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Nepenthes jamban 

Native to the montane forests of Northen Sumatra, (typically 1800 - 2100 metres above sea level) N. jamban  is distinct among Nepenthes in its particularly infundibular (funnel shaped) pitchers and its narrow operculum containing 20 - 30 visible glands concentrated at its apex. (glands not visible in these photos.

Top left is a terrestrial pitcher while top right and bottom are upper pitchers. (a particular Nepenthes species’ pitchers size and shape is usually affected by whether or not a pitcher is close to or on the ground or attatched to the climbing vine and therefore elevated. Lower pitchers tend to be larger, wider and more colourful while upper pitchers are more slender and less colourful, FYI. :))

Source: Wikipedia

Photo Credit:  Alfindra Primaldhi

↳ DAY 6: Dean Winchester Moment

And you think you know better than my father? One unimportant little man. What makes you think you get to choose?
–Because I got to believe that I can choose what I do with my unimportant little life.

Are you mad?

Orange hues kissed Snuffle’s gloved hands causing him to look up; the sun was setting on the sandy hills of Silithus and it was creating quite the display. Before the elf lay a work bench covered in various tools used for making potions and other alchemical creations. His head canted to one side, marveling at the colors that painted the sky however a soft groan broke his moment of peace. With his brows pinched he turned to stare into the tent behind him. A human male lay just within its flaps, movement showing that he was awake after a very long spell of unconsciousness.

Shuffling inside, Snuffles removed his gloves, tossing them to a corner and quickly pouring a glass of water from a pitcher kept close to the cot. “Here, drink.” Kneeling down beside the man he was gentle in his offering of the liquid. “Rest. I found you collapsed in a sand dune not far from the main road- Are you okay?” His voice carried a concerned note for the stranger’s wellbeing.

Fumbling for the cup the man was all too eager to drink, his hands shaking and weak with dehydration partnered with heat exhaustion. After a few moments the man’s cracked lips parted to speak and only a croak bubbled up. Snuffles’ head shook, “Here, try this, it’s an elixir to help moisten the throat and airways in these dry temperatures.” Fishing around in his apron Snuffles procured a small bottle, careful to put a few drops into the cup of water and then offer the beverage again.

Another minute or two passed after the human had consumed the drink and he attempted to speak again. “Am I.. still in Silithus?” Snuffles nodded his head. “Thank you.. My name is Roan, how long have I been out?”

“Only a few hours.” Snuffles patted the man’s arm, “Did you get separated from your caravan?” His brows pinched.

“Ah… No. No caravan.”

Now the elf was intrigued, “Why would anyone be out here alone without business? These aren’t exactly vacation-type dunes. Perhaps Uldum is better suited for visitation of the desert.”

“I have business.” Roan admitted, “A dwarven scavenger camp. I was to make my way to it with supplies but- Where are my supplies?” He tried to sit up and Snuffles eased him back down.

“Your pack and whatever else I could find are outside; I like to keep as little sand in my tent as can be helped. I think I know the camp you speak of, they sometimes trade with me for my healing tonics. You’ll be just fine here. Rest, travel when the sun returns. The desert gets to be rather chilly at night.” Just as Roan began to protest Snuffles placed his palm atop the human’s brow. A soft glow illuminated his hand and his patient’s words began to slur, eyes struggling to keep open until finally Roan’s body lay slumped in a deep sleep. With a quick pat to the human’s cheek Snuffles let out an almost childish chuckle, “But before you go I need you to test a few potions for me first.” Silver eyes illuminated with excitement, digging under the cot for a moment until he pulled out several long belts. Securing his ‘guest’ to the bed he double, then triple checked to make sure there were no chances of physical escape without difficulty. For the finishing touch, a collar with a bell fastened around the man’s neck.

