So there have been a couple of posts about Sportacus’s book… closet (that is not a shelf) and a few of them have some decent resolution and I just have to say that Sportacus’s reading selection is… pretty specific? We’re talking like picaresque novels, bildungsromans, themes about murder, revolution, revenge, and redemption, heroes fighting against insurmountable forces, disadvantaged young/youthful heroes being shunned by society and striving to get any kind of tiny moral victory, children being the center focus of very dark situations… Kudos to the people who put that kind of thought into what he’s reading but now I can’t ever look at Sport the same way. I don’t want to make too specific a statement about his reading list because I haven’t identified most of the books and read even fewer, but. Dude. DARK.

edit- I forgot a major theme to many of these books: SLAVERY. He even has a book (The Weeping Wood) about the history of rubber production and the exploited Indian slaves!

Prompt #No. 7 : Closet
  • Albus, looking for something: "James where's my book? It was just here a second ago"
  • James : "Go check in the closet"
  • Albus : "Why would it be in there?-- OH MY GOD JAMES STOP"


I recently got back from Tokyo a couple days ago, and while I am still recovering from jetlag…LET ME SHARE WHAT I GOT AT CLOSET CHILD THIS YEAR!

Item #1 is this awesome Alice Auaa dress! I’m still trying to figure out if this is the back of the dress or the front (the other side has buttons coming down all the way to the hem. It’s really beautiful!) it has a faded, aged look to it (which is probably why it was $25) but it still looks cool! Very post apocalyptic.

Item #2 is an Alice Auaa tattered skirt which I absolutely fell in LOVE with because it has a sort of witch-like drapery to it. As I’ve mentioned before I have been into layering fabrics and draping black upon black to give a sort of “forest witch” vibe to it if you will. It pairs perfectly with Item #3 which is a Sheglit draped corset belt. I bought that piece at the KERA shop.

Item #4 is a Black Peace Now floor length skirt with red and black beaded crosses on it. I absolutely loved this piece because again, it leans more towards the style I have been taking recently. Finding this item really made me miss BPN haha :(

And last is item #5 which is a satin Sheglit halter JSK with black embroidery on it. Fell in love with this very romantic design. Great for not only Lolita, but casual gothic wear as well.

I’ll make a post soon showcasing the jewelry I bought this year and QPOT’s Halloween tea special for 2016!


Acapella AU

They are WAA
Wright Anything Acapella! Lol named by Mr. Wright.

Athena- came up with the idea for this little group but she won’t be in all the shows she only helps with their singing and the show choreography. Dating Juniper Woods. Majoring in psychology.

Apollo- refused to be in the group, but his friends insisted, especially his foster father’s, Phoenix and Miles wright-edgeworth. Although he still keeps his father’s last name, he loves his dad’s. He has stage fright from a traumatic incident from he was a child. Closet gay with a crush on Klavier Gavin. Booming high voice. He never takes off his mother’s bracelet. Majoring in Law. A treble.

Klavier- was German exchange student but liked the Americas so much he decided to follow his brother there as well. He loves music and was ecstatic to join them. He often flirts with Apollo; only to get rejected multiple times. He knows about Apollo’s crush so he won’t stop. Majoring in Law. Tenor.

Simon- joined because of Athena. He’s a good beat boxer and can hit the lowest notes. Dating Nahyuta Sahdmahdi Majoring in psychology. Bass

Nahyuta- a monk visiting the Americas for school. He has a soulful voice. Joined because of Apollo and Simon. Even though he and Apollo no longer live together in the same house he still wants to be a big brother figure time. Dating Simon Blackquill.

Phoenix and Miles- foster dads of Apollo. They also take care of his half sister Trucy. They help with shows and encourage their dreams. Also never give up. Phoenix named the group cause he funds some of their things

“Even when the stage is falling apart, flash your biggest smile!” -Phoenix Wright-Edgeworth

Let Our Powers Combine!

This Trollhunter!Strickler fic series thing is inspired by @changepherrox‘s art and written scenario of Walter meeting Barbara, pre-show, and becoming part of the Lake family. After finding his place in the human world, he comes upon the Trollhunter amulet and struggles between protecting his family, being a double agent… and secretly defending a Trollmarket that doesn’t particularly want a changeling for a Trollhunter.

-The First (along with @changepherrox’s art that inspired it)
-A Brief Recapitulation of Troll-Changeling Friendships

In this fic: Jim and Walter have a superhero catchphrase that they say when they team up.

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How detention becomes awesome

A little bit of Scorbus fluff to (hopefully) brighten up your day :)

Summary: Albus is in a shitty mood since they’ve been sentenced to detention at Hogwarts for their entire summer vacation. If only Scorpius could figure out a way to cheer him up…

Rating: G

2.2k words

Part of my “summer at Hogwarts” series.

(P.S.: I’m working on more fics as part of this series. Stay tuned! :))

“This whole place is rubbish!” Albus complained for the nth time in two days.

