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BTS Reaction to Going Through Your Draws and Seeing Sexy Lingerie

I think this would be so embarrassing if one of the boys stumbled on your lingerie for the first time. But it would also be funny. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this reaction <3

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Jin: He had just finished laundry and thought, Hey, maybe (Y/N) would want me to put away her clothes as well. He had already folded all the clothes you asked him to watch for you and was heading to your room. Part of him felt hesitant. This was the first time he was going through your draw and he kind of felt as though he was breaking some privacy code. But his embarrassment grew when he opened the first draw and saw the lacy lingerie you had right on top of your shirts. His took a hard gulp and slowly closed the draw; acting as though he did not see anything.

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Suga: His face lit up like a kid in the candy shop the moment his eyes fell on the red corset and matching underwear. He had not thought you would be the type of girl to wear sexy lingerie; being the edgy tomboy that you were. He had to admit though, he was excited. But he was mostly excited to have something to tease you about. The second you came home from work, he was lying on the bed minding his own business. When you joined him on the bed, he rose one eyebrow and turned to you. “So, I didn’t peg you as a red underwear type of girl.” He teased in a muffled voice.

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J-Hope: “Hoseok oppa, do you think you could go in my draw and grab me my fuzzy socks? My feet are getting cold.” You asked him as you cuddled up on the bed with your feet stuffed under the blanket. Hoseok laughed, thinking it was adorable how cute you were when you were cold. He shook his head though, wanting to force you to resort to aegyo to get your way. Once you begged him cutely, he hopped off the bed and ran to your draw. You were not really paying attention to which draw he opened. When he saw the lingerie in your first draw, he turned towards you quickly and stared at you as though you were a completely new person.

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Rapmon: He had been looking for his favorite shirt. He knew that you loved taking his shirts and placing them in your draw after wearing them. You were still out of the house and he had to get going to rehearsal soon. He was looking through your closet first, just in case you had thought of this, but he came up empty handed. Then he turned to your draw. He started from the top draw and worked his way down. He finally got to the last draw and yanked it open. He smiled when he saw his shirt, pulling it out but pausing when he saw another piece of fabric fall out. He looked at the lingerie and barely registered what it was as he quickly covered his eyes and backed away. Ah, I should not be seeing this.

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Jimin: He became an absolute giggling mess when he saw the lacy white lingerie. He had just been going in to grab you clothes for bed, knowing that you would be too tired to do it yourself when you got home from work. He had not noticed what the fabric was until he picked it up and looked long and hard at it. When he realized what it was, he quickly placed it back in the spot and stared at it. He couldn’t help but start smiling brightly and chuckle at the thought of you wearing something like that. He couldn’t get the image out of his mind as he pulled it back out and placed it on the bed; knowing it would be a good way to tease you.

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V: You had asked him to go and grab you a shirt for when you got out of the shower. You didn’t bother to tell him which draw to go to, but he didn’t really care. He started going through the draws, wanting to find the shirt that he loved to see you in; one that he had personally ‘styled’ with rips on the shoulders. As he looked for the shirt, he couldn’t help but notice something that was folded and stuffed into the side of the draw. He pulled it out to get a better look at it. His eyes and mouth widened in shock when he saw the lingerie hanging in front of him.

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Jungkook: He had absolutely no idea what to think when he stumbled upon the lingerie in your draw. He was being his typical nosy self as he started to look through your draw to see if you had any ugly clothes that he could beg you to wear so he could tease you. He would go straight to his hyungs, needing their opinion on your selective item of clothing. They would be discussing it in a small circle, each of them telling him different things about it and Jin especially making sure to remind him that he is young. While talking, they would all look up in surprise when they heard you come into the room.

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Tips on drawing humans

1. Look at a lot of other people. Recognize the different facial features, like a square chin or spiky hair.
2. Draw folds in clothes from a particular joint. This gives it the feeling that their body is twisted in a certain way.
3. Hands are hard to do, so make sure you practice by looking at your own hand and/or looking at actual drawings of hands.
4. Pick a pose that gives your character a lot of personality. For example, if your character is happy and full of energy, draw them with their arms open, a smile on their face, and they look like they’re ready to take on the day. If your character is serious, go a little easy on the smile ;)
5. You’re your worst critic, and you’re going to make a lot of mistakes along the way. That’s what the eraser is for. ^^