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The ‘You’re Assuming Sexuality Based on Stereotypes’ Argument pt. 1

In many of the bi!Dean arguments floating around the fandom, people often use as ‘supplementary’ evidence for Dean’s queerness various moments in the text which show Dean doing or liking something that is stereotypically feminine. Many of the antis have taken this to mean we are using questionable stereotypes to interpret Dean as queer. However, often this critique is based on a misunderstanding of what the analysis/claim actually is regarding such moments. 

Often these textual disclosures occur in a larger context wherein Dean has previously said he’s not into X thing (which is coded as feminine) and then later on it is revealed that he, in fact, IS into X thing, and was simply putting on a front of masculinity (what many in the queer Dean meta community have dubbed “Performing Dean”) 

A non-exhaustive list of examples (GIFs not mine):

This pattern has developed into a standing aspect of Dean’s characterization. Sometimes it takes 10 seasons worth of time for Dean to admit he likes the thing. Sometimes it will happen in the space of an episode, and sometimes even within the space of a single scene. But it follows a very predictable pattern: Dean expresses distaste for the thing, and then later on he’s like, actually, I like the thing, and I was just trying to maintain the front of my own masculinity when I said I didn’t. Now, this textual pattern’s relationship to understanding Dean’s sexuality has nothing whatsoever to do with whether or not Dean likes ‘feminine’ things. That is not the issue at all. Him liking feminine things is not what matters here. What matters here is the initial denial.  

What reads as queer about all of this is the multiple interconnected patterns it establishes:

1) Dean is a character who lies and misrepresents his true feelings about what he actually likes and does not like (one of the reasons why his ‘I don’t play for your team’ declarations don’t really hold a lot of water with us) 

2) Dean is especially apt to lie about liking things that undermine his own sense of ‘proper’ masculinity (which being queer likely also would in his mind)

Our argument regarding these moments is not Dean likes chick flicks, or Taylor Swift music, or cucumber water, therefore he is queer. That simply IS NOT the argument. 

The argument is, Dean repeatedly and consistently hides and denies liking things he actually does like because those things are – in HIS mind – too feminine. This pattern of behavior is explicable by interpreting Dean as queer, given that it would explain why he has so much anxiety about these other ‘threats’ to his masculinity, petty and insignificant though they may be. Him being revealed as queer would also simply fit in with that larger pattern (i.e. he denies being into dudes, because his precious masculinity is threatened by it, and then he eventually breaks down and admits, yeah I actually do like dudes, just like I actually do like silly soap operas, and chick flicks, and Taylor Swift music, and cucumber water, and, and…)

And AGAIN, we’re not making a correlative argument that if you like feminine things (as a man) you are queer, or more likely to be queer. We are arguing that a repeated investment in hiding your actual enjoyment of ‘feminine’ things, as a man, suggests you a) aren’t always honest about what you like, and b) you clearly have some masculinity issues, which could easily be explicable by being closeted. It doesn’t automatically mean that, but those two things often are correlated (having masculinity anxiety and being closeted, as man). 


It’s not the liking of feminine things that suggests the queer reading. It’s the initial denial attached to liking feminine things that suggests the queer reading. And not because feminine (in men) = queer, but because anxiety about appearing feminine (in men) implies a potential closeted state (due to the false but still often operative correlation in our culture between male heterosexuality and ‘proper’ masculinity)

Rivals? Pt. Two || Peter Parker Imagine

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1,360 words

Request by anon:  Hiii, I really liked rivals and was wondering if you’d do a part two? Maybe the date they planned or a little later on when they’ve been dating for a bit and Tony’s reaction to them?

(A/N I there was more requests but I may have accidentally deleted them or something cause I swear there was more; I DON’T THINK YOU NEED TO READ PART ONE BUT I WOULD APPRECIATE IF YOU DID)

No Homecoming Spoilers


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Part One

The school day after the party was filled with rumors of the two biggest rivals at Midtown making out in a closet and potentially dating. Yes the rumors were true, and everyone saw them together, like their rivalry was broken. It was strange to see them near each other, being happy together. Most people, after they realized they were a bit closer than just friends, claimed that they knew their romance was bound to happen.

