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moon cloud meditation

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This brief meditation/spellwork will help you shield out intrusive thoughts and come to a position of peace.

✨ light lavender incense, a lavender candle, or warm lavender oil

✨ wet a washcloth with cool water

✨ get into a comfortable position, preferably lying down

✨  place washcloth over your forehead and cross your arms as you slip into relaxation.

✨ repeat this mantra: “Safety surrounds me, Abundance supports me, Love defines me.” repeat it in sets of three, followed by a deep breath in and out. do as many sets as you like.

✨ when you feel connected with the mantra, close your eyes and envision beautiful violet clouds wrapping around you, creating a wall between you and any negativity.

✨ feel your body become lighter and feel your troubles and stress begin to flow away.

✨ remove the washcloth from your forehead and find a lotion or oil you enjoy. apply to your arms and legs.

✨ stand up if you are able, and stretch gently as you are able. go back to your day feeling protected and refreshed!

ok…..this is gonna be a Very Specific question but…does anyone else with grapheme-color synesthesia mix up words or numbers that are the same color. like 

they don’t have to sound or look the same or anything, but they have similar colors and textures so i just. flip-flop them sometimes, especially if i’m spacing out a little.

dublin and berlin i mix up constantly because they’re both brown and black, and i mix up the words mantra and atrium because they’re both shiny and red. and i confuse the number 3 for the word green. 

for example when i was in first grade i wrote “green” for the answer to “what is 1+2″ and my teacher thought i was trying to sass her.

therock Always keep these lil’ daily mantras close to me (hardest worker in the room, humble/hungry etc) as a reminder that there’s no substitute for consistent daily hard work.
I started saying “rent’s due” to myself when we were evicted when I was 14, as a personally motivator to hit the gym and workout. But what’s funny about that is technically there was no actual “rent due” considering we didn’t have a place to live. 😂

I got lucky along the way, because these days I’m not getting evicted, but I’m still up at 4am dropping sweat, because the rent’s due.
It’s ALWAYS due.
#RentsDue #ProjectRock @underarmour *Link in bio.
Run & Run, part 2 | Hyun A

Run & Run, part 2 | Hyun A

word count: 2.1k
genre: smut, a dash of is that even considered angst

Filming for the final cut of Run & Run is finally underway. The room is cramped with grinding bodies and thumping music. You can’t tell if the extras are acting drunk or if the bottles of rum and tequila scattered around the room are more than mere props. Everyone seems to be moving in a maelstrom of sensual body movements. The sun has just set but the heat in the room hasn’t subsided in the least. You stand behind the cameras where they have an industrial sized fan whirling out cool air and watch everyone enjoy yourselves. Technically you are an extra and should be somewhere in the throng of gyrating bodies, but something tells you no one will really notice. How can anyone notice anything when Hyun A is prancing around?

At the moment she’s rather stationary, but still up to no good. There’s a red marker in her hand as she crouches carefully behind a guy lounged across a chair. From here you can’t tell if he’s truly asleep, but hopefully he is because Hyun A has decided to uncap her weapon of choice and begin scribbling across his face. Once she’s happy with her tattoo job she caps the marker and disappears into the ocean of bodies. It’s not until twenty minutes later, when the director calls for the last cut that she reappears.

Her body is covered in a sheen of light sweat that seems to be the common accessory around the house and follows the wave of people as the slowly leave the room. It’s late by this project’s filming standards–you’ve been at it for twelve hours–and everyone is tired from hopping from set to set and acting as excited as possible while running on Popsicles and Red Bull. Today even Hyun A isn’t exempt from feeling the crash of a long workday in the heat. She clings to you and whines about the heat into your neck, as if 1) you can control the temperature, and 2) bodily contact won’t make her hotter. It’s all she groans about until she’s waved the last of the crew out the door a few hours later. Now it’s around 11PM and it’s cooled off significantly. The pool outside is lit up by LED lights and beckons to you as you look out the second-story window.

It’s not really on your mind that you just showered. All you want is to go for a late night swim, but knowing your girlfriend she’ll either want to join you or pout until you stay with her and do what she wants. You’re hoping for the former as she steps out of the bathroom and you feel your body temperature spike. It’s not the cloud of steam that follows her out that has you burning up, it’s the fact that all she’s wearing is a few stray water droplets.

“I’m going for a swim.” You decide. There’s no way you could suffer through the night without touching her, and she has already complained about not wanting to do anything else tonight. Instead of waiting for her answer you jump up from your seat on the windowsill and rummage through the mountain of swimsuits a stylist has deposited on top of the dresser. At this point you don’t even care if it matches, you just grab the first top and bottoms you find before sprinting downstairs. In hindsight, you probably would’ve survived the two minutes it took to change with Hyun A watching you, but it’s too late to awkwardly shuffle back into the bedroom seeing as your shirt is already off. Might as well finish dressing in the living room. It’s not like anyone but Hyun A is here anyway.

