maaxrockatansky asked:

A, W, F, B, H, U, K, and P

A- I love anime!! :D

W- I love winter c: (although now that it’s january, the fun is expiring…)



H- HAVING A GOOD OL’ TIME (dude i seriously don’t know what to do with H LOL)

U- UPS because they deliver all my goodies and they delivered my computer safe and sound :DDDDD

K- K-on! and Kanon because they’re just beautiful and great and the only things I can think of for K <3

P- Princess Diaries! My favorite book series EVER

I realllly liked both of them, wow. I was already really excited about Argo, and it definitely didn't disappoint. I had no idea what to expect with The Artist tbh, but it really kept my attention, even though it is a silent movie. I loved them both C: Oh, I also watched Looper, while we’re on the subject, and wowowow talk about fancy camera work and continuity. ThE ENDING WAS REALLY UPSETTING I DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING AT ALL EVEN WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT IT IT WAS THE ONLY WAY THAT TIMELINE WAS EVER GOING TO BE RESOLVED. HIS GOAL WAS TO KILL HIMSELF AND HE COMPLETED IT. 

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If you were about to die who would you like to eat your last meal with?

that’s a hard one why you do that yuki :C

welll i think that if i had to die, and I knew I was going to die, that i would sit down and eat with my very closest friends, being ofc Satin, you, Yami, and Set.

(I made myself sad gosh thanks) 

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Doctor Who

Favorite Male: The Doctor

Favorite Female: Donna Noble

Favorite Pairing: It’s a tie between 10/Rose and 10/The Master

Least Favorite Character: Ehhh…Martha Jones I suppose (Not to say I don’t like Martha) 

Who’s Most Like Me:  I dunno…Amy????

Most Attractive: Captain Jack Harkness *wonk*

Three More Characters I like: The Master, Jackie Tyler and River Song