The two had gone on a lot dates already, including the movie date they had planned at the party. Each and every date being perfect. It had been months since their first date and they couldn’t be any happier. The only problem was with Y/N’s dad, Tony Stark. He wouldn’t be too fond of his beloved daughter dating his protege, his Avenger in the making, Spider-Man. If he found out about their relationship, they would both probably be dead before they could explain their affection for each other to him.

Y/N sat in Peter’s room, spinning around on his desk chair giggling at his jokes. “I would try to tell you a chemistry joke but I know it wouldn’t get a reaction.” She replied, causing him to chuckle in his place on his bed. They had been sitting in his room ever since school had gotten out, and by now it was late in the night. His phone buzzed and he unlocked it to see what the notification was. He let out an exasperated sigh, “There’s a shoot out near the NYPD, ironically. I gotta go.”  He stood up, grabbed his suit and changed into it.

She had seen him in his boxers before so it’s not like it was weird changing in front of her. Before Peter put his mask on, he walked up to her, leaned down and planted a kiss on her lips. He pulled away and tugged his mask on over his head. She looked into his robotic Spider-Man eyes, “I’ll tell May you fell asleep or something. Just, stay safe out there okay?” He found it cute whenever Y/N worried about him. “Always am.” He replied cheekily as he opened the window, swinging towards the city.

This time, Peter wasn’t too careful. He got shot, twice in his torso and once in his left leg. He took out the bad guys before swinging away, but not far. His injuries made it too hard for him to swing on his webs. So he did what any New Yorker would do. He hailed a cab, as Spider-Man. The cab driver looked at his, jaw slacked and eyes wide. “Lo-Look man,” Peter groaned in pain, “I don’t have any money but, can you take me uptown, to the Avengers compound place.” He went in the cab before the man could answer, laying on his side in the back seat.

The cab driver looked in the rear view mirror, still in shock that the actual Spider-Man way in his cab. He started driving, most likely faster than the speed limit. After what felt like years, the cab driver arrived at the compound, Peter stumbled out of the car after giving the driver a thank you.

Peter burst in through the doors trying to find someone, anyone that could help him. “Help, please somebody!” He shouted through the compound. Most people were gone, due to it being in the middle of the night. He heard fast footsteps approaching. Someone rounded the corner to see Peter collapse on the floor.

“Oh my god,” Y/N exclaimed, running to Peter’s side. “Peter, Peter, what happened?”  Y/N fell to her knees ripping the mask off of his head. His face contorted in pain as he explained, “I got shot, Y/N. It really hurts.” He has tears in his eyes, running down past his temples. Her eyes widened as she looked at his stomach. Y/N took her phone, dialing her father’s number.

After a few rings he answered, “Y/N it’s three in the morning what the hell-,” He couldn’t complete his statement because she interrupted him.

“Dad, Peter got shot and, and he’s in the middle of the compound. I-It looks like he’s been bleeding for a while and he needs help. Please, do something,” Y/N pleaded, dropping her phone on the ground, Tony still on the phone, tears blurring her vision. Minutes later, medics from inside the compound arrived, along with Tony.

She sat there, trying to stop the bleeding from one of his wounds, whispering under her breath, “You’ll be okay Peter. You have to be.” His eyes closed as the medics approached with the portable gurney. “No! Peter!” She shouted, the tears falling fast.

The medics place him on the gurney, wheeling him to the med bay. “Y/N,” Tony mumbled, going to the floor with his daughter, wrapping his arms around her, “Peter will be fine. We have the best doctors here.” He tried to reassure her but it didn’t work.

“But you don’t know that. Can you imagine how long it took him to get here. How the hell did he get here anyway? W-We need to go to him. Someone has to be with him.” Y/N hiccuped standing from the ground, dragging Tony with her. He was kind of confused, he understood that Peter and her became closer friends over the months as she always went to his house. He didn’t know that they were that close.

They walked towards the med bay, towards the area where Peter was. They waited for some time when one of the doctors came and got the two Starks with a smile on her face. “He’ll be fine. But he has to take it easy. Don’t want to rip the stitches. He should be awake soon.”

Y/N sped to the bed Peter was laying on, grabbing a chair so she could sit right next to him and hold his hand. “You’re gonna be okay,” she whispered to herself more than to him. Since the med bay wasn’t like a real hospital, there was a row of beds, so Tony stood away from them across the room against a wall.

