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Hey I really like your posts and I was wondering if I could request the RFA reacting to MC having a hourglass shaped body but constantly hiding it with oversized stuff? (If you can a little NSFWish;P lol whatever love you anyways)

oooh yes! and thank you!! ^-^

MC’s gender is female in this, I’m sorry, I usually write gender neutral 

this one is a little long



  • he always wanted you to wear something fitting
  • he had hinted it so many times when the two of you would go shopping
  • “Zen, I like my comfy clothes, you can’t change me.”
  • and he failed every time
  • he desperatly wanted to see you in something formal 
  • but you would never do it
  • but he didn’t mind
  • it just meant that at some formal occasions after his musicals you didn’t always go because you didnt feel like you fit in with the crowed.
  • which is why he was a bit sad to be having to be alone at his meet and greet 
  • and even though he loved to talk with his fans he was inwardly thinking about being home with you
  • “Zen!”
  • his head snapped to the side when he thought he heard a famiiar voice
  • your voice
  • he finished the autograph and looked around for the voice
  • but when he couldn’t see anyone that seemed to match you he went back to everyone else
  • it was when a woman pushed her way through the crowd and people started to talk that he looked up again.
  • “Isn’t that MC”
    “Who’s that?”
    “Isn’t that Zen’s girlfriend?”
    “she usually doesn’t go to these.”
  • his face brightened even more when he saw you
  • “MC?! What’re you doing here? I thought you were going to stay home bec-”
  • he stopped when he saw what you were wearing
  • oml
  • you wore a fitted power suit that suited you perfetly no pun intended 
  • it showed off your body in a modest way and he couldn’t believe it, he had never seen you like this and he had to stop his jaw from dropping.
  • you had got it that day while he was busy with work to surprise him
  • he definely was surprised 
  • he kept his arm around you whenever possible, keeping you close to him
  • forgive me father for I have sinned
  • he knew he shouldn’t be thinking these new thoughts about a lady but … it was hard not to
  • “Does this mean you’ll be wearing clothes like these more often?”
    “Only to these events.”
    “Do you need me to help you out of that when we get home? ~” he whispered to you


  • she was excited when you said you were taking her on a date
  • however 
  • she did not ever expect you to ever dress up for it
  • becuase in her eyes you were perfect anyway and didnt need to change
  • but when she saw you walk out in your pencil dress …
  • it fitted you so well
  • she was gobsmacked when she saw you in that dress for the first time
  • your figure … she thought you were perfect
  • being a petite woman herself she was jealous of your natural curves and how well you wore them with your clothes
  • it made her wonder why you would ever hide them in the first place???
  • Seven had said that he had seen pictures of you in these types if clotehs but she didn’t want to invade your privacy 
  • you had said to Jaehee that you would have rathered to have a body that resembled hers
  • and Jaehee was shook
  • ???
  • “like me? MC, you look beautiful.”
  • she praises you so much because she knows you’re insecure at times
  • and she believes that you should know every chance possible
  • she always reminds you that you look beautiful no matter what you wore
  • she helps gain your confidence back to not wear baggy clothes as much
  • Jaehee Kang has a body praise kink you cannot convince me otherwise


  • he was used to seeing you in your baggy clothes
  • and he didnt blame you for it
  • the two of yo never really went anywhere that would require you to wear a different type of clothing
  • so when you were coming to his graduation he had no idea what to expect
  • literally no idea
  • he hadn’t seen you buy new clothes
  • or wear anything different 
  • so he was expecting his usual MC
  • but when he saw you step out in clothes that hugged your curves 
  • he was astounded 
  • you looked
  • oh my god
  • how did you???
  • how did he??
  • !!!
  • !!!!!!!
  • he was so amazed how much you could change with just clothes
  • he blushed so much 
  • his friends were going to see his drop dead gorgeous MC
  • how did he manage to find someone like you??
  • why would someone like you go for someone like him??
  • he honestly felt so blessed that he was able to see you like this
  • when he asked you when you both got home why you didnt where these types of clothes often (he was so worried you didn’t like your body)
  • you had said that you never really saw the point in these clothes because you never really had an occasion for them
  • but tonight was special so you had grabbed it
  • when you saw how much he liked it you decided you’d wear clotehs like these more often


