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Lower your Testosterone with Food

Not everyone can go on hormones, so this is for y'all. 💜

Soy! Its isoflavones can increase estrogen production and reduce testosterone. There are so many different soy products you can eat.

Flaxseed! Its lignans can reduce testosterone production. There are tons of recipes online using flaxseed.

Avoid saturated fat/cholesterol and monounsaturated fat! They increase testosterone production. Polyunsaturated fats actually reduce testosterone production! (Animal products have a lot of saturated fat and cholesterol.)

Avoid refined carbohydrates! Sugar spikes your insulin which in turn spikes testosterone production. Basically, the higher the fiber, the better. Whole grains, vegetables, and fruit are great!

Spearmint tea! Spearmint has been shown to reduce testosterone levels. Just a couple cups a day has been known to have an impact.