Imagine that, when you were little, Loki used to visit you. He came out of your closet almost every night. He used to find peace in the company of a child, someone who wouldn’t judge him and treat him like an outcast the way people did in Asgard. He read you bedtime stories or entertained you with his magic, when you couldn’t sleep.
But at one point he stopped coming and as time passed, you forgot about him. Until he comes back years later, when you have grown into a beautiful young woman.


Acapella AU

They are WAA
Wright Anything Acapella! Lol named by Mr. Wright.

Athena- came up with the idea for this little group but she won’t be in all the shows she only helps with their singing and the show choreography. Dating Juniper Woods. Majoring in psychology.

Apollo- refused to be in the group, but his friends insisted, especially his foster father’s, Phoenix and Miles wright-edgeworth. Although he still keeps his father’s last name, he loves his dad’s. He has stage fright from a traumatic incident from he was a child. Closet gay with a crush on Klavier Gavin. Booming high voice. He never takes off his mother’s bracelet. Majoring in Law. A treble.

Klavier- was German exchange student but liked the Americas so much he decided to follow his brother there as well. He loves music and was ecstatic to join them. He often flirts with Apollo; only to get rejected multiple times. He knows about Apollo’s crush so he won’t stop. Majoring in Law. Tenor.

Simon- joined because of Athena. He’s a good beat boxer and can hit the lowest notes. Dating Nahyuta Sahdmahdi Majoring in psychology. Bass

Nahyuta- a monk visiting the Americas for school. He has a soulful voice. Joined because of Apollo and Simon. Even though he and Apollo no longer live together in the same house he still wants to be a big brother figure time. Dating Simon Blackquill.

Phoenix and Miles- foster dads of Apollo. They also take care of his half sister Trucy. They help with shows and encourage their dreams. Also never give up. Phoenix named the group cause he funds some of their things

“Even when the stage is falling apart, flash your biggest smile!” -Phoenix Wright-Edgeworth

anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on what the personal stuff could be? Or the other shoe to drop?

i think (and have thought for a while) that louis’ team is going to do everything in their power to ensure they never have to face the consequences for their own actions re: babygate. 

i think everything they do in regards to louis’ solo career is going to be focused on painting louis’ public image in a way that ensure that when things do eventually come to light (whether that means it’s just a pat test pure and simple or it goes a level deeper and the truth about bg being fake is revealed), the ‘blame’ will fall on his shoulders rather than theirs.

think about the fact they’ve kept louis tied to the same shitty team he’s had for years. think about how they made louis’ solo career announcement about simon cowell rather than louis to further push the ‘mentor and his protege’ angle. think about how the ~houis narrative~ has been pushed so hard over the past year (i.e. the blind gossip thing, richard lawson, etc etc) so that a huge chunk of the people who knew about louis and harry now think that they broke up because louis wants this and is choosing a fake child to closet himself.

the longer it goes on and the longer it appears that louis has voluntarily chosen to stay with his team/to keep associating professionally with the very same people who did their very best to destroy his image and his fanbase, the harder it will be to convince people that he didn’t choose babygate rather than the other way around.

i still do believe it will end. i just think it’s probably going to be a very long road and that when it does end, it will end in a way that places the blame for everything squarely on louis rather than on his team. i no longer think there’s a chance of any kind of expose. i think louis’ going to take the fall for this whenever it does end because (alas) NDAs are a thing. the longer this goes on, the worse the fallout will be for him, for his image and for his career.

so back to your question - i think they’ll either invent personal stuff and use it as an excuse to continue to mould louis’ image in a way that sets him up to take the fall for the stunts at some later date or they end the stunts sooner than i personally am expecting them to but in a way that puts the blame for everything squarely on louis’ shoulders and lets his team walk away spotless.

Let Our Powers Combine!

This Trollhunter!Strickler fic series thing is inspired by @changepherrox‘s art and written scenario of Walter meeting Barbara, pre-show, and becoming part of the Lake family. After finding his place in the human world, he comes upon the Trollhunter amulet and struggles between protecting his family, being a double agent… and secretly defending a Trollmarket that doesn’t particularly want a changeling for a Trollhunter.

