closing night was like a religious experience

i really wanted to post something to make up for the fact i’ve been mia, but since i didn’t really have time to write anything, here’s a repost from my old writing blog. ——  a selena gomez smut story. ( reader wins a contest in which the prize are concert tickets and an exciting week full of activities planned by selena. this story focuses on the events before & after the concert.includes: masturbation, lap dance, oral sex, sex with a strap on, restraints, choking, name calling. word count:1525.  ) requests are open. 

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Am I the oldest Reylo shipper? I don’t know, but maybe now I’ll find out.

I was 25 when I saw Star Wars (it was only “Star Wars” back then) with my husband in a small neighborhood cinema. When we walked out, I was in a daze. What had I just seen? Truly, it was groundbreaking… a whole new genre with incredible effects and awesome heroes. Of course we had to go back and see it again. And then, ESB! Whoa.

Unlike some SW fans, I loved the prequels – well, not so much Phantom Menace (too much Gungan), but I had to watch it several times because my young son was mesmerized by it. AOTC is still one of my favorites of the whole series. Adored Hayden and Ewan in their roles in that and in ROTS. At the end of ROTS, I cried all the way home. Not only was the Mustafar duel epic and tragic, I believed I’d seen the very last Star Wars movie ever to be made. (Because George said so.)

Before ROTS came out, I traveled from New England to Celebration III in Indianapolis to meet a bunch of women I’d gotten to know in a Yahoo fan group. We came literally from all over the country and from Canada. It was one of the best weeks of my life. I saw some of my idols up close and got to ask Jake Lloyd a question. We all stood outside at 5 am in freezing rain just to hear Hayden call in from Italy. We all watched AOTC together the night before the celebration ended, and it was a raucous, religious experience! I made lifelong friends and flirted with stormtroopers. (see pic)

I was totally unspoiled for TFA. To be honest, I didn’t think I could possibly like it. We went to see it the day before our older son’s wedding in December, the weekend it opened. We were even late for the rehearsal dinner! (LOL)  I loved the new characters but thought Adam was odd looking. (I’d never seen him before.)  Naturally I had to go back and see it several more times. I became obsessed by the interrogation scene. I realized how handsome Adam was as Kylo Ren. I could not ignore the crackling intensity between him and Rey. And here I am, following you all on Tumblr. Thank you all so much for welcoming fans of all ages, ships, orientations, nationalities, genders, sexualities to the Reylo fandom. I have now seen TFA at least 15 times on Blu-Ray at home and it never gets old. I cannot wait for Episode VIII and pray we will see the development of a Reylo plot.

Today, my license plate reads:  MTFBWY  How old is this ardent fan? I am 65 next month - mother of three and grandmother of one. I feel as young (at heart) as I did when the OT came out. Star Wars forever!

(Pics: Celebration III in 2005. My light-up Star Wars mug in 2016.)

EDIT: To everyone who wondered who this awesome lady is, you can find her as @jedimistress on Tumblr :)

My Secret Session Story

Okay so you all have been wanting my story on the secret session I went to yesterday so here it is!

Alright I guess I should start off with saying I got contacted on Tumblr and Twitter on Sunday by Taylor Nation asking for more information about me which I emailed to them. When I got the message my stomach dropped, I knew what this for immediately.  Flashforward to Tuesday when we got a call from Taylor Nation where we confirmed I was going to NYC. We were told to meet the z100 Radio Station in the city around 4 on Monday, I showed up around 1 and met with Josh ughstory in Starbucks. We hung out and more people started showing. Katie eyesopen and Shawna gettingsweptaways showed up and we all met and more and more people were showing up and we were all meeting and talking and making friends till we got called to get in line to sign in and get ready to go where

Okay so around 4 we were told to line up to sign in. We all got filed in and signed in and they took our phones or cameras. We went into the small theater they had set up. The stage was all set up and it looked like we were seeing Taylor perform there. But we were dead wrong. After everyone got in they announced we were moving to a new location. We all got up and went down the streets of NYC having no clue where we were going. Shawna, Josh and I were thinking we were going to her apartment. Again we were wrong. We ended up at this big building which we had no idea what it was. We hung out in the lobby they started sending us up the elevator to the top floor in small groups. We got off the elevator and walked through the penthouse and went on the the roo f we looked out and saw all of the NYC Skyline around us. And down on the end of the roof was a stage all set up with cameras set up everywhere. We all went down and stood in front of the stage waiting for the moment. We stood around talking for about 30 mins. Scott came out and gave out picks to fans while the video crew set up. And then finally Taylor came out.

I swear this girl strutted out of the door like a queen and walked in between the whole crowd singing W2NY (ironically enough I’m listening to the song as I write this) she got on stage and everyone closed the gap and singing and dancing. I couldn’t believe this was happening. Then it was Blank Space and omfg this song was a religious experience live. The way she acted it out was amazing it was so fun singing AND YOU LOVE THE GAME. Okay flash forward to Shake it Off. Everyone started dancing and singing the loudest it ever was that night. Taylor made eye contact with my twice during the song and my stomach dropped holy shit. That made my life. But what happened after Shake it Off literally made my heart stop. As Taylor was getting off stage to go and change and come out and meet us later, she recognized me from the crowd and said “JORDAN, HEY BUDDY COME HERE, SO GLAD YOU COULD MAKE IT” AND pulled me to the front of the crowd and hugged me and kissed me on the cheek.

I just. I was shaking like oh my god she knew my name and my face I almost passed out. Everyone around me was like oh my god dude you made it I love you it was surreal. I couldn’t believe it.

Okay now flash forward to us going down the the 14th floor. It was like a penthouse I’m not sure but it was really big and nice. They had pizza and drinks and we all hung out and talked for awhile until Scott came out and we watched some of the livestream on the screens they had up. And then Taylor came out and greeted the birthday girl and gave her champagne as a gift and they talked and all by the counter. Then Taylor started meeting with other fans. I was the 5th or so person to talk with her. She called me by my name and url. I told her I couldn’t believe I was here like I always knew I’d meet you but not this early like I haven’t been a fan as long as other people. And Taylor really took it as a compliment because meeting new fans for her that haven’t been long time fans was really nice. I asked her about the time where she and Ella (Lorde) got attacked by squirrels in Central Park which was so funny oh my god i love her so much wow. And then it was time for our picture. She had an idea of using my scarf and she’d wrap it around the both of our necks and get really close. So we did that and as i was leaving we hugged and she said “see you on the Internet!” and I signed out with Taylor Nation and got interviewed by a guy about the session. Then I went down the elevator and left.

So yup that’s it. That’s the story of how I met Taylor Swift and had the greatest night of my life. And if you’re reading this Taylor, thank you so much for the best night ever. Hope to meet you again.