Expectant - Request

Requested by anon:  could you do a Reader x Sherlock where she finds out she’s expecting and Sherlock has no idea how to react for awhile? Thank you :-)
Also, another anon requested for a fluffy one with Sherlock so…

Summary: (Y/N) is acting strange, and Sherlock notices. She ends up confessing the truth and… He struggles to find the words.

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Warnings: Bit of angst (not really) because of Sherlock’s reaction. Also, fluffy.

Word count: 2,807

A/N: My Sherlock feels are rising like the fenix rises from the ashes, THANKS! This is fluffy and cheesy and I love it, hope you do too. Remember feedback is highly appreciated.


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London had never been quieter. Not a single criminal dared to show up in the past week – or at least not one Sherlock cared about.

With his fiddle in hand and a melody on his head, Sherlock played for hours and hours throughout the morning. His feet with move along the music as he followed his girlfriend around the flat, making sure to keep his eyes on her at every moment.

(Y/N) was tiding it up a little since neither Sherlock nor John would do it.

“You know you don’t have to do that.” Sherlock spoke as he waltzed his way closer to her.

“I know, I just… Need to kill time, I guess.” Sherlock tilted his head.

“Anxiety?” She shook her head.

“Maybe I’m just bored.” Sherlock smiled warmly at her.

“I knew I wasn’t the only one getting bored here.” He said.

“Bored? You?” (Y/N) let out a fake laugh, “As far as I can tell you’re having a blast with your instrument.”

Sherlock didn’t reply with words but rather changing the tune to a faster one.

“Show off.” She hissed jokingly and moved to his room, where she picked up the dirty clothes and dusted the furniture.

Sherlock couldn’t help but to notice something strange in her. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it because it was such a slight change in her – and a good kind of change – that deducing it would take him hours. And that’s why he was following her.

She was resplendent yet she looked tired. “Why are you tired?”

(Y/N) looked up at him; she had been dragged out of her thoughts. “Sorry?”

“Why are you tired?” Sherlock repeated, “Last night we did… We did sleep late but we always do.”

“Maybe it’s all this cleaning.” (Y/N) suggested.

“You’ve followed me on cases that could get anyone tired after five minutes without even flinching, it’s not the cleaning.” Sherlock observed. He stopped playing and stood still, following her every move.

“Maybe I’m getting old.” Sherlock lifted an eyebrow.

“Impossible.” He stated, “If you were getting old I would be too and I’m feeling great.”

“We are getting old.” She emphasized, “With each second that passes.”

Sherlock sighed heavily and continued to play. (Y/N) excused herself and left to the bathroom. It was the fifth time she went and it wasn’t even close to mid-day.

Sherlock stopped playing once again and walked back to the living room where John was sitting and reading a newspaper.

“There’s something off about her.” Sherlock whispered without even looking at his friend but rather keeping his ice blue eyes glued to the bathroom door.

Watson, who knew exactly what was going on, shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly and changed the page. He had been pretending to read the whole morning, for he knew it would be impossible for him not to react.

“You’ve read this newspaper three times already.” Sherlock observed.

“I like to re-read… Make sure everything sticks to my mind.” John replied.

“Guess that’s a method that works for common minds.” John couldn’t help but to roll his eyes, “But honestly, John, can’t you see? There’s something off about her.”

“She’s your girlfriend, Sherlock, not mine.” John beamed.

“She’s your friend, and you’re a doctor.” John sighed and scratched the corner of his eyes.

“She’s not sick.”

“How can you tell?” John inquired, “Did you check her body temperature? Her blood pressure? Her…”

“She’s fine!” John assured. Sherlock, of course, didn’t buy it and waited patiently for her to get out.

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Thank You! I’m sorry I didn’t get to reply to everyone that sent in something but I would like to say I read everything and I agree guys! and also with Zico and the other guys, they got trash talked too, but not to the extent that Jackson got, like I said a lot of people use this to hate, because they started bring up of false crap from years ago and claim he’s racist, it’s all a disgusting mess. People are really out here photo shopping his comments and trying to make it seem like he called people “N*ggers”, like I said, bandwagon hate, this is exactly why Jackson said, “haters gon hate” because they taking it way too far and way too seriously over some fucking hair style that was taken down the same day. Y’all I’m so over these people, I’m glad it showed me who are fake and bullies, I had to get rid of some people for taking it too far.