-The First (along with @changepherrox’s art that inspired it)
-A Brief Recapitulation of Troll-Changeling Friendships

In this fic: Jim and Walter have a superhero catchphrase that they say when they team up.

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He was the kind of man
who saw closed legs and thought,
wishbone. Private damage; some
kind of train wreck, some
kind of blood spatter
pattern I’d study if only
I knew his name. Ten shrinks
couldn’t stop me from burning
down his door. See,
I’ve got a bone to pick
with the skeleton in our
forcibly shared closet. See,
there’s a child-sized coffin—
small enough for one
to carry—and I think
the wrong person’s spine
has been cracking matchstick
underneath its weight
for so many years too long.

© Adira Bennett

Since season 20 of South Park aired, there has been a debate on whether or not Eric Cartman is homosexual or bisexual. Most likely, homosexual. While he was dating Heidi Turner, this does not change his sexuality. Eric is in the start of puberty (which commonly begins around the age of ten; his age), which is when sexual progression occurs. Part of this being sexual orientation.

While many argue that he is ten and experiences no attraction, South Park is known for bending the rules a bit. Kenny, Jimmy, and Butters have experienced sexual pleasure, stimulation, and attraction. Stan, Kyle, Butters, Kenny, to name a few, have experienced romantic as well as emotional attraction. Eric has as well. With men, he has experienced romantic, sexual, and a bit of emotional attraction.

At this point, it is obvious that Eric is a repressed homosexual. Since South Park focuses on mostly real events and occurrences, here is some other background to support that he is a closeted gay child. 13,859 gay people identify as heterosexual from adolescence to mid-adulthood, despite being aware of being homosexual. While it is not clear if Eric is fully beginning to understand his homosexuality, it is obvious he chooses to present himself as heterosexual. Also, in “Cartman Finds Love” it is shown that he is aware that many gay people choose to pretend to be straight. “You can pretend to like girls all you want…”

Yes, I do take into account Wendy Testaburger, Patty Nelson, and Heidi Turner, but here is why this does not validate him being bisexual, rather him being homosexual. When Wendy had kissed him, it seemed less of a crush and more of loneliness. Eric is shown to be jealous, envious, and quite lonely. It looked more as loneliness, knowing that no one experienced attraction to him. With Patty, it was too brief to really consider.

With Heidi, there is so much evidence to prove he never experienced attraction to her. First off, the gender war. Eric is known to be very proud of his sex, meaning, that he always takes sides with members of the same gender. Throughout the entirety of the series, he has been shown to absolutely despise women and finds them inferior to men. It is also very known that Eric would NEVER be a betamale feminist; that simply is not him. Since he is the master of manipulation and acting, he had to prevent the gender war. After befriending Heidi and starting a “relationship” with her, he was too diluted to focus on the gender war. However, in the beginning, his fake feminist ideology and actions showed that he was attempting to prevent something he knew would happen. Another common piece of evidence is that their “relationship” was based off of loneliness and depression. Without any connection to the web, Eric and Heidi started dating. Eric was shown to be depressed and empty from the betrayal and from losing his items. Heidi lived off his compliments, which were forced out of him, and he lived for the attention. Now, onto the vagina and mars incident. Eric still believes girls have balls, which shows that he may have zoned out while she flashed him for those few seconds. Also, he was shown to be unimpressed, curious, but unimpressed. Since he has been shown to already experience sexual attraction (with men) wouldn’t he have been more interested? Next, when Eric was crying at the thought of Heidi finding the email, it was quickly discovered why. As Bill stated, women were getting pretty pissed over the things men do and say. As long as they kiss their ass, they will be okay. Ah, now “Smart and Funny”. Eric never gave any actual reasons for “liking” Heidi, rather spouting out the feminist ideology that women are “smart and funny”. A big piece of evidence is his speech pattern and tone. He constantly altered what he was saying to fit the feminist ideology, which was shown through out their “relationship”. Next, Butters is not to blame for how Eric now acts. If you really know Eric, it’s obvious that he wasn’t going to stay that way forever, and it was obvious that he would come to his revelation. His original plans of the gender war resurfaced, he realized that he never had any romantic attraction to Heidi, and knew from his vision that he needed to save his sex. To him, males come before females. Butters did help slightly in him coming to again, but he is not to blame. Next, overly defensive over “liking” her. He seems strained and aggressive when attempting to validate himself. Knowing how he does this when he is in denial, it proves that he never had sincere attraction to her. Lastly, Eric saying their “relationship” was a joke and wiping away her kiss. He is now miserable with her and wants out of this. The most likely reasons as to why he continued to stay with her (despite them probably breaking up off screen) is out of loneliness and fear. Side note: Where was Cupid Me? If he experienced actual attraction to her, where was he? Wouldn’t he have tried to save their “relationship”?

