cloth folds are hard to draw

Just Another Bucky Smut

Summary: Just a Bucky x Reader smut. There really isn’t much of a story, it’s mostly smut.

Warnings: Dom!(ish)andJealous!Bucky, smut

A/N: My brother walked in and saw me writing this and just sighed so I hope you enjoy the second hand embarrassment that comes with my life.

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A commission for Chelsea! She wanted a fashion sense swap (so formalwear for Will and cozy/casual clothes for Hannibal) with Will at the front of a back-to-front embrace.

The first four images are pretty big, so please right click for full size!

Want to commission me too?

Commentary under the cut! Also available on AO3.

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sirvinter  asked:

hello !! i love your art a lot and i was wondering if you have any advice on character design? ive never done it seriously but i have a hard time starting. do you have any tips for an absolute beginner? thank you and have a nice day !!!

Hello! Firstly, thanks so much! I love character design but I’m trying to get much better at it, especially with painting. I can try to give some advice on what teachers/professional artists have said and that I definitely know to be true:

1. Every single physical trait a character has should show their backstory/who they are. For example, don’t just add a cool looking scar to a character because you think it’s cool. Add one if it adds more depth to their backstory! Everything on the character should be there for a reason.

2. Silhouette concepts are my favorite part in the design because it allows you to quickly explore a lot of clothing, armor, body shapes, etc. Having a pose makes the character have more of an exciting silhouette to look at as well (this is something I need to do better on because I love neutral poses hahaha).

3. Alright I’m gonna go on a rant about the importance of using reference here: make sure you have a TON references to draw from before you start a character! Many of my teachers require that students come in with pages filled with photo refs before they start any drawing. The better researched your costuming/props/etc. is the better your drawing will be! This was one of the many reference pages I created for my sci-fi Chinese mafia project, for example:

For some reason a lot of people think that pasting photo refs onto your PS canvas and referencing them is “cheating.” That is just SILLY. Obviously people shouldn’t trace an image nor should they copy the photo pixel by pixel when making original work (that just makes the learning process slower). But the more stuff you look at while drawing the better your stuff gets. And as you get more confident with drawing, you can deviate more and more from the reference (ex. combining more than one pose together, changing the colors, lighting, etc.). Here are the references I used for a hitchhiker character:

A lot of my character stuff is referenced from movie screenshots, and this is because the characters in films move so the reference gets a bit more… elusive/hard to notice? My final cover art was referenced from a scene in Scarface, because no way am I wasting precious time and energy to try to guess how to draw complex clothing folds and etc. when I can pump out a better piece in half the time by looking at reference:

Make sure to draw from life as well! Drawing people everywhere you go gives you a broader sense of the endless possibilities of characters you can make.

Anyways, I hope this helped and that I didn’t rant on for too long! ^o^ Have fun!

anonymous asked:

i spent over an hour looking at your blog and art. i'm so in love. do you have any tips on anatomy, poses, and expressions? what have you used for references? keep up the good work!!!

thank you anon ;;w;;!!!!!

im not an expert at these sorts of things…. im still learning myself lol!!! although its really just a matter of trial and error and years worth of practice for anatomy… i posted a tutorial about anatomy and proportions a little bit here. but to elaborate, something that will REALLY help with anatomy is familiarizing yourself with muscles and their form, that way its easier to portion limbs etc. 


this can help with things like shading and cloth folds, trying to imagine them as 3d shapes rather than something flat.

also, its crucial to not focus on one thing while your drawing when youre in the sketching process. its good to step back from your artwork and look at it as a whole to see how things are unified etc. if you concentrate too hard (i.g. the face) you end up tunnel vision-ing yourself and as a result skew your proportions to some degree (although some artists can sketch a face and nail their proportions still lol). i like starting off with basic shapes like squares and cylinders to sketch limbs and the like, and then fill in details as i go. now you can draw all the poses you want lol!!! (there is a bit of perspective play here, but thats another subject all on its own)

as for expressions, i have another tutorial here lol. 

