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here are a bunch of AMAZING fics I’ve enjoyed and loved reading throughout the month of july. I recommend that you read these great fics in august, if you haven’t already!! also check out the HL Summer Fic Exchange - my fic will be posted soon (hopefully)!

(all fics with a star are my favorites and if there are two stars then it was a favorite favorite)

1. Just a Walk in the Park 124k **

It’s 2015, the first time dinosaurs walked the earth in over 65 million years. The multi-billion dollar company, Twist Corporations, is planning a summer opening for their world changing attraction, “Jurassic Park”.

They take an interest in the history making duo of Dr. Louis Tomlinson, a stubborn paleontologist, and his partner, paleobotanist Dr. Liam Payne, giving them the chance of a lifetime to work for the new theme park. Louis is apprehensive, but Liam has a “gut feeling” that it will change their lives. He isn’t wrong.

Featuring Niall as the top engineer to get the park up and running, Zayn as the raptor expert, and Harry as the grandson of one of the most influential men in the world.

2. Let’s Embrace the Point of No Return 33k

Louis was a whole new scale of beautiful, he was richer than Harry could’ve ever imagined, and he was the most powerful, dominant alpha that Harry had ever come in contact with. The only problem now is that Louis is also Harry’s boss.

Louis believed Harry was an alpha, and had no idea about how he had lied about his status just to get an interview with Louis. He was in too deep now and he couldn’t look back.

Or, Harry is an omega intern at an all alpha company. Louis is his boss. There’s some complications.

3. How Could I Ever Forget 14k

After his boyfriend leaves him for a job in New York, Harry vows to move on with his life. A year later when their best friends announce their engagement, Harry knows he’ll be forced to see Louis again and face the truth he’s been trying his best to hide–even from himself.

Or a Vegas AU where Ziam’s bachelor party turns into drunken karaoke, winning thousands at slots, washing your clothes at the laundromat in your underwear, and making life altering decisions that you can’t remember in the morning.

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So are you saying that Harry just goes around, lying to everyone?

harry is in the closet

harry is in the closet

  1. harry is in the closet

harry is in the closet

harry is in the closet

  • harry is in the closet

harry is in the closet

that means he CAN’T go around telling every single person he meets that he never dated taylor or kendall and that he’s lived with louis all over the world for seven years or any other number of things that would give away the fact that HE IS IN THE FUCKING CLOSET. that doesn’t make him a liar and that doesn’t mean he enjoys not being honest about who he is with the public (i think it’s really obvious that he’d LOVE to be honest about who he is with the public), but that’s just NOT HOW THE CLOSET WORKS.

i really don’t like that you’re acting like him being in the closet is him “[going] around lying to everyone.” that’s a really nasty way to look at it. educate yourself about how a shitlaod of celebrities have had to live at least part of their lives in the closet and had to deal with beards and misleading the public about certain things to ensure that they weren’t outed. the closet, especially the closet of a celebrity who has to deal with interviews and pap walks and all that stuff, actually isn’t a difficult concept to grasp unless you’re an ignorant asshole because a ton of celebrities have had to deal with it. it’s really not a revolutionary concept. and harry’s situation is even more complicated because his boyfriend is also a celebrity, is also closeted, and is suited up with a fake girlfriend and a fake baby to boot. so maybe you should like, i dunno, read up on the closet or something. and don’t act like protecting your closet or having your friends and family members help protect your closet is just you “lying” like it’s some dirty thing you do because you’re not in the mood to be honest. don’t blame the closeted person - instead, blame the society that made the closet necessary to protect the careers and lives of so many lgbtq+ people. 

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Is there any way that I, a closeted pansexual, can celebrate pride month if I am unable to go to a pride event???

Absolutely! Although some members of the Pansexual Pantheon are closeted and thus unavailable to physically participate in Pride Month, there are still many ways for these pansexuals to celebrate. The advent of an online community is particularly important. Something as simple as a pansexual flag for a phone background or a chatroom or Discord server for pansexuals is a simple, but helpful, way to celebrate one’s pansexuality in private. There is also, of course, the option to enact a demonic ritual by drawing a pentacle on one’s floor and chanting the tale of the ancient pansexual runes to summon an ancient spirit of the Pansexual Pantheon. One important thing to consider with all these options is that your safety should come first, and it is unwise to do anything that may put yourself in danger.