Speaking of your girlfriend, there’s the soft patter of feet behind you and you turn to see Hyun A in yet another tiny bikini.

“I’m gonna get in the hot tub.” She explains as she ties her hair up. You frown your brows at the thought of getting into hot water when you were just ranting about how hot it is, but you allow her to slip outside with you. Like planned, you wade into the pool and sigh at the cool feeling of the water on your feverish skin. After a few laps you surface to see what Hyun A’s doing only to find the hot tub empty. There are no wet little footprints leading back to the house and you immediately panic. In a manner that would upset even the most lenient life guard you sprint across the small distance between the pool and hot tub only to find there’s not a woman sleeping at the bottom, but you do hear a splash.

There’s a little rock structure that makes a waterfall in one corner of the colossal hot tub and you can just barely make out the shape of your girlfriend behind the curtain of rushing water. You duck under the heavy spray and it’s like walking from night into day. They’re more lights mounted in the ceiling of the fake cave that give off warm gold light and tint the water a pretty teal. You find Hyun A under one of the halos of light.

“Hey,” She whispers. You quirk an eyebrow at her.

“Hey, yourself,” You huff, “You nearly gave me a heart attack the way you disappeared.” She pokes out her bottom lip and tilts her head to one side.

“I’m sorry, baby,” Her apology sounds sincere, but the look in her eye worries you as she moves closer. It’s the look of a woman with a plan. The plan seems to undoubtedly involve you. She wraps her arms tight around your waist and settles one hand on your ass, which seems to be one of her most favorite ways to hug you. You can’t really complain though seeing as she’s molding your body against hers and kissing you for all your worth. Whatever frustration you worked out in your swim has just returned tenfold. She suddenly pulls away panting.

“God, you’re gorgeous.” Her tone is low and you assume she’s speaking more so to herself, but you still preen at her words. You feel her full lips press against your neck before she yanks you roughly towards her, crushing your chests together. You moan as her lips pass over your sweet spot on her trail up your neck to your lips. She groans against your mouth as soon as our lips touch and flames ignite inside you. You gasp out a moan and she plunged her tongue into your mouth, caressing every inch until she pulls away with a satisfied smirk. You pant excitedly as she reaches behind you to loosen the ties of your top. It falls limply onto the surface of the water, and you can’t bring yourself to care if it floats away. Hyun A tugs your damp hair away from your chest before brushing her thumbs over your pert nipples. You moan and she smirks as you press your chest into her touch.

“Come here, baby.” She pulls you further into the cavern until you reach the far wall, where a small ledge has been built. “Up you go.” It’s easy to understand the command well enough and you hop on the ledge. Your breasts bounce from the movement and Hyun A’s eyes hungrily follow to motion. “Your tits are perfect.” She grips one in each hand and swipes her tongue over your left nipple. Your back arches as you moan.

“Hyun A–” You don’t even know what you’re begging for, but her hands roughly squeeze your chest and your words are cut off in a blissed whimper.

“That’s right. Say my name.” She commands and pinches your sensitive nubs.

“Hyun A!” You whimper as she reattaches her mouth to your chest. She plays with each swell until she’s satisfied then pulls away. You go to complain, but it dies on your tongue as her hands trail down your sides and hook in the waistband of your bottoms. You lift your hips to aid her as she pulls them off your body then spreads your legs wide. The pose is reminiscent to your first sexscapade a few days prior and heat creep to your face at the thought of being so exposed again, but the thoughts of embarrassment are immediately squashed when a playful finger teases your throbbing clit. Hyun A watches your reaction as she carefully rolls the pearl between her skilled fingers. You grown and toss your head back, gently rocking your hips against her hand.

“So needy.” You don’t need to open your eyes to know there’s a smirk playing across her lips. But you do open them when her pleasing movements cease. Looking down with a pained sound falling from your lips, you see Hyun A caresses your cheek before sinking lower into the water. Her hair flows out behind her in a gilded cascade as she settles herself face to face with your dripping center. You bite your lip to stop from screaming when her skilled lips attach to your sensitive bud. Your legs shake around her head as she puts her rapper’s tongue to work, spelling out the most enticing rhymes on your bundle of nerves. Soon her fingers join, thrusting inside your pussy, brushing the spot that has you crying out with each stroke. A few more swipes of her tongue and you’re coming undone at the seams with an arch of your back, a silent scream leaving your mouth. Hyun A strokes your thighs softly as you calm down from your high.

“You were so good, baby.” She whispers against your ear as she embraces your still quaking body. It’s embarrassing that you came so hard and fast, but you can’t find it in yourself to care as Hyun A carefully lays you against the wide rock your seated on and pulls herself up next to you. Your shaking hands reach to release her chest from its confinement. You toss the top away and watch her breast bounce freely. You hands grasp her soft mounds, kneading them and caressing her erect nipples softly. A breathy moan escapes Hyun A and you smile.