the key things here is details to portray a strong expression. its really hard to portray an expressions strongly without body language, so thats a crucial thing to pay attention to also. kind of like tense shoulders for emotions like anger or sadness, maybe a slump for more intense expressions like grief. make use of things like eyebrows too!!! for angered and sad expressions, furrow the eyebrows more than you usually would. and eyebrows sitting higher to represent surprise or happiness. adding wrinkles really makes it convincing, dont be afraid that the expressions will look ‘ugly’ because of wrinkles NO YOURE DOING IT RIGHT!!! here are a few emotions (there are so many emotions and varying degrees lol)

for references, i like looking at other artists that i follow to see their style and method to go about expressions and proportions lol, and practice multiple times to draw it correctly. in the end, it really boils down to practicing for countless hours and times drawing what people think are naked people lol to really refine drawing anatomy, expressions, and proportions lol… hope that helps!!!

aidancos-deactivated20160201  asked:

Can you show us how you draw folds in the clothes (I think that's what they're called) like in the blue diamond thing?

Sure! it’s a little hard to describe though ^^’ like with this I find cloth creases one of those things I’m just used to doing, and that it’s a combination of what I think looks nice and what should probably be there.

Looking at your own clothes or just clothes in general really helps! even if it isn’t what you’re trying to draw, it all helps in understanding how cloth things work. For flowy things I try to draw the ends loose, lots of curving on top of itself for big waves, keeping it a continuous wave. Sometimes I try and imagine the weight of the curve, how it fits in with the others…it kind of helps.

For anything with a large drop (skirts, capes, aprons) I tend to draw out an oval and edge lines to figure out the overall curve of the fabric and where it ends, then I go over with whatever curvy line looks nice and fits the base line. For the creases imagine there’s a point that everything is attached to…well there actually is but yeah, follow the peaks of the curves up to those points. Same goes for the bits of cloth folded over itself underneath.

In terms of animation a basic way of showing cloth is a wave. It’s a little hard to see here, but there’s a continuous wave to the right, the edge of the cloth rests on top of that imaginary line.The Blue Diamond picture works the same, but with a more abstract line shape!

Hopefully this is somewhat helpful ^^’ but yeah, it’s all mainly habit for me now, not so much any one method that is obvious or any hints or tips I can give.

Change My Ways

Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 665

Warnings: basically pure smut. Enjoy.

I can’t live like this anymore.

You turned to Cas, backing him up against the wall. His royal blue eyes widened at the sudden movement. One moment, he was babbling to you about how angel blades actually worked. Now, he was between your searing body and the motel room wall.

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Damian Wayne was cold. It was ridiculous, he knew, to be shivering in this weather, but he couldn’t stop himself from shaking. Things like this happened sometimes— it felt like his heart wasn’t beating fast enough to keep him warm. The cold started in his fingertips, snaking up his wrists until his pencils fell from his icy hands and his phone didn’t recognize his touch. He slept in a nest of blankets now. Sometimes, he dragged them off his bed and wore them around the house, the same way he kept his cape wrapped around him when he went on patrol.
Todd said the cold never went away.
Anyway, it was like living in an icebox. You’d think that a billionaire could afford to keep his house a few degrees warmer, but no— it was always “Damian, stop messing with the thermostat” or “Damian, it’s ninety degrees in here, and Tim says he can’t breathe.” Was that supposed to make him feel guilty? Please. Drake could asphyxiate if he wanted. As far as Damian was concerned, that was only fair.
But he was trying to be more considerate. He really was— that was what led him to the laundry room.
He stumbled in on a Sunday afternoon, looking for his favorite hoodie. It usually reappeared in his drawer a few hours after he left it in the basket— Pennyworth probably had something to do with that— but today his drawers were empty. Maybe it’s in the dryer, Damian thought, and he wandered downstairs to check.
He’d never been in the laundry room before. It was small, tucked away by the kitchen, filled with stacks of clothing and gloriously warm. Damian sighed in relief as he placed his numb hands against the dryer— it was almost better than a heater.
His sweatshirt wasn’t in the piles of clean clothing, and when he checked the washer, it was sitting in a sodden heap at the bottom. That was just his luck, wasn’t it? He needed it now.
Damian stuck his head out the door and yelled toward the kitchen. “Pennyworth?” Nothing happened. Alfred was probably in the cave, which meant he wouldn’t be up again any time soon. Damian might have to wait for hours.
Or… He could always switch the load himself. Damian glanced at the dryer— it didn’t look difficult to operate. All he had to do was push a couple of buttons, right? He’d be fine.
Damian pulled open the dryer door and piled the clean clothes on it’s lid. After that, he couldn’t help himself— he flopped face-first into the heap of warm fabric. Perfect. He fished out one of his father’s sweatshirts and pulled it on, even though it fell past his knees and the sleeves were twice as long as his arms. He felt so much better now— warm and comfortable in his stolen jacket. Maybe Father would let him keep it.
The machines were simple, it turned out, and Damian didn’t have any trouble working them. Folding the clean clothes was harder— was there some kind of secret butler trick for that? No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t make the even rectangles that Pennyworth always managed. He struggled with his pile for ages, intent on mastering the skill.
And that’s where Alfred found him— perched on the dryer and sorting through socks, wearing a sweatshirt six sizes too big.