  • he had always noticed your baggy clothes
  • there was no use denying
  • ngl this always made him curious to what you looked like if you wore clothes that would fit you properally 
  • he didn’t want to push you
  • but he also wanted to see what you looked like
  • so he took an educated guess
  • and had an assistant Kang go find clothes for you
  • (Jaehee already knew your size, as it had come in conversation before and she tried to convince you that you didn’t need baggy clothes)
  • so when he came home with some bags of clothes for you to try on
  • you were nervous
  • hella nervous
  • you weren’t sure about letting him see
  • you weren’t sure of letting anyone see
  • you weren’t comfortable with your curves
  • it was an insecuriety you had about yourself which lead you to only wear baggy clothes to hide your shape
  • besides
  • baggy clothes are comfy af
  • but you did try on the clothes, perhaps if you tried them on and he saw how bad they looked he’d return them and let you go back to wearing your clothes????
  • it was worth a shot
  • you were hesitant on coming out and shoiwng him what you looked like
  • “MC I’m most definate you will look stunning.”
  • you eventually did come out and show him
  • you wore a peplum top with fitted pants
  • as soon as you stepped out in his sight he was gone rip
  • he cant take his eyes off you
  • the clothes fit you perfectly 
  • and he couldnt believe it, why had you tried to hide your body ??? you were so beautiful ??? and you always had been so beautiful
  • he was slightly aroused too ??? like wow …
  • you were shy and weren’t sure what to do and nervously fiddled with your hands 
  • he was breathless, and you at first thought that was a bad sign until you saw him smile
  • “You’re so beautiful.”
    “what? No it’s not that good …”
    “MC, you are most defiantly the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.”
  • he gently cupped your cheek and pulled you close so you would look up at him
  • “and I want to show you that.”


  • now he out of all people thought he would know what you looked like with fitted clothes
  • but in all pictures he found of when when he was stalking you doing a background check you alwasy had baggy clothes
  • and watched you through the security cameras you still wore baggy clothes for everything 
  • so naturally, he was curious 
  • he had asked you if you would ever wear other types of clothing but you always insisted no
  • and thats okay
  • there was no way he was going to push you
  • in fact
  • he had made sure to send you clothes for the Party that were formal but still loose so you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable while at the Party
  • you had thanked him when they came to you 
  • you when tried them on and showed him
  • he thought you looked beautiful
  • when it came to the day of the party
  • he tried to find his MC with her loose dress that he had bought for her
  • but he hadn’t seen her anywhere
  • did she not come?
  • was she avoiding him?
  • he went over to Jaehee asking if she saw MC and she had just said that she went inside looking for him
  • so he went in after you and asked Zen who said she went to Jumin and then he went to Jumin who said she went somewhere else to look fo him 
  • Goddammit MC stay in one spot
  • “hi sorry have you seen MC? She’s about this high, really pretty, wearing a-”
  • he turned around and oh my god
  • it was you???
  • you weren’t wearing the dress he bought you
  • you were wearing a tight fitting dress that showed off your figure 
  • he was lost for words
  • silently praying the sinful thoughts away
  • “MC, I - you - I mean - wow …”
  • wow? fucking wow?? get your shit together Saeyoung!
  • he feels so dumb because he can’t get the words out the way he wants to get them out
  • lowkey wants to see what it looks like off now
  • stop sinning
  • “I mean: you look beautiful.”
  • he loses it when you peck his cheek
  • rip
  • he’s gone
  • he can die happily now

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Imagine that husky sled au but it takes place long ago and iwaizumi is native american and oikawa had just moved to alaska

OHH ohh yes!! I like this! This is interesting too!!!
I’m still trying to figure things out. Like where this takes place, what the time/era this is, what Oikawa’s job is. Like what exactly is he researching.
So many things.

My idea so far: Oikawa is a Japanese biology scientist who has to do some research in this specific kind of weather/cold/area. So he travels to this place, getting all his equipment and research things right and looking for a guide to lead him through this cold and icy land.

Iwa is biracial with a Japanese Father and a Yupik Mother. He is an older Teenager (maybe 17/18) when his father dies and he joins his Mother going back to her homeland. Here he takes over his Grandfathers husky sled team.

So Oikawa tries to organize as much as possible from home. Like finding a place to stay and a guide. He writes lots of emails and gets some letters of refusal back. But there is this one guy who says he could do it. The name makes Oikawa sit up and listen… it’s Japanese: Iwaizumi Hajime

I have way more for this!! SO MANY HCS ALREADY!!!!