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“I’ll protect you… no matter what” 


I’m going to try out a new kind of commission I haven’t done in the past. If you perhaps want me to draw your character is a specific pose or costume but it doesn’t show off their face but that is something you want me to draw then this will fill both those needs. Or if you maybe want, say, the full body to be in profile, but the bust to be at a 3/5 angle. 

Please read the below information in its entirety before requesting a commission from me

The above prices are the starting prices, as stated, if your character is wearing complex armor/clothing or you want them to be posed with a prop/weapon/etc that’s complex in anyway, I will charge an extra 5-20$ based on complexity. 

If you want the bust of your character to be in color that will be an extra 10$ 

If you are interested in a commission, please e-mail me at

Payment is accepted via Paypal ( I cannot accept any other forms of payment, sorry)

Payment is taken up front and I will not start on your commission until I have received the payment

Once I accept your commission, please be ready with lots of reference. Whether this is in-game screenshots, your own artwork, actors that you use as a faceclaim, or types of animals that will be helpful for properly portraying your khajiit or argonian characters (or other type of non-human characters). 

Please also have a pose in mind for your character, as well as clothing. People have often asked me to come up with an outfit for their characters in the past, instead of giving me reference, and that’s something I a) am not allowing people to commission at the moment and b) would charge a lot more for.

I also will decline any commissions I personally feel uncomfortable with. However, I’m totally fine with casual nudity that does not include showing the genitalia in anyway.

Slots Below the Cut: [Open]

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Common Clothes

Some Context: Our players had gone to the store for the first time. We’re not 100% how armor works in d&d since were all new to this and have a fresh Dm, and they really didn’t expect it to come into play what would happen to our players common clothes after they got armor, specifically when our half orc fighter tried to sell them.

Half-Orc (OOC): Can I sell my common clothes?

DM: Uh… well like, you wont have any clothes on under your leather armor. I dont think that would….be very comfortable. Also im not sure the armor will cover all of you.

Half-Orc (OOC): Oh yeah, I gue-

DM: Aren’t you scared of swamp ass? I’m dead serious I’ll make you roll for swamp ass if you sell them.

There are soooooo many people out there who ask “Why do you like Loki so much? He’s a villain.” And while I don’t have the time to list everything, (because let’s be honest who does?) I am now writing down the points of why people need to love this dude. Also known as,

Why You Should Love The Psychotic But Still Hot Space Prince.
By Debbie.

Point Number One: His Eyes.

Now, I think we can all agree that girls are suckers for a guy with pretty eyes. I mean who doesn’t like looking at a guy with beautiful eyes? 

Its just in our nature. 

I mean, I could probably like Loki just because of his eyes.  Have you seen them?! Its like you’re just sitting there the whole time having a debate with yourself on what color they are. I’m pretty sure I’ve this conversation with myself like twice.

“Blue or green? Green our blue? Okay I think they’re blue.  No wait, they’re green. Yup. One hundred percent sure they’re green. Actually they’re blue. Okay I’m defs for sure that they are blue. Well…….maybe they’re grey? ”

Yeah. Its like the sweetest torture known to man. But also kind of a weird thing to do, but if you’re a fan girl, there’s weirder things you’ve done.

So, my conclusion for his eye color, (for now) is that they are a mixture of blue, green and sliver/grey. And honestly that is a very attractive color for eyes. At least to me. 

I know there are some people out there who prefer dark eyes, and that’s totally cool. But if you don’t think that Loki has beautiful, stunning, amazing, etc. eyes, then I will question whether you’re human or not.

Point Number Two: His Hair.

I love guys with dark hair. I don’t what it is, but there’s just something about dark haired guys that I love. And let me tell you, Loki has amazing dark hair.

Now, while its kind of long, and I prefer short haired guys, I still love his hair. (Especially in the first Thor movie. I mean whew! *fans self*)

The thing that I really want to do with his hair is run my hands through it. Oh my goodness I can only imagine how soft it would be. *shivers* And he has shiny hair too, so yeah, there’s that too.

And really, I just don’t know what else to say about it. I like the dude’s hair, its a really cool shade (?) of black and I really wanna run my hands through it.

Point Number Three: His Clothing Style.


Needless to say, I like his clothing choice. 

We all know (I hope) that his signature colors are green, gold and black. And I love those colors together. So those colors on Loki does something to me. 

We’ve all seen in the Avengers and in Thor, though briefly, his ‘mortal’ style. 

A suit. 



Seriously, its almost my religion.

Guys in suits are waaaaaaay more attractive than this stupid 'dope style’ or whatever its called. What even is that? 

Okay, so you have a hat on backwards, your pants are falling off and your shoes are horrifyingly red. 

That’s not appealing to me AT ALL.

Now, it would get annoying after a while to have your guy always wearing a suit, so I really would like to know how Loki would dress casually. 

Would he? Or would he just always be wearing a suit? 

Who knows?

But his clothing style definitely fits my criteria.

Point Number Four: He Is Literally Prince Charming.

I’m sure every girl when she was little, dreamed of having a Prince Charming come and marry her or something.

Well, Loki could charm the pants off anyone (they don’t call him 'Silver Tongue’ for nothing I’m sure *wink wink wiggle wiggle*), and he’s a Prince. Of a cool space kingdom.

Thus, I give you Prince Charming.

Now, as much as I hate to say it, Loki is a fictional character.

Yes I just committed the number one fangirl sin. But hear me out.

Even though he’s not real, I’m sure if he was and you were lucky enough to be his significant other, he would treat with the utmost respect.

There are SO many fanfictions out there where he treats his girlfriend or whatever like crap. 

I’m sorry but no.

Loki would be the most respectful partner in the world. Even surpassing Captain America. (Forgive me Steve for I have sinned.)

He would treat you like a freaking queen. Am I right? (Yes, yes I am)

Point Number Five: The Tragic Back Story.

 Lots of girls like a guy with a tragic back story or something like that. 

Well let me tell you that Loki is like the Prince of all tragicness.

I mean, his father is like the worst, he was always second to Thor and he found out that he is not in fact Asgardian, but an Andorian with Elsa’s powers.  (If you didn’t get the reference I will be upset with you.)

How sad is that? 

(Which I don’t know about you, but I would totally cry if I found out that I wasn’t Asgardian.*sniff sniff*)

Point Number Six: His Height.

As a member of the short girl club, I can tell that most of us love it when someone really tall hugs us. It feels super comforting and you always feel really safe.

Well, Loki is tall. And while I’ve never hugged him, I’ve hugged my brother, who is the same height as him,(Or rather the same height as Tom Hiddleston who plays Loki so…..) and let me tell you, he gives like the best hugs ever. (When he’s not squeezing the life out of you)

If you’re a tall girl and want a guy that isn’t shorter than you, then I give you Loki. I highly doubt that you’re gonna be taller than him. (Unless you’re 6" 3 which if you are, I’m so sorry.)

So that concludes my points on why people should love Loki as much as I do.