Chains of Love

Requested by an anonymous requester for my Follower Appreciation Day Random Drabbles from the 100 Kinks List.

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Demon!Dean x female reader

Word Count: 622

Warnings: Explicit language, nsfw, explicit sexual content, smut, dry humping

Tagging:  @spnfanficpond @aprofoundbondwithdean @jensennjared @mrswhozeewhatsis @the-mrs-deanwinchester @official-shipper @balthazars-muse @mamapeterson @rizlow1 @eyes-of-a-disney-princess @winchesterenthusiast @salvachester @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @katnharper

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i know that references could save my life and help me put hats on heads but do i ever take the five minutes or whatever to acquire them? no, i’d rather spend 30 minutes crying over my persistently levitating hat like GET. ON. THE. GODDAMN. HEADDDDDD HOW DOES THIS WORKK????

I Love You

Jung Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Part 1


I was a believer that everyone should be forgiven. “When you forgive, you should also forget,” that’s what my mom told me when I broke the plate for the ninth time. In the bible, Jesus said to forgive not only seven times, but seventy-seven. It means that, forgiving is essential on one’s life. You should not count the mistakes of others. Forgive, forgive, and forgive. Always forgive others, not necessarily because they deserve it, but because you want a peace of mind.

“Baaaaabbee,” Hoseok called out as he enter the door of our shared apartment.

“HOBI,” I exclaimed excitedly and run onto him and hugged him.

I felt his kiss on my head which makes me smile. “Sorry, I didn’t go home last night. There’s a pile of work I need to do at the studio yesterday,” he explained

I put my index finger on his lips to shut him off. I gave him a peck on his lips which turned into a long kiss.

I can feel his smile in between our kisses. I wrapped my arms around his neck while his hands are on my waist.

After almost making out, we stopped the kiss and sat on the couch.

“Are you hungry?” I asked him before walking in to the kitchen.

“No, I’m fine. I eat on my way here,” he said from the other side of our house which is in our bedroom.

I walked in to our bedroom and found him changing his clothes. I picked up his clothes from
the ground and decided to fold it before putting it into the laundry basket.

As I was folding his dress shirt, I saw a mark on his collar. I shook my head to erase the thoughts running on my head.

I went back to our bedroom and saw Hoseok scrolling through the channel on the T.V.

I lay beside him with my head on his chest. He put his other hand on my arm and start rubbing them.

I draw circles on his bare chest which made him kind of ticklish.

“How’s work?” I asked him

“Kind of hard right now, with all the comeback and activities we have to do,”

“Don’t overwork yourself Hobi,”

“Don’t worry babe, I won’t,”

After some talks, we both drifted to sleep on each others arms.

anonymous asked:

I'm working on a fic in which Marinette learns how to design clothes around age 8-10. I've been doing research on how most people learn how to sketch designs and stuff and there's just a ton of different ways (tracing photos, starting with drawing basics like shapes, buying books with templates, etc.) and I'm not sure which would be most accurate. In my fic, Marinette will be taught by someone who has experience in designing, so how do you think they'd teach her?

