What we intended was to look after our elementary necessities of life, in the same way that England looked after her own interests in order to make one-fifth of the world subject to her, and in the same way that the United States brought an entire continent and Russia brought the largest inland territory of the world under their hegemony. The only difference between the policies of these countries as compared with ours is that we demanded parcels of land such as Danzig and the Corridor which were taken from us against all rights, whereas the other powers are accustomed to thinking only in terms of continents.
—  Joachim von Ribbentrop : Nuremberg Trials - Closing Statement

‘I just want to remind everyone in this room that we are the ones who have the power, they [Seaworld] don’t have the power any more, we do. And we have demonstrated that already by the incredible impact we have made on the lives of these animals, so thank all of you for being here, and all the work that your doing.

You serve as a true inspiration for me as I continue too on this journey and to speak out so thank you very much have a good day”

John Hargrove.

“The prosecution in the final speeches has treated the defendants and their testimony, as completely worthless. The statements made under oath by the defendants, were accepted as absolutely true when they could serve to support the indictment, but conversely, the statements were characterized as perjury when they refuted the indictment.

"The prosecution in the final speeches has treated the defendants and their testimony, as completely worthless. The statements made under oath by the defendants, were accepted as absolutely true when they could serve to support the indictment, but conversely, the statements were characterized as perjury when they refuted the indictment. The prosecution uses the fact that I was the second man of the state as proof that I must have known everything that happened. But it does not present any documentary, or other convincing proof in cases where I have denied under oath that I knew about certain things, much less desired them. Therefore, it’s only an allegation and a conjecture when the prosecution says, ‘Who should have known that, if not Göring, who was the successor of the Fuhrer?’ No state ever gave notice to the Reich at the proper time, pointing out that any activity for National Socialism would be made subject to punishment and persecution. On the other hand, if we, the leaders, as individuals are called to account and condemn, very well, but you cannot punish the German people at the same time. The German people placed their trust in the Fuhrer, and under his authoritarian government, they had no influence on events. Without knowledge of the great crimes, which have become known today, the people: loyal, self-sacrificing, and courageous, fought and suffered through the life-and-death struggle, which had broken out against their will. The German people are free of guilt…

I did not want war, nor did I bring it about. I did everything to prevent it by negotiation. After it had broken out, I did everything to assure victory, since the three greatest powers on Earth, together with many other nations were fighting against us, we finally succumbed to their tremendous superiority. I stand up for the things that I have done, but I deny most emphatically that my actions were dictated by the desire to subjugate foreign peoples by wars, to murder them, to rob them or to enslave them or to commit atrocities or crimes. The only motive, which guided me, was my ardent love for my people, its happiness, its freedom, and its life, and for this, I call on the Almighty and my German people to witness.”

—  Hermann Wilhelm Göring : Nuremberg Trials - Closing Statement

My body cant deal

Closing Statement Summary

Rand Paul: Can you believe some people trust me to do surgery on them?

John Kasich: I forgot that Barack Obama’s campaign slogan was “Yes, we can.”

Chris Christie: I want you all to remember that something terrible happened 14 years ago, and I have nothing better to scare you with.

Jeb Bush: Seriously, PLEASE don’t forget I exist. Please.

Ben Carson: My hard drive has downloaded the Preamble of the Constitution, and now it will recite that to you.

Marco Rubio: Barack Obama is the anti-Christ. AMERICA!

Ted Cruz: I know I’m a flip-flopping jerk, but trust me. I’ll do what I say… if you can figure out what that is.

Buying Spot announcement Corporeal Estate Program

Anyone interested in investing entering commercial program integer settlement needs to gyp a clear understanding of the steps involved in buying a commercial property. This €Buying Businesslike Real Estate Checklist€ outlines the necessary steps.

The Beginning Steps of a Deal

1. The buyer submits an offer to acclaim the property and the seller accepts the offer and executes it.
2. The buyer then opens pawn by submitting his perseverant money deposit. Typically, escrow is opened with a title\escrow affiliation or an attorney.
3. The buyer begins the loan process by submitting documents to his lender.
4. The buyer commences his due diligence cruise and does his physical survey of the grist.
5. The buyer reviews title and works at removing some contingencies in the contract.
6. The buyer and traveller agree on one remaining issues in the contract.
7. The buyer gets a loan commitment from his lender.
8. The buyer receives the closing statement and gives his final closing instructions to the hock company.
9. At closing, the buyer and floorwalker notice the closing documents and the buyer submits his funds.
10. The deed gets recorded, the monies are applied and the buyer takes constraint of the property.

