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Okay so don’t panick ! I’m just moving out. I’m gonna close this blog, but you can find me at @lesyeuxdelarenarde . In french it means “the eyes of the fox”, i choose this name because my astral apparence look like a woman-fox. Like i said i’m planning to do a lot of things so follow this blog for stay tuned !! I will close this blog in a few days

Socialists! Seagulls! Immigrants! Beggars! Oh my!

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*You’re a runner and it’s nearly time for the doors to close when the other Gladers realise you’re not back yet*

Inspired by this imagine

The sun was lowering in the sky and the light barely reached over the Glade’s walls. Minho was the first back to the Glade and a few others trailed in after him. Thomas came in not long after, the last as he usually was. He ran an extra few meters to where Newt was standing, a watchful gaze on the Glade. 

“Hey, are all the runners back?” Thomas was breathing heavily, he must have pushed himself to the limits. He did every day. 

“Well, I’d shucking assume so. The gates going to close soon.” Newt chuckled a little bit but stopped when he saw the immense relief flood Thomas’ body. Newt suddenly felt a tinge of anxiety edging through his body. “Why’s that, Tommy?”

“I saw a bloody hand print on the way back to the Glade and I thought someone must have hurt themselves but it must have been a mistake.” He sighed, trying to catch his breath back but Newt’s mind was racing. Everyone was back. Right?

Frypan showed up then. He seemed relaxed, his eyes flicking between them. “Oh Tom, you’re back. That must mean (Y/N)’ back too. Have you guys seen her? She said she’s help me with dinner today.”

Thomas looked at Newt, his expression edging the lines of worry. Newt racked his mind as hard as he could; trying to recall the image of you running back through those gates. Try as he might, he couldn’t picture it. Newt’s eyes meeting Thomas, laced with panic. With the smallest shake of Newt’s head, Thomas, still ragged and worn-out, sprinted towards the gates. With each step he could feel the sun lowering and the gates getting closer to closing. 

Panic and adrenaline par on par. Thomas racked his brain, the hand print hadn’t been too far away. Two lefts, a right and another left. He was sure of it as he sprinted. 

And there it was, bloody, blazing and mocking as he stared at it, perfectly in the center of a crossroads. Thomas stared in each direction. Left or right? Left or right? The screech of the Glade doors closing made Thomas kick himself for the moment indecision when he noticed drops of blood towards the right. That was enough for him.

“(Y/N)!” Thomas called out, his voice laced with desperation.

A small voice came from below him. You sat on the ground clutching at your ankle. “About shucking time someone found me.” 

“The gates are closing, (Y/N). We have to go.” Thomas looked at you questioningly, as if not understanding why you weren’t getting up. You removed your hand from your ankle and Thomas was able to see why you’d been able to leave a bloody hand print on the wall. With even a quick glance, he thought he might have seen bone.

Thomas’ arms snaked around your around your back and under the crook of your knees. “Come on.”

“What are you doing?” You asked, bewildered.

“I’m going to carry you.” His face was stoic, even though you know he was probably exhausted and it didn’t help having to carry your weight. But still, he was like a god, sprinting like there was no tomorrow. And who knows, if you two didn’t make it, there probably wouldn’t be. 

As Thomas ran, a jolt of pain spread pulsed through your body with each step. You bit your lip to keep from screaming. Your eyes closed in pain. 

“We’re nearly there.” Thomas managed to whisper in your ear. You opened your eyes to see that he was right, you were nearly there but the doors were also nearly closed. The Gladers were on the other side, staring wildly at you. 

Time seemed to slow down. Each step you got closer. Each step the doors closed more. You breath was caught in your chest. Your heart stopping, or going too fast for you to comprehend. You weren’t going to make it. 

You were half way through the doors and they were closing in on you, touching your shoulders and feet in a deadly caress. Thomas had to turn you on an angle to keep you from the walls grasp. It was beginning to feel suffocating. Your eyes flickered to the end of the doors, memorising the face on the other side. You closed your eyes, the pressure on your sides increasing. Thomas trudged on.

