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A dress I want is available on both Wunderwelt and Closet Child. Which should I, an American, buy from?

Both are great options but I think I would personally buy from Wunderwelt just because they’re a little bit newer and I really want to support them. If you’re wondering about which might be better as far as shipping costs I’m not sure which is the best option. Can anyone else help with that?

Having a kid with Tom would include:

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  • Tom kissing your belly and singing to it
  • Tom being overprotective
  • Tom standing in the baby room constantly baby proofing it
  • Tom eating with you when you have cravings
  • Tom always smiling when in interviews the interviewers say he’s going to be a dad
  • Tom helping you shop for baby clothes
  • Tom painting loki on your stomach as best as he can
  • Tom running to the hospital when you give birth
  • Tom tearing up in the eyes holding the baby in his arms in his scrubs
  • Tom handing the baby over to you and putting an arm around you
  • Tom helping you get dressed putting the baby in slippers and cute jammies
  • Tom pitting the baby in a carrier and covering it from the flashes of cameras
  • Tom waving at paparazzi while wheeling you towards the car and helping you set the baby in
  • Tom cradling the baby and the baby tightening it’s grip on his finger
  • Tom always insisting on changing the babies’ nappies
  • Tom facetiming you and the baby while away filming
  • Tom coming home from filming attacking you with kisses all over your face
  • Tom constantly telling you are gorgeous
  • Tom helping you work out so you get the body you want
  • Tom and his sisters watching the baby while it sleeps smiling
  • Tom always cuddling you when you guys get a break from the baby
  • Tom taking you out on dates letting his sisters watch the baby
  • The baby’s first word is Loki
  • Tom carrying the toddler on his back and pretending to be an airplane
  • Tom chasing the toddler all around the house
  • You and Tom playing hide and seek with the Toddler
  • You,Tom and the toddler dancing together as a family
  • You and Tom taking turns feeding the toddler while in the high chair
  • Tom kissing the toddlers’ boo boo when your child gets injured
  • The whole family having a movie night
  • Tom getting a tattoo of your child’s name on him
  • Tom letting the child be creative and do what they want until the point of being too mischievous
  • Tom pretending to be a dinosaur while you pretend to be the princess leading your child to protect you
  • Your child always playing with Tom’s face
  • Tom bringing the child to the set and people not minding it because the kid is well behaved
  • Tom always leaving love notes for you
  • Tom and You painting with the child
  • The child running in the room jumping on you and Tom dressed as Loki
  • Tom bringing you and the child on red carpet when the child gets old enough
  • The child wanting to be a actor like their dad
  • The child always kissing your cheek on one side and Tom kissing your cheek on the other side
  • Tom and the child smothering you
  • You and Tom going to the U.K. with the child
  • The child getting along with the while cast
  • Tom adding another hoodie to his closet with your childs’ face on it
  • Tom posting family photos once in a while
  • The whole family constantly dancing and laughing with each other
  • Tom always making sure you and the child are okay

Imagine that, when you were little, Loki used to visit you. He came out of your closet almost every night. He used to find peace in the company of a child, someone who wouldn’t judge him and treat him like an outcast the way people did in Asgard. He read you bedtime stories or entertained you with his magic, when you couldn’t sleep.
But at one point he stopped coming and as time passed, you forgot about him. Until he comes back years later, when you have grown into a beautiful young woman.


Acapella AU

They are WAA
Wright Anything Acapella! Lol named by Mr. Wright.

Athena- came up with the idea for this little group but she won’t be in all the shows she only helps with their singing and the show choreography. Dating Juniper Woods. Majoring in psychology.

Apollo- refused to be in the group, but his friends insisted, especially his foster father’s, Phoenix and Miles wright-edgeworth. Although he still keeps his father’s last name, he loves his dad’s. He has stage fright from a traumatic incident from he was a child. Closet gay with a crush on Klavier Gavin. Booming high voice. He never takes off his mother’s bracelet. Majoring in Law. A treble.

