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Korra discovers her sexuality and finds she has a burning love for Asami. 

Just saw all the episodes of Burning Love, in which Korra’s voice actress, Janet Varney, plays a “closeted” gay female on a bachelor dating show. All lines are from there!

The last scene was inspired from a gif set, but I can’t find it! Maybe I’ll source it later. 

Watch Part 2 here!

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Are there any Bellarke fanfiction where they are locked in a closet and everyone thinks they’re doing non-PG stuff, but when they open the closet they find them playing pokémon on their Nintendos?

I couldn’t find any where they’re specifically playing Pokemon, so here’s a list of fics where they get locked in together! (the fics marked with * are the ones where they’re doing totally PG things when the others find them)



new: locked in [closet, Dropship, etc.] tag!

April Fool’s: Tom x Reader

In honor of April Fool’s day, here’s something kinda short. Reader pranks Tom and Tom pranks reader. Wrote this since my love for Tom is a joke…

You felt really bad for this prank you weer about to pull but it had to be done. It was tradition between you and Tom to trick each other on April Fool’s day. Luckily time had gotten away from him and he barely knew what day it was or so you thought. 

You dumped a few clothes in your suitcase and took the essentials to make it seem like you were leaving in a rush but leaving for good. You wrote a note and went to your friends house and waited for him to call you. 

Tom walked in the house with Zendaya and Harrison on his trail. “Where’s my main bitch?” Zendaya asked looking for you. Toms shrugged and walked into the room, a bit taken back by how empty you side looked. He looked in the bathroom to see that all of your stuff had been gone. “Y/N?” He called out. He saw the note on the bed and picked it up. His heart dropped and his eyes started watering, “What’s up man?” Haz asked as he saw his friend walk in looking extremely sad. “S-she’s gone.”

“WHAT?” Zendaya shouted, jumping up and taking the note. She read it and burst out laugh causing Tom and Haz to look at her like she was crazy. “What’s so fucking funny?” Tom shouted. “Dude, you’re such an idiot.”

She waited for them to catch on so when they never did she sighed, “It’s an April Fool’s prank! Look she even wrote April Fool’s very small on the paper.” She showed it to him and his eyes lit up. “Damn her.” He wiped his eyes and breathed. “I forgot! Damn it, where did the time go!” He sighed in relief knowing that you weren’t breaking up with him.

“I have to get her back!” He jumped up and looked at his watch. “We still have time. Zendaya will you help me?”, “it depends.”

He thought the plan was brilliant and a bit risky but it would get you back for sure. “Oh hell no. You know Y/N is my girl but she will beat my ass if-”, “All it takes is a few voice recordings and acting. We won’t actually do anything.”

She thought about it and sighed, “Fine.”

You were waiting for him to call you back and when he finally did you smiled. “Hello?” You answered. You paused when you heard muffled giggles and you listened intensely to the convo. “Y/N dumped me so I finally get a chance to be with you. It’s what I always wanted anyway.” You heard the familiar Brit say. “You sure you guys are over?”

“Yeah definitely. So this way it isn’t cheating because she broke up with me.”

You hung up and felt your hand start shaking. You jumped in your car and sped off while dialing for Haz. 

“Shit, she’s calling me!” Haz said showing his phone to Tom. “Answer it and say you went out.” Tom said. Haz nodded and put you on speaker, “What’s up Y/N?”

“DON’T FUCKING WHAT’S UP ME! WHERE IS TOM?” You screamed. “Wow, slow down there. Didn’t you break up with him, in a letter I might add.” Haz struggled to keep himself from laughing but he pulled through. “It’s was a JOKE! It’s April Fool’s day.” You said. 

“Oh shit! Well he and Z are actually-”, “WHO?”, “Him and Zendaya.”

“This bitch!” You yelled. “Oh she can go fuck herself! Move out of the way!” You screamed to a car that was holding you up.

“You need to calm down Y/N!” Haz said. “Shut the hell up Harrison.” You hung up and were soon in front of your house. 