Celebrating Samhain- Tips for the closet or low buget witch

My main goal when sharing the knowledge I’ve picked up over the years is to show other witches easy and simple ways to incorporate their practice into everyday life. In a world where young witches hide who they are and old witches have been caught up in the day to day struggles of a modern life, I want to inspire them to keep following the path in their hearts. So with that in mind here is my list of easy ways to celebrate the spookiest sabbat of the year!

1. Decorate your altar
  • remember it doesnt have to be large and extravagant. Especially if you are a witch with a low budget or a closet witch. A small shelf, a window sill, a hidden area of your bedroom closet, or the base of a tree in your yard or a local nearby park are all acceptable places to set up your altar.
  • you do not have to purchase decorations nor do you have to have a million candles, crystals, or decorative skulls. Witchcraft is a nature based practice, meaning you can feel free to decorate with items you find outside such as: dead leaves, acorns, corn stalks, squash, pretty rocks, ect.
  • all altars are beautiful, don’t get caught up scrolling through tumblr posts of “altar aesthetics” Big, elaborate, and beautiful altars are great, but that doesnt make a small and simple altar any less great.
2. Honor your loved ones who have passed on
  • Samhain is similar to the mexican “Day of the Dead” in the fact that we honor the spirits in the otherworld and remember our ancestry and heritage.
  • ways to honor your ancestors include burning a candle, taking a moment of silence, exchanging favorite stories from the deseased life with loved ones, or any other ways you personally show respect for the dead
3. Bake some Soul Cakes
  • these cookie/biscuit like cakes are really simple and easy to make and can be left as offerings at you altar, at the base of a tree, or at loved ones graves.
  • the simplest recipe I found only needs: 1 stick of butter, 1 ½ cup sugar, 1 ½ cup flour, and 1 egg. First mix the butter and sugar thoroughly and then mix in the flour and egg. Then you use the dough to make little cookies, put them on your baking pan, and cook them for 10-15 minutes at 350°
  • if you want to add more to your soul cakes you can also add: cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin spice, and/or malt vinegar.
4. Prepare yourself for a new year!
  • Along with honoring the spirits of those who have passed before us, Samhain also marks the end of the seasons filled with life and growth. It is the beginning of a season that is dark and dead, but to witches that doesn’t mean anything negative! Its is our new year, and it begins quietly, peacefully, and from a truely blank slate.
  • Now is a good time to cleanse yourself and your tools. So you can begin your year as unburdened and refreshed as possible.
  • take some time to also reflect upon yourself. Congratulate yourself on all the amazing things you have accomplished and forgive your inevitable mistakes. Make peace with your year and open your heart and soul to the future.
I hope I was able to give some other witches out there helpful ideas for this Samhain. As always feel free to add more information and ideas I may have missed. Have a blessed day!

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Some people believe what they want to believe. The fact that you actually think they are bearding, is an insult in itself towards Jared and Jensen. Both of them are very helpful and always tolerative. NONE of them has ever shown any hate or homophobia. They would be man enough to admit and stand for each other IF that'd be the case. Which, obviously now, it is not. You should be ashamed of yourself for not even cutting them enough slack in that regard. Seriously. What is wrong with people...

Well, that is true for some people. You’re incorrect to ascribe it to me. My opinions come from my analysis of what is presented to me. Sometimes I wish I didn’t believe they were bearding because that would be easier. Not only for them but for me. The hatred I get for just believing something different is unbelievable. It’s difficult to be attacked & thought as less than.

I’m not insulting anyone. I just don’t think the image they’re presenting to me is the truth. You don’t have to be homophobic to others, to be closeted yourself. It’s about how you view yourself & the homophobic people you love. They don’t want to let anyone down.

If very few can admit it, then why do you think it would be so simple & easy for the Js? Their industry is homophobic. People in their lives, that they love & adore, are homophobic.

It took Jared close to a decade to even tell the world about his mental illness & that is something that doesn’t draw hatred like homosexuality does.

After so many years of lying, they’re stuck. They can’t come clean without losing many fans & being known as liars. It’s quite sad.

I don’t have anything to be ashamed about. What do you mean “cutting them slack in that regard”? I’m not hating on them or giving them a hard time. I’m not demanding anything from them. I’m not telling them how to live their lives. 

I just have a little blog on a small part of the internet where I write down my opinions about celebrities & converse with others of a similar mind. I have the right to do so, just like everyone else does.