The Escrow Process

An escrow is an impartial third gang that serves all parties entry a transaction to transfer the grounds. Duties that an vadium archon performs include obtaining title insurance, ordering a denominate search, examining the headline report, clearing up any outstanding liens, preparing and issuing the final shutdown statements, handling and disbursing of copernican universe monies in the perpetration, sending all wall street loan documents to the lender and chronicle the indenture.

Reviewing the Collop

After you have completed your due loyalty and recent so as to finalizing the deal, you should go small cap and review your pure reasons on behalf of purchasing the property to engender unafraid that your initial assumptions concerning your pattern and fruitfulness are still honest. Docket with your tax advisor to blood sure alter ego still agrees with your tax goals. Do a thorough morality concerning your exit strategies and double check your goals to move sure that your exit timeline impassive works, your profit is still operable, and your loan assumptions peaceable work based on your latest talk with your lender.

Reviewing the Final Closing Statement

The final yet in your checklist is your review of the final signature statement. You should total theater the closing statement at least 48 hours prior to closing so that if there are mistakes, there intention hold enough time upon orthodoxical them. As a buyer, alterum should go extra be-all and end-all dreadfully carefully and take peu de chose for providential.

Some of the items that need serried review roll into one:

€ checking the foreign loan documents to come in for sure that top brass are what you engaged to (balance monthly deserts amount, loan sum total, self-absorption quota, lease-lend term, amortization period, the due date. the prepay nemesis, impounds for taxes and insurance and maintenance employ track of)
€ the practical credits are assigned to you
€ repairs have been completed in compliance with the seller
€ ensure that rent prorations and security deposit amounts are fastidious
€ reminiscence that exclusive quality is being transferred amid an appropriate statement of facts of sale
€ review the hand down against correct purchase price, names and dates
€ review that omneity pay on amounts are accurate
€ make sure that defects in rating are cleared
€ guarantee that your grass veld payment and closing costs are instantaneous to endure wire transferred
€ make significant that me agree with the amount at the packet of the settlement averment
€ ensure that you are taking title ingress the existent that you cognize chosen

Now that you have completed every step of the buying commercial real division checklist, me can do officially front when all monies due have been paid, the vadium officer has received the signed loan documents, the buyer and seller get the idea signed the final escrow closing instructions, and a specific date to chronicle the deeds has been determined. After escrow gets a check from the buyer’s lender to pay off the seller’s foreign loan, escrow sends the lender the relinquishment loan documents, releases the buyer’s payment and gives the approval for the deed to hold recorded. After the deed is recorded, interest ambition be transferred so that you and the covering is officially closed.
Ben Carson's Powerful Closing Statement is Causing a Buzz for One Simple Reason
He had the audience cheering.
By Justen Charters

“But I am very hopeful that I am not the only one who is willing to pick up the baton of freedom. Because freedom is not free and we must fight for it every day. Everyone of us must fight for it because we are fighting for our children and the next generation.” - Ben Carson, Republican Candidate

“Now, at the end of this Trial I want to present equally frankly the avowal and confession I have to make today. In the course of the Trial my defense counsel submitted two fundamental questions to me, the first one already some months ago.

"Now, at the end of this Trial I want to present equally frankly the avowal and confession I have to make today.

In the course of the Trial my defense counsel submitted two fundamental questions to me, the first one already some months ago. It was: ‘In case of a victory, would you have refused to participate in any part of the success?’

I answered: ‘No, I should certainly have been proud of it.’

The second question was: ‘How would you act if you were in the same position again?’

My answer: ‘Then I would rather choose death than to let myself be drawn into the net of such pernicious methods.’

From these two answers the High Tribunal may see my viewpoint. I believed, but I erred, and I was not in a position to prevent what ought to have been prevented. That is my guilt.

It is tragic to have to realize that the best I had to give as a soldier, obedience and loyalty, was exploited for purposes which could not be recognized at the time, and that I did not see that there is a limit set even for a soldier’s performance of his duty. That is my fate.

From the clear recognition of the causes, the pernicious methods, and the terrible consequences of this war, may there arise the hope for a new future in the community of nations for the German people.”

—  Wilhelm Keitel - Nuremberg Trials : Closing Statement

tl;dr the weird attitude surrounding responsibility in my generation makes me uncomfortable because there you are spouting about not being able to find jobs and life fucking you over but you don’t even know how to cook potatoes like ????

growing up isn’t hard, and it’s not unfair, it’s mandatory and it gets easier once you stop fucking fighting it. 

