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Updated: July 29, 2017

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Greetings! Despite having not posted in a while, I have still been creating sigils and new DIY witch ideas! I figured I would share one with you today!

Tips for Witches in the Broom Closet

  • Put sigils in the back of old notebooks
  • If you can’t light candles, use fake candles or pictures of candles. Some websites even have short clips of a fireplace you can use as well!
  • Brooms may be the go-to item for banishing negative energy, but if having a broom in your bedroom is out of place (soemtimes deoending on if your carpet is hardwood or carpet), you can subsitute it with dusters, washcloths, or if you’re in a pinch, glass cleaning cloths or cleaning sray!
  • If you do have glasses, the glass cleaning cloth I mentioned could be used from time to time. Have a bad encounter at work or school? Clean the glasses and chase off bad energy!
  • You don’t always need a familiar animal (though they seem pretty cool if you ask me), you can have a stuffed animal watch over any rituals just as well!(I don’t work with familars so I can’t confirm this would be a proper subsitute but I imagine that they would work if you need/want a creature there with you when preforming magick)
I may add more to this list in the future, but that’s all I got for now! Stay safe and magickal! -Treva

anonymous asked:

How do I practice my craft as a new secret witch? I'm incredibly shy and I've only spoke to one person about it (a internet friend who's also a witch) I'm really curious and I really want to practice

You should check out some of these links:

Budget Magic:

Discreet Magic:

* not my choice of title

anonymous asked:

You may have answered this already but do you have tips on how to do witchcraft w limited resources? I have no way to get things like vanilla, or certain spices/herbs and the area I live in doesn't have many of the more common flowers w magical significance (roses for example). I'm also not allowed to light candles or get candles of different colors (But I do light white candles secretly). And ideas?

Honestly I haven’t used vanilla once in my practice. Ingredients that people say are “necessary” may be for them, but that shouldn’t reflect on you or your practices. If you can’t get it, or even have no reason to use it, don’t bother tbh.

When it comes to things like herbs, it is very easy to find replacements for them regarding correspondences. With vanilla, depending on the properties it has, it could be substituted with something else that also has those associations. It might be slightly different energy-wise, but I wouldn’t think too much so, especially if you don’t think so.

At that point it becomes important to work with what you have. Find out what your area does have, maybe even naturally, then find out what you can do with those things, and go from there.

If you are able, spices and herbs are also available for purchase online. Dollar stores even carry a selection of herbs and spices now (at least, the ones in my area do). Bulk Barns also has a great selection, and super cheap too (I just got good sized bags rock salt, pink Himalayan salt, rubbed sage, and I think mint there for less than $4).

However, you also don’t need herbs if you don’t want them. That is just one area of spellwork, and if you have difficulties accessing herbs, go for something you are able to do / have access to.

As for candles, white is pretty much all purpose. LED candles are also an option. There are even websites that allow for the burning of digital candles that can be used too, and there are also some cell phone apps that offer the same thing - tech magic for the win!

Otherwise, I’d suggest using [energy work] or [sigils], which are both low supply and also really discreet. 

Here are some posts that may contain more ideas of things you may be able to do, if you so desire:

Budget Magic:

Discreet Magic:

* not my choice of title

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm very new to witch craft and I was wondering if you have any good tips? I'm sort of a secret person and I don't really want anyone to know, so if you have any good tips or anything please let me know. Thank you so much!

I am working on a post of tips for new witches. If you want things geared towards practicing discreetly:

Feather-set’s Summer To-Do List

LAST UPDATED: 5.13.15 (this post will also be continuously updated so check back often)

Hey all! As said, finals have just come to a close and I am free from the confines of academia for three whole months! With that, I can dedicate a whole chunk of time to blogging and bring us all closer together! Here is a to-do list of all the wonderful stuff I’m planning for this summer:

  • Here’s the template that I’m working on for the witchy course! This course will be one of my biggest projects this summer, and I hope you all can take part and enjoy it! You can see the notes I’ve compiled for it thus far HERE (: 
  • The “stuck in the broom closet” tips and trick booklet that I posted about HERE all those months ago will be going through its first drafting, which I hope to have out before the summer comes to a close. This booklet will be FREE and accessible to all, and I do hope that once the first draft comes out you will all help me work to make it even better. 
  • More witchy icons! I made about 16 free-to-use witch-themed icons (which you can find on Imgur here). I want to make many more, and you guys have been very helpful in providing ideas for me. I’ll be sure to make many more for you all! (This is also where my icon comes from, heheh:)
  • More informational posts and infographics like some of the ones I have floating around Tumblr right now. Here’s a preview of one I’ve been working on for a while:
  • More doodles of witchy friends here on the Tumbls. I’ve already doodled herbs-and-journals, and I have plans for many more people here! Get ready to have yourselves drawn all chibi-like because it’s going to happen (:
  • Answering all of your asks, obviously 
  • Fridays with Feather-set (FwFS) vlogs and videos like my How To Make Black Salt video (HERE

There are some more personal, non-witchy things I want to do as well, and I hope you all can enjoy them as well!

  • Music/band reviews for bands that I’m quite fond of
  • My mate and I are going to start a gaming stream/channel/blog thing with let’s plays and reviews and junk
  • More art! 
  • More writing!
  • Vlogs full of adventure while I’m in Sweden!