Peter slowly began to open his eyes blinking rapidly to get used to the lights, another groan passing through his lips as he moved to sit up. “Easy big guy,” Y/N said happily, watching Peter wince, “You have stitches over each bullet whole. You’re gonna have to take it easy.” He looked into her eyes, a small smile forming on his lips. Y/N stood up from her chair, wrapping her arms around him hurriedly, kissing his dry lips, sitting on the edge of his bed.

Their lips moved in sync, she was kissing him like he was her air, before she pulled away, keeping her forehead against his. “I thought I was gonna lose you Peter. I’d be lost with out you.” She whispered, a few tears leaking from her eyes. Peter brought his hand up to her cheek, leaning back slightly to brush the tears away. Before he could reply sweetly to her, Tony began to speak, Y/N forgetting he was in the room and Peter not noticing him when he woke up.

“What the hell?” Tony said, walking towards the two as they jumped apart.

“Da-dad, I can explain.”

“Mr. Stark, I can explain.”

The two lovers said awkwardly simultaneously looking at him with wide eyes. He only chuckled as the blush that was on both of their faces deepened. “I kind of suspected something was gong on between you. Come on guys. I’m a genius.” He said with a smirk.

“So, I-I can come over and visit Y/N here?” Peter stammered, looking over at her. Tony scoffed, “Not without adult supervision. I’m gonna have to ask your Aunt to keep and eye on the two of you.” This time, Y/N was the one to quietly groan, due to her father’s words.

duel destinies would have been infinitely better (and i’m saying this as someone who thinks everything up too and including the premise of duel destinies is bad) if they hadn’t soft reset phoenix.

keep hobo phoenix a character, equalize the athena-apollo screentime and set up the final case better by having hobo phoenixs hobo ass only show up to drop foreshadowing for the finale.

hobohodo is actively investigating the phantom shit with miles in the background (versus dd phoenix just sort of being there) but he’s predictably keeping his cards to his chest about it (even from athena).

Frat Boy Pt. 6

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5

This is the longest thing I’ve written on here, EVER.  Not sure if that jumbled it up, but thank you to everyone for sticking around to read about this crazy frat boy, sending me messages and asks and song recs for the playlist!  This chapter’s a bit of a revealing one, and little almost imperceptible layers are chipped away. Let’s see if he’s ruing the day yet, yeah? xx (shout-out to @lovelhes for the bomb mood board, love you bb)

It was 2:54 AM by the time Renny got back.  You knew because the comfort Zayn had brought you dwindled fast with each step you took away from him, so much so that by the time you got to the doors of your building, your legs were shaking from how frantic you were.   It had been much too dark outside, each innocent bush and tall tree beautiful in the daylight suddenly twisting into something sinister, hiding a dark figure just waiting to grab you and slit your throat as you fall to the ground with a soundless shout.  Even in the grossly fluorescent hallways that seemed oddly empty for 1 am, you turned each corner quickly for fear of who’d be waiting on the other side.  Even the shut of the heavy door behind you didn’t give you peace and when you’d swept your room and checked the closet for potential predators hiding behind hanging clothes, you knew you were being silly, so absolutely ridiculously silly. But your furiously beating heart told you otherwise.  

You couldn’t fall asleep after that.  

But you pretended to as Renny got ready for bed, as she quietly tip-toed through the room, the click of her low-lit lamp as she settled under her covers once again coating the room in an inky stillness.  Her little snores comforted you in the slightest, but she wasn’t awake, she couldn’t distract you from your thoughts.  And as your eyes bore up into the ceiling, seeing past it to nothing at all, a hand lay on your throat.  

The stream that ran red, his fists, the snake tat, his touch, their smell, the men, his arms, the safety you felt in them.  It wasn’t fair, none of it was.  That he could make you feel something that felt so right and toss it in the trash like it never happened.  You had been fine with being acquaintances, safe at that distance, pretend that you wouldn’t be affected by him, but then he was the one who had to turn it into something more, to turn you into this.  You remembered your words to him and felt a deep sadness seize your chest.  You were a hypocrite.  The weight building inside you contracted into a choke-hold, threatening to crush your lungs with its deadly mixture of guilt, regret, anger, but you were too tired to release it in a sob.  So it sat there.  Refusing to let you sleep.  Suffocating you.  Silly girl, a voice sneered, All this for a boy you haven’t gone on a date with. The moan of his name in that unfamiliar voice rang loud in your head as an unwanted tear rolled straight down to hit your ear.  You willed yourself to numb your mind, to not think about anything, but when had you ever truly had control?