“Bad girl,” She scolds, smacking your naughty hands away. “This was an apology not a reward, but now it looks like now it’s gonna be a punishment.”

Her hands lower to get out of her bottoms before pushing you flush on your back. You lick your lips in anticipation as she spreads your legs, one on her shoulder and the other around her waist. She spreads her own legs then presses her wet core against your own. You both groan at the contact.

“You don’t come until I say you do,” Hyun A moans as she moves her hips against yours. It creates delicious friction against your already, sensitive clit and you breathlessly say her name. It leaves your lips again and again like a mantra.

“I’m close.” you say, rocking your hips slowly with hers. She brushes her thumb over your parted lips then trails down to pinch at your bouncing tits.

“Hold it,” She throws her head back and moans. “You don’t come until I say!”

You lace your fingers with hers and match her movements, waiting until she says you can let go. It takes a few more delicious grinds of her wet pussy before she’s giving you the go ahead. You’re both shaking and whimpering as your orgasms tear through you. Hyun A comes down first and detangles your sweat limbs. You press a sloppy kiss to her lips as she’s sitting up.

“Can you take another?” She asks teasingly as her finger twirls around your throbbing bud. It’s too much after just coming twice, but you can’t help but buck your hips up at the painful pleasure. This orgasm hits faster than the others and Hyun A refuses to stop. It’s not until you’re literally sobbing that she gives your pussy a few more soft swipes that have your thighs jumping, then licks you clean just take satisfaction in your pained whimpers.

“Sorry, honey, should I apologize again?” She asks coyly, her fingers toying at your sensitive nipples. You knock her hand away and roll onto your stomach. The rock is still damp and cools down your heated skin, allowing some much needed relief. Hyun A, however, has other ideas. She grabs a handful of your ass and playfully kisses a trail down your spine.

“Tell me when you’re ready for more.” She moans against your back. If you were worried about sore legs from just one round you’re sure she’ll make sure she has to carry you in the house when she’s finished.

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Platonic(yet very interested) companions react to fem sole rubbing and fondling herself, while calling out their name(would they 'lend her a hand' or give her privacy to 'attend similar actions')😜


Cait – The brawler was no stranger to how people look at her and lust after her, God only knows why. That’s not to say she didn’t enjoy it, but the look in Sole’s eyes whenever they glanced over to each other was something else entirely and when Cait came barging into Sole’s room demanding that they go out for a drink at the settlement’s local bar so she could finally try her hand at picking Sole up, the brawler stopped dead in her tracks. Long, toned legs were spread apart from where Sole laid back upon her bed, one hand fondling her breast while the other traced the obviously sensitive bundle of nerves at Sole’s centre. The brawler’s eyes widened as Sole groaned, arching her back and moaning Cait’s name. Cait’s name. Holy shite! The brawler would quickly gather herself and close the door behind her, gazing down with a cheeky smirk as Sole’s eyes shot open at hearing the sound. “Ya coulda told me ya wanted a shag, love.” She purred, stalking over to the bed and settling herself between those long legs before leisurely licking up that already wet slit, much to Sole’s delight.

Curie – Lately, she had been feeling these very odd and peculiar feelings towards Sole, almost as if little Curie were mad at her but obviously not so. It was so unexpected and confusing that Curie finally decided that she must simply just ask Sole what it is and how she can be rid of it. Curie knocked on Sole’s front door like she always does and swiftly entered, looking around and finding the woman in question nowhere to be found. Quietly, Curie took a couple steps more and heard what she thought was her name being called and so she came upon Sole’s bedroom. The door was slightly ajar so little Curie softly pushed it open and peered in, expecting to see Sole safe and sound and waking from a nice sleep, but Sole was anything but. Her hand was buried in the centre of her privates, three fingers dipping deeply and slowly into her making a wet sound that made Curie bite her lip and let out a soft moan of wanting. Sole immediately sat up with a sharp gasp, pulling the blankets around her as she blushed profusely. “I am sorry to intrude, madam, but may I ask what it is you were doing? It looked very enjoyable, may I join you?”

Danse – Where on the face of this Earth is this dammed solider?! He’d been looking for her around Red Rocket for an hour now and he had only just heard that she had gone back to Sanctuary Hills for a nap. Dammit! Did she not understand the importance of their mission? Danse stormed into her house without knocking, a little ticked off which totally didn’t have anything to do with the fact that his Power Armour was out of commission or anything, and discovered her in a rather compromising position that had all the anger drain from his face immediately. She bucking her hips into the hand that stroked at her wet and almost dripping core, her lips parted with sharp gasps that sounded very closely like a mantra calling out Danse’s name. The Paladin was frozen, rooted to the spot and left staring down at her in shock. It’s not until she opened her eyes and shifted, that she realised she was no longer alone. “Oh my God! Danse?!” That snapped him out it and had him sputtering apology after apology as he retreated out of her house and damn near ran out of the settlement with a face blushing scarlet and prominent bulge in his pants that he’s going to have to take care of before his mission.

