Elysha's Glam Closet!

I am so very excited to share pictures from our 1st ever client! Elysha is a true fashionista but unfortunately, not a neat fashionista. She has a great sized closed but with that, a great sized mess. Hope you don’t mind, Elysha! Check the before pictures:

When I saw this, I was in shock.. I actually think my jaw dropped open for a minute. But that’s why she called me! Here’s one more for fun:

This was covering the entire floor inside her closet.

Time to get to work. Here is the first step:

Completely empty it out and move it to an open space where you can sort through it. 

Here is the social media queen atop her wardrobe. The second step, go through and eliminate that garbage. If there are new clothes that don’t fit, or relatively new clothes that you don’t wear, there are 2 options: have a fun clothes swap with your girlfriends or, the good-citizen option: donate them! There are so many places that will accept clothes (,,, don’t trash them unless absolutely necessary. 

The third step is to then sort it by category. Put pants with pants, shirts with shirts, dresses, etc. 

Then comes my favorite. Glam.Your.Closet! Organize by style and color. I tend to go strapless, spaghetti top, tank top, cap sleeve, tee, ¾ shirt, then long sleeve. Then I go by color - something like, white, beige, yellow, pink, red, violet, purple, blue, green, brown, grey, black. What guys, it’s not like I know the exact order of every single blouse in my closet. Okay, fine I do. If you had a younger sister you would too!

Always keep your hangers the same way! It helps make your closet look a lot neater!

Here are pictures of the other side:

And a close up of the shoes. Again, I like to organized by type. Boots, pumps, sneakers, etc. I also think the best way to do this is to cluster by color. 

Thanks for reaching out to The Glam Closet, Elysha! We had a great time and are so relieved to know you have a crisp, clean, and glammed closet! XOX

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Source: Petra Bindel

They say a tidy home equals a tidy mind. Now, I know this to be true but I think it goes deeper than that…..way deeper. Personally I’d start with your closet. I have a client at the moment who has requested 24 metres of hanging space and has 329 pairs of shoes (I kid you not!) This isn’t a closet - this is a shop…..anyway, one of the key factors to making such a large space work is good closet organization - and this isn’t just any “off the shelf” closet we are talking about. No, no, this is pure unadulterated custom closet design. She wants minimaI - much like a highend retail shop actually and it’s going to look amazing!
This is a promotional piece for genderfluid awareness that I decided to do. I have been working with an organization that supports Trans people and offers services to them, as a graphic designer, a...

benjiscloset may end up having this newest piece of mine available as a t-shirt soon!

A lot of things are in the works presently, and both misfitreindeer and I have been working our asses off with tons of new things.

This piece should speak for itself, but it may not.
It is entitles Genderfluid and features a trifold image, the same person in Masculine, Neutral/featureless and Feminine styles, over the Genderfluid Pride flag.

Enjoy, lovelies!