Sometime, in the early hours of the morning, your lids felt heavy and closed without you ever really knowing, the black cloak of the night sealing them shut as the dark twists and pangs building inside of you pushed you off a ledge, forcing your fall into a fitful sleep.

“Did you have a nightmare last night?”  You cringed as Renny took her black eyeliner and dug a little too hard with the tip against your cheek.  You thought about denying it for a moment, but decided against it.  If there was one person you could talk to, it was Renny.

“How’d you know?”

“You kept groaning and- hold on” - she licked her thumb and rubbed below the line she’d just created for the black #17 now on your cheek, smudging it up and using her nail to dig into the skin and remove the extra bits she’d accidently drawn.  She hadn’t asked to draw Harry’s number on you and for that you were thankful.  Your favorite was Louis anyways - “There, perfect. You just kept muttering something and you looked like you were shaking.  I tried waking you up, but you just turned back around and fell asleep.”

“Sorry for waking you,” you offered her an apologetic smile, but she brushed it off.

“You honestly think I mind?  I mean, I’m a little jealous you got to sleep that much, but I was the one who chose not to leave the party.”  You wanted to let out a single sharp laugh at that, but you were better.  “Paw print?”  She brought the pencil to your other cheek and paused, you nodded.  She started to draw the symbol of your school’s mascot, the panther, and for some reason Harry popped into your mind again.  Agile. Dark. Stealthy.


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anonymous asked:

it somehow makes me even more uncomfortable when out gay men like andy and dan are the ones who ask those questions. even if they aren't aware of the truth (which tbh i honestly don't think dan is, i think he's being played by simon j and thinks he's so close to the source that he can't be wrong) they should know that what they're asking is only going to result in a denial regardless of the truth and how not cool that is to put someone potentially closeted in that position

sameee. I know it’s their job etc but it makes me really uncomfortable to see anyone put in that position. 

Paper Cranes

Summary: Dan and Phil, who have been dating and completely open about their relationship for two years now, find themselves in a strict week-long church camp where they might need to keep their relationship a secret.

Themes: fluff, religion (Christianity), potential homophobia, closeted relationship, au, camp, established relationship

Length: oneshot, 3.2k words

TW: Low-key religion and potential homophobia

***For notes on the religion in this work, scroll to the bottom***


  Back at home, everyone knew that Dan Howell and Phil Lester were dating. They lived in a pretty accepting community, and though there were few LGBT people in their town, they were generally accepted. 

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My very first post … a snapshot of my high heels closet. 3m long shot even if it doesn’t seem that long on the picture.
New pairs have been added since then to reach a total of 30 pairs of high heels pumps and more or less 20-25 knee-high and thigh high boots.
Hard to wear them all and I even sometimes forget about some or just don’t wear them anymore. One of my 2017 resolution is to clean my closet and potentially sell a few before buying new ones 😂. I guess high heels fashion is my addiction 😍👠

People always saying Sanvers is rushed and Alex accomplished so many levels of gay in such a small time span being a recently out of the closet lesbian. (newbie to potentially engaged)

But remember she only held on for almost 30 years. 30 YEARS. I have to say she waited pretty damn long, and I know people wait even longer than that. So why take your time, I sure as hell wouldn’t. Straights may take their time, since they don’t have to fight against the entire damn world for their sexuality. 