The sound of someone clapping behind him forced Snuffles to turn, the hairs on the back of his neck standing on end as he prepared to sling a spell of smite toward the intruder. “It’s just me.” That coarse voice was still unfamiliar to Snuffles, but his very being seemed to relax as if it knew before he did. A hunched troll stood there, staff in hand and red eyes locked on the night elf with a disapproving scowl. “Come, we need to talk.” He gestured for Snuffles to follow and with a roll of his eyes the elf followed.

“How did you find me, Thaldrin?” It was a frustrating pull, being this close to the troll. As if their souls yearned to be connected once more: both different sides of the same coin. Two halves of the same soul.

“We can always find one another if we try, don’t ask such silly questions.” Thaldrin dismissed the question with the wave of his hand. “I wish you wouldn’t collect strays.”

Snuffles snorted, arms crossing, “I wouldn’t have to use strays if I were given proper test subjects by the apothecary guilds but the only ones that would ever approve would be the Forsaken..” His chin lifted, “But they’re gross and even their experiments cause me moral discomfort.”

“You have morals?” Thaldrin’s brow raised, lips curling around his tusks in mild gest.

Snuffles’ eyes narrowed, “Har, har. What is it that you want? Or are you just checking in on me again? You’re like an annoying sibling I can’t seem to shake.”

Thaldrin’s head shook, “But we aren’t siblings. We’re the same person… How would you feel about becoming one person again?”

For a moment the elf froze, eyes wide and staring as if the troll had grown three heads. “ What? Are you mad? I LIKE being my own person. I hated sharing this body with you, my mind with you. We may be the same soul but we aren’t the same person. Our personalities are vastly different and frankly you’re a stick in the mud!”

With a sigh, Thaldrin moved to run his fingers gently over the tools laid out on the workbench. “No, I’m not mad. I was given a vision… One from Elune herself. I know, I know, I sound insane. Why on Azeroth would the goddess wish to speak to me? To us? We’re broken and I thought irreparable.. But I’ve had the same vision in my dreams and during meditation over and over. If we become one soul again we’ll be fixed. She will repair our minds and mold us together as one person again. Balanced. We can be Thaldrin Spiritleaf again; uplift our name from the tarnish of our father and make mother proud to call us her son-“ There was a danger in Snuffles’ silver gaze at the mention of their mother, even Thaldrin who was not normally frightened by his other half had to give pause.

“I’m not interested. Not just because I don’t believe in your visions, but because I also don’t trust that horrid creature of an entity you call ‘goddess’. She may be your deity but she is no longer mine. We gave ourselves to the moon, everything that we were, and how were we rewarded?” The elf’s words were sharp, anger boiling behind them. “If she were to miraculously aid us, it would be out of guilt and to save face, not to actually help us. She’s as much of a monster to watch her night children suffer as the woman who did this to us.”

It was Thaldrin’s turn to glare, “Don’t ever speak of Elune that way. I know you still believe in her.”

“Believe? Yes. Look to for guidance? Never again. Believe she has touched YOUR mind with visions? To aid us? Don’t make a mockery of me. I WILL NOT rejoin you, Thaldrin. You need to accept what we are now. What YOU got us into.” Snuffle’s teeth bare at the other male and his hands turned toward his work, straightening up the already clean space.

“ME?“ The troll scoffed, “We were the same person then. That was a WE. Why can’t you remember how we used to be? Why don’t you want to be that person again? We were HAPPY then! Now look at us! Broken! Used! Unwelcome! Both of our names illicit FEAR and ANGER! How can you be okay with this?!”

“I’m not okay with it! But if it’s what makes people not try to kill me then I’m okay with it! I’ve been left alone! If you want to go and play hero and stir feelings of joy then so be it! But you have to face the music! WE WILL NEVER BE NORMAL!” Taking a deep breath, Snuffles shoved himself away from his work and began to move around the back of his tent, trying to create space between himself and his other half.

It didn’t work, Thaldrin simple followed, his staff clutched tightly within his hand causing his blue knuckles to turn white. “You lie to yourself. You think you’re happy alone but you aren’t. Neither of us like to be left alone. We like company, friends. We both want allies, people to care about and people to give a damn about us too. Why not TRY? I’m sure if it doesn’t work we can be separated again, but I am telling you, it WILL work!”

