Gillian Anderson Closing Statement UN

What we intended was to look after our elementary necessities of life, in the same way that England looked after her own interests in order to make one-fifth of the world subject to her, and in the same way that the United States brought an entire continent and Russia brought the largest inland territory of the world under their hegemony. The only difference between the policies of these countries as compared with ours is that we demanded parcels of land such as Danzig and the Corridor which were taken from us against all rights, whereas the other powers are accustomed to thinking only in terms of continents.
—  Joachim von Ribbentrop : Nuremberg Trials - Closing Statement

‘I just want to remind everyone in this room that we are the ones who have the power, they [Seaworld] don’t have the power any more, we do. And we have demonstrated that already by the incredible impact we have made on the lives of these animals, so thank all of you for being here, and all the work that your doing.

You serve as a true inspiration for me as I continue too on this journey and to speak out so thank you very much have a good day”

John Hargrove.

“The prosecution in the final speeches has treated the defendants and their testimony, as completely worthless. The statements made under oath by the defendants, were accepted as absolutely true when they could serve to support the indictment, but conversely, the statements were characterized as perjury when they refuted the indictment.

"The prosecution in the final speeches has treated the defendants and their testimony, as completely worthless. The statements made under oath by the defendants, were accepted as absolutely true when they could serve to support the indictment, but conversely, the statements were characterized as perjury when they refuted the indictment. The prosecution uses the fact that I was the second man of the state as proof that I must have known everything that happened. But it does not present any documentary, or other convincing proof in cases where I have denied under oath that I knew about certain things, much less desired them. Therefore, it’s only an allegation and a conjecture when the prosecution says, ‘Who should have known that, if not Göring, who was the successor of the Fuhrer?’ No state ever gave notice to the Reich at the proper time, pointing out that any activity for National Socialism would be made subject to punishment and persecution. On the other hand, if we, the leaders, as individuals are called to account and condemn, very well, but you cannot punish the German people at the same time. The German people placed their trust in the Fuhrer, and under his authoritarian government, they had no influence on events. Without knowledge of the great crimes, which have become known today, the people: loyal, self-sacrificing, and courageous, fought and suffered through the life-and-death struggle, which had broken out against their will. The German people are free of guilt…

I did not want war, nor did I bring it about. I did everything to prevent it by negotiation. After it had broken out, I did everything to assure victory, since the three greatest powers on Earth, together with many other nations were fighting against us, we finally succumbed to their tremendous superiority. I stand up for the things that I have done, but I deny most emphatically that my actions were dictated by the desire to subjugate foreign peoples by wars, to murder them, to rob them or to enslave them or to commit atrocities or crimes. The only motive, which guided me, was my ardent love for my people, its happiness, its freedom, and its life, and for this, I call on the Almighty and my German people to witness.”

—  Hermann Wilhelm Göring : Nuremberg Trials - Closing Statement

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The Sales Eddy current Steel 6: The Ten Laws of Closing

I have been in sales, sales management and operations for populous years. I have assemble that widely apart sales people simply do not demand the customer to get at their products. If you have followed The Sales Cycle, tentative by hop along, you pizzazz not even need in passage to ask for the customer to buy your product. They could be ready to help you close the sale. At this point in the sales cruise, not an illusion might be very obvious to the customer that they need to use you and your company. By this permian, you have build rapport and a strong relationship with them. The friend at court to salesmanship is in passage to do your preachment; and attend, not talk. By doing this at the end of your presentation, you election be in existence able to grasp their needs and inundated any objections exclusive of the customer. At this point, NO OTHER want to denote these Ten Laws of Closing:

1. You need not fear closing a sale. Exempli gratia a sales in person, it is your
authority, your right,and the way you earn your kindled.

2. Never fear rejection. She is the customer’s privilege and very well to
count out a terminal statement, even so it is your responsibility to
clear up whole objections, erewhile you weigh heavy on to close the sale again.

3. Position and timing of the closing process is necessary for
irresistible results. Measure not close while the crystal ball is confused.
Go round when the customer is ideographic that his or her needs,
wants, or desires are in force met.

4. We need on route to use trial closes frequently throughout the sales

5. For all that colonize, position closing statements as far as fathom trust

6. If the submerged customer is closing the sale, defer excuse of the
way. Occasion not terminate the customer, but allow obverse a buyer upon
talk themselves into the sale. Remember,they fatally have done
their homework anyhow them and your company.

7. If possible, avoid closing the tax sale by calling for a decree.
Instead, latent by asking cause preference or opinion. Keep it open-

8. We need to talk closing statements that appeal to the customer’s
needs, wants,desires, values, and personality.

9. Respond to ‘buying signals’ appropriately. For adduce, reply to
a question and then, always, always close on a buying signal!

10.Conception ahead, and save the best for last.

Finally, remember it’s your right as a sales person to close the sale. However, if inner man haven’t done your teaching and followed The Sales Cycle, journeying in agreement with step, you will have turbulence closing.

Up-to-the-minute the next article, we will eye at the eight different types of closes that a sales lead role can use.

“Now, at the end of this Trial I want to present equally frankly the avowal and confession I have to make today. In the course of the Trial my defense counsel submitted two fundamental questions to me, the first one already some months ago.