It had been two days since all the other students had boarded the Hogwarts express and had left the castle for the summer. Albus and Scorpius, however, had to stay back to serve the full year of detention they had been sentenced to after pulling their almost-world-destroying time-travelling stunt last fall. Scorpius envied his classmates who were probably enjoying their holidays with their families about now. He pushed away thoughts of his dad walking alone in the empty halls of Malfoy Manor.

“This sucks! I can’t believe we’re stuck here all summer! UGH!

Scorpius looked over at his best friend who was sulking in a corner of their dorm, staring at the wall as if he could blow a hole through the stones if he concentrated hard enough. Scorpius sighed. He didn’t think spending the summer in a (mostly) empty castle with an enormous library full of amazing books and his best friend to keep him company would be so bad. However, Albus’s moodiness seriously dampened any optimism he felt. What’s more, everything he said to cheer up Albus only seemed to make his friend angrier about the whole situation.

So Scorpius listened quietly to the complaints while he got dressed for the day. They were due to meet McGonagall in 15 minutes in her office where she’d assign their chores of the day.

“Albus, you’d better get ready or we’re gonna be late.”

“We have the whole summer to do her bloody chores, who cares if we’re late,” Albus snapped back.

Scorpius curbed the urge to send an overdramatic eye roll Albus’s way, opting not to risk upsetting him even more. Instead he gave Albus a half-hearted smile and affectionately said, “come on grumpy, it’s just going to be worse if we make Her Highness wait”.

Albus almost chuckled before finally getting up. “Fine.”

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a trip to the supermarket with my dad

so about an hour ago, my dad noticed that i’d been on the internet all day and hadn’t been outside for days/weeks/whatever so he decided to drag me outside to go shopping with him

we didnt talk much in the car on the way to the supermarket but once we got there i realised i was literally dressed like dean winchester (which i didnt point out because my dad doesnt know supernatural) but i started laughing and he sort of gave me a look that said “oh no not my weird daughter again”.

 having not been outside for a while and living on tumblr for a week, i had forgotten what was socially acceptable so i just randomly started singing the ghostbusters theme song because a box of cereal fell of a shelf by itself then i said “DAD DAD IT’S A GHOST CEREAL BOX! WHO YA GONNA CALL?” and he just facepalmed and kept walking. i just started humming fall out boy songs and skipping around and talking enthusiastically about pizza and my dad just put his hand on my shoulder and said “grace, people are gonna think youre on drugs” so i stopped and started talking too enthusiastically about jillian holtzmann like “oh my god holtzmann is so amazing i love her so much she is amazing and awesome and l mean youve watched the film you saw her she is just perfect in every way” and he was like “grace, youre making me question your sexuality” and i laughed and said “you dont have to do that for me” but i almost said “dont worry im gonna come out in january” and just managed to stop myself

as my dad was paying i was talking to him about harry potter. i was saying “dad youve only read the first book. you have to read all of them” and he was like “no i dont because ive watched the films” and i was like “im not lending you the cursed child until youve read all seven books” and he was like “maybe i wont read the cursed child then. maybe i’ll just go and see the play” and i was like “we might not be able to see the play” and he just looked at me and said “oh, i’ll see it”

when we left the supermarket i said “but what if we dont see the cursed child” and he said “we can all act it out” and i said “who would you be?” and he said “silvius balfoy” and i just stared at him and said “who the hell is that?” and he said “y’know. draco’s little one” and i said “SCORPIUS MALFOY YOU IDIOT” and he was like “yeah i’ll be that one” and i said “dad, he’s 14. youre nearly 45″ and he said “i’ll be harry then. you can be scorpius. molly can be albus.” and i was thinking “woah dad youre casting me as scorpius and my girlfriend as albus? scorbus much” then i remembered he doesnt know im gay or that my best friend is actually my girlfriend. then he kept going on about how he could be harry potter

on the way home some boys like 17 or something rode their bikes across the road in front of us and my dad said “watch out, lads” and i looked at him and said “you do know they cant hear you, right?” and he said “they can. i used telekinesis.” i groaned then a few seconds later said “wait isnt telekinesis when you move objects with your mind?” and he said “yep”

later he was like “did we ever finish watching shadowhunters?” and i said “i did. you didnt” and he said “im sure i did” so i said “you didnt. you watched up to episode 5. whos your favorite character?” and he said “magnus and harry” and i looked at him and said “whos harry?” and he said “the gay one” and i was like “THATS ALEC” 

and that is what happened when i went to the supermarket with my dad

saiyatashi  asked:

hello ! do you know where to find 阿吽の蟻 in shops in Japan? I mean I don't really know where it could be sold ! Thank you !!!

It was only sold at the galaxy broad shop, but it’s sold out now. So your only chance now will be people reselling it (you could try shops like closet child or search online).

Girl in the Closet

Mary Jane Barker, 4, was found dead in the closet of a vacant ranch house 2 blocks from her home on March 3, 1957. A dog had also gone missing, and bounded out of the closet alive upon her discovery. The death was ruled an accident due to starvation and exposure, but many still suspect murder. The press surrounding this case led to the first calls about Philadelphia’s Boy in the Box.