OK, I’m glad we talked about it and let it all out. I hope Jackson is fine, because he’s been through crap like this before, but the bigger he gets, the more hate he gets over every little thing, I pray that he’ll get through all the hate and be the best he can be, because I know he had no ill intentions, he isn’t racist and he loves our culture.

 I know a lot of you guys are probably drained from this mess and want to move on and I bet Jackson feels the same way. I hope he knows we still love him. With that being said, I know we’re all still upset with these haters, let’s block them, ignore them and send Jackson a lot of love. And go back to the regular program.

If you missed my take on all of this, I said more in my Real Talk HERE and you can let out your frustration on that post, I’ve been reading the responses and I’m glad a lot of people agree with me!

Thank you! Love you all!


I Don’t Need Your Assistance

Pairing/Characters: Celebrity!Bucky Barnes x Assistant!Reader
Smut, unprotected sex, oral sex (FR), swearing, angst if u squint
Having an internationally known actor as your boss wasn’t really bad. Not until after a one night stand do you realise that you’re in love with him and there’s something else too, that something else leads you to quit your job.
Word Count:
This is for Tay’s AU Writing Challenge @tatortot2701! I chose the prompt “Frankly, my dear, I do give a damn”! Bucky is pretty much just Sebastian in this AU! Enjoyyyy!

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☀️ Sun Candle Spell ☀️

This little spell was inspired by an anonymous inquiry I received in regards to one simple question - Why aren’t there quite as many sun spells as there are moon ones? Here is an easy candle ritual to show your worship to our wonderful source of daytime energy; to try and bring some of the sun’s light into your own. ~ (This is also a very simple spell that requires little materials / is good for baby witches whom are allowed to use candles / is a great Summer ritual)!

✨1). Gather a yellow or orange candle, some sunflower oil (optional), and something to carve a symbol into the candle.

✨2). At a point during the day (try choosing a Sunday!), in which the sun seems to be shining its brightest (or, if you like, during the sunrise), find a sunny spot, inside or outside, to safely place and light your candle. Sit cross-legged before your candle, anoint it with your oil (if you are using any), and carve a sun symbol into it.

✨ 3). Light your candle. Focus on the flame, or close your eyes. Visualize the sun’s light pouring into your existence, filling it with inviting warmth and positive vibrations. Meditate on what it is you wish to make “sunnier” in your life - helping to better a sour perspective or relationship, wanting to be a more cheery person, hoping to see the brighter side more often. The light and warmth holds you, blessing you with its solar powers.

✨4). End the little ritual with a closing statement: “You fill me up with gratitude / I hope to use some light from you / To find the sun inside my being / Your endless glow shall set me free.”

✨5). Once you feel ready, blow out your candle and silently thank the sun. If you’d like, you may create a small sun shrine in which you place your candle front and center! Fill it with sunflowers/sunflower imagery, marigolds, yellow ribbons, topaz crystals, vials of golden glitter, or a sun tarot card. Blessed be! ~ 🕯🌤💫🙏🏻

Dylann Roof Closing Statement

“I think it’s safe to say that someone in their right mind wouldn’t go into a church and kill people.

You might remember in my confession to the FBI I told them I had to do it. But obviously, that’s not really true. I didn’t have to do it. And not one made me do it. But what I meant when I said that was I felt like I had to do it. And I still feel like I had to do it.
And throughout this whole trial you’ve heard a lot about hate and hatred, and how much hatred I’m filled with and how vast my hate was. Well I don’t like what black people do. If I was really filled with how much hate I allegedly am, wouldn’t I just say yes? Why would I lie about that? It wouldn’t make any sense.

And wouldn’t it be fair to say that the prosecution hates me since they are trying to get the death penalty. And you could say, ‘of course they hate you. Everyone hates you. They have good reason to hate you’ I’m not denying that. But I’m saying anyone who hates anything in their mind has a good reason to hate. But I would say that in this case the prosecution, along with anyone else who hates me, are the ones who have been misled. 
Anyone, including the prosecution who thinks that I am filled with hatred has no idea what real hate is. They think..  they don’t know what hatred looks like. They think they do but they don’t really.