That’s actually up to you to plot. Though Paris, or France, might ring the fashion bell in your mind, people are actually fairly normal when it comes to fashion.

So it really is up to the person’s motivation and talent whether or not they want to design clothes. It’s a hobby.

Now, if you’re talking about whether or not it’s easy to design clothes as a particular in Paris, there are indeed a lot of fabric shops in Paris, but more than ever in weekly markets (Internet might tell you about the Marché Saint Pierre in rue Charles Nodier but it, in fact, is pretty hard to find clothing fabric. It’s more furniture centre. I’d advise you the Marché Choisy le Roi, though it’s a bit far, or the Dreyfus shops) but it remains very very expensive in Paris, hence why the more geographically far Marché Choisy le Roi has more interesting prices. Sadly a lot of people are stopped by that.

After all, Paris is the capital of fashion, of course shops would make the most out of it.

Now if you’re thinking of Marinette learning on her own, the methods you listed are all good. Except tracing.

Think of fashion as not drawing perfect clothes like regular artists, but associating clothes and colours. You don’t need to draw perfect folds to make perfect outfits. But you do need anatomy to figure out whether your clothes can be worn or not. You need to be curious about the trends, about collections, about fabric.

But drawing is just a way to convey your ideas.

Now, if someone would teach Marinette… If you’re talking about an actual teacher that would be paid for it, that’s unlikely. Way too expensive for bakers, and very very hard to find anyway.

Now if you’re talking about someone who wants to teach little Marinette for fun, a cosplayer, or a seamstress, etc… that’s up to your plot, just the same way it would be legit to turn to online tutorials.

Now, if you’re wondering how that person would teach Marinette, they could start by teaching her how to sew manually, buttons or stitches, etc… Being between 8 and 10 years old is a bit too early to make full-blown clothes, to design any actual clothes.

No, Marinette would start with clothes personalisation. Adding buttons here and there, cutting here, sewing there, etc… But nothing very elaborated like embroidery.

Think of those girl toys for clothes personalisation. They’re amazing to use.

Then that person could teach her how to harmonise colours, maybe take her to the address aforementioned to show her the world of fabrics and all the possibilities she can play with. Fashion is concrete.

They could help her design her clothes ideas, nothing very elaborated still. And maybe at 12 or 13, even later, they could offer her a first sewing machine which they would then teach them to use, as well as teaching her about patterns which are pieces of fabric you sew together to make your clothes. Like… Sleeves on their own are a pattern you then sew on the clothe.

Whenever you see sewing on your clothes, patterns have been sewed together.

They’re not very easy to make though, so once again, it’s not easy for a 12 years old. Unless she’s determined to try again and again despite it being hard.

Nothing’s impossible!

It is important to note that not all sewing machines have the same abilities and require accessories you add to them little by little. There are beginner sewing machines, and more professional ones. So it’s pointless to go for very elaborated outfits with a beginner sewing machine.

For example, not all sewing machines can sew buttons. You need a special tool to add to the machine.

About the design drawings, you might want to know too that they’re usually not very detailed, and very scarcely coloured. You have a brief sketch with the overall look of the outfit, and then you staple to the drawing samples of the fabric you want for the outfit, and only when you really need detail do you draw in corners of the sketch little zooms of the details. Like lace, or pockets, etc…

Sometimes, if you’re all good with the fabric samples you stapled, colours aren’t even needed.

Now even more important:

Do not mistake fashion sketches and technical drawings

Fashion sketches are all about inspiration, that’s why they’re rough, quick. But sometimes you can find very very detailed fashion drawings. That’s all up to the fashion designer so long that there’s an end result, so long as it’s easier for you to make the clothe.

The reason why they’re not detailed is because the fashion designer gives their sketch to a designer whose job is to turn them into technical drawings with patterns to cut for the seamstresses. It’s not that fashion designers don’t know how to do that. No, you have to be a designer first before being a fashion designer, but once you get to work, you can’t do everything. You’re paid for ideas, not for sewing or detailing for people who know their job as much as you do.