Once I’m out and start dating, I might propose to the girl in a couple months tbh. Watch out world.

toontown cog names part one: swellbots

angery blue square man: possibly rejected koolaid mascot

teleme (cheese): the big cheese: now fun sized and also not cheese

meme dropper: keeps dropping memes all over the place, messy, should be fired

glad mander: charmander except its an old robot man in a business suit who keeps trying to shake your hand like a weird uncle

groover and baker: muffin man by day, karaoke and boogie expert by night. request his services today!

who-face: he keeps forgetting his own name. resides in whoville.

the mungler: potential closeted goth, is the one preventing meme dropper from being fired

mister bollywood: needs help with his math homework, an angelic child but eats too many animal crackers

the mice president: obsessed with mice and anything rodent!! wears a mickey mouse sweater and hat. should probably stop eyeing teleme like that

anonymous asked:

do you have any tips/sources on how to work through your internalised homophobia? I'm struggling with that at the moment and I don't know what to do :(

theOkay, so I’m really struggling to come up with any good advice / strategies of my own except

  • look for same gender/wlw/mlm positivity and submerge yourself in it. literally. follow a ton of wlw/mlm positivity blogs. reblog their stuff. save it on your phone. make it your lock screen and background! listen to music about how good it is to be gay. put something rainbow-y in your room.
  • embrace same gender relationships in fiction! seek them out actively and when you find them, celebrate them. some shows and movies that i can think of off the top of my head that have same gender couples in them: supergirl, grey’s anatomy, eyewitness, class, the fosters, carol, moonlight, the handmaiden, the get down, skam, glee, how to get away with murder
  • talk to other lgbpq people (including online!) about your experiences with internalised homophobia
  • find out if there’s a lgbt club/bar/event in your town and go there. party and celebrate lgbt people! who knows, maybe something interesting will happen ;)
  • find same gender porn that you like (maybe start with pwp fanfic if visual porn isn’t your thing) to normalize same gender sex for yourself and get rid of the homophobic attitude that it’s weird or gross

but I found a couple of things that might be more helpful than that online:

Read more about internalized homophobia. While this topic has less written about it than say, coming out, there is still a lot of information out there, especially moving personal accounts.

Community – building a support network is absolutely essential. The compassion of other LGBQ people and straight allies can be tremendously healing. Others who are at a different stage in the process can often offer valuable insight and solidarity.

Learn about the history of the LGBTQ rights movement.  Find role models in the struggle. See all of the different identities and human beings it took to effect progress towards equality and justice.

Find an LGBTQ positive therapist, counselor or psychologist who can guide you through the reparative process.

Get away from toxic influences. This one can often be the most difficult. Typically, toxic influences include major players in our lives, such as family, religion, and friends.

If your religion is not accepting, consider leaving the church even for a time, or find a new church. If you refuse to leave, educate yourself. Refine your arguments. Learn about whether or not your religion truly teaches the immorality of gays, or if it is the interpretation of your religious leader. However, if your religious doctrine is perpetually in conflict with your identity, you may find the commitment more damaging than rewarding.

Clarify your perspectives by talking to friends and allies. Heterosexism and fear can skew our idea of the threats we truly face. For example, a person with an open-minded family, LGBTQ friends and enlightened teachers might still be overcome by crippling fear and internalized homophobia. Work to determine where you stand.

Practice self-awareness. Be aware of your negative reactions, critical self-talk and judgment of other. Each time you do it, examine the source.

If you can do it safely, come out of the closet. While it has potential to be painful, and most certainly will be repetitive and exhausting, this step can be immensely rewarding.

Try to overcome your fear of rejection.

Remember that internalized homophobia is not coming from inside of you. You are not sick, and you don’t need to be cured. It was forced upon you, in a suffocating and violent way by a homophobic society. If you have been accused of having it, or if you wonder about yourself, don’t feel guilty or shameful, just take the steps, one by one, to free yourself of this weight that keeps us all down.