Deacon – He didn’t think twice when he opened Sole’s door and stepped inside. In fact, he had already started a conversation before the door closed and before he spotted just what it was Sole was up to upon her bed. His eyebrows shot upwards above his darkened shades as he sees the vast expanse of nakedness spread out below him and just how close his crotch was to the edge of her bed. Ergo: just how close his crotch was to Sole’s spread legs and soaking core. He cleared his throat, unsure of what to do, before coming up with some lame joke that he wasn’t even sure she heard because of how hard it was for him to speak. “Looks like you need a hand…or two.” When she didn’t make a move to shoo him away, he took it as consent and couldn’t help the grin that split across his face as climbed over.

Gage – The Overboss should’ve known he wasn’t a raider with the type of manners that would see him knocking before entering, so really it was Sole’s own fault when he stumbled in to see her squirming under the caress of her own hand and groaning out his name like there was no tomorrow. Almost immediately he’d slam shut the door behind him and flick the lock, his spare hand moving to undo his trousers as his gaze locks heatedly with Sole’s. Manners be dammed. She was already calling out his name and he hadn’t even touched her yet, so safe to say he needn’t any more go ahead than what was already literally moaned out. That pussy had his name all over it and he’ll be caught dead before he tosses up this kind of an opportunity with Sole.

Hancock – He thought he was in a drug induced hallucination when he stumbled through the door of Sole’s bedroom, excited to tell her all about this new mission the Silver Shroud is about to embark on courtesy of Kent Connelly, when his gaze fell upon a naked woman in her bed. Upon closer inspection and few blinks of his eyes to find out if he were really seeing this, he realised it was actually Sole and that she hadn’t spotted him standing there just yet. Either that or she didn’t care because her hand was frantically still rubbing at her core and her moans hadn’t yet quieted, moans that seemed to be jumbled and breathy but just audible enough for him to make out that she was chanting his name in her waves of ecstasy. “Damn girl,” he’d murmur, startling her with a crooked grin. “Why didn’t you just come and get me?” He’d throw away the dose of Jet in his hands and quickly climb over to her, damn well gonna make sure he remembers each and every moment with the woman of his dreams while also making damn well sure that he rocks her world.

MacCready – “I found it!” He yelled, running into Sole’s house with his prized find in hand. Grognak the Barbarian, issue number seventy nine – Return of the Deepsea Baby Eater. “I finally found it!” He looked around and started wondering throughout the house, a large grin plastered on his face as he approached the hallway. If she was asleep, he was going to wake her up in the most totally awesome way ever! Grognak comic book slap! But when he gently nudged open the door to her room, the comic slipped from his hand and fell to the floor, his eyes widening with a sharp gasp. “Mac…Mac….oh yeah, Mac.” Sole was chanting his name? And doing that? Holy shi-holy crap is these even happening? He’d stare for a few more moments, unaware of how quite possibly creepy it was for him to do so, but when she bucked her hips and when he caught sight of just how hot and bothered she was, he slipped on the smoothest smile he could muster and crossed his arms before casually leaning against the doorframe. “You…need and extra pair of hands there Sole?”

Nick Valentine – The old ways weren’t lost on the Detective. He knew to knock before coming in, to call out before exploring the expanses of someone’s home and to not stare when walking in and seeing someone in a very compromising and embarrassing situation…although nothing could be said for him remembering clearly the way of which Sole moaned his name while pleasuring herself. He apologised loudly, sincerely and had immediately turned around so she wouldn’t see his glowing eyes widening in shock nor the soft smile that tugged at the corners of his lips before exiting through the door he came in from. He knew sex, remembered the sensations and the way a woman felt beneath him, not from personal experience of course but damn what he wouldn’t give to experience again and with Sole. He was then suddenly very thankful for the long trench coat that he could tie to not so conspicuously conceal what he couldn’t really control.

Piper Wright – As soon as she stumbled into Sole’s room and saw what she was doing, she’d freeze with a streak of heat bolting down to the apex of her legs which nearly made her legs buckle. Sole’s hands were rubbing a very wet and very private part of her body and if Piper didn’t know any better, she could have sworn she heard Sole moan: “Ohhh Piper….” In surprised response, the reporter let out a small gasp and clapped her hands over her mouth with wide eyes. Sole’s gazed flicked open and the mask of ecstasy was quickly wiped away and replaced with shock and then horror. Their eyes locked and Piper’s face blushed even more scarlet and without further ago – and with the image of what she’s just seen burned into her memory for good – Piper would quickly take evasive action and find herself running clumsily out of the building, accidentally knocking into everything and anything in her path with a strangled apology thrown over her shoulder. She wouldn’t be seen for a very long while, so it’s anyone’s guess as to what the reporter chose to do about her own throbbing core…