And from what I’ve been told, I have a right to ask you to give me a life sentence, but I’m not sure that would do any good anyway. But what I will say is only one of you has to disagree. I know that at least some of you were asked during jury selection.. if you were willing to stand up for your own opinion. That’s all.”


I recently got an ask about how to write an introductory paragraph for an essay so I thought I’d do a post about how to write a good essay.

** Important Points ** For essays in high school, use third person unless the teacher specifically tells you not too. It’s more academic and professional while first person sounds really informal. I’ve heard that in college it’s different but again, it depends on the class. Stay on the safe side and use third person unless otherwise specified. Also, try to be as sophisticated and mature as you can. This makes the essay sound smarter and makes it easier to read.


Try to think of an upside down pyramid here. You start off broad and end off tapered to a point (specific). The formula for writing a good intro is this: hook, background info, introduce topic of discussion, and thesis. In the pyramid example, the hook is the broad and the thesis is the narrow. The intro is usually around 8 sentences long.

  • Hook: Unlike what you’ve probably been told through out high school, the hook is not necessarily a wow statement. It’s typically a broad idea that relates to the topic of discussion. I usually use historical facts or common wisdom and go from there. I then follow it up with a sentence that elaborates on my hook and a sentence that connects my hook with the background info.
  • Background Info: Here you give the reader some context as to what you will be discussing in your essay. It sets the scene for the topic you’re discussing. Try to be concise.
  • Introduce the Topic of Discussion: Here you give a brief summary of the points you’re arguing/discussing. It should be one sentence per body paragraph and again, be clear and concise and avoid merely summarizing the plot. This part should cover the gist of your ideas.
  • Thesis: This should be a longer complex sentence that summarizes your point of view and ideas. This is one of the most important parts of the essay so crafting a good thesis is crucial.

I did a more detailed post about the introduction with an example introduction paragraph HERE.


The meat of your essay. Here is where you state your arguments and defend them with supporting evidence from literature, articles, or even your personal experience. I would generally limit one argument per body paragraph. Which reminds me, most likely you have been taught the canned five paragraph essay. Some people write all their essays in five paragraph format because they thing that is the only way to go. Really, you can do four+ body paragraphs with the common numbers being four and six. It depends on the essay. When writing your body paragraph you need this structure: topic sentence, three points, three examples of supporting evidence, conclusion. Body paragraphs typically fall between 8 -15 sentences.

  • Topic Sentence: This is similar to a thesis. Here you’re stating the argument that you are proving in a clear and concise sentence.
  • Three Points: There’s a rule of thumb that you generally want to have three points about each argument and have a piece of supporting evidence for each point. I’m going to start with the three points first. Basically, you want three ideas about your argument that show why it’s valid. For example if you’re trying to argue that cheese is dairy, your three points are it’s made of milk, it’s featured in the dairy section of the grocery store, and the FDA labels it as dairy.
  • Three Examples of Supporting Evidence: These are usually quotes from other sources or the piece of literature you’re analyzing that support the three points of your argument. To use the really bad cheese example from above, for the milk point you’d use an ingredients label from a package of cheese, for the grocery store point you’d get a sheet with the department labels and the produce in those departments, and for the FDA point you’d find a quote from their website.
  • Conclusion: This is a sentence or two that wraps up your body paragraph. It should briefly summarize the points you discussed or the topic sentence and help transition into the next paragraph.


This paragraph is NOT necessary for most essays. However, some do require them so it’s important to know how to approach them. Depending on whom you ask, they’ll either tell you that the counter argument paragraph goes in the middle of your body paragraphs, or at the end. Personally I prefer the end but the middle is more correct. Placing it in the middle allows you to end on a strong note but I think it’s a matter of personal preference. The counter argument is used to present an opposing view point and say why it’s wrong. This can strengthen your argument if it’s done properly but ruin it if it’s done wrong so tread carefully. The only thing different from the body paragraph structure is the topic sentence.

Topic Sentence: Here you need a specific template to start the paragraph properly. I usually use: It may be argued that _______________ but there is sufficient evidence to show that _______________. The first blank is filled with the opposing argument and the last blank is your argument. There are different ways to structure this sentence but this is the one I use.

The rest of the paragraph is the same as the body paragraph: you get three points as to why the counter argument is wrong and three points to support it. Then you end with a typical concluding sentence.