This is a fashion sketch à la française

This is a technical drawing (dessin à plat or dessin technique in French, and what you called templates)

These are a 2 in 1 fashion/technical drawing

This is what you learn in fashion schools, but you need to know that all of this… Well these are just tools to help you, but fashion can be very very instinctive. Think of cosplay.

People don’t take classes to learn how to make their own cosplays.

If you work well with a method, the rest is details.

Hope I helped! And good luck for your fic :)

jetmcleod  asked:

Hi! I love your art, & your fashion masterpost resource is a treasure trove. Forgive me if you've answered this before, but where is the line between referencing and copying? For example, if I don't have access to some fabrics irl and need to draw them draping/folding, am I ripping off the photographer if I draw the folds as in the photo ref? And can I use real clothes by a recognizable designer in my art, or is that protected? What are some guidelines for referencing respectfully?

Oh man!  This is a question artists have to deal with all the time, and it’s hard to draw a clear line in the sand.  I usually think about it like this: would you feel guilty if someone tracked down your source material and called you out on it?  If that’s the case, you proooobably want to dilute your reference library a little more.

You generally want to saturate your brain with your reference, allowing you to really understand the structure and dynamics of the thing you’re drawing – not just mimicking exactly what you’re seeing on the flat picture plane.  You’ll get a pretty good drawing of folds/draping fabric if you copy a single reference photo, sure, but I can almost guarantee that working from several similar (but different) photos means that you’ll end up with something far more original – and, bonus, you’ll probably understand more about the reference material in the process.

I have a ton of reference open on my other screen for a jacket I happen to be painting for work – some of it has the angle I need, some of it hints at the lighting, but a lot of it is just there to help me understand the structure of a tailored jacket and how it moves on the human body. I may be drawing the arms down, sure, but seeing how a sleeve shifts when it’s raised in the air helps me understand how the armscye fits into the trunk of the jacket!  Super valuable stuff, even if you wouldn’t thing so at first blush.

As for drawing from designer clothing, again, be thoughtful about it!  If you’re drawing your character in street clothes for a comic, sure, go for it. If you’re trying to pass something off as an original costume/character design, or if the dress itself is an integral part of your illustration, then I’d probably reconsider.  You definitely don’t want to go down in history as the artist who blatantly copied a McQueen gown for Fleur Delacour’s wedding dress:

…ooooor the guy who upset the King of Spain when he turned him into Magneto for a House of M cover:

…Just sayin’.

BTS Reaction to Going Through Your Draws and Seeing Sexy Lingerie

I think this would be so embarrassing if one of the boys stumbled on your lingerie for the first time. But it would also be funny. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this reaction <3

I do not own these gifs

-Admin Kat

Jin: He had just finished laundry and thought, Hey, maybe (Y/N) would want me to put away her clothes as well. He had already folded all the clothes you asked him to watch for you and was heading to your room. Part of him felt hesitant. This was the first time he was going through your draw and he kind of felt as though he was breaking some privacy code. But his embarrassment grew when he opened the first draw and saw the lacy lingerie you had right on top of your shirts. His took a hard gulp and slowly closed the draw; acting as though he did not see anything.

Originally posted by sugafrost

Suga: His face lit up like a kid in the candy shop the moment his eyes fell on the red corset and matching underwear. He had not thought you would be the type of girl to wear sexy lingerie; being the edgy tomboy that you were. He had to admit though, he was excited. But he was mostly excited to have something to tease you about. The second you came home from work, he was lying on the bed minding his own business. When you joined him on the bed, he rose one eyebrow and turned to you. “So, I didn’t peg you as a red underwear type of girl.” He teased in a muffled voice.

Originally posted by sugagifs

J-Hope: “Hoseok oppa, do you think you could go in my draw and grab me my fuzzy socks? My feet are getting cold.” You asked him as you cuddled up on the bed with your feet stuffed under the blanket. Hoseok laughed, thinking it was adorable how cute you were when you were cold. He shook his head though, wanting to force you to resort to aegyo to get your way. Once you begged him cutely, he hopped off the bed and ran to your draw. You were not really paying attention to which draw he opened. When he saw the lingerie in your first draw, he turned towards you quickly and stared at you as though you were a completely new person.

