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You're Cute When You Blush (Evan Hansen x Reader SMUT)

You’re Cute When You Blush (Evan Hansen x Reader SMUT)

Some blushy Evan smut,

Requested by: Anon

A/N: I changed the location of the party because Jared is lame and you know he wouldn’t have a party at his house.


“Hey (y/n) I’m he- did a bomb go off?” Evan asked as he let himself into your bedroom. Every surface had clothing on it, the floor, your bed, the dresser, everything was covered.

“No Ev, obviously my closet vomited. Like you did during our 3rd grade concert,” you jested, trying to find your fishnet leggings.

“Oh g-go fuck yourself!”

“Evan, sweetie, you’re not intimidating if you stutter, but props for trying,” you smiled back at him, he wasn’t usually nervous around you but he had his moments. You’d know him all your life, and you did your best to make sure no matter where you two went, he was comfortable.
“HAHA I found them!”

“Found what?” He asked, he had started folding your clothes and stacking them. You watched him quietly, he was adorable, he looked so focus on folding and creasing.

“These!” You said holding them up, you slid them on under the giant shirt you were wearing.

“Um, (y-y/n) I hate to tell you this but your um, they’re ripped. A lot,” he stumbled pointing at the back of your left thigh. He was right, they were torn from thig to ankle. You frowned and took them off. You kicked Evan out and changed into a pair of shorts and a tank top. You planned on wearing the fishnets under the shorts, but that plan went to shit. But at least you got to go with Evan, you don’t know what happened but sometime between school starting and today’s date, June 27, Evan got way more attractive to you. You had already loved Evan, you’d been his best friend since you were kids, but now, you were confused, you didn’t want to ruin this friendship, but what if?

What if he felt the same? What if he looked at you when you weren’t looking? What if you occupied his mind while he’s away? What if this could be more? What if?

You arrived at 7:35

You took Evan’s shaking hand and lead him through the house full of drunk or stoned teens. You were invited by the cheerleader you tutored, she was dating the quarterback who threw the party. You knew some of the people here, and after you knocked back a few drinks you’ll know everyone.

At 8:46

You had two drinks and were working on a third, Evan was holding a water bottle and twisting the cap on and off. You were drifting around talking to people, trying to make a new friend.

At 9:21

Evan was getting anxious and led you outside for fresh air, you stood near the bonfire. You went to ask Evan how he felt but the words were stuck in your throat, the fire on his skin made him look like an angel. You realized in that moment that he was beautiful and you were absolutely in love with him.

At 9:33

You had some very R-rated thoughts, and decided to take action and take what you wanted.

At 9:35

You knew exactly what you wanted and how you would take it.

At 9:36

You gathered up four cups of random alcoholic beverages and got as far away from Evan as possible.

At 9:45

You had chugged all of the drinks and were buzzed. Evan ran into the room in a panic, “(Y/n) I’ve been looking all over. My god did you drink all of these? Why?” He asked stacking the red cups and looking at you his eyes full of worry.

“You have amazing eyes,” you giggled getting close to him.

“Th-thanks?” His cheeks were turning pink, which made him even cuter.

“You know, I bet you’re pretty sexy under this polo,” you started playing with the buttons on his shirt, the blush on his cheeks deepened. You were leaning on him, he had no other choice, he wrapped his arm nervously around your waist.

“Could we um go upstairs? I ummm I don’t feel well?” You tried to be convincing and it worked, but in all honesty you wouldn’t have believed yourself. He lead you upstairs and tried to pull you to the bathroom, but you pulled him into a bedroom. He turned bright red, all the way into the tips of his ears, you giggled, he was cute when he blushed, you wanted more.

“You’re really cute when you blush, Ev,” you whispered and started kissing his neck, he stiffened under you, in more ways than one.

“(Y-y/n) wh-what are you doing?” He had no idea what to do, and the only thing going through his head was how nice your lips felt on his neck. He wanted more. He wanted all of you, but he didn’t want you to wake up with regrets.

“I’m doing something I’ve thought about for so long. You’re so amazing Evan, and I really like you, more than a best friend, god I want you,” you whispered as you kissed his neck and dragged your nails down is sides. He’d never had a girl touch him like this, especially not one as beautiful as you, he let out a whimper.

“I-I don’t know what to do,” he was practically shaking. You giggled and pushed him onto the bed behind him and straddled his hips. Your mouth went back to his neck, he was getting hard beneath you, you began grinding against him, he whimpered.

“Oh oh god,” he was bright red and stuttering. There was something about you being able to make him nervous that turned you on.

