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YO. Dig your stuff. Want an art tip? Close your gap on your tones. Every surface you render you hit the full spectrum so it makes them all appear to be made of metal. It has become your signature style, not sure if you are aware of this. If you are, keep on rocking. If your not, Your welcome. Love seeing your stuff. <3 -Anon Artist

Hi, dear Anon! Thank you for the tip! Yeah, I am aware of that and it’s something I’m trying to figure out myself lol. My art is either too flat or too metal-like. I honestly experiment a lot, especially with the tones. I’ve never gone to any art school, so my foundations in that respect are pretty weak. I feel that I like to overuse contrast and colours and everything else… I’m not happy with my style yet, but hopefully it will change at least a bit :3 I’ve been drawing a lot the last year or so and if it continues maybe I’ll get a better understanding of colouring ;_; I’m happy you like it, though! :‘3

spending the night at luke’s for the first time and the little dweeb is just so excited, offering you about six of his shirts to choose from to wear to bed and offering to run out quickly to buy you a toothbrush and when you’re in the bathroom getting ready, he eagerly launches himself onto the bed but immediately realizes he needs to chill because he doesn’t want to scare you off or anything so he calmly gets under the covers and fiddles around on his phone until you come out of the bathroom and join him in bed and after a bit of chatting back and forth, your eyelids start getting heavy so luke flicks off the light and sinks down beside you, nervous about whether or not he should close the gap between you, but before he can make a decision, you’re shuffling toward him, laying your head on his chest and tangling your legs with his, and luke’s heart finally finds it’s true rhythm, wrapping an arm around you and kissing the top of your head, silently vowing that this is how he wants to go to sleep every night for the rest of his life

“You can’t expect somebody to want to be responsible for their alcohol problem if you don’t have a rehabilitation centre available. You can’t expect somebody to be accountable for their health problems if you don’t have a medical centre available.”

- Priscilla Collins on Tony Abbott quasi-laying blame on Indigenous people not trying hard enough for Closing the Gap’s failings.
The Pay Gap Is Even Worse for Black Women, and That’s Everyone’s Problem
Would you like to work seven extra months for free just to earn the same paycheck as your male co-workers? We didn’t think so. Unfortunately, if you’re a black woman in the United States, that’s a likely reality. Read more »

“Black women were paid 64 percent of what non-Hispanic white men were paid in 2013. That means it takes the typical black woman nearly seven extra months to be paid what the average white man took home back on December 31. That’s even worse than the national pay gap for all women, 78 percent, as reported in AAUW’s The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap. Think about how that adds up in the course of a career, and we’re talking about losing a daunting chunk of change over a lifetime.

Watch our video on how the gender pay gap affects women of color.

What Can You Do?

  1. Get the facts and share them. The pay gap is no myth, and the more people are empowered with the data to back it up, the sooner we can close the gap.
  2. Watch and share our video on the faces we want to see on #TheNew10 bill.
  3. Urge Congress to raise the minimum wage — a move that will help all women and especially black women, who make up a disproportionate majority of these workers.

Read the full piece here

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“Like other subjugated Asian nations, the Japanese were forced to sign unequal treaties with Western powers. These treaties granted the Westerners one-sided economical and legal advantages in Japan. In order to regain independence from the Europeans and Americans and establish herself as a respected nation in the world, Meiji Japan was determined to close the gap to the Western powers economically and militarily. Drastic reforms were carried out in practically all areas.”

"Catching up on the military sector was, of course, a high priority for Japan in an era of European and American imperialism. Universal conscription was introduced, and a new army modelled after the Prussian force, and a navy after the British one were established.” (Japan-Guide)

What I love about the way Hima’s portrayed APH Japan, (as well as the rest of the Axis, but that’s another discussion) is just how human he is. Throughout the comic he’s full of insecurities, always comparing himself to the other (Western) nations and presumably dealing with high expectations from his own bosses and government. He’s super introverted and anxious to please, even if it means going outside of his own comfort zone. I have to wonder how he felt after the “Black Ships” comic and the whole period of Westernization/ Bunmei Kaika afterwards…

I’ve joked before about how the dynamic of world nations is basically a bigger version of kids in school forming cliques and groups and trying to be the “best” at whatever they’re doing, trying to exert their own influences over others while trying to hide their own weaknesses and insecurities. But of course the consequences of the upscaled kid drama is that the stakes and consequences are bigger as well–and  being part of the “cool kids” whether that means literal cool kids in school groups or rising higher in a geopolitical rank–doesn’t always turn out the best for either one’s self or for the people around you… :0

(also goes without saying: historically inaccurate hair is inaccurate, they’re just for character identification purposes)
GP co-payment to hit Indigenous population hard

How dare the Abbott government do this! The health gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples is wide and far from being closed. This will ultimately make it harder for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to access healthcare facilities. I have one question for the current government… How is this Closing the Gap? 

Hi followers!! 👋 my girl and I finally closed the gap after almost a year of long distance. We moved into our own apartment together recently so I will be a tad MIA. Thank you everyone for your kind words 🙈 I’m so happy I get to have a cute place called home with my favorite person.

I feel like Abbott’s focus on dragging Indigenous children to school kicking and screaming and adding copious amounts of anti-truancy laws is a bit of a slap in the face to Indigenous families as Christopher Pyne constantly wails about the Australian education system focusing too much on Indigenous history. According to Pyne, history curriculums are too focused on Indigenous history and culture, and somewhat demonise our great colonial history.

How dare white history be painted in a terrible way? How dare children grow up knowing that white settlers flailed into a land inhabited by the oldest people on the world and proceeded to senselessly massacre a people whose culture and ancestors date back 60,000 years? How dare we face the fact that we literally had laws in place to let the oldest and richest culture in the world die out?

No; children will grow up without a sense of patriotism.

So yes, Christopher Pyne, lets reduce the already minuscule Indigenous education in our schools and then drag Indigenous children to their schools kicking and screaming to learn about white history. Their parents were stolen from their parents, as their new abusive foster families worked on making them white, taking them to Church and some scrubbing their foster children’s skin till it was red raw.

You and Abbott are going to stamp out a 60,000 year old culture, masking it as ‘closing the gap.’ And you’re going to do it by altering the Australian history curriculum and subsequently dragging Indigenous children to learn your language and your version of history.

“There can be a fine line between good intentions and 'we know better’ paternalism” –Bill Shorten