from this

and this

1. Find gay friends with whom you identify. 2. It takes a while: keep looking until you find them. 3. Don’t expect your parents to “get it”, but don’t tolerate rudeness or disrespect. 4. Only date kind men. 5. Allow yourself the freedom to view all your fantasies in porn. 6. Take a sociology class and learn about the arbitrary, made up rules that different societies create about what is okay, and why. 7. Type in “love yourself workshop” on a search engine and see what comes up. 8. Care deeply about what it was like for you as a gay kid in high school. 9. Say “I love you” to yourself even though it feels ridiculous. 10. Do something that feels “too feminine,” maybe in private. 11. Avoid “friends” who put you down. 12. If you are religious, join a church that knows that gay really is good. 13. Practice coming out to friendly strangers and work your way up to telling the important people in your life. 14. Notice when you are trying to be perfect and remember: it’s futile. 15. Take small interpersonal risks every week, such as revealing something that feels slightly vulnerable. 16. Read Randy Shilts’ The Mayor of Castro Street. 17. Read Alan Down’s The Velvet Rage. 18. If you are new-agey, read Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life. 19. Raise your political consciousness at a gay fund raising event. 20. Love some of your most judgmental family members from afar, rather than in person. 21. Never underestimate the power of childhood exposure to homophobia: it’s damaging, and repair will take your full effort. 22. Commit to making self-nurturing a new lifetime habit. 23. Work with a gay-friendly therapist or coach. 24. View a mean homophobe with sadness, imagining how truly scared and insecure he is on the inside. 25. Join a gay artistic, athletic, political, community service or support group. 26. Get angry about injustice: righteous anger builds self-esteem. 27. Treat other gay people especially well. 28. Be a witness to your thoughts. By detaching, you’ll notice your illogical, self-critical judgments. 29. If you live in a very conservative area, do something on this list at least once per day because you need extra support. 30. Create your own list of things you can do. Then do them.

by the gay therapy centre

and even this wikihow article!

I hope any of this helps, nonny!

Pet Project- Trixie, Angelique, and Lily

“I’m not kidnapping you, Angel. I’m introducing you to the best and worst person you’ll ever have the pleasure of being in the same room with. Other than me, of course.” Trixie says, sorting through her clothes in her closet. Since Angelique had potential but not quote the confidence and appeal, she texted Lily to come by the Deimos cabin as soon as possible after dragging Angelique in behind her. So, unless Lily was with her boy toy, then she should be arriving soon. “Relax a little. This will be a fun and enlightening experience.”



 I’m trying to explain to my mom that forcing LGBT members out of the closet is wrong and potentially dangerous.
 When she found my tumblr 2 years ago, she discovered I was gay and proceeded to out me to our entire (conservative) family. I want her and others to understand that this is an unacceptable behavior.

I tend not to argue with people online. I usually wind up really upset, and nothing really gets resolved. I take my gripes to sympathetic ears and go back to reblogging puns. That doesn’t mean that I don’t *read* the arguments back and forth, it doesn’t mean they don’t bother me. It just means that I don’t usually repost replies back and forth.

One of the arguments I see a lot is about female Space Marines. I love female Space Marines. I am absolutely on the train of believing they should exist and do exist. OCs, gender flipping existing ones, gender flipping Primarchs, reincarnation has no gender, and so on. Not everyone feels the same way, and many people wind up repulsed by the 40K fandom’s attitude at large about them.

There is nothing so disheartening, so disgusting, so discouraging as watching people debate my worth as a woman. “You’re not strong enough”. “You’re not worthy.” Oh, sure, they’re talking about a fictional setting with a fictional faction of genetically-engineered supersoldiers, but since they’ve decided men, men who could exist in reality, have the potential to become one, they’re using that same reality, presumably, to decide that women cannot. Which means they’re judging me, and people like me, as lesser.

This doesn’t even get into trans people. This doesn’t even get into a trans man potentially never being considered worthy because they were “born as a woman” (ew). This doesn’t get into a trans woman being forced to stay in the closet, potentially forever, lest her fellows consider her “unworthy” of the Primarch’s gifts (ew ew).

Nothing about the biology in 40K makes any fucking sense. Organs are not restricted by gender. Women can donate kidneys to men. Men can donate hearts to women. There are 32 factors for organ donation in the real world and sex is not one of them. Fusing your ribs would restrict your breathing. If you expanded someone’s size by so many factors they’d probably have heart failure. Adding more organs is nonsensical. What even is fucking gene-seed? And so on. Don’t use biology as your excuse.

The real reason people don’t want female Space Marines isn’t biology, it’s purity. The notion of women being a corrupting, weakening force is *old*. Very old. Old as balls– wait hang on. We talk about the virgin/whore dichotomy a lot, and it ties in with this. Men who find themselves tempted by women are weakened. They’re distracted and led to ruin. Only truly strong men, untempted by womanly flesh, may transcend into greatness. This is disgusting. Women, meanwhile, must remain pure, perfect, chaste, and still on their pedestals. “Spared” from war, untainted by conflict, that their brave knights may return to them for headpats, but only in the most platonic manner possible. Women are told they aren’t good enough to be Space Marines to keep them on their pedestals. Sure, they can be Sisters of Battle (the pure, the chaste, the space nuns). They can be Inquisitors, literally used by their superiors to incubate babies, and let’s not worry about what will happen to them after their purpose is served. They can be mothers, be victims, be left behind and aside. They are not worthy. They are not pure.