Preston Garvey – Yes he was protective, yes he may be a little overly so but that was all for good reason. Nearly everyone not in the Minutemen wanted Sole’s head on a pike, so when he couldn’t find her around the Castle even though he spent the better part of the past hour looking for her, Preston started to get worried. He came upon her quarters, which was retrospectively perhaps the first place he should’ve looked, and barged in without thinking of privacy. He skidded to a stop when he saw what it was she doing and nearly passed out right then and there. She was moaning breathily, her mouth forming his name in between breaths as she rubbed and lightly pinched at her core that elicited spasms in her spread legs. Preston didn’t know what to do. The primal part of him wanted to walk forward and sink into her without abandon, but the more gentlemanly side of him won out and had him turning around and making a hasty retreat. If any of the Minutemen saw how flushed his face was, none commented and the same goes for when he emerged from his room not five minutes after seemingly out of breath.

X6-88 – He was worried about Sole. It had been a few hours since he last saw her tending to the water purifiers earlier that day and she made had plans to set out with him for University Point at dusk which was fast approaching. So he did what any friend and comrade would do, he went looking for her. When he opened the door to her house, he almost turned back around because it looked long uninhabited but as it happened he continued on and peered into her bedroom to see a sight that did…strange…things to his body. Her hips were gyrating slightly up into her hand that rubbed at wet pink flesh, her back arching against the mattress and her mouth opened in a quiet groan that almost sounded as though she were calling out his name. Immediately his eyebrows shot upwards and he found himself almost taking a step towards her, but quickly backtracked. As much as he wanted to join her, he wanted what usually comes after that to happen in its own time and not because she was horny enough to let him do it to her. He wanted to know it was real, so instead he chose to wait.

Secrets Part IV

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Warning: N/A

Writer: hachievans

Summary/Request: Part One (X) Part two (X) Part three (X). Based off (X) (X) (X): You’re new to Beacon Hills…everything is mighty strange…

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SAO - Nekomata

Sachi/Kirito [for Valentina-Moon]

She slept for a year. Easy, the hospital bed as soft and comfortable as her mother’s womb.

Everyone had been surprised when she had woken up; her parents had been there when it had happened, her mother’s makeup smudged, her father’s face buried in her shoulder. There had been two– no, three nurses, and a doctor in a long white coat.

No one had been more surprised than she had, You Died still burned into her retina, pain receptors still screaming. His anguish permeated the room even though he was gone, even though she was dead.

She remembered– smiling, weakly, trying to reassure the doctor and her parents. But mostly she remembered dying, her spear falling from nerveless fingers. She hadn’t even been able to remember what had killed her, exactly, not the name or the stats or.. any of it. But she remembered him.

All her questions about the Black Cats are deflected, except by a government investigator who queries her about the game. She’s the first person to wake up, and no one knows why. None of her friends made it. They were the only ones who died that day.

They let her out of the hospital a few weeks later. She takes the NerveGear with her, although she hides it in the closet for nearly a month; it will be therapeutic to dismantle it eventually. Her fine motor skills are… as much of a lost cause as walking unassisted, but she tries. Muscle atrophy has eaten away much of her strength, and though her body remembers the actions, only time and persistence can return them. She has physical therapy to help, but her nerves are shot and she remembers– You Died.

There are websites with lists of the dead. The toll increases by the day, but they’re all real-life names, and his isn’t on it. The internet is flooded with pictures of them, memorials; schools and businesses have walls of the dead or the comatose, posted by family, friends, coworkers. She remembers his face, soft smiles and gentle amusement, the way his expression hardened when going into battle; but she doesn’t find him anywhere.

It hurts to look. She finds people she went to school with, people her parents worked with, sleeping dead dead sleeping, and she grieves, but she doesn’t find him. He isn’t to be found.

He’s alive, she thinks, and it’s a mantra she holds close, even as she lights incense for her friends. He’s alive. He made it out.

She does not attend school that year. It’s too hard to focus. Every dropped pencil is her perception alerting her to a monster in the rooms, every rainy day her muscles scream in agony, and everyone knows her face was on the wall. A binder is not a shield which can protect her, and her walking cane is not a spear to be used in her defense. It feels wrong to attend when so many others are still trapped.

She finds NerveGear schematics on the internet instead and picks apart her own. She was a member of the Computer Club, and she had earned that honestly. She knows well any machine she can get her fingers into, and it takes time and she almost misses it, but after several months of splaying the machine across her desk and her floor and parts of her bed, she knows what happened.

You Died. No, she didn’t.

She calls up the investigator and invites him to meet her at the park, wraps up the piece in question in an anti-static bag. She is… reluctant to hand it over. But she knows she is never going to wear the NerveGear again, the idea of it makes her hands shake too badly, and if there is something they can make of it… well. Maybe they can.