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Hi there! I'm currently writing a paper about how things in hollywood are crafted? I've been struggling to find articles that reflect this. Do you know of any at the top of your head that talks about the construction of closets or boybands or at least a point of direction? Totally fine if you don't! Thank you and have a good day! :)

i have a bunch of links to articles i’ll start with and then i’ll also link you to some relevant tumblr posts that might help you direct your research.


celebrities call the paparazzi on themselves

watch this video from rolling stone where troye sivan talks about coming out and record companies closeting artists

Rowan Blanchard on closeted actors

vanity fair article on hiddleswift and other celebrity ‘conspiracy theories’ (hiddleswift, babygate is fake and larry mentions)

the forced womanizer images for union j’s Jaymi Hensley and Christopher Maloney (who later came out)

Vice: Why celebrities fake relationships to help their careers (with bonus glass closet mention)

union j member says artists are told: “you can’t come out”

tom daley interview with the guardian about coming out

not about closeting but absolutely vital reading - new york times interview with kesha about the dr.luke/court situation called ‘kesha, interrupted’

out magazine - pretty hurts: the joy and heartache of colton haynes (who talks about his coming out experience)

the another man article about the dark side of boy bands

(from the independent) revealed: the formula for a successful boyband

simon cowell’s own book ‘i don’t mean to be rude but’ talks about how important fake/pr relationships are

i want my, i want my, i want my TMZ: lessons for handling a pr crisis

the scandal attention cycle

Former Scientologist Cathy Schenkelberg Opens Up About Unknowingly Auditioning To Be Tom Cruise’s Girlfriend

interview with harvey levin about not outing closeted celebrities

Louis Walsh: I planted fake stories to cover up sexuality of Boyzone’s Stephen Gately

here’s an interview with the x-factor’s first winner steve brookstein (contains the infamous ‘that secret should have been ours to sell’ quote)

the art of the staged celebrity photo (text on tumblr but the post is originally from e!)

how to spot fake PR relationships courtesy of the daily mail (the irony isn’t lost on my either)

and of course @aaronbutterfield‘s breatheheavy article we need to talk about one direction

now onto the tumblr posts (most have a direct source link to the articles they discuss [a number are posted above already] but also provide additional commentary)

a bunch of links to articles about hold actors in old hollywood were closeted and/or mistreated by the studio system

more on the three week scandal cycle

colton haynes’ IG post about coming out

the curious case of closeting luke evans

jeremy renner had his own babygate

as did simon cowell

compilation post about tom cruise/katie holmes, leo dicaprio, and elton john

my leo dicaprio tag in general might be helpful but these posts in particular about his set up papped dates with blake lively a few years ago

here’s a crash course on scientology and how they closet the famous people involved in their ‘religion’

how entertainment closeting works

other closeted/formerly closeted celebrities (ranging from rock hudson to sam smith)

in oz, there are no curtains

robsten fake cheating scandal case study

fake and speculated to be fake celebrity baby scandals

Okay so before I begin, there are two things you should know
  1.  I work at Disney World
  2.  I play a fun little game with myself where whenever I see a white dude with facial hair and a baseball cap, I think “haha is that Tyler Seguin”

Okay so today at work I am Tired. Like, just so very tired. I work at Disney World. But I digress. I had someone’s break and to get there I needed to go through the VIP Closet

The VIP closet is the name of the room at my ride where we take celebrities so they can avoid lines/crazed fans before they get on the ride. But like, usually the people in the closet aren’t actual celebrities, they’re just rich.

So I walk into the VIP closet and there’s a group of people there with their Disney Tour Guide. I smile at a dude in a tight black t shirt who has facial hair and a baseball cap and I go “hey!” (my brain asks itself if that’s tyler seguin and then laughs)

“Hello,” he says back, and I go into the utility closet to call the person I needed to break. I don’t think much about it. You know, it’s just life. I’m barely paying attention and I’m exhausted. 

So I go into ride control where I’m assigned for the hour and I sit and look at all the guests getting on the ride. I see black t shirt and once again ask myself if that’s Tyler Seguin. Then I notice that the guy next to him is wearing a bruins hat and I have to restrain the urge to make a snarky comment. 

So black t shirt is chatting with Bruins cap and I’m still just standing there in my little booth going “haha is that tyler seguin” because I genuinely think that I am hilarious. (I am not)

And then Black T-shirt turns to me and I really look at him. Like I look at his face for realsies. I gasp and have one thought.

  1. That is not Tyler Seguin

Who was it, you ask?

Chris Evans.