Snuffles kept his back to the troll, teeth gritting. “I like being my own person. I want to find a way to fix our souls so that we are our own person. We could be brothers- twins! No one would know the wiser if we found you a proper elven body, not that gross troll. Don’t you like being away fr-“ A loud, hard, thwack struck the back of the elf’s head and he stumbled. Briefly he saw stares, vision turning back as his body fell forward and landed firmly in the sand.

“You will not mess this up for us as you have EVERYTHING else, Snuffles.” Thaldrin glared down at the night elf, poking him once with the butt of his staff to make sure he wasn’t moving before moving to bend down beside him. “I am sorry it has come to this but I am doing this to help us both.” He sighed, “I hate violence…” Re-attaching his staff to his back, the troll bent to scoop his hands under the large elf’s body with the intention of lifting him up.

Snuffle’s turned, sand grasped in his hand flinging it into the troll’s eyes, within his other hand a burning ball of Light that he used to claw down across the tusked face. Thaldrin let out a howl of pain, falling back and trying to get the sand from his eyes. “SNUFFLES!” He bellowed in anger. Sand began to swirl and dry, spiny roots raised from the parted sand, grasping onto the elf before him attempting to pin him down.

“What-? Thaldrin have you lost your mind!? When did I become the sane one! Release me!” Snuffles did his best to rip at the skinny little plants, their spikes causing the man’s hands to bleed, sand soaking up the blood just as the man had thirsted for water in the tent. “I don’t want to hurt you!”

“Neither do I! So stop struggling!” Thaldrin barked back, finally getting to his feet and standing over the struggling Snuffles. “The vines will stop if you do!”

A snarl ripped through Snuffles’ chest and his body suddenly turned to a transparent, shadowy figure, morphing into an orb and then re-forming outside of the thorned weeds. This was not something Thaldrin had expected; when had his other half become skilled in shadow magic? That shadowy orb turned solid once more, a firm hand gripped the troll’s arm and yanked the massive figure closer to the elf. Using his free hand he twined it’s into Thaldrin’s dreads and let out a hiss, “If you were anyone else I would kill you.” Snuffles hissed through his teeth as a massive amount of magic crashed from the elf and into the troll. No gentleness was spared as he man-handled Thaldrin’s mind into unconsciousness, tossing the body to the sand once he was sure it wouldn’t wake any time soon.

With an angry huff he kicked sand over the troll’s body. “Asshole. Now I have to move again.” Looking to his tent, then to the sky his scowl creased further. He hated working in the dark, hated missing his sleep. Not like he could sleep without a proper potion for it anyway, he’d have to forgo it this evening. Snuffles mumbled elven explicatives under his breath and began cleaning up camp; he’d have to leave his new subject unfortunately, and likely one of his spare canteens of water for his infuriating other half when he finally woke up.

His head shook and his gut told him this argument wasn’t over, not by a long shot.

I sincerely hope Miyuki decides to keep his promise of catching Eijun’s pitches after practice.

Let’s be fair. If Miyuki promised Furuya and Eijun requests instead, wouldn’t Furuya lovers also get angry if Miyuki decides to suddenly ditch Furuya? Ace status aside, after all I still don’t think Furuya is an ultimate ace, I think as the main catcher and as the captain, he should supervise the training of his pitcherS closely. And because he’s already partnered with Furuya during official practice, isn’t it more logical to oversee Eijun’s afterwards? Seidou still does not rely solely on the ace/one pitcher, thus all the pitchers need to improve and work their asses off to help the team.