Originally posted by hugtae

Rapmon: He had been looking for his favorite shirt. He knew that you loved taking his shirts and placing them in your draw after wearing them. You were still out of the house and he had to get going to rehearsal soon. He was looking through your closet first, just in case you had thought of this, but he came up empty handed. Then he turned to your draw. He started from the top draw and worked his way down. He finally got to the last draw and yanked it open. He smiled when he saw his shirt, pulling it out but pausing when he saw another piece of fabric fall out. He looked at the lingerie and barely registered what it was as he quickly covered his eyes and backed away. Ah, I should not be seeing this.

Originally posted by jungkooksleigh

Jimin: He became an absolute giggling mess when he saw the lacy white lingerie. He had just been going in to grab you clothes for bed, knowing that you would be too tired to do it yourself when you got home from work. He had not noticed what the fabric was until he picked it up and looked long and hard at it. When he realized what it was, he quickly placed it back in the spot and stared at it. He couldn’t help but start smiling brightly and chuckle at the thought of you wearing something like that. He couldn’t get the image out of his mind as he pulled it back out and placed it on the bed; knowing it would be a good way to tease you.

Originally posted by mint-ee

V: You had asked him to go and grab you a shirt for when you got out of the shower. You didn’t bother to tell him which draw to go to, but he didn’t really care. He started going through the draws, wanting to find the shirt that he loved to see you in; one that he had personally ‘styled’ with rips on the shoulders. As he looked for the shirt, he couldn’t help but notice something that was folded and stuffed into the side of the draw. He pulled it out to get a better look at it. His eyes and mouth widened in shock when he saw the lingerie hanging in front of him.

Originally posted by bang-sayang

Jungkook: He had absolutely no idea what to think when he stumbled upon the lingerie in your draw. He was being his typical nosy self as he started to look through your draw to see if you had any ugly clothes that he could beg you to wear so he could tease you. He would go straight to his hyungs, needing their opinion on your selective item of clothing. They would be discussing it in a small circle, each of them telling him different things about it and Jin especially making sure to remind him that he is young. While talking, they would all look up in surprise when they heard you come into the room.

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anonymous asked:

How do you do those pretty clothe folds?? They look so pretty and natural and hrnnnngggggghhhhh


  • PRACTICE OFF REaL lIFE TBH that’s how i’ve gotten as good with them as i am, being able to see and learn from real life helps a shit ton and before u know it it’s a lot easier to figure out how folds work without references
  • keep a light hand, you can always go darker later but it’s harder to go lighter
  • avoid right angles unless your cloth is being pulled over something rly pointy
  • in regards to harsh lines: less is more
  • you can imply a lot with just shading, don’t feel like u need to draw the lines of every single fold. 
  • a combo of both hard and soft lines will help u find that more natural feel
  • remember: they’re not folds. they’re lines and shapes and values my man. go get um

in-a-trans-like-state  asked:

(sorry for spamming you with asks) Is anakin known by everyone as ani in this au?

AT LAST THE NEXT PART IS DONE. \o/ And holy crap it’s like 3500 words?? When did THAT happen. 

I will confess I’m a little nervous about posting this one, because I made up some bits of Naboo handmaiden/Tatooine slave culture to fill the story out better and I’m not sure how well it all came together/works with canon. I hope it at least works for you guys? 

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anonymous asked:

Oh my godsss you draw so well!!! How do you do the wrinkles in clothes and such? I always have trouble figuring out what lines to use and where to place them. Also because I don't know where to place the wrinkles, shading is so hard to meee

thank you! hah.. to be honest I really don’t like drawing clothes that much because of the wrinkles and everything, so complicated! anyways, ill show you how I draw wrinkles in clothing:

1. when you draw the wrinkles, you have to remember that there is gravity!!! when you got lots of fabric, they flow downwards or droop down, take this image as an example.

see the scarf wrapped around the person on the right? his scarf droops down because I wanted it to look loosely wrapped, if I wanted it to look more tight, then the lines would become more straight and this is how you create how tight or loose the clothing is. Now, you want to know where to place the wrinkles right? Its actually not as hard as you think it is, you just need to think a little extra. oh god and this is where i am going to explain really badly:

When fabric is folded, the fabric creates wrinkles and creases obviously right? So that is where you need to draw the wrinkles. you have to keep in mind that different materials in clothing behave differently

because the fabric here is a little thicker, the fabric just kind of clumps together and is ‘choppy’. and when the material is thinner, the wrinkles are very close together. ill draw you a quick example vvv

to make the clothing look thinner, they tend to have a looot more wrinkles and the thicker, not so much. just like this image below, his arm only has about two creases in it (around where the elbow is because that is where the arm bends!!!) and the hood has a million.

there are also wrinkles when the clothing is held/pulled/pressured/etc. do you see how that the person is holding on to his sweater where his arm is? All the wrinkles go upwards to that hand because that is how clothing works. Also there are wrinkles where his armpit is because it is also being pulled by his hand. When there are wrinkles you have to understand that.. ugh this is so hard to explain, i dont know to say it, you have to understand that it is formed by the fabric being pressed together right? 

so that means that wrinkles aren’t magically created, it is there when there is pressure. Do this now, go ahead and grab your sleeve on your shirt (around where your bicep is) and just pull it up, observe how it creates wrinkles right? but don’t you also feel the pressure under where it is being pulled? and that when you pull the shirt upwards, the sleeve isn’t the only thing moving, but some of your shirt is as well?

common places where the wrinkles are on a shirt (when the person is standing straight and still) is the armpit because that is where it folds, and the end of the shirt (so where your waist is), and also the breast area if the person has breasts. common places on pants are crotch area, knees and ankles.

god i am so crap at explaining i am soooo sorry i hope i helped. i tried to give you a better idea of how fabric works so that you can decide where to place wrinkles better because wrinkles can be placed in so many different ways and places. if i wasn’t clear on something dont hesitate to ask me again.

who am i...?

… you know who i am, right?

this is me; i draw myself a lot with a look and style that can be distinguished from other people. i try and make myself stand out, but only because its actually who i am irl. my main purpose for looking like who i am is because its the look im comfortable with, and the look that shows who i really am inside.

i have built up my look for the past 5+ years to be who i am today.

for a little trivia for you guys who dont understand why these looks are important to me:

  • i created this ahoge way before my hetalia craze
  • my hairstyle is, i admit, based off of aph husband america (because i love him ok-) but its how i base my irl hairstyle off of because it represents me
  • my underlashes are a style that i built on my own, with some inspiration from other artists, and one that i tend to draw on a lot of my characters a lot
  • this motherfuckin’ bowtie has a really long (almost tragic) backstory to my real life that is kinda hard to talk about but tl;dr means a whole lot to me and all you need to know is that my irl bowtie means way too much to me to be a fucking trend-setter.

whats the point of this post, you ask..?

you have herd of art theft and tracing right? yes, this is one of those posts. i wish i didnt have to do this, but i have no choice but to make this clear right now before it happens again.

there is a reason why i semi-left deviantART and why i post most of my stuff here now. there have been countless events of tracing/art theft on my deviantART that makes me wanna gag. but i let them go because i was nice about it at the time. but i wont be from here on out.

to cut to the crap, i wont name any names because they either deleted their account or apologized, there has been a recent incident where ME AS A PERSON/my “internet persona” has been outright taken. here is my point:

fIRST OF ALL: in the point mentioned above, it all looks like it has been HEAVILY “influenced” my my style of drawing and me and my gf’s ACTUAL SELVES. we both first thought their gallery was full of just “fanart” of me and her, but when we read the desc.’s it was “supposed” to be “them and their gf”??? plus their coloring style and other styles of drawing look really really similar to my way of doing things and it just doesnt seem right,

i wont get into the nitty gritty because you can tell just by this that our designs of our actual irl selves were taken and claimed as their actual own selves.

its kinda awkward, because these arnt just our “oc’s”. THIS IS HOW WE ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE.