I do not accept this. I will never accept this. Women, cis or trans, can do whatever they want. If that means climbing this hill and planting a flag on it, so be it. If that means being a Sororitas because their faith is pure and their flame is purer, so be it. If that means wielding the Rosette like a sword and shield and bloody club, so be it. You will not silence me, you will not throw false biology and biased history and selective canon at me.

I will rub my grubby little feminist hands all over this setting and you cannot stop me.

The way I look at TMZ and their potential role in this is: what’s TMZ most known for? Spilling tea. Scandalous and newsworthy tea. Stories acquired by means other venues might not touch or using channels they might not have access to. What does this band have years and years worth of? Shady, corrupt, and morally reprehensible business practices that could use some spilling. Now, I can’t speak to the legal ramifications of actually laying cards on the table re: Simon Cowell or for how powerful the need is in the entertainment industry to keep dirty practices under wraps in order to keep doing business. But if any truth is going to be told, even if it’s just strongly implied truth, I think TMZ is the perfect venue to break it. It fits their MO, I can’t think of a better place to drop some explosive sordid details. I mean, they’ve already introduced the idea of the baby not being real at all today??

It’s fine by me if I’m wrong about this, honestly I just want it over, but the longterm involvement of 1D and TMZ definitely sticks with me. It could just be they’re going to break the paternity story as part of an ongoing tit-for-tat between both parties, while throwing implications out there so people reflect back on how generally shady this baby thing was after they’re out. But there’s so many stories that could be told here: fake baby, forced closeting, stunting, potential (if unlikely) lawsuits, whatever is going on with the financial situation. If they played it off as indicting Simon Cowell rather than the whole industry… And the stories they could tell would still be juicy after a coming out already happened too. They may not overturn the whole cup but I think there’s a good possibility they’re going to spill some tea.


Daily download:
1&2) cleaned and organized my closet and dresser. I’m potentially gonna start using my DSLR to vlog 😬
3) breakfast things
4&5) back and bis day. If you didn’t take a picture it didn’t happen. Or something…
6) themarzipanvolta and I plotting and planning
7) 2 lbs of ground turkey for the week. I mixed one pound of 98% ground turkey and one pound of 99% ground turkey, added onions and garlic powder and voila! It’s better when I sauté the onions before, but I forgot. Cuz I was also cooking…
8) …salmon for dinner (I ate more too) …
9) …and three massive chicken breasts for the week. Pictured along with some other grocery haul items.
10) my dad went to the Blackhawks game today and brought me back a hat 💁

I had a great Sunday! I was pretty
productive: Put in work at the gym, grocery shopped, cooked, did two loads of laundry and made my bed with clean sheets.

So long, weekend. You treated me well!

wlwmercys  asked:

you come up to my door in the middle of a sea of children, aren’t you a little old to be trick-or-treating?? (Bellamy is 10/10 the one trick or treating)

this did not turn out the way i planned so it’s gross and fluffy and what even is a plot (i certainly don’t know) but here it is, happy halloweenie


As far as holidays go, Clarke can’t really say she has a favorite. At this point in her life she’s had so many of them ruined by people she loves dying, exes cheating on her or betraying her that she has trouble picking a holiday she even likes- much less a favorite out of those. But so far, Halloween remains in her good graces.

If she tried hard enough, she could most likely find something unpleasant to associate with the day and officially ruin the full spectrum of celebratory occasions, but she didn’t have the energy to. In complete honesty, all Clarke wanted to do was settle down on her couch with a nice glass of bourbon and watch scary movies until she fell asleep, but her apartment building has too many children in it for that to be a viable option. So instead, she’s sitting in the arm chair she dragged across her living room to the entry way hall, waiting for people to knock on her door and ask for candy.

It isn’t what she would call a thrilling Friday night, but she’s had worse.

She sees at least four spidermen before she opens her door to find herself face to face with a very broad, very patriotic chest.

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