I apologize in advance if this sounds (too) anti-Furuya. To be honest for a while I saw him as a great character who strives to work hard in order to belong. It may be an awkward way of thinking but I believe he thinks he NEEDS to be the ace in order to be truly accepted. I thought for a while that he’s already realized how important he was to the team and how he is accepted as the ace. But the recent chapters where he denies a teammate the opportunity to improve (both as a player and as a battery mate) and catch his pitches and he chooses instead to take a walk on his own, is kind of showing how this time he CHOOSES to isolate himself. Now it’s as if he decides to burden himself with the task of taking down Hongou HIMSELF, and it’s so so frustrating to see him this way especially after seeing the interactions he’s had with Eijun where it looked like they were sharing notes. The impression I get now is that Furuya thinks that he’s the only one who can beat Hongou and now (UNLIKE BEFORE) he’s feeling like he’s better than Eijun. And whether or not that’s true, I think he’s lost the acknowledgement he’s had of Eijun (unconsciously or not). And it’s both sad and hurtful because I think this may bring about his fall and affect the team as well. And no matter how deep I am in Team Eijun, I want the FuruSawa rivalry to stay strong.

Some part of me wants Miyuki to accept just so he can clear Furuya’s mind about the flashbacks he seems to be having about Hongou. I want Miyuki to tell him straight how it’s not only his (furuya’s) burden to bear. But ofc a part of me wants Miyuki to keep his promise to Eijun.

I don’t honestly know how Eijun would react to this. As much as I’d like him to be calm about this, I feel that is near impossible. It’s Eijun were talking about. I don’t want Eijun down or overworking himself, but at this point I think that’s the path that he’ll be taking. Seeing how determined and selfish Furuya has become (despite Furuya’s intentions) this will push Eijun into trying harder and training more. It’s sad how this is turning out like the first part of the series where it’s a Furuya-Miyuki battery and Eijun is bound to train on his own. He’s doesn’t have Chris senpai anymore. Theres Yui who I feel is focused on Furuya and Koushuu who I think has not gotten over his dislike of Eijun. Sure there are more catchers on Seidou but is there anyone like that of Chris and Miyuki who can fine tune Eijun’s current weapons? It would be nice to have coach or Ochihai San suddenly chancing upon training Eijun to give him a tip, but I don’t know if that’ll happen. It’s sad how instead of focusing on both Eijun and Furuya it’s looking to be another Furuya fest and it severely saddens me.

Again, I apologize if it seems I hate too much on some character. I do not aim to convince anyone, I am merely stating my own analysis of events. Pls feel free to disagree. I respect everyone’s opinions.

a Force of Nature

In which Ginny pitches a no-hitter and then some other stuff happens too:

He thinks loving her is like trying to catch smoke with your bare hands: elusive, frustrating, useless. There is no way anything can happen between them, but it doesn’t stop him from looking at her like she’s Christmas morning personified. She is a force of nature and he’s the casual bystander that was either too stupid or too proud not to realize the inevitability of what was coming his way.

He ignored every warning sign: the phone calls, the easy conversation, the inside jokes, the near gravitational pull they had for each other whenever they went anywhere with the team. Mike would always be found either sitting with Ginny, going with her to the bar, or at the very least keeping a close eye on her whenever she ventured more than 10 feet from him. He has an almost pathological awareness of her, it’s like the damn air shifts around him whenever she walks into the room, like he’s a compass and she’s true north.

Camaraderie and closeness between pitchers and catchers is normal and to be expected. On the field, it’s an ostensible game of two against one, the pitcher and the catcher against the hitter, the rest of the team is there for support and only necessary if the hitter wins. Baseball fields can be up to 400 feet from the catcher’s box to the outfield but he majority of the action happens in the 60 feet and 6 inches between the pitcher’s mound and home plate. In order for the pitcher and the catcher to do their jobs there needs to be trust, a rhythm, an understanding.

Mike hadn’t been lying when he’d told Baker that he’d never seen a rookie like her before, that she was far and away one of the strongest people he had ever met in his life. The annoying thing is that he always feels like he should have stopped speaking two sentences back almost every time they interact, or even any time he talks about her. He had definitely not meant to tell her that she blew him away, he had wanted to keep that tucked somewhere safe and protected, but it came out anyway. He certainly had not meant to go on such an intense rant about her on TV, but he feels overly protective and if he could make her life easier, make all the overly critical talking heads take her a little more seriously then it was his responsibility to do so.