“You like that?” You growled into his ear as you grinded hard against him. He whimpered more, you place your hands under his polo shirt and began sliding it off. Once it was off you instructed him to remove yours, he looked helpless. He did as you said but he was so nervous the he kept dropping it, his hands were shaking. “Evan. Hey. Relax, you’re fine, if you don’t want to do this we don’t have to. Okay?”

“N-no I I really want this. I just. I’m just nervous. I’ve never um. Done this,” he winced, his hands playing with the waistband of his khakis nervously

“That’s perfectly fine, I’ll take the lead. If it’s too much just tell me and I’ll stop,” he nodded and gave you a nervous smile. You kiss him and started taking off his pants, you were just about to slide them off his hips when he grabbed both of your hands.

He brought them to his mouth and started kissing them softly. “I just, I just need something to ground me,” he took a deep breath and let go. You removed your shorts first, than you lead Evan’s hands up to your breasts. The red tint returning to his face, he slinked his hands behind you back and undid your bra. Once the fabric and fallen from your chest Evan’s jaw dropped. You giggled and went back to removing his pants, his hands flew to your chest, fondling you. You moaned and his fingers played with your hard nipples, his hips bucked at the sound of you. You finally discarded his khakis and palmed him through his underwear, his eyes flittered closed. His mouth was open but the feeling of your hand on his hard-on was enough to mute him. You stopped, his eyes opened and he was red again, you slid off you panties and hooked your thumbs inside his boxers. You slid them down slowly, his erection springing free, you couldn’t help but stare, Jesus he was big. He kicked off his boxers and looked away, scared you say he was small, but he was shocked at your words.

“Oh god, Evan. You’re huge, like. Wow,” you moaned as you reached off the bed for your shorts.

“You don’t want to anymore. I. I understand it’s fine,” he said as you held your shorts in your hands.

You pulled a square of colored foil from the pocket, “oh no I was doing the exact opposite of trying to leave,” you tore the corner gently and pulled out the rubber.

“Heh. It looks Like quinoa, that’s kinda funny,” he giggled, his nose crinkling. You laughed as well, than pinched the tip of the condom and rolled it down his length. He moaned at your hand sliding over him and brought one hand to your wetness. You moaned as his fingers skimmed over your clit, he quickly pulled his hand away, scared he hurt you.

“No no please don’t stop,” you cried pulling his hand back you your core. He began rubbing you, than two of his callused fingers dipped inside of you. “Oh god Evan I need you,”

“Rideme,” he said quickly, than slapped his hand over his mouth.


“NothingIdidntsayword,” the sentence rushed out of his mouth, you secretly knew what he said but you wanted him to be a bit more controlling.

You began rubbing his cock slowly, “I’m sorry Evan what did you say,” you mewled.

“I said I want you to ride me! Happy now?” He said loudly, his face was red and he kinda looked like he wanted to cry. You didn’t mean for him to get this Embarrassed, you kissed him softly, one hand on his hip and another on his cheek. You situated your self just above his member, “are you ready?” You whispered, he nodded quickly, biting his lip.

You lowered yourself on to him, holding back a moan as you did. Evan on the other hand was a moaning mess, his nails dug into your hips. You lifted yourself back up again and his eyes shot open, “you want to stop don’t you?” You slid back down and up again quicker, repeating the motion. “Oh god please never stop,” he encouraged, his hips lifted to meet yours.

“Oh Evan, oh god Evan. Fuck EVAN!” You screamed as he hit your G-spot, hard. You used his shoulders to steady yourself, your thrusts got sloppier while Evan’s became steadier.

“Oh oh ooh god, (y/n) you’re so w-wet and oh god you’re so fucking tight!” He moaned beneath you, his face flushed with embarrassment, he wasn’t quite ready for dirty talk. He cupped one of your boobs and started to play with your nipple, he bit down softly. You let out a series of breathy moans, god Evan made you feel like you were in heaven.

As your orgasms approached Evan slowed down, “I- I want you to cum first, I just don’t, don’t know how,” he stuttered.

“I’ll teach you, I’m really fucking close so just, touch my clit and, Oh Oh god go in as deep as possible,” It was your turn to blush, you wanted to instruct him properly but that didn’t make it any less awkward. He followed your instructions, between his fingers rubbing you and him thrusting deeper into you than ever before you felt your orgasm coming harder than ever. Like a a spring being pushed down, coiled tightly within your abdomen. Than it sprung, your ride out your orgasm on his dick. His thrusts became shallow, sloppy, erratic, he watched you as you came on him. He saw the pleasure on your face, he felt your walls tighten around his cock, he could practically feel your pulse from within you as your orgasm came over you. Evan had never felt this many sensations at once, you were too much for him to handle without a release. And a release was what he got, his entire body shook beneath you, his breathing labored, his whole body flushed.

