleep yesterday?”
  • “uHHHHHH you probably heard it wrongly.”
  • Then texts you later
  • “I swear seeing you in reality is so much better than in my dreams.”

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News of a new limited edition Traveler’s Notebook release from Traveler’s Factory FB page.  I absolutely love it the gold stamp on the cover and the other items. So very pretty. 

4月27日、東京駅グランスタ丸の内にオープンするトラベラーズファクトリー ステーション。

TRAVELER’S FACTORY STATION will be open at Gransta Marunouchi in Tokyo Station will open on April 27. We would like inform Limited items for the new shop. Get ready for great things as TRAVELER’S FACTORY embarks on a new journey in Tokyo Station!

Cr: Traveler’s Factory.