Now, this is why I do not think it is possible for him being bisexual. Bisexual people experience sincere attraction to both males and females. Eric does not experience attraction to females. He still sees them as inferior, and is now disgusted by them and hates them more than ever. That is simply NOT how bisexuality works. However, he has shown attraction to men, as I have stated above. Also, Eric is known to be a fighter. He fights for what he believes in and what he feels. With that, why did he give up on women so easily? That is not him.

With Cupid Me, it is another Mr. Hat. In the beginning of the series, Mr. Hat was Mr. Garrison’s repressed gay side. Cupid Me is the same. It’s a way for him to get out his homosexual feelings and fantasies.

Eric is also shown to have the common signs of repressed homosexuality. Aggression and overly defensive when the others call him gay, or call him out for something that seems gay. He also experiences fear at the thought of being deemed homosexual, which can hurt his ego. Repressed homosexuals are also drawn to homosexuality, expressing themselves in art forms, such as his drawings, around homosexuality. Lastly, latent homosexual males are drawn to overly masculine careers and activities. (Such as being a police officer).

Time and time again he has proven his homosexuality (a big point in Tweek x Craig), most of which, I could not fit onto here. With this said, it is obvious that Eric is a repressed homosexual.



I recently got back from Tokyo a couple days ago, and while I am still recovering from jetlag…LET ME SHARE WHAT I GOT AT CLOSET CHILD THIS YEAR!

Item #1 is this awesome Alice Auaa dress! I’m still trying to figure out if this is the back of the dress or the front (the other side has buttons coming down all the way to the hem. It’s really beautiful!) it has a faded, aged look to it (which is probably why it was $25) but it still looks cool! Very post apocalyptic.

Item #2 is an Alice Auaa tattered skirt which I absolutely fell in LOVE with because it has a sort of witch-like drapery to it. As I’ve mentioned before I have been into layering fabrics and draping black upon black to give a sort of “forest witch” vibe to it if you will. It pairs perfectly with Item #3 which is a Sheglit draped corset belt. I bought that piece at the KERA shop.

Item #4 is a Black Peace Now floor length skirt with red and black beaded crosses on it. I absolutely loved this piece because again, it leans more towards the style I have been taking recently. Finding this item really made me miss BPN haha :(

And last is item #5 which is a satin Sheglit halter JSK with black embroidery on it. Fell in love with this very romantic design. Great for not only Lolita, but casual gothic wear as well.

I’ll make a post soon showcasing the jewelry I bought this year and QPOT’s Halloween tea special for 2016!

Prompt me fic?

Send me a number with or without a pairing and I’ll write a fic.