This is where you wrap up your arguments and finish strong. It has three components: a restatement of your thesis, summary of your arguments, and general statement to wrap it up. Think of the right side up pyramid this time. The pointy end is the thesis and the bottom is the general statement that closes your essay. A conclusion is typically 5 sentences long.

  • Restatement of Thesis: This is pretty self explanatory; you restate the thesis using different language than you used in your intro.
  • Summary of Arguments: Here you briefly touch upon the arguments you covered in your essay. Again, clear and concise, and whatever you do, DO NOT introduce new information. It can ruin the amazing essay you worked so hard on.
  • General Statement: A general statement is a broad idea that you use to tie your entire essay together. It’s kind of like the hook but should be more relevant to your essay.

And that is how you write a killer essay. I use this technique whenever I write and it has never failed me. Hopefully if will help you improve your writing! If you have any questions, feel free to hit up my ask box.

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i am new to ifnt and rly dont wanna make anyone mad but i don't see the big deal abt woohyun. yes he is hot and can sing but why does every1 love him so much? i dont mean it in a bad way jst that i dont see how he is more popular than others. also i dont see how his voice is so different to other kpop singers? but then again i am new so maybe i dont kno wht i am talking about. pls help me to understand more?

You caught me at the absolute pinnacle of my Woohyun feels, which happens every year around his birthday. And therefore (with a little help from my friends) I have constructed this little list of reasons why Woohyun is absolutely deserving of the amount of love he receives from Inspirits and why it’s kinda hard not to love him, even if he isn’t your favourite member…


Woohyun is known for having what many call a ‘power-house’ vocal. You can always rely on him to hit those incredible high notes in INFINITE songs. He’s known for being able to bellow out his lines; his voice is strong, loud and instantly recognisable. But he also pours a lot of emotion into his vocals, every note dripping with it. His solo album Write.. and his subsequent appearances on Immortal Songs 2 showcased another side to his vocals too; a softer side, gentle, quieter but without lacking that trademark emotion in his voice. It really proved he’s a versatile vocalist, and not just there to yell at the top of his lungs (but it’s still incredible when he does). Here is Woohyun performing on Immortal Songs 2. This appearance earned him the highest score for an idol on the show at that point. 

He is (in my opinion) one of the best live singers in kpop at the moment. I can’t think of many people who could hold a candle to him, really. Yet he is still improving and working on his voice; he still admits he has far to go. 


Woohyun is known for being the ‘fan idiot’ in INFINITE. He’s got a different heart for every occasion and is usually credited with popularising the ‘finger heart’ that everyone uses nowadays. In 2012 he came 3rd in Weekly Idol’s Fan Service poll (as voted by idols), and the video shows some good examples of him showering Inspirits with love. He consistently refers to fans as his ‘girlfriends’, to the point his twitter bio even says it (팬=여친 fan=girlfriend). But his love for Inspirits runs deeper than superficial hearts and displays of cuteness. INFINITE and Inspirits have had a close relationship since debut, and it has continued on to this day. During One Great Step, INFINITE’s first world tour in 2013/14, Woohyun personally went out to buy roses and small rings to present to fans at their shows, spending his own money. He wrote and composed the song ‘함께 (Together)’ during OGS, and dedicated it to Inspirits, saying it was about fans (see the lyrics here). 

At Dream Concert in 2016, Woohyun performed as a solo artist for the first time, and even other fandoms began to feel jealous at the amount of attention he gave to Inspirits. [Even more reactions here] He sang just for them, never taking his eyes off their section of the crowd and taking out his earpiece to listen to them singing along. Okay, so later all of INFINITE roasted Inspirits for not being able to sing well, but at least Woohyun then tried to explain how to sing properly.

It should be noted too, that after this performance, Woohyun and INFINITE gained a lot of new fans who were impressed by him. 


As I mentioned above, Woohyun wrote and composed ‘함께 (Together)’ for INFINITE while they were taking part in their first world tour. During their movie, Grow, which showed the behind the scenes of OGS, you see Woohyun jumping up in the middle of eating to go and compose. 