And then you screamed. You felt yourself flung into the air. Thomas had thrown you into the safety of the glade. And then, the doors shut and you were safe. 

And your eyes, blurred with pain, looked up, searching for Thomas. Your eyes were wide. Thomas

Unfortunately, this blog is closing… It was fun while it lasted, but now… It’s … Different… I love and adore you all, but I can’t continue this blog. Due to school, and other personal reasons, I just don’t have enough time on my hands, anymore. The blog had started to die off, anyway, but now it is official.. It’s unlikely that I’ll come back to the blog, but if I do, then I probably won’t be staying for that much longer.. If you’d like to contact the mun, or see some other stuff here:

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5 most heartbreaking moments from Neverland closing

5. The entire ensemble was hard core tearing up during Something About This Night, especially Jonathan

4. In the scene where JM Barrie comes to visit before the show, Carolee had to turn her back to the audience because she was crying so hard.

3. When Laura was in the glitter tornado, before reaching back to Peter Pan, she reached out to the audience first and it was so sad.

2. Laura was trying so hard to keep her tears in, so when she got to the coughing fit, where it was in character to cry, I sat there watching tears after tears after tears fall from her face into her lap. 

1. Sylvia’s Lullaby. It’s very clear that what she’s going to miss the most is being around the kids and playing a mother figure. So when she was singing Sylvia’s Lullaby she was singing “for all too soon a new day will appear” she cut the last note short, put her hand over her mouth, & came in a few seconds late for the next line and like talked it because she was crying and couldn’t sing it. it was HEARTBREAKING

anonymous asked:

dave i could see going either way but choksi? 100% going to shave. he was beardless before it started, why wouldn’t he go back to that?

you come into my good home. you tell me that nick is going to shave. i am appalled, insulted, confused. every time i blink i see that one image of nick as dolokhov without a beard and it haunts me. it haunts me, anon. i refuse to let that become a reality.


spThe shop, due to life circumstances, will be closing down here soon. Within the next 24 hours, all posts will be saved and deleted, and all loose ends will be tied up.

Do please continue to interact with us, though!
Celeste is still @everywitchway
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The shop may reopen in the distant future, but likely under a different name, and after
I graduate from beauty school.

Please know that we still love all of you, and spirit work… life just got too crazy for Celeste and things went haywire.

Much love!!!

No More Promises

Hey everyone Admin here,

I’m sure it’s become apparent to most of you by now, and I really hate to be that person; but I can’t do it.

I’ve loved interacting with everyone here as Dark and Light, and even as myself. I’ve loved being able to help those of you that come here looking for a safe place, or just someone to talk to. 

But I just don’t have the mental energy to keep doing it anymore. What’s worse is that for the longest time I kept telling you all that I would. That I would get in responses on weekends, or after work. Just one empty promise after another that I would keep going. I shouldn’t have done that, I shouldn’t have given you all that hope. And I’m really sorry for doing that.

Now to be clear, I will not be deleting this blog. It’ll still be here. Sometimes I may reblog something pertaining to Dark and Light here. But there won’t be anymore responses from the boys. Maybe from myself because I do want to be able to help people that just need someone to listen.

If you’re looking for more immediate responses from myself, you can reach me easier at one of these two blogs.

@wicked-witch-of-sin and @twenty-third-born

I know I’m letting a lot of you down, and there isn’t anything else I can do but apologize. But thank you so much to each and every one of you that came here and found something worth holding onto. I really did have fun while I was doing this.

Thank you for your attention, 


scnyarcstcva  asked:

is nick,,,,,,,,,, going to shave also,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

okay so i read this ask, processed the words that it said, and then immediately shut down because the sheer idea of nick choksi without a beard is something that my brain does not physically want to conjure up. without it he looks like a child. he couldn’t and he wouldn’t. if he did i would crash into the imperial theater and beat him with his fake-gun. he can’t. i’m appalled at the very concept of this. 


Speed Racer - Opening & Closing