  1. …are in a car accident
  2. …decorate their first house/apartment
  3. …go to the beach
  4. …run into an ex
  5. …get engaged
  6. …have a bad day
  7. …go on a double date with another one of your ships
  8. …go on a road trip
  9. …stay up too late watching old movies
  10. …find a spider in their bathroom
  11. …find out they’re going to be parents
  12. …visit their parents / in-laws
  13. …watch a Disney movie
  14. …get lost while hiking
  15. …go to an amusement park
  16. …are neighbors
  17. …get caught making out despite “not being together”
  18. …get set up by their friends
  19. …try speaking each other’s native language
  20. …have a late-night conversation
  21. …find out each other’s darkest secret
  22. …spend a whole morning in bed
  23. …think their house is haunted
  24. …go stargazing
  25. …go house-hunting
  26. …protect each other
  27. …sit next to each other on a long bus/train ride
  28. …run into each other at a bar
  29. …drink a little too much
  30. …hold hands for the first time
  31. …go on an undercover mission together
  32. …sing karaoke together
  33. …meet in college
  34. …get snowed in
  35. …kiss for the first time
  36. …realize they’ve fallen for each other
  37. …get locked in a closet
  38. …watch their child graduating high school
  39. …get lost on a hike
  40. …get stranded when their car breaks down
  41. …take a ballroom dance class together
  42. …break up
  43. …forget their own wedding anniversary
  44. …move in together
  45. …slide down the hall in their socks
  46. …accidentally kiss
  47. …get in a water fight
  48. …go to and get lost in IKEA
  49. …argue
  50. …fall asleep on each other
  51. …adopt a pet
  52. …build a blanket fort
  53. …work at the same place
  54. …go sightseeing in another country

Prompts from -

Child-Edition {Sentence Starters}
  • "That's a really cool toy you have there."
  • "Go sit in time out!"
  • "Hey, little one. Are you lost?"
  • "Do you want to play together today?"
  • "Stop splashing everywhere! You're making a mess."
  • "No, that's not just yours. You have to share."
  • "Do you want a bedtime story tonight?"
  • "Ouch! Are you okay? That looked like it was owie."
  • "Are you sure you didn't do this? Are you lying to me?"
  • "There are no monsters in the closet or under the bed."
  • "No cookies before dinner! Put it back."
  • "If you behave, I'll buy you something at the toy store."
  • "What happened? Where are your parents?"
  • "No, we're not there yet. Just look out the window."
  • "Should we go to the playground today?"
  • "I don't care who started it! You don't hit people!"
  • "I said 'Bedtime' an hour ago. Why are you still up?"
  • "Yes, I am the boss of you. Now listen to me!"
  • "Put that down! That's not for you!"
  • "I don't care if you don't like it. You're going to eat it or you won't get dessert."
  • "Fine, I'll check for closet monsters."

anonymous asked:

Hi! Are there any indie or Taobao brands (Western or Asian) that sell old-school style pieces? I'm getting back into Lolita fashion after going on a break for a while, and have sold a lot of my clothes so I'm looking to buy more; however I'm not seeing many old-school pieces on Lacemarket or the Facebook sales.

The first one that comes to mind is AndRomeo. They don’t have a ton of stuff but what they do have is pretty old school. Souffle Song has a few pieces as well like this JSK and their Antique Doll line which isn’t available on their website anymore but Clobba has the JSKs.
You can also try looking at Japanese second hand sites like Closet Child which often has oldschool brand pieces for pretty great prices.

Doing a character analysis for Phillip Frond from Bob’s Burgers because I haven’t done a character analysis in a while and why not

Originally posted by 74flawsasofyesterday

Okay so I love Bob’s Burgers and I always enjoyed Mr. Frond as a character cause I just love dorky guys like that, so Frond was always a great background character to me.

But I decided to re-watch the series and pay closer attention to him this time. I knew that he always seemed kind of off and so I expected to find a few connections or implications about him. Which I did. And frankly they’re all sad.

Let’s get started

trigger warnings: closeted homosexuality, implications of child abuse

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Dear Tumblr,

What I love about you is how you connect people from one side of the globe to the next. What I love about you is how I can get educated on different cultures and different ideas just from the push of a button. What I love about you is how you open people’s eyes to the different events happening around the world. What I love about you is the ongoing amount of memes and the laughter that is shared between them.

But what I love the most about you tumblr is how I am able to voice my opinion even when I can’t at home. I love that I can speak my mind and there are people who agree and who care about me. I love that I actually feel welcomed here even when my life outside pushes me to the corner where I am an outsider. Thank you.


A Closet Child 

Part of your world


Pregnant reader, angst, mild anger, platonic fluff, hope

Fandom: Divergent

Request: “ Can I please have a Eric from Divergent where it’s set in insurgent when there at amity and the girl is plus size and divergent but is also pregnant with Eric’s baby please. Fluff or smut it does not matter.”

Word count: 923

gif is not mine.

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