this is my gf, with all the stand-out qualities that make her, well, herself. we draw each other a lot, so there is no arguing that our faces are everywhere in our galleries. but seriously? i dont think anyone looks exactly like us and are happening to be dating also? weird…

sure, we dye and cut our hair a lot recently, but these are OUR staple looks overall. we might update how we actually look as of the present moment, but these are the designs we have made clear are US.

and for another piece of evidence i would like to show you is one that is actual tracing/copying w/o permission:

this sketch is in the depths of my tumblr posts, but it is myself as a gemsona, with my signature looks and everything, so its hard to believe that this person (who is following me and my gf’s accounts) “happened” to draw the same post w/ the same clothing folds and hands and hair and ahoge and EVERYTHING??? this is inexcusable.

this shit isnt the first time this has happened, as i have stated b4, but i never acted upon it because they either ran away or i let it go:

this is just an example… out of many. not just tracing, but outright stealing the way i made myself look.

these acts of theft are really offensive to me, because as i stated:

i am not an oc. i am not a character to be stolen. i am not a design to be tampered with by simply changing the eye color.


any other type of fucking with me and my art would have been settled privately, but this is crossing the line. i wont let anyone take away my identity. this is personal.

so to try and make this abso-fucking-lutaly clear to any future offenders:

Just Relax // Luke Hemmings (Smut)

a-shton-irwin asked: Luke blurb where your sitting in between his legs studying for an exam and he starts fingering you?

side note: this isn’t the luke smut i’ve had in my drafts for a while i read the request and wrote it a blurb but realized it didn’t do it justice + it was v long so i threw this together ((bear in mind it took me less than an hour to write this so don’t expect a lot ok))

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anonymous asked:

I don't know how to continue!?!?! I want to draw and somehow create and consolidate my own style but I love so many art styles and I try to ... nya not copy but want to make some parts my own (if you know what I mean) ... And now I can't do one of these or my own and everything loooks bad... My eyes, my so loosy hair and proportions... Do you have any good hint for a sad artist who wants to move forward but stucks in a giant hole?? :/

You know anon, you would be surprised how common these problems are. I’ve been stuck in your place numerous times and it always seems like no matter how much you try to step forward, you step back a few paces. 

But that’s okay :) Every art has obstacles and hurdles to overcome, so your struggle is something that’s normal. The first and foremost thing you should do and set your mind to is to keep going. Continue. Because your hard work will pay off as long as you keep going. 

I feel like a broken record when i say this because i know so many people who say the same thing, but finding your style is something that will definitely come naturally. I don’t see any problem in mimicking someone else’s style because you think it looks cool. It’s part of learning! While i don’t condone copying for the sake of “this person’s art is beautiful/popular/cool and I want it for myself!” i still think practicing via copying is a valid form of learning. 

I feel like the process of learning how to draw is a combination of drawing what you can draw and using your skills to learn what you want to draw. Nobody ever reaches a point where they think “oh, i have nothing else to learn.” If you like the way someone draws eyes, practice drawing those eyes until you like the way it looks. Rather than thinking of trying to get a result that best matches the other artists’ style, try to get to a point where you feel like your result looks good. I know that sounds like it defeats the purpose, but i honestly believe if you try too hard to copy another person’s style, then you’ll just keep spiraling down into a deep hole of dissatisfaction. Doing art is a long and complicated journey, it was never supposed to be easy. It’s like practicing an instrument, if you don’t pluck your strings, then you’ll never get better at playing the violin. 

As for tips, i think you should keep copying and using references as much as you can. Study the way your favorite artist draws their anatomy, or how they draw the folds in clothing. Look at photography of models, clothing you see at the mall or a store. If you like how someone draws hair, try it for yourself. As long as you don’t stop at simply “copying” and, rather, learn from it to the point where you no longer have to use reference, I think you’re on a good road to improving. :) 

To be honest, i personally feel like the best way i get myself back into the swing of drawing is by drawing headshots of my favorite characters over and over again, from different angles and expressions, with lots of flowy hair. I really love drawing hair, so it makes me feel better about myself and my art o)-< 

sorry for the wall of text;; i feel like i went on three different tangents ahh… o<-< i hope you find some sort of help from these words. Keep drawing anon!!