It just so happened that he was ass over tea kettle in love with her as well.

(read the rest on ao3)

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#071: Victreebel

Acid that has dissolved many prey becomes sweeter, making it even more effective at attracting prey. Once ingested into this Pokémon’s body, even the hardest object will melt into nothing.

Plant biology is probably one of my least favorite topics in my field of study, but even I have to admit that carnivorous plants are really cool. Since Victreebel is a pokemon, it’s not all plant, but it so closely resembles our Pitcher Plant (as seen below), that we are able to draw most of the biology from what we know about those plants.

So this is a Pitcher Plant! Looks just like Victreebel, right? Isn’t it great when the creators of Pokemon draw from real life so much that one day a cute little Pokemon blog can analyze it to death without pulling too much out of thin air? It is nice, just agree with me here.

Pitcher plants use sweet nectar and bright colors to lure insects to their slippery rim, where they will fall down into the base of the plant and get stuck in a sticky solution. This solution contains tons of different enzymes that will slowly digest the insect and the plant is then able to use its parts as fuel.

What are enzymes? Enzymes are something that living things produce and use to speed up or activate specific biochemical reactions.

Real life example: I’m sure you’ve heard about people being lactose intolerant who cannot ingest dairy (such as yours truly). But what causes that? Well dairy contains the sugar lactose (hence lactose intolerance), and these people’s body doesn’t product the enzyme lactase that is specialized to break this sugar down into useable parts. Because of this, the sugars aren’t digested and just build up in the colon causing extreme discomfort and the side effects commonly associated with this. So, lactase activates the digestion of lactose. See? Enzymes are super important.

Digestion is pretty cool. So all things are made up of different types of complex molecules, some of which are massive. Our bodies can’t do much with these huge things, so we have to break them down into itty bitty things that we actually know how to handle, such as carbohydrates and proteins. Digestion is the process where we use tons of different enzymes to isolate these molecules and put them to work in our bodies. If you’re into this kind of thing, take Human Physiology. I can say that was, hands-down, my favorite class I’ve ever taken. You spend the whole semester basically talking about yourself and it’s super neat. Anyway, I digress.

VITREEBEL!  So it uses a solution of a bunch of different enzymes that it produces to digest whatever it takes into is insides and turns them into little usable molecules.

Honestly, I’m surprised James was able to keep his head in tact for so long. Those enzymes should have eaten him alive. Literally.

I seriously have no words for what this man does for me. I remember the first time I saw him. I’m like who the hell is that sexy beast and why am I just seeing him now?

Brian Wilson, closer for the San Francisco Giants, certified ninja, and the clue for 30 down in todays NY Times crossword puzzle.

I have been loyal to the New York Yankees (and the East Coast) since I was 8. However, Brian Wilson could make me give that all up in a heartbeat. Andy Pettitte, who? NYC, what? Fucking Brian Wilson, that’s why.

He’s a little bit crazy and weird, which I love. He’s a lotta bit smart, which I love more. And the tats and beard? For fucks sake. What is the world trying to do to me?

He’s on the DL so won’t be out tonight, but he soon will be on Showtime in The Franchise.

One more (without the beard), from the special bank just for you.

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rykeemeadows  asked:



I am a slow-burn fanatic. They are my endgame. They are laying the foundation but they are so not ready to be together yet. Right now, they’ve just started their mentor/rookie thing and I want to see that grow. Both of them desperately need a friend with whom they can talk things through. Baseball is their #1 priority and that has cost them relationships and ‘a life’ outside of it. However, they are not just pro athletes but stars which adds a whole another set of pressures. I’m sure we’ll continue to see them lean on each other as their trust grows. 

