Tomb shaft in Luxor yields unexpected finds

The gift from the father of the legendary Cleopatra VII for an Egyptian temple, in the form of a linen cloth, has been discovered by Polish archaeologists during excavations in Western Thebes (modern Luxor) in Egypt.

The discovery was made during the excavation of a several meters deep shaft of a tomb of a dignitary from the Middle Kingdom (c. 2000 BC) in the necropolis Sheikh Abd el-Qurna. In the sixth century, the location was adapted by hermits - Christian monks - for housing purposes.

“Probably the monks living in the hermitage, who were bringing everything they could use from the surrounding area, found the canvas in the ruins of a nearby temple and took it with a practical use in mind. We were lucky to discover this unique object” Read more.

Stream of unconsciousness by Mike Alegado
Via Flickr:

Dreams are the royal road to the unconscious. –SIGMUND FREUD, The Interpretation of Dreams 

 Model:Joan Belle Aquino Hair and Make-up: Bianca Umali Made possible by: Jaggy Gangat photography Thanks to Cayenne Camille for making the dress from scratch! I absolutely love working with models that work hard to achieve the vision that you have in mind. Not a lot of models are willing to try something new and crazy but Joan was all for it and trusted me with it! This is different from my usual on location shots, I have worked in a studio before but this is probably the first time I played with studio lights as the main light on the subject so it was a very nice experience. For the mood of the photo I wanted it to have like an underwater feel to it and at the same time achieve the surrealism of the scene. Please Follow me on:


Grand Anchorite’s Regalia [Alliance, Priest]
(for anon)

Head: Evoker’s Helmet of Second Sight
Shoulders: Primal Mooncloth Shoulders
Back: Night’s End
Chest: Jessera’s Fungus Lined Tunic
Hands: Tempest’s Touch
Waist: Primal Mooncloth Belt
Legs: Whitemend Pants
Feet: Spider Silk Slippers
Main Hand: Gladiator’s Gavel
Off Hand: Ironmender

(It’s the grand finale! The slippers can be mixed-and-matched with any other invisible shoes on draenei. If you aren’t a draenei and still want to wear this, you’ll have to do a bit of shoe-soul-searching… it shouldn’t be hard though.)