There was a manufacturing flaw. The odds of it are… astronomical, with modern machine lines, she’s not as good with numbers as she’d like to be. One in several trillion, maybe.

You Died. She had. She woke up. It was a fluke.

Almost everyone wakes up a few months later. There are a few hundred who do not, and like her, no one is sure why. But some wake up. The announcement is huge. The investigator calls to tell her in person before it hits the news, because soon there may be no way he can protect her from the sharks that are reporters, but he will try. She is not ready for those; not yet.

Those who do not wake up are flown to a federal hospital at the expense of the government. A few months later, they wake up as well, and once more, no one knows why.

She peruses the internet. He’s still not there. She holds her mantra close, but like a wind-torn banner the hope is beginning to fray.

The beginning of the new school year sees her transferred to the SAO Survivors School; because SSS and SAOSS make interesting banners and school logos, she guesses. She isn’t sure she wants to go to school, even now, but with physical therapy and plenty of medication, her strength and her nerves are settled enough that she can walk unassisted and her limbs actually obey her.

She still knows his face, so she’ll go.

The first day is a mess. There are too many people to keep the reporters away from everyone, even if they’re not allowed on school grounds, and not everyone takes kindly to being crowded. She witnesses three pushy newsmen thrown over shoulders in the first twenty minutes, and no few of them are still using canes. She holds her own firmly, ready to throw it up and defend herself, but right here, right now, she’s just another survivor, and they’ll take anyone they can get. The last group to wake up isn’t even here; the prognosis is that they’ll be joining mid-term.

First period after lunch is group therapy sessions, which is not mandatory, but come highly recommended, and adults who survived are invited to join. She picks a smaller group to insert herself in. The therapist is there to listen, mostly, and he’s large and broadly built, and probably there to prevent a fight. Using in-game names is heavily discouraged, but she’s had a year already to get out of the habit of introducing herself that way. She takes that step and leaps across the bridge like her Acrobatics skill became a top of the line reason to start the session.

It’s easier to remember the good things. She’s actually in the middle of recounting their first dungeon crawl with him when the door opens. Of all the things she could have forgotten, his face could never be one of them; it flushes white as a sheet when he sees her, so quick her knee-jerk reflex is to step for him, even though the therapist is already there, holding him up, holding him steady.

Kirito. He made it. He got out. She loops him in a hug on instinct, half-crushes him between her and the therapist. She might be crying, but it’s a small matter, and if she is it will be a relief. He curls his arms around her awkwardly, and she can feel how painfully shaky he is. Shock and disbelief, lanced grief, left to bleed again. But she cannot let him go.

“You can’t be.. Sachi?” His voice is steady, but low and raw.

Her own shakes like an infant’s rattle, relieved but broken all at the same time. “Yeah. I’m here.”

Borne to Chant 
because you can’t have enough death jokes with this game.

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What if you and Liam were making love and Harry accidentally walks in... You see each other but you can't stop staring at each other??

When he really gets going, Liam is relentless, rolling his hips into yours like he might come right out the other side of you.  He presses one of your legs out as far as it’ll go until you’re whimpering with protest at the burn, even as he continues pistoning into you, mouth at your shoulder and worrying the places where he can feel your bones through your skin with his lips and teeth.  He mutters praises and keens when you clench your pussy tightly around him, bites down the few times you’re able to meet his pace with your body.

And you’re so fucking close, his name a mantra on your lips, sound tearing its way up out of you as those thick and talented fingers find their way to your nipple, tweaking and tugging, then racing down your body to feel out the slick knot of nerves above where his cock still slides hard and heavy into you.

But he doesn’t notice the door to the bedroom opening - the two of you are sharing a suite with Harry, simply to conserve on space - and it’s quite obvious he’d forgotten that the two of you might do things like have sex.

His eyes are as round and wide as yours feel for a moment, until your quivering moan reaches his ears and he seems to give a little jolt.

As Liam seeks out that release for the two of you, unaware of his audience, giving Harry a good look at the tawny expanse of his back, the cute little curve of his butt as he fucks into you.  Harry’s eyes do dart that way and you watch his tongue poke at his lips, but then his gaze is on yours again, locked tight, but no longer shocked.

He doesn’t say or do anything, doesn’t move, just watches the two of you, watches Liam biting his way down your neck, oblivious to the light filtering in from the main room behind Harry.  He watches the way you buck up into Liam, crying out when he finds a particularly sweet spot and sweeps his cock back and forth over it, rubbing you raw and closer and closer to coming, your voice a bit ragged as you beg for the release.

And Harry watches as it washes over you, smirking as the curses lurch from your lips, and you squeeze Liam’s hips between your thighs as you jerk up against him, digging your nails into the meat of his back.  Liam thrusts hard into you, several more times, until his body shudders and his movements go sloppy and your head tilts back with a little shout as he drags another little orgasm out of you and comes seconds behind it, filling you up in a hot rush of white that leaks out around his cock and slicks up the center of you.  