It was interesting to see Lawson actively embracing his persona as ‘the player’ off the field and then beg his ex-wife to take him back because he’s tired of it all and just wants a normal life and someone to talk to. He needs another adult who has experienced hardships like his to be with to heal and Amelia would be a good fit IF she wasn’t Ginny’s manager. While it’s not ideal for Amelia to sleep with any of Ginny’s teammates, Mike is obviously the worst since they need to work closely together as catcher/pitcher. 

Another major obstacle is Ginny’s no dating ball players rule which I think is a REALLY GOOD rule and do not want her to break it ever again. We saw how damaging dating Trevor was even for a short time in the minors. It’s really important for her to stay professional and become one of the guys. She doesn’t just want to play well, Ginny wants to belong with the team. She can still date anyone else on the planet and I hope we get to see that. (Drake?)

All that being said, Mike is nearing retirement and I would LOVE for them to get together AFTER he does. When he wouldn’t dance with her, I saw that as indicative of where they are at in their lives at the moment. She’s ready to lighten up and have some fun, while he’s ready to settle down to get some comfort and rest. Also, he’s showing her major respect because frolicking with women in a club is what he does when he’s being a ‘player’. He’s setting Ginny apart from the those women by making her his teammate, protégé and friend. 

Now for a little speculation, I think Ginny’s sexy pics with Trevor and Mike and Amelia hooking up will end up being revealed in the same episode. When the pics get blasted across the media, both Mike and Amelia will be really supportive. Unfortunately, Mike and Amelia will likely be outed as couple. Ginny will be furious and not know who to trust and will act out. I’m sure there will be some resolution by the end but there will be a longer road of Mike and Amelia earning back her trust. It will make for good drama, even if I don’t like all of it. 

I bet you didn’t expect that HUGE response. lol I can’t stop thinking about the show. I kinda wanna rewatch it again already. Bawson, baby!

As You Wish - Everlark Drabble Challenge

mrsbonniemellark tagged me in the Everlark Drabble Challenge with “farm boy!peeta and rich!katniss”. Now, I took. A lot of this straight from the movie, (Princess Bride) so credit to everyone it is due.

I tag perksofbeingpeeta and c-r-roberts with “Meet at karaoke night, Everlark”.


Peeta sat on the edge of his son’s bed, both of them breathing hard, recovering from a tickle fight. “Okay, time for bed.” Peeta said, standing to walk away, grinning when his little boy whined. “What? It’s late. You got a problem with sleeping?”

“Tell me a bedtime story!” Peeta couldn’t help the grin once again on his face at the twinkle of hope in his son’s eyes. “Please?” The little boy folded his hands together and pouted his lips, begging.

“Fine, fine.” Peeta settled back in with his son, curling up close to him in the tiny little bed, their noses almost touching. “I’ll tell you a story my grandfather used to read to my father when he was sick, and my father used to read it to me, and today, I’m gonna tell it to you.”

“Does it got any sports in it?” Peeta laughed. He sure did take after his mother in some ways.

“Are you kidding? Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, True Love, miracles….”

“Doesn’t sound too bad. I’ll try and stay awake.”

Peeta scoffed. “Oh. Well thank you very much. Very nice of you. Your vote of confidence is overwhelming. All right. The story is called, ‘The Princess Bride, by S. Morgenstern.’“

The little boy yawned. Peeta smiled to himself. This would be a piece of cake.

"Once upon a time, there was a girl named Katniss who was raised on a small farm in the country of Panem.”

“Wait!” The little boy held up his hand to stop his father. “That’s mama’s name!”

“Hey! I’m doing the telling around here.”

The little boy sighed, dropping his hand with a roll of his eyes.

“Thank you. Now as I was saying….” Peeta cleared his throat dramatically, earning a giggle from the little boy. “Her favorite pastimes were riding her horse and tormenting the farm boy that worked there. His name was Peeta, but she never called him that. Tired yet?”

“No. Keep going.”