“She’s here!” Haz yelled. They all hid in the huge walk in closet will fake moans played in the bedroom. They could hear you storming in the house, “SHHH!” Zendaya said to her two giggling friends. 

You kicked through the closed bedroom door with broomstick in your hand ready to swing. You pulled up the covers and groaned when you didn’t see them in the bed, you checked the bathroom and looked around. You were about to leave out of the bathroom when you came in contact with three bodies. “SHIT!” You jumped.  They all laughed in your face and screamed, “APRIL FOOL’S!”

“I hate all of you!” You dropped the broomstick and grabbed your chest. “We love you too!” Zendaya laughed and hey all gave you a group hug. “You have to admit though love, that for a last minute prank, that was pretty good.” Tom smirked. 

“I guess.”

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whos your new shep?

her name’s saoirse and she’s a full renegade asshole who likes picking on people way bigger than her, punching things with her BIG MUSCLES, and wearing her jeans too low. she’s going to be a earthborn, sole survivor, soldier class n i’m not sure yet who i want her to romance. 

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I love you're blog was gonna ask what would be like if Tom couldn't sleep would he just read Or start counting sheep ✨💕😘❤️💋

Hi there!

Thank you! 

Hhmm…what a great question.

Lemme think…

He might reach for whatever script is within reach and just review some lines.

He might get up and watch Heat for the 167 time.  Or his appearance on Graham Norton.  

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As I suspect he might be a teensy bit A.D.D. and kind of self-medicates with caffeine, he might make himself a cup of tea to calm down/relax.

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He would take his cuppa over to those bookshelves and select a favorite, read a few chapters, and then fall alseep on the couch whilst wearing his glasses.  Also, he snores, but it’s in his accent and kind of sounds like a puppy who’s dreaming, so it’s cute.  

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He might just stay in bed and fantasize about what he’s going to have for breakfast. (that might be me projecting, I dunno)

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He might pick up his guitar and play/sing some Hank.

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He might dust/polish his Awards Collection and rotate them so that they all get equal attention, whispering sweet words to each one and calling them pet names.

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Or maybe he opens his closet and plays Dress Up with all those beautiful suits, struts around like he’s on a catwalk and plays techno music.  

And I’ll stop there before I say something I’ll regret. ;)

Thanks for the message!

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Do you have any tips on dressing Goth on a tight budget? I love the look but can´t afford clothes like Killstar and end up looking ugly -_-

I’m sure you don’t look ugly! Keep in mind that goth is not all about the clothes, and loads of goths don’t dress as is expected of them or even own brand label clothes!

The best advice I can give is to get second hand and discounted clothes. Charity shops, recycling centres, eBay, and online buy/sell/swap groups are goldmines if you keep your eyes open. It can be very hit-and-miss at times, but it’s always good to be on the look out. The fact that goth is a phase for some people comes in very handy for those of us who stick with it, because people are often trying to get rid of their clothes fast and for cheap. If you don’t have second hand shops around you, there are many specific groups created for selling, buying and swapping clothes online, so if you’re on Facebook search groups for goth clothing. Don’t forget to check out mainstream stores during sales and bargain stores like TK/TJ Maxx either, they can have great offers! (And never underestimate Halloween sections and sales!) Mainstream fashion borrows from the goth fashion every few years and at the moment many sales feature a lot of dark velvet garments and lace. What comes to make-up, cheaper generic brands are often just as good as expensive brands; You just have to find the ones that work the best on you.

DIY (do it yourself) skills are also great to have. Teach yourself some basic stitching techniques and you’ll be able to make not-so-perfect clothing fit you better and you can mix and match pieces together. (Love the ruffle on an otherwise ugly skirt? Cut it out and add it to a basic blouse to make a pretty neo-Victorian shirt.) This makes second hand shopping a lot easier because you won’t always be bound to your style, body shape, size, or style or even the colour palette of the garment. You can also make your patches, add your own studs or lace, change colour of jewellery with nail polish, and dye your own clothes. You can even dye natural fibres easily in a microwave with Kool Aid! (That includes your hair, but obviously don’t put your head in a microwave, lol.) You don’t have to own a sewing machine or know how to make clothes, just learn to do a running stitch and you can already make loads!

Another important thing is learning to match and accessories. A simple black velvet dress can give out a Wednesday Addams -vibe just by wearing your hair on braids or wearing cute shoes and tights or a collar. You can also imitate brand clothing with smart accessorising. Last summer I bought a £10 harness on Amazon and wore it on top of a £4 dress from a charity shop. I can’t even tell you how many people asked me if I was wearing Killstar! (And I can wear that harness with practically every top over and over again.) Get those old clothes that you think are too plain out of your closet and play around with belts, scarves and jewellery to find the right balance for the look you’re going for and repurpose the old garments. (I used the skirt from my old school uniform as my go-to gothy skirt for years until it broke and it looked great when matched with the right top.) This goes for make-up and hair as well: Finding what works for you can do wonders for your gothy look and you can get fantastic results with something as little as changing your hairstyle or the size of your winged eyeliner.

Last but not least, if it’s possible, try to save up for one big, quality investment instead of buying cheaper products of poorer quality. For example, save up for New Rock shoes that cost £150 but will last years and years instead of getting the £30 creepers that will break in six months. (Loads of these quality shoes are also available on places like eBay: just last year I bought a pair for £30, which was over £200 under the original price!) I know it can’t always be done, but if possible it’s worth it in the long run. Also, don’t just buy the first thing you see! Whether you’re shopping online or at stores, check out the price ranges on similar items to know you’re getting the best deal. You might instinctively want to go for the £4 item over the one that costs £5 but if the former has shipping costs and the latter doesn’t, the item that seemed more expensive to begin with might actually end up being the cheaper one.

Hope this helps and good luck! (:

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Hello and how are you? I LOVE (I LITERALLY CANNOT EXPRESS HOW MUCH) your baby headcannons and was wondering if you can do them for Reinhardt and Genji? Please and thank you!

~I’ve done just about everyone with this head canon. I went a little overboard with these two.


  • Their first word was Hund, which means dog. Reinhardt had been pushing them in a stroller down the street and they’d past a shelter. Long story short, they left with not one dog but three. 
  • Overprotective Dad af. Everything in the house is baby proofed to hell. It takes him five minutes, a prayer, and the jaws of life just to open the fridge. It’s Guantanamo Bay and no one is escaping. God help him once the baby learns how to escape their crib. That was an adventure. 
  • The baby is just as affection as their father. They liked hugs and kisses from just about anyone. Reinhardt wasn’t allowed to leave the base until the kid had given literally everyone at least one hug or they’d be mopey about it all day. There was one time where they had to leave without Junkrat getting his hug. Junkrat and the kid were not happy. 
  • A really hyperactive kid. They yelled and screamed all throughout the house. Reinhardt was constantly behind them every step of the way to make sure they didn’t hurt themselves or someone else because they were strong. They once ripped the leg off a chair with their bare hands and Reinhardt just watched on, amazed, upset, and impressed. He could only blame himself. Still, he wouldn’t change them for the world. 
  • As a toddler, they loved riding on Reinhardt’s shoulders. In fact, they loved being high up in general. As they got older, they climbed on the roof and in trees if Reinhardt wasn’t watching carefully enough. He almost had a heart attack the first time they fell out of a tree. He wouldn’t stop crying until Angela told him they were okay. 
  • The kid found one of Reinhardt’s old hammers in a closet and started playing with it one day. They learned a bunch of tricks from watching their father train on the base. When they got old enough and strong enough, they pulled Reinhardt aside and showed him what they learned. He saw himself in them as they swung the hammer and they hadn’t even gotten halfway through their moves before he burst into tears. He loves them and they make him more proud every day. 


  • Their first word