He was excited about this song and wanted to share it with the rest of INFINITE once he was finished, asking them to contribute to the lyric writing too. Then his solo album Write.. was released in 2016 with 3/6 tracks having Woohyun’s direct involvement: ‘향기 (Scent/Nostalgia)’ which was entirely written and composed by Woohyun, and ‘Gravity’ and ‘Everyday’ which Woohyun co-wrote and composed [source]. You could tell he had worked extremely hard on these songs, and could tell how proud he was of them when he spoke about them in interviews. Whenever Woohyun takes the stage, you know that the energy and enthusiasm he exudes isn’t just an act… He truly loves singing, is passionate about performing and wants to share his talent with the world. For example, look how stupidly in his element he is performing Everyday in Singapore during INFINITE’s second world tour ( © Honey Tree ) :


Those were just three main points focused on Woohyun as a singer, performer and idol. There are so many other sides to Woohyun too, and so many reasons to love him. 

  • He loves cooking, and his instagram is full of videos of him making food
  • His relationships with the other INFINITE members are really sweet. Just one recent example would be: even when everyone was teasing Sungjong and being kinda mean (including Woohyun), he did then reassure him that there would be plenty of INFINITE schedules soon and that he needn’t worry. He’s also super affectionate with the others, and you’ll often find him touching them or correcting their hair/touching their face/leaning on them.
  • Actor Woohyun!!! He’s been in multiple dramas, but my personal favourite is Hi School Love On, where he played Shin Woohyun… Please watch it if you haven’t already, it’s so good (and it’s all available on KBSWorld’s youtube channel with subs, here)!
  • His friendships with other 91 line celebrities, especially SHINee’s Key with whom he debuted as the special sub-unit ToHeart in 2014
  • Like you mentioned, he is ridiculously good-looking and is known for not having had any surgery - that nose and that jawline are aaaaallll natural, ladies ~~ 
  • He loves football and plays for FC Men (FC 멘), an all-star team affiliated with the Suwon Bluewings alongside other celebrities. 

My closing statement is this: usually when you stan a group you’ll have a favourite member, one you look at more than the others, one you might pay a little more attention to during MVs or performances or shows. But then often (and in most cases when it comes to my Inspirit friends), you end up loving them all. Your bias might even change (maybe even many times). You’ll find it hard to stick solely to one member, especially when the rest of the group are so damn lovable. Soon enough, you realise you’re OT7 biased and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Do yourself a solid and give Woohyun a chance. I’m sure you’ll see why everyone likes him so much in no time. 

gabe’s entire closing statement was gas lighting a woman who was sexually assaulted by calling her a liar, saying her witnesses weren’t credible, and trying to cover up how many times his client changed his story i feel sick

Unrequited || Jughead Jones

Prompt from anon: One where jughead likes the reader and reader likes him back but he’s too scared and when reader admits their feelings jughead denys his. If that makes any sense

A/N: I hope this isn’t too short! I really like writing angst, so I had a good time writing this. 

Y/N/N: Your nickname

Gif: @markwatney


Just tell him.

You repeated the silent mantra over and over to yourself as you made your way to Pop’s. You looked down at your shaky hands and clenched them into tight balls in an attempt to stop the involuntary movement. Today was the day. You were going to tell Jughead Jones III you liked him. And you were terrified. You didn’t know if Jughead liked anyone or not. As far as you knew, he’d never had a crush on anyone. You had been wrestling with these feelings for about a year now, debating whether or not to tell your raven-haired best friend the truth. You eventually decided to go for it. It was now or never.

Jughead, meanwhile, was at Pop’s typing away on his laptop. Unbeknownst to you, Jughead also had feelings for you. But it wasn’t for the past year; it was for the past five. He never told you because he was scared of your reaction. Scared of losing your friendship. You were his everything.

The jingle of the front door of Pop’s being opened signaled your arrival. Jughead looked up from his novel and waved you over. You sat in your usual spot across from him.

“Okay, so I was able to get the Sheriff’s latest report on Jason Blossom,” Jughead began, turning back to his laptop. “I thought we could go over it and use the most important details for the novel.”

You nodded slowly, not really paying attention. Jughead, noticing your lackluster response, looked up at you again.

“You alright there, Y/N/N?”

You nodded again.

“Yeah, I just—I just have to tell you something.” you said.

Jughead rose his eyebrows at your statement and closed his laptop giving you his full attention.

“Okay,” he said. “What’s up?”

You looked down at your hands which were still shaking and intertwined them. You swallowed before you began to speak.