Gasping for breath, you pick your head up just once, not sure why you need to see, not sure why didn’t warn Liam in the first place.  But when your eyes remember that they’re made for looking and you find the bedroom door, Harry’s gone, like maybe he wasn’t there in the first place.

Liam’s voice is wrecked and shaking as he mutters how much he loves you against his skin and though you feel sated, you still feel strangely, but you still murmur the same in turn, even if your eyes do dart to the door one last time.

CNN has hired Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, as a political commentator

Trump recently fired Lewandowski, who had become a controversial member of his staff, particularly in his manhandling of reporters and banning about a dozen media outlets from having reporters follow the campaign. 

From the NYT:

Trump allies and critics alike regarded Mr. Lewandowski as a fierce defender of Mr. Trump’s idiosyncratic approach to the presidential race. At a moment when many in the party have pressed Mr. Trump to soften his message and build a more conventional political operation, Mr. Lewandowski hewed closely to the mantra he had developed during the Republican primaries: “Let Trump be Trump.”

So he was too much for Trump, but CNN is more than willing to give him a mainstream, national platform? Even though he’s legally not allowed to say anything bad about Trump or his campaign, or reveal any inside information or perspective?

Wow, CNN. This is a new level of pathetic. 

Many female and Latinx reporters and producers at CNN are reportedly furious at Lewandowski being hired, but I bet the corporate authority will do what it has to to quell any and all dissent, including firing anyone who publicly objects to this. That’s how capitalist, corporate-run, media works. 

If this doesn’t spell out for you that CNN is trash, I don’t know what will. 

More information here.

Ariel’s eyes closed, whispering the soft mantra under her breath. “Breath, one, two, three,” wincing as the noise happened again, it was a clap of of some sort, the sound of the wind carrying a sign hard against the wall, sending a shiver down her spine, as memories filled her brain. “Breath, four, five, six,” she muttered once more. Wincing as it happened again. “Breath, one, two, three,” her mind went blank, before she thought of grassy field with flowers, her and Christian on their backs, giggling twins, rolling in the summer sun. A soft smile filling her lips. “Breath, four, five, six,” she murmured once more. “S-Sorry, the noise, I’m okay now,” she hummed as the noise filled the air again but she seemed to take it a bit better. She had suddenly taken in her surroundings, she must of froze the moment the loud clap happened the past few minutes was a blur as she had calmed her racing mind down, instantly feeling sorry for her companion. “What were you saying? I’m so-so sorry!”

A 3 part journey

I had had my first psychedelic experience around my 16th birthday through out the year I had mushrooms around five separate times with my largest dose being 4.7gs dried.

It was June a month after my 17 birthday I had obtained an ounce of mushrooms from a new source. I had planned on going on a full blown spirit quest (6gs) I decided before I would dive into the heroic dosage I would test the new source’s fungi.

Thursday night-mother and sister out at some party
I scaled out 1.6g ate them like candy then munched on a few extra tasty looking aborts.(should have weighed them)
My brother also ate some (a bit more than 2.5gs soaked in lemon juice) and munched a few extra caps.

An hour later I informed my brother that this was going to be much more than a test run, things were getting trippy (they had not hit him yet)

I laid down on my bed with my eyes closed and face in my pillow, he put on some ambient music of some sort( I have no memory of it)

With my eyes closed I repeated in my my head “ show me who you are, for yourself” (addressing the mushrooms)

I left reality.

I found myself falling into a swirling abyss of black and dark purple. Around me 4-8 multi coloured (lime green, pink, blue) sea monsters circling.
I recovered and open my eyes blocking my field of vision a massive toad.(my pillow)
I regain my vision and get out of bed walk five steps out my room. I do not know if my eyes were open or closed, I saw a person? An entity? Myself?
It was blue in a dark background with tiny white lights piercing the black (stars?) it transferred divine emotion to me I hugged my brother and tears of joy and wonder flowed from my eyes.

After that I stayed in reality for the rest of my trip but my perspective was always shifting no lines were straight.

Friday morning- fuck school lets trip
I met up with three friends( two of them my usual trip buddies-Taro and Lex)at a park near school. I told them about my trip the previous night.

Then I informed them that I had more mushrooms and wanted to share.
Case told us no one was home at his house (our usual hang out)
I had never tripped more than once within a month so expected my tolerance to be high after the day before. I just wanted to catch a buzz.

We all ate our mushies at a picnic table and each smoked a bowl, waited five minutes then headed over to Case’s house (30min walk)

Half way there they started to hit me, the road and side walk staring shifting in and out of a pink hue. No else was feeling it.

We got to cases street and went to the small park across from his house to get a drink from the fountain. Case took us to a bench where he told us he had dropped acid before.
We sat in the relaxing, I looked to the sky.