“Oh god, you’re the best thing I’ve ever had, oh fuck, oh god (y/n) I love you so fucking much, oh oh OH OOOOHHH,” he yelled as he came, he had never felt so amazing in his entire life. Once both of you had finished, you lifted you body from his, he took off the condom and properly discarded it.

At 10:17

You both curled up in the bed, you had never felt to good, neither had Evan. He played with your hair and you ran a hand over his bare chest, it was like the world stopped spinning.

At 10:33

You heard a voice through the bedroom door “WHO EVER THE FUCK YOU ARE, YOU BETTER GET DRESSED, GET OUT OF MY ROOM, AND CLEAN UP YOUR MESS!” You giggled and started getting dressed, Evan followed in suit. Evan cleaned up the condom, tying it in a knot and pulling the plastic bag out of the trash can, and you removed the sheets from the bed.

At 10:42

The two of you snuck down stairs, Evan added the plastic bag to the rest of the garbage, and you put the sheets in the laundry with some bleach.

“Woah hold up little nervous Evan Hansen was the one fucking the life out of (y/n)? Holy shit Hansen, and here I was thinking you were small!” Jared Kleinman laughed as you two were leaving. Evan turned bright red and tried to say something, anything. You grabbed his wrist and pulled him out of the house before any further embarrassment came to him.

At 12:57

You and Evan had been laying beneath the stars for a couple of hours and he finally worked up the courage to ask, “um (y/n), was I, did I, was that as good for you as it was f-for me?” He asked, turning to face you, heat rising to his face.

“It was spectacular Evan, I’ve never felt something so perfect in my entire life,” you whispered kissing the tip of his nose.

His nose crinkled, he kissed your lips, and he pulled you into him. “So does that mean you’d uh. You’d do this again? If you don’t want to you don’t have to I just thought maybe we could umm…”

“I would love to Evan,” you said kissing him and curling into his chest.

At 1:10

You remembered something “I have some good news actually, my uncle is having a 4th of July party and were invited!” You said and nudged his ribs. He laughed and a blush creeped onto his cheeks.

You wondered what this blushing boy would be like if you got a little alcohol into him?

Expect a sequel soon


I honestly hate people outting you to strangers you’ll never meet, especially if you aren’t out irl. Like yeah it’s cool and all that you’re proud of me for being myself but like shut up k thx? Unless my gender is 100% relevant to the conversation, just use my name and pronouns without explanation. And if they ask shove “none of your business” down their throats. 👍🏻

And while we’re talking about closets, stop calling the closet a dark place of questioning and uncertainty. People can know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they’re lgbt+ and still be closeted, whether for safety or out of a personal choice. Not everyone’s closet is the same.

Being out and proud is ideal for some people, and for some people it isn’t. Just respect people’s closet doors, and don’t invite people to open it if it’s not your closet.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! To my good friend Maia aka @oh-my-fancan who requested a fem-drarry story for her birthday. Thus my newest story, The Struggles of Spring Cleaning, which was sooo much fun to do. Maia, I hope you love your gift. 

The Struggles of Spring Cleaning

It was a perfect Saturday morning. The sun was golden-bright and shining, the sky was a clear blue with not a cloud in sight, and from the distance the sounds of birds chirping happily could be heard-


Of course, the sounds of the birds’ happy chirping were easily overshadowed by the ear-killing, head-splitting shriek.

The answering response to the allegation was a simple but well-effective (and deserved) double dosage of bright, bright emerald-green eyes rolling in annoyance.

A sick, twisted, cruel sadist with a dead, cold heart!

Just the thing every girl wished to hear at the weep, early hours of the morning. “You always say such the sweetest things, Nisa.”

Piercing, dove-gray eyes flashed angrily at her, clearly un-amused by sarcasm. With a scoff, the owner to those eyes that could be harsh as ice or gentle as a stream (depending on her mood) dismissed her with a flip of her platinum, white-blonde hair and turned her nose the other direction, crossing her arms against her chest. “Sure, Potter, mock the girl you claim to love. Laugh at my expense. My woes are clearly your source of entertainment.”

Aria groaned, massaging her temples, feeling a migraine that was seconds away from erupting. Caused by the one and only Draconisa ‘Nisa’ Malfoy.