“I, um, I like you, Jughead,” you stuttered. Jughead’s eyes widened. You wrung your hands together harder.

“I’ve, um, liked you for a while now. I just needed to tell you how I really felt, and I guess I just wanted to know if you felt the same way?” you asked, finding the strength to look up at your best friend.

Jughead was speechless. You liked him. You liked him. And he liked you. Excitement flooded in him for just a second. But then he thought about what could happen. You two could break up. Your friendship would be destroyed. You two could end up like his parents. That last one hit him the hardest. He didn’t want to break your heart. He was so involved with his own thoughts that he barely heard your voice.

“Jughead?” you asked again, worried this was a disaster.

Jughead swallowed as he made his decision. Better safe than sorry.

“Y/N… I—uh, I… like you as, um, a friend.” he said tentatively, each word hitting him harder than the previous one.

Your heart sank.

“Oh.” you said, softly. Jughead saw the fallen look on your face and he knew he had made the wrong choice. But it was too late.

“Yeah.” he said softly, mentally hitting himself. Stop! Snap out of it!

You slowly got up from the booth.

“Okay, well, um, thanks for telling me the truth.” you said, voice breaking on the last word. You cleared your throat in an attempt to get some power over your emotions back.

“Y/N.” Jughead said, getting up.

“No, it’s okay,” you said, trying not to start crying right then and there. “I’ll text you later, okay?” you said, the two of you knowing you wouldn’t.

“Y/N, wait.” Jughead said again, reaching out to you.

“I’ll see you, Jughead.” you said avoiding his hand before you speed-walked out of the diner.

Jughead sighed as he sat back down at the booth, rubbing his hand over his face. What had he done?


A/N: Hope you enjoyed it!
The World’s Smallest Porpoise Is Teetering On The Brink Of Extinction
The demand for illegal fish bladders is driving the vaquita's demise.

A dead vaquita, photographed in San Felipe, California in 1992.

Poor vaquita. If this species becomes extinct, blame China, and its insatiable need for body parts from threatened and endangered species around the globe. The Chinese don’t want parts from the vaquita, but they want the bladder of totoaba, another endangered species. The vaquita get ensnared in the nets tossed around to snatch the totoaba, and then they die.

Here’s the story. Long, but the little vaquita is entitled to have its story told and read:

The vaquita is the most endangered marine mammal on Earth, and according to a panel of scientists that’s been tracking the animal’s dwindling numbers, it’s now teetering dangerously close to extinction.

In a statement released on Friday, the International Committee for the Recovery of the Vaquita announced that only 60 vaquitas are left in the wild. This represents a decline of more than 92 percent since 1997.

With their benign, snub-nosed faces and sweetly smiling mouths, vaquitas look more like Hayao Miyazaki characters than real creatures. Measuring about 5 feet in length, they’re the smallest of the cetaceans (dolphins, whales and porpoises), and the only porpoise species found in such warm waters.

Residing in the northern end of Mexico’s Gulf of California, vaquitas have been under serious threat since the 1990s, mostly from long gill nets set by local fishermen to catch fish and shrimp. The porpoise get entangled in these nets and drown.

The dangers facing vaquitas have only intensified in recent years, fueling a “catastrophic decline” of the species. The main culprit for this population decimation is a resurgence in demand for a particular kind of large fish, a critically endangered creature called the totoaba.

People [Chinese… political correctness from me on this story] clamor for the totoaba’s swim bladder, also known as maw. According to The New York Times, the fish’s bladder — which has been described as “aquatic cocaine” — is considered a delicacy in China and Hong Kong. It can sell for as much as $10,000 a kilogram, or almost $5,000 a pound.

Endemic to the Gulf of California, totoaba are captured illegally in Mexico’s waters before being smuggled across the border to California and shipped to Asia. Fishermen typically use gill nets to catch totoaba as well, which fatally entangle vaquitas.