This time Peeta rolled his eyes. “Nothing gave Katniss as much pleasure as ordering Peeta around. She would say, ‘Farm Boy, polish my horse’s saddle. I want to see my face shining in it by morning.’
And Peeta would simply reply, ‘As you wish.’” Peeta raised and lowered his voice to imitate each character. “‘As you wish’ was all he ever said to her. ‘Farm boy,’ she said one day while setting down some water buckets near Peeta. ‘fill these with water… please.’ ‘As you wish.’

That day she was amazed to discover that when he was saying ‘As you wish’, what he meant was, ‘I love you.’

One day Peeta came into the house carrying firewood and Katniss had a realization that was even more amazing. It was the day she realized she truly loved him back. Right after Peeta had set down the wood and was walking back to the door, Katniss called out, ‘Farm boy!’ Peeta paused in the doorway, turning back to face her. Looking around desperately for something to tell him to do, she spotted a water pitcher well within her reach, but told him anyway, ‘Fetch me that pitcher.’
Peeta took the pitcher down and handed it to her, whispering, ‘As you wish.’

Katniss smiled, and held the pitcher close to her body, as if it were something special. Something that needed guarding. That night, as the sun set behind them, they shared their first kiss-“

“Woah. Woah. Hold it, hold it!” Peeta had to bite back a smile as he looked to his son. “What is this? Are you trying to trick me? Where are the sports?” Then, in a low, near whisper, “Is this a kissing book?”

“Wait, just wait.”

“Well, when does it get good?”

“Keep your shirt on, let me continue.”

He took his son’s sigh as approval.

“Peeta had no money for marriage, so he packed his few belongings and left the farm to seek his fortune across the sea.

Katniss and Peeta stood outside the house, holding each other tightly. It was a very emotional time for Katniss.”

"I don’t believe this!” The little boy sounded exasperated.

Peeta continued. “Katniss softly said, ‘I fear I will never see you again.’
‘Of course you will.’ Peeta said, cupping her face in his hand.
‘But what if something happens to you?’
Peeta grabbed both of her shoulders, meeting his gaze. ‘Hear this now: I will always come for you.’
Katniss was near tears. ‘But how can you be sure?’
Peeta smiled. ‘This is True Love. You think this happens every day?’
And with one last kiss, he picked up his bag and walked away.

Sadly, Peeta didn’t reach his destination. His ship was attacked by the Horrid Pirate Snow, who never left captives alive. When Katniss got the news that Peeta was murdered,—”

“Murdered by pirates is good….” He son said, a little too excitedly.

Peeta glanced at his son with a weary glance before continuing, “She went into her room and shut the door, and for days she neither slept nor ate. ‘I will never love again.’ She said to the empty room as she stared at the fire.”

His son’s eyes began to droop, so Peeta decided to skip to the end and go for the kill. “And as they reached for each other…” He paused

“What? What?” His son mumbled, near sleep.

“Ah, it’s kissing again. You don’t want to hear that.”

“I don’t mind so much.” Sleep was nearly there.

Peeta smiled. “Oh, okay. Since the invention of the kiss, there have been five kisses rated the most passionate, the most pure. This one left them all behind. The end.”

His son softly snored as Peeta gingerly got out of the bed, covered the boy, and turned to leave the room, jumping at the sight of Katniss, leaning in the door way, grinning.

“You forgot to tell him the part where he says, ‘I always come back for what’s mine.’ And it was 'Always’, not 'As you wish’.”

“It’s our love story. He’ll hear about that in time.” Peeta couldn’t help his beaming smile as he approached his wife.

“I love you,” she said, wrapping her arms around his chest, clutching him tightly like she had the pitcher all those years ago. Only the two of them knew it was a pearl and not a pitcher. “I’m glad you came back.”

“Always,” he whispered back, wrapping his arms around her and kissing the top of her head.

“So we’ll tell him someday? The real story? About the gam-” she couldn’t quite finish the word. “The wa- The Mocki-” Her voice was trembling now. “Pri- Finni-….” She took a deep breath to steady her voice. Finally she was able to whisper, “Everything?”

Peeta nodded his eyes glinting mischievously and a new grin on his face despite the somber subject, “As you wish.”