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PSA for fellow binder-wearers *IMPORTANT*

So I was recently talking to my friend and we were talking about binding and he told me he was starting to experience chest pain because he’s been wearing his binder Every Day for /Months/. This obviously concerned me because you are NOT SUPPOSED TO BIND THAT OFTEN. IT IS A SERIOUS DANGER TO YOUR PHYSICAL HEALTH. When I told him this and that he should only really bind in public, he simply shrugged it off and said he was too dysphoric not to wear it constantly.
Guys, I get it. As a dude who binds myself, I know how nice it can be to have a flat chest, but it is not worth the risk. Honestly, you can only bind for 8 CONSECUTIVE HOURS at a time, so your body has a chance to heal and take a break.
For instance, I rarely, if at all, bind when I’m at home. Not only do my parents not know about my identity, but also it’s a lot more comfortable to wear my tighter sports bra than to worry about how long I’ve been binding and to make sure I’m stretching out my back muscles (IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT TO STRETCH YOUR BACK EVERY COUPLE HOURS WHEN BINDING). Now I know for some, the dysphoria is too much to handle, but your health is more important. I know a guy that bound so often that he ended up breaking a couple ribs, and he was using an actual binder, not tape or bandages or anything. Because of the injury, he can never bind again.
Basically, what I’m trying to say, is that binding isn’t meant to be used as a Constant curve to dysphoria. It literally is squeezing your torso to press down your breasts in a way that isn’t natural. If done right, you should have minimal to no side effects at all, but only if Done Right. If you’re just hanging out at home or with people you’re comfortable with, just wear a tight sports bra and a loose shirt. No one has ever broken a rib by doing something like that because they’re actually built to be worn 24+ hours at a time and aren’t putting your body at risk.
Be safe, y'all. Please drop an ask in my inbox if you have any questions or concerns and send to anyone you think needs this information.

Beautiful editions of classical literature make me so happy…

Everyone in the crew has their own individual roles right? Like Jack’s on flight duty or takes on the role of getaway driver, Michael’s got explosives on lock, etc. etc. 

While Mica helps out with a lot of different areas of the crew, I like to imagine Mica’s the sole person in charge of disguises.

She’s got everyone’s measurements practically memorized for custom pieces (Ryan’s shoulders are often too broad for jackets, Michael’s calves are tight in a lot of jeans, Jack values comfort above all else and lots of clothing binds in awkward places).

Whenever they need to go undercover, or simply want to hide their identities while out and about, Mica’s easily their go-to. Her proficiency with makeup and prosthetics, not to mention her arsenal of wigs and accessories, would make the top Hollywood makeup artists envious. With relative ease (though she needs time), she can make the crew completely unrecognizable. During downtime, Jeremy tries picking up on the basics of it all,  just in case they need a second person.

She’s also a great voice coach and knows more accents than she could ever care to count. (She knows a bunch of languages fluently too but, kind of aside the point)

Also, please imagine how bomb-ass Halloween heists would be.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm new to witchcraft and I would like to try some spells to make someone pay more attention to me, and even maybe find me romantically interesting. Do you have any easy starter spells or rituals?

There’s so, so much of those. I rarely use them, so I can’t really vouch for their effectiveness, but honestly, causing love/desire and death/suffering are pretty much the two basic tasks from which have, historically, stemmed practically all magical crafts, superstitions, religions and crime empires.
Seriously, there’s spells to that effect in any kind of magic, in any tradition. Not surprising, considering that those are the two universal human wishes.

Ookay, now that the ramblings are over, here’s what you can try to do:

  • Enchant a lipstick, or face powder or any other kind of makeup cosmetic, or a perfume, or a piece of jewelry to draw attention. Ditto piece of clothing.
  • Perform a binding ritual - you take pieces of string to represent you and the other person and tie them together. This also works with other objects to represent the two of you.
  • Candle magic - you take two candles and let them burn in such a way that they melt together.
  • Kitchen witchcraft - you bake cookies with attraction and luck ingredients (like nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, chocolate etc.) and serve to the person in question. Should you decide to do this, try to distribute them around more people, because randomly pressing cakes on people out of the blue is a bit weird. Here’s a really easy recipe from my main blog, if you want.

These off the top of my head, I know it’s the bare bones only but honestly I’d have to write you a whole book if I were to get detailed.

Also, I should say that trying to force people to find us attractive through magic is, I think, really very wrong. But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a little nudge and saying “hey, I’m here, just in case you missed me.”  It’s all in the intention.
Hope this helps!

i might make a donations/commissions post bc i was looking over my finances the other day and i realised that im gonna be struggling for money over the next few months bc of having to pay the next installment of tuition fees + the deposit/first months rent for my next flat….