It was a beautiful day blue sky with a few white clouds. The clouds began to drift away out of my field of vision( wasn’t sure if it was just the wind)

Then the sky became washed with a solid grey blue. Instantly a massive ship shaped cloud with sparkling swirling intricate pattern adorning its bow came rushing over me, as it passed two Chinese style Dragons crossed the sky.

I looked to my friend Case, he was feeling it too and suggested we should head to his backyard, we all agreed.

As we rose from the bench and walked toward his house I looked up, the sky itself seemed to drift away and in its place was a giant dome of gears and sprockets and through the web of cogs I could see a purple mist beyond.

It soon became apparent that there were friendly faces pearling through the dome gears. ( the same entity I had seen the night before) they were a red orange colour.

I tore my gaze away from the dome( it was time to cross the street) the concrete swam as though it was fluid.

We went around the side of the house to the backyard. Case brought out the bong and a big box of Gatorade. Set up his surround sound system with the Dark side of the moon on repeat.
We all sat down at the table outside

Case got up to open the big sun umbrella. As it opened above us I was gripped with terror. It looked other worldly. The feeling passed as quickly as I came.

Pink Floyd was playing I sat in the shade. I put my head down and closed my eyes, again in my head repeating “show me who you are, for yourself” this time addressing the entity which I was encountering.

A slide show of intense psychedelia ensued. ( red and orange being the theme)
Than an I saw rows and rows of these entities, I then walked up a beautiful spiral stair case of magnificent other worldly architecture. I got to the top gazed out a window and saw again rows and rows o these people.

I opened my eyes, I opened my mind

As the lids of my eyes lifted reality seemed to be coated in an invisible goo every thing was round, curved and the colours were so bright, so bright.

As I looked to the sky the dome of gears dissolved, there was nothing between me and friendly, playful faces and the purple mist….. These entire were in the sky for the duration of my trip. I removed my shoes.

When the song “great gig in the sky” played I was hurtled through space on and asteroid.

When the song “money” played I became aware of the hilarious absurdity that the human mind is capable of. Me and Taro laughed and and laughed.

When the song “us and them” played Lex raised his fist to the sky, I cried.

When the song “ dark side of the moon” played pure confusion I did not not know if I was real.

We sat listening to the album for 5 hours time was meaningless.

I will remember that place for the rest of my life. 5 hours of pure mindless fun.

Sunday morning- I was bored still had what looked like a gram of shrooms left.

I soaked them in lemon juice and ate em. I lay in my bed with my eyes closed . Repeating the same mantra.

The first thing I saw was one of the same entities in turquoise peer at me from behind a pillar then it turned away and vanished. It did not speak to me but it conveyed a message. It was leaving never to be seen again I was glad to to met it, it was glad to have met me. But it was time for it go.

After that a beautiful pattern appeared it portrayed the same message I did not understand it, but I felt it. I was moved to tears of sadness… After that I began want to stop tripping I experienced no more meaningful visuals. I sat with my brother and waited it out. I looped and looped.

I know this was long, sorry but if u read it all then you have read learnt of the most meaning experiences I have ever had. I have since quit drugs and have decided where my I want my life too lead.

A 3 part story.
Basking in the glory of the universe
A lesson learnt

Mushrooms the teacher.
Thx so much for reading

Coming of age stories are cultural rallying points, and of them, much is made. Their words, images and sounds represent the blinding optimism of youth and the reconciliation of simpler lives with more complicated futures. Everything in Transit is one of those stories. I lived, wrote and recorded this album in a haze of heartbreak and THC, a fast that did little to belie my sense of adventure on ambition. In retrospect, the beauty of Everything in Transit is its assertion that regardless of circumstance, so many people find themselves asking the same questions of the world as they attempt to build their own personal philosophies. I was searching when I wrote these songs. I was traveling and unafraid. I believed I could dismantle my life, relationships, accomplishments and failures, write it down and in the process become the artist and man I’d always wished to be. For a moment this was true. When people talk about Transit, many are quick to reflect on the strange events that followed its completion. I happen to be one of those people. Nevertheless, this is not an album about the illness I found at the end of some twisted rainbow. It is about the journey from my parents’ house to that first apartment I shared with friends. It’s about falling in love too young and the dual heartbreak that spoke from such a relationship. It’s about faith in the universe and the opening of one’s eyes and heart so they might end up on the path for which they were intended. Nearly 10 years later I am writing this copy from an airplane en route to a show for yet another new project. I wear a ring now, and it belongs to the girl I boxed the stars with in the bridge of “Dark Blue”. I am still searching and writing, dismantling and rebuilding. As I pass through the clouds and the ground comes into view I am reminded of the fading mantra which closes out this body of work, an album that means so much to so many, myself included. “Maybe we were made for each other. Maybe the world will look like this forever.” Maybe…
—  The introduction to the 10 Year Anniversary edition of Jack’s Mannequin’s ‘Everything In Transit’ is awesome!