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we were doing a mock trial and I was the judge and when it was time for the defense attorneys closing statement he reached in his bag and grabbed a handful of glitter then blew it in my face and said "I just dazzled you with my defense skills, bitch he's not guilty" and winked at me the defendant was proven guilty in the end

but the glitter


The Madness of Rudolf Hess

During the Nuremberg Trials in 1945-1946, one of the most complicated questions of the trial was if one of the defendants, Rudolf Hess, former Deputy Fuhrer of the Third Reich, was competent to stand trial.  From a legal standpoint, Hess probably was not, as with hindsight we now know that Hess was missing a few marbles. Before World War II many Nazi leaders admitted that Hess was a bit strange, but the story of Hess’ craziness begins in 1941.  Without Hitler’s orders, Hess commandeered a plane, flying to Britain with the goal of negotiating a peace with the British.  In one of the most bizarre incidents of the war, Hess parachuted from his plane into a Scottish farmer’s field near Glasgow.  The farmer took Hess to the headquarters of the local Home Guard unit, who eventually turned him over to the regular military.

It was during Hess’ imprisonment at the hands of the British that his mental health would deteriorate quickly.  He believed that his psychologists were poisoning his food with a type of “brain poison” and often would refuse to eat.  Sometimes he would take samples of his food and wrap them in wax paper, saving them for later so that they could be analyzed for poison.  He often had long bouts of amnesia, which psychologists at first believed he was faking, but later theorized that he might have convinced himself that he had amnesia.  While under British custody he attempted suicide twice, once by attempting to jump off a balcony, then with a dull butter knife. Towards the end of the war, Hess formulated his own theory for the causes of the war.  First and foremost was his belief that the Jews had poisoned the Allies, and pretty much anyone who opposed the Nazi Party with a special type of psychedelic drug which hypnotized them and made them act irrationally.  He even drew up a list of those he believed had been drugged, which included most of the Allied political leadership, his psychologists, and himself.

After Hess was transferred to Germany for the Nuremberg Trials in October of 1945, his mental status continued to deteriorate even further.  His persistent belief that he was being poisoned grew worse, as did his bouts of amnesia.  Regardless, psychologists declared him fit to stand trial.  The question of his fitness continued as his behavior grew more bizarre by the day.  When asked to plead to the court, he stood and shouted “no”, which the court interpreted as “not guilty”.  Seated next to Hess was Reichsmarshall Hermann Goering. Hess was often seen conversing with the former Luftwaffe chief, with Goering responding with a speechless “dafuq u just say?” reaction.  He giggled for no reason and often spent hours of the trial staring at nothing.  He believed that his guards had placed a noise machine under the prison floors specifically to unnerve the inmates before the trial.  During the night, Hess had written “quiet” all over his walls in chalk, none of the other inmates complained of the noise, which turned out to be an electrical generator. Ten days into the Nuremberg Trial the question of his fitness for trial was once again going to be reviewed by the court when Hess stood and announced that he was faking his amnesia.  The court and his psychologists were dumbfounded, for if he was faking and had just admitted it, he had eliminated the possibility of him not standing trial.
During the trial Hess never spoke with his defense attorney or offered any kind of defense. However he constantly stated that he would make a surprise revelation, one that would shock the world while clearing his name and that of the Nazi Party. 

At the end of the trial the trial each of the defendants were given the opportunity to make a closing statement.  It was then that Hess made his shocking revelation.  He made a lengthy and at times, incoherent speech, one that truly did shock the court. Goering at one point mumbled to Hess, “stop talking”, then put on a pair of sunglasses and covered his face in embarrassment as Hess’ rambling continued.  Hess claimed that the Holocaust was not the fault of the Nazi Party but of the Jews themselves.  According to Hess, the Jews had hypnotized the political leadership of the Nazi Party as well as the concentration camp commanders and guards, causing them to act so cruelly to the Jews.  Thus, he believed the Jews self exterminated in order to make the Nazi’s appear to be cold hearted murderers. 

Hess was sentenced to life in prison, most of which he would spend at Spandau prison.  For the rest of his life his bizarre behaviors continued.  At one point, he even believed that he was the Fuhrer of the “Fourth Reich”.  He died in prison in 1987.

Replacement // A Khal Drogo Imagine

Anonymous said: can you please write a khal drogo one shot there is literally none anywhere and you did an imagine so please

Uh, yes. Definitely. This may be kind of stupid, but yeah.


Basically this is an imagine where you take Dany’s place marrying Khal Drogo.




Title: Replacement (Part One?)

Character/Celebrity: Khal Drogo (Game of Thrones)

Word Count: 1802

Rating: T

Warnings: none

Notes: Dothraki will be in italics (sorry if I missed any).

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