It was no secret that Nisa was a drama queen. It was a fact Aria quickly caught onto during the full year Nisa visited the Starbucks she worked at, watching Aria like a hawk with her nose scrunched-up as she fixed up her usual frappunico and blueberry muffin combo, always making a point to wipe the mouth-lid before she drank it, as if she feared someone was out to poison her. And always requesting that Aria be the one to handle her order, never minding the fact there would be three other persons working behind the counter or that she was on storage duty in the back. During the two years they’ve been together as a couple after Nisa stormed up to her as she was closing up and demanded not only to give Aria a ride home, but to also see her seven ‘o’ clock on the dot tomorrow night at her favorite restaurant.

Sometimes Nisa’s dramatic tendencies were actually amusing, endearing even. But most times they were a pain in the ass that always brought on headaches and the deep need for coffee.

Or liquor if Aria felt like her head was about to explode.

Today was one of those days. At first Nisa was pleasantly surprised, happy even, to see her girlfriend standing outside her impressive penthouse suite. Then her eyes narrowed suspiciously when she noticed the sheepish but unapologetic smile on Aria’s face, and then widened in fear when she noticed the big empty boxes she had with her.

“Wh-what are those for?” Nisa asked, voice tight, as Aria kicked the boxes inside before letting herself in.

“Those are boxes.” Aria calmly answered.

“I can see that, Potter. I didn’t ask what they are. I asked what are they for.”

Aria already knew the vicious drama queen was going to be unleashed before she coughed up the answer, bracing herself. “They are for the clothes we’re either gonna put away in storage or give away.” At the blank look in Nisa’s eyes, she took in a deep breath and delivered the final blow. “For spring-cleaning.”

“Over my dead body!” Nisa snapped.

Close to an hour later, Nisa was still glaring at her like she was a heartless criminal and the empty boxes lying at her feet were her instruments of torture.

“Nisa,” Aria tried to make her voice as light as it could be. “Keep in mind that your dear girlfriend out of the goodness of her heart is here on a Saturday, quite early may I add, to help you out when there are a number of other things she could do. Like, oh I don’t know, sleeping.”

Nisa shot her a look that could have been a full-grown man piss in his pants. “Don’t you dare patronize me, Potter! I’m not a child.”

Sure acting like one. Aria bit her lip to keep the thought from being voiced out.

The way Nisa’s glare darkened, it was like she could hear her thoughts. “I am perfectly capable of cleaning out my own closet, thank you very much.”

“Not according to your mother who thinks you’re long overdue for a spring cleaning,” Aria said. “Or Parkinson who texted me, terrified that your closet was going to collapse on her like an avalanche.”

“Traitors,” Nisa muttered under her breath.

Aria fought the urge to roll her eyes again. She glanced over at the window, where the morning sun was shining bright in the clear blue sky. The perfect spring day. Then glanced over at her girlfriend who wasted nearly an hour of that nice day arguing.

“Nisa, look. The sooner we get this done, the sooner we can kick back and relax.”

Nisa was on the verge on rolling her eyes until they widened halfway through, an idea stuck. Annoyance was wiped off her face as a smile curved her mouth.

“Or…” Nisa leaned forward on the couch, reaching out to hook her fingers onto the belt loops of Aria’s jeans, reeling her in. She gave Aria her favorite smile, soft and sly as a cat. “We could forget about spring cleaning and do this.” She captured her lips in a slow, sensual kiss that caused that all too familiar warmth to fire through Aria’s veins.

Damn her, Aria thought, melting against her willpower.

She doesn’t play fair. Smiling, Nisa slipped her tongue into Aria’s mouth, brushing it against her own.

She really doesn’t play fair. Aria was pulled onto her lap, straddling Nisa, as the blonde devil nibbled away at the tender spot on her neck, her hands slipping underneath Aria’s purple STAR WARS t-shirt and stroking her bare skin.

Aria’s willpower was crumbling into mush with every touch and kiss.

“Still interested in cleaning?” Nisa murmured against her skin. “If so, I can think of a number of things that could use some real tidying up.”

If her point wasn’t clear enough, the hand was stroking Aria’s bare skin slid up to her chest, fingers toying with her bra-clad nipple that hardened underneath Nisa’s touch.

Dear God, she really really didn’t play fair. Lying so sultry underneath her, blonde hair mussed from their snogging session, lips red and bare, eyes mischievous and bedroom-inviting, the tie to her short night-robe falling apart and revealing the even shorter dusty-blue nightgown underneath. Aria was so tempted to take Nisa up on her offer, to forget the cleaning and continue where they left off, but…

With all the strength she had, Aria straightened herself up and pulled away from Nisa. “After we get your closet organized.”

At the words, the sly seductress vanished and the drama queen returned. Nisa let out a long, suffering groan and slumped against the couch.