Klavier- was German exchange student but liked the Americas so much he decided to follow his brother there as well. He loves music and was ecstatic to join them. He often flirts with Apollo; only to get rejected multiple times. He knows about Apollo’s crush so he won’t stop. Majoring in Law. Tenor.

Simon- joined because of Athena. He’s a good beat boxer and can hit the lowest notes. Dating Nahyuta Sahdmahdi Majoring in psychology. Bass

Nahyuta- a monk visiting the Americas for school. He has a soulful voice. Joined because of Apollo and Simon. Even though he and Apollo no longer live together in the same house he still wants to be a big brother figure time. Dating Simon Blackquill.

Phoenix and Miles- foster dads of Apollo. They also take care of his half sister Trucy. They help with shows and encourage their dreams. Also never give up. Phoenix named the group cause he funds some of their things

“Even when the stage is falling apart, flash your biggest smile!” -Phoenix Wright-Edgeworth

Creepypasta #1194: Nightly Chats

Length: Short

I know I’m a “big kid” now, and Dad says I shouldn’t be afraid of monsters anymore. But he doesn’t hear them. The things they say. Not to me, but to each other. Nasty-sounding things.

“About time that stupid old man left,” says The Monster Under the Bed.

“Too true. I hate having to wait for our talks because he can’t hurry the hell up and go,” says the Closet Monster.

I can’t see them. I don’t know what they look like, but I’m certain that they’re a lot worse than I imagine them, since they can make themselves sound so much like people.

“Now then, where were we?” Bed Monster says.

“I believe we were talking about the others.” Closet Monster replies.

“Ah, yes. Now, and this may be none of my business, but isn’t Basement Monster losing his touch?”

Another thing I find odd. They use their human-given titles instead of whatever names a monster might have.

“True. Not as ruthless as before, and he always lets his victims get away with nothing more than a little scare. Honestly, how pathetic.”

“Um,” I ask. “Don’t you and Bed Monster do that all the time? After all, you haven’t eaten me yet.”

“There is a difference, child,” Closet Monster snaps. “We are on hiatus, thus, we won’t bother with you until you are much fatter. Now shut up and let the monsters speak.”

“Too true,” Bed Monster mutters. “By the way, isn’t it appalling how Pantry Monster believes he can hold the rest of us in such disdain? I mean, no one’s heard of a Pantry Monster.” He asks, “Have you?” I don’t answer.

“As I thought.”

“The others couldn’t possibly compare to us.” Closet Monster chuckles. “I don’t know why they bother.”

“True, but I’m worse than you are, Closet.”

“You wish, Bed.”

“You hide among clothes.”

“And you hide among the trash.”

“I could kill the child any time I wanted.”

“And you think I couldn’t?

“Um, me again,” I whisper. “But it seems to me that since you’re the only monsters I’ve heard of, that you’re both the scariest?”


“You believe we’re the scariest?” Bed.


“Honestly and truthfully?” Closet.


“The most powerful and cunning?”


“The most deadly?”


“Oh, my. It seems you’re mistaken child. Ceiling Monster is the one you have to look out for.”

Credits to: TeamShadowWind (story)


He was the kind of man
who saw closed legs and thought,
wishbone. Private damage; some
kind of train wreck, some
kind of blood spatter
pattern I’d study if only
I knew his name. Ten shrinks
couldn’t stop me from burning
down his door. See,
I’ve got a bone to pick
with the skeleton in our
forcibly shared closet. See,
there’s a child-sized coffin—
small enough for one
to carry—and I think
the wrong person’s spine
has been cracking matchstick
underneath its weight
for so many years too long.