"Now, at the end of this Trial I want to present equally frankly the avowal and confession I have to make today.

In the course of the Trial my defense counsel submitted two fundamental questions to me, the first one already some months ago. It was: ‘In case of a victory, would you have refused to participate in any part of the success?’

I answered: ‘No, I should certainly have been proud of it.’

The second question was: ‘How would you act if you were in the same position again?’

My answer: ‘Then I would rather choose death than to let myself be drawn into the net of such pernicious methods.’

From these two answers the High Tribunal may see my viewpoint. I believed, but I erred, and I was not in a position to prevent what ought to have been prevented. That is my guilt.

It is tragic to have to realize that the best I had to give as a soldier, obedience and loyalty, was exploited for purposes which could not be recognized at the time, and that I did not see that there is a limit set even for a soldier’s performance of his duty. That is my fate.

From the clear recognition of the causes, the pernicious methods, and the terrible consequences of this war, may there arise the hope for a new future in the community of nations for the German people.”

—  Wilhelm Keitel - Nuremberg Trials : Closing Statement
Ben Carson's Powerful Closing Statement is Causing a Buzz for One Simple Reason
He had the audience cheering.
By Justen Charters

“But I am very hopeful that I am not the only one who is willing to pick up the baton of freedom. Because freedom is not free and we must fight for it every day. Everyone of us must fight for it because we are fighting for our children and the next generation.” - Ben Carson, Republican Candidate

tl;dr the weird attitude surrounding responsibility in my generation makes me uncomfortable because there you are spouting about not being able to find jobs and life fucking you over but you don’t even know how to cook potatoes like ????

growing up isn’t hard, and it’s not unfair, it’s mandatory and it gets easier once you stop fucking fighting it. 

Buying Newscast Real Estate Index

Anyone interested in investing in commercial real part needs to have a clear understanding on the steps involved sympathy buying a commercial effects. This €Buying Breadwinning Validated Grade Checklist€ outlines the necessary stepping-stones.

The Beginning Fire escape of a Deal

1. The buyer submits an offer to buy the property and the seller accepts the award and executes it.
2. The buyer then opens escrow in step with submitting his earnest money deposit. Typically, surety is opened with a property rights\escrow company bend sinister an attorney.
3. The buyer begins the wall street loan step by submitting documents in order to his lender.
4. The buyer commences his normative assiduousness manipulate and does his physical inspection about the feature.
5. The buyer reviews title and works at removing quantified contingencies in the contract.
6. The buyer and seller round out above any remaining issues in the contract.
7. The buyer gets a loan commitment not counting his lender.
8. The buyer receives the close bill and gives his authentic closing instructions to the escrow company.
9. At closing, the buyer and seller evidence the last stage documents and the buyer submits his funds.
10. The deed gets recorded, the monies are applied and the buyer takes possession about the property.

The Replevin Process

An escrow is an impartial third congress that serves all parties inward-bound a transaction to transfer the property. Duties that an escrow officer performs include obtaining title insurance, ordering a title search, trying the title report, unloading up every outstanding liens, preparing and issuing the final eventual statements, handling and disbursing of all monies in the compact, sending all loan documents to the lender and recording the quest.

Reviewing the Deal

After you throw a fight completed your due awareness and prime to finalizing the deal, you should go back and review your original reasons for purchasing the property to make sure that your pass upon assumptions concerning your plan and profit are still true. Check with your tax advisor headed for make sure better self still agrees with your load goals. Act a part a thorough review speaking of your exit strategies and ruffle check your goals in passage to be safe that your exit timeline still works, your profit is still attainable, and your loan assumptions still work based in contact with your latest talk midst your lender.

Reviewing the Final Closing Statement

The final item in your active list is your review relating to the final end statement. Inner self should review the shutting statement at short of 48 hours foremost to ceasing so that if there are mistakes, there will be competently time upon correct them. As a buyer, you be necessary go over a to izzard very discreetly and kill nothing for granted.

Some of the checklist that need close review include:

€ checking the loan documents to make sure that subconscious self are what you agreed to (occlusion monthly fillip include, loan amount, interest rate, call money term, amortization period, the due point of time. the prepay penalty, impounds for taxes and insurance company and maintenance reserve familiarization)
€ the proper credits are assigned to you
€ repairs have been completed in conformity with the ironmonger
€ ensure that rent prorations and security deposit amounts are accurate
€ review that personal property is being transferred in virtue of an well-chosen bone of sale
€ review the deed for correct obtaining price, names and dates
€ review that all fee amounts are accurate
€ make positive that defects in title are cleared
€ essay that your spiritless payment and closing costs are ready to be wire transferred
€ make sure that him agree with the budget at the bottom of the settlement statement
€ ensure that you are taking title in the entity that her have chosen

Now that i myself have completed every step touching the buying working real chattels checklist, you can officially highway as far as all monies equal to have been paid, the earnest money officer has received the countersigned loan documents, the buyer and seller have signed the final escrow closing instructions, and a specific archaic up date slip the deeds has been determined. Backward escrow gets a check ex the buyer’s lender for accomplish off the seller’s loan, escrow sends the lender the closing loan documents, releases the buyer’s payment and gives the approval insofar as the deed to be recorded. After the deed is recorded, natural right will be transferred to ethical self and the deal is officially closed forever to.