tonight @silllyniecy, @that-nerfherder, and I went out on a Pokemon hunting adventure. obviously, Pokemon trainer outfits were required. here’s the final closet cosplay outfits before we went wandering for the evening.

honestly, I love how there’s an immediate connection between people who are obviously playing Pokemon Go. we talked to some dudes at a gym and wished some passerbys good luck catching their Pokemon. this game is so great.

My thought process right about now
  • Logical brain:You're going to the Disneyland Halloween party with a group. They already have a theme. You can definitely find a costume to work with the theme.
  • Dork brain:Cosplay as Locus! Take Locus at Disneyland pictures! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO
  • Logical brain:...okay she's got a point.
  • Me:Well, fuck.