© Adira Bennett

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Hc for a love triangle between Eddie Richie and stan

💫okay b first things first they’re all in lov and that’s jus facts
💫but they don’t know that at first and it’s a very confused jealous mutual pining situation
💫like richie is jealous cause he likes stan and eddie but he thinks they like each other and eddie is jealous cause he likes stan and richie but thinks they like each other and stan is jealous cause everyone thinks eddie and richie are a thing but he likes both of them
💫and it’s all so dang POINTLESS and DUMB bc they all just suck so bad at communicating like if it were bill and ben and mike this would never be an issue
💫but since its stan and richie and eddie and they’re all stupide baby boys that never talk seriously they just have this intense jealousy-fueled romantic tension where not even one (1) of them gets to kiss the boys they wanna kiss!!!!
💫then one day richie (of all people! my closet emotionally mature child!) finally gets up the courage to tell stan how he feels
💫he’s still too scared to tell eddie cause eddie is his best friend but not quite like stan is his best friend
💫so he just blurts it out like “hey stan i think yr pretty cute, and i like you…like i like u in the way i like eddie’s mom”
💫and stan rolls his eyes cause it’s an instinct at this point but then it actually sinks in and he just….what?
💫like, “i thought u liked eddie”
💫richie shrugs, kinda embarrassed for once in his life!!
💫”i guess i kinda like eddie too. i like both of you. does that make me a freak?”
💫”i don’t think so. cause i like you too, and i like eddie.”
💫so FINALLY these lil bitches communicate and talk to eddie abt it who obv feels the same and they’re all in love, actually

send me headcanons!

Have some Kidge Child HCs

‘ I’m just gonna call them Kidge child and you can insert your own name and gender if you want but here goes. 

- Kidge Child adores Uncle Matt, who often visits and tells amazing jokes. Uncle Matt even gives them candy and toys when Pidge and Keith aren’t looking. He also tells Kidge child tons of cool stories of his time in the rebels, and all of the amazing things they did. 

- Kidge child has tried to pilot  both Red and Green lions….as never worked.

- Even so, sometimes they ride on Keith or Pidge’s lap when their parents are piloting. 

- Has also tried to bring in both lions for ‘Bring your Pet To School Day’….and then had to receive a talk about how, the lions are friends and companions who also double as robots needed to form Voltron……their not pets. 

- When they were a baby, they tugged on Keith’s mullet… Keith had to cut it. 

- Has grown up hearing stories of Voltron, and his parents’ cool adventures. 

- At fancy political dinners the paladins and families must attend, they fold their napkin into origami shapes. Mostly cranes.

- Calls Coran grandpa Coran, because of his greying hair. Coran doesn’t mind as much….especially since the other Paladin children do too.

- Child also adores Uncles Hunk, Lance, and Shiro. Uncle Lance is hilarious, and even taught them to be a sharp shooter! Though he’s not as good as Lance, Uncle Hunk is the best when it comes to cooking and tending wounds, as well as engineering lots of cool stuff! Uncle Shiro is….Uncle Shiro, they look up to him, and go to him for advice. 

- Have asked about Shiro’s arm….to Keith’s chagrin, Shiro just plays it off though and goes ‘ You’ll learn someday’.

- Auntie Allura is the best auntie and their fave aunt.

- Kidge child is smart, but always goes to Pidge for homework help. 

- Always goes to mom and dad for help when it comes down to the monster in the closet. 

- Child has indeed gifted Keith with a World’s Best Dad mug at some point. 

- Always makes cute drawings which are up all over the fridge. 

- Pidge and Keith are always taking pictures of their child, so the house is full of pictures of family vacations, birthdays, holidays, and special occasions. 

Let Our Powers Combine!

This Trollhunter!Strickler fic series thing is inspired by @changepherrox‘s art and written scenario of Walter meeting Barbara, pre-show, and becoming part of the Lake family. After finding his place in the human world, he comes upon the Trollhunter amulet and struggles between protecting his family, being a double agent… and secretly defending a Trollmarket that doesn’t particularly want a changeling for a Trollhunter.

-The First (along with @changepherrox’s art that inspired it)
-A Brief Recapitulation of Troll-Changeling Friendships

In this fic: Jim and Walter have a superhero catchphrase that they say when they team up.

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