“Okay, look, how about we make a deal,” Aria proposed. “We get this done and I’ll treat you to a large Java Chip frappunico.”

Nisa stared at her, left brow arched.

“Okay, fine, I’ll treat you to lunch.”

The arched brow went higher.

“Fine, I’ll personally accompany you on your next shopping spree.”

The brow went higher, accompanied by the slow scan Nisa did on her, taking in the faded but well-loved purple STAR WARS t-shirt, the red plaid shirt tied around her waist, her dark-denim jeans, and ratty black sneakers.

“Fine,” Aria groaned. “I’ll be your little fashion doll and won’t make a fuss over the clothes you decide to get for me. As long as they’re not too pricey. Or tight. Or girly.”

“Deal.” Nisa grinned, leaping from the couch, renewed with energy.

The look on Aria’s face must have been dreadful because Nisa’s was too delightful as she dropped a kiss on her lips, saying “Cheer up, Potter. You get to clean, I get to shop. With a new doll to dress up.”

Why did Aria somehow feel like she’d just been played? She couldn’t shake the feeling, but decided to save that for another day, grabbing one of the boxes and following her girlfriend upstairs. When Aria nearly turned down the left to Nisa’s bedroom, she was pulled back by her braid.

“What the…” She shook Nisa’s hand off. “What the hell? We’re here to clean out your closet, which involves going to your room.”

“Um, not exactly.” Nisa said.

Aria’s brows rose. “What do you mean?”

“In the room, there’s a fraction of closet space devoted to clothes I plan on wearing every two weeks.” Nisa linked her arm through Aria’s and led her down the hall, to the opposite direction. Down to a room that was usually locked whenever Aria stayed over. “This is my full closet.”

Full closet? Nisa only smiled at her, as if to say You’ve been warned. She turned the knob, pushing the door open.

The box dropped from Aria’s hands, just as her mouth dropped wide open.




So many clothes.


Too too many clothes.

What she was seeing…was the result of a daddy’s girl who’s never been denied anything, with unlimited credit cards at her disposal that went spent regularly on huge shopping sprees, and still wasn’t used to living without a maid.

Sunlight poured in from the wide, glass windows that were posted on the upper walls. Below the windows were wide, in-the-wall closets that stretched from wall to wall with shiny clear-glass exterior for doors. Tall, multi-shelved dressers stamped in between three glass closet doors, with five lined up in front of them. The room was almost the double the size of a master bedroom, and every inch of it was taken over by clothes. Clothes spilling from the dressers, as if they were hit by a tornado, pouring from the closet like upchunk vomit, carelessly flung and piled up onto the lounge chairs like trash. Tops, dresses, jeans and shorts and pants, skirts and dresses, shoes, pursues loose hangers. All scattered over the room. So many clothes that the mess nearly reached their knees, looking like some kind of fabric ocean.

Once Aria managed to pull back up her slacked jaw and find her voice, she stammered, “Never ever are you to call me a slob!” A quick glance at the clutter, and her body broke into a shudder. “Never again.”

Nisa rolled her eyes. “Calm down, Potter. It’s only a little…small mess.” She made a point to look away, twirling a lock of her hair.

“Sure,” Aria nodded. “And World War II was just a small misunderstanding.”

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Sometimes, I think back to more than three and a half years ago.  When I met a girl who never dreamed of coming out of the closet, who used to vomit every time she needed to make a phone call.  She would procrastinate to three hours before an essay was due and cry when she didn’t have time to sleep.  I think back to a girl who used to define herself by her past, who’s walls would go up instantly when someone criticized her. She thought she was destined for failure.  And now, I look at her and see only success.  Top of her class.  Absolutely beautiful.  Making outrageously amazing films.  Getting offers from around the world.  Changing lives.  The most sweet, open hearted person I know. I’m just really proud of you.  I wanted to remind you.


It’s pretty much summertime in the city where I live, which means it’s officially time for me to challenge myself to wear what I like, despite the fact that it is hot outside. My favorite things are typically black and relatively covering, which we all know does not add up for hot summer weather. I took a shirt-dress that I bought at a local boutique downtown and knotted it for a summery, but still neutral and minimal look. This also looks great worn with some chunky shoes and a sunhat. Don’t be afraid to play around with your pieces, followers. The only person standing in the way of you making your closet multidimensional is yourself. That dress can be a shirt. That sweater can be a dress. That summer piece can be incorporated in a winter outfit. Style on and fear not.

P.S. The silver ring on my pointer finger is a skeleton hand that I found from a street shop. it is my new favorite thing. I just figured you all needed to know. Okay, good talk.