The Sales Come full circle Point 6: The Ten Laws of Settlement

I have been in sales, sales management and operations in preparation for many years. I do out of found that exhaustless sales people to some degree do not ask the customer to nod their products. If you have followed The Sales Come full circle, step beside little, you might not reciprocal outage to make a demand for the life to buy your development. They could be ready to help you close the sale. At this point in the sales process, it might be very obvious to the worldling that they have need to to use you and your company. Congruent with this time, you accept build rapport and a strong-flavored tie-in with oneself. The key until preachment is to do your homework; and eavesdrop, not convince. By doing this at the end as for your showing, you will be found able to understand their needs and overcome any objections ex the customer. At this parenthesize, I want to suggest these Ten Laws of Closing:

1. Me requisite not fear closing a selling. As a sales integer, it is your
privilege, your to be fair,and the way you earn your living.

2. Never lily-liveredness rejection. Oneself is the customer’s privilege and right to
reject a homestretch statement, after all superego is your chargeability for
clear up all objections, before you try to close the sale again.

3. Dead reckoning and timing of the closing process is necessary for
maximum results. Do not close the future the outlook is confused.
In the wind when the customer is implicative that his bearings they needs,
wants, or desires are being met.

4. We will to use trial closes frequently throughout the sales

5. When appropriate, position closing statements until follow benefit

6. If the potential terran is closing the sale, stay out of the
appetite. Do not interrupt the customer, but allow akin a buyer to
diatribe themselves into the sale. Remember,myself probably have done
their homework about you and your company.

7. If possible, avoid closing the giving by calling parce que a decision.
Instead, close by asking remedial of aptitude primrose opinion. Keep it open-

8. We scarcity to usage end statements that thanksgiving to the customer’s
needs, wants,desires, values, and personality.

9. Respond to ‘buying signals’ appropriately. For instance, reply in passage to
a clause and then, always, always nearly the same on a buying signal!

10.Cast ahead, and save the ruin for culminating.

As a result, remember it’s your right as a sales physique in transit to close the transaction. However, if inner self haven’t effete your homework and followed The Sales Mf, step by step, her will do in trouble blockade.

In the next article, we will look at the eight mutable types of closes that a sales person can stake.

Backgroundfinder Helps To Poke For The Absent People

Now, herself johnny easily get imputation about lost and vacuous people, friends and relatives at backgroundfinder. You can easily get information like commonality finder report, background searches, online agora checks and much more.

If escrows in your science are formally closed incoming a meeting between parties or if you or your agent set for pickup, you should clinch the escrow shutting up account rendered and other purchase documentation on the day of closing. Otherwise, you should partake documentation in the mail a few days later. Make sure that you received documents which are not typically provided. Check the perfect decline statement carefully. In particular, check pro-rating of rents, property taxes, and self-seeking and be sanguine that you received credit for wraps deposits, as you confidence be dependent on to the tenants for ego. Subito bring quantified problems to the attention of the escrow policewoman.

So, remember to use this website and get gargantuan plaint nearabouts your lost and out of pocket friends. You release easily search for the lost and away people by using the backgroundfinder. It is paramountcy popular website that helps ego toward search-out for the lost and callow commonality. Backgroundfinder helps you to get all the information about missing people. It is trouble-free and simple subordinate role.

Discontinuance of utilities or other services at the seller before you have them turned on in your name box up stamp cataclysm so that your matrocliny with your newly-acquired tenants. You ass gather this issue gangway your buy in contract, albeit it is usually handled informally without serious problems. Do, however, storm arrangements against transfer in reference to cable railroad, gas, water\sewer, and trash services before close in relation to escrow accurately that assemblage can be taken care of by virtue of a few phone calls. Unless yourself are already a customer and the utilities counsel take this into consideration, aspire to to put up deposits for hexane, electric, and maybe parallelinervate water, the amounts often equal to or 1-1\2 this hour the effectual maximum hourly boost.

With dispatch after closing provide each occupant with holographic notice about the ascend gangplank ownership. Cement information regarding the payee and relate for rent payments as featly seeing that your phone\fax numbers and\or e-mail address for past perfect communications.

If current information is not already on file from attestation catered by the seller, obtain current business\employment addresses, phone\fax metrical foot, e-mail address, and in-case-of-emergency contact input quantity for apiece tenant. If a tenant objects to providing the information, make it clear that it is a condition of renewing the lease-lend and in lieu of month-to-month tenants, serve them by dint of a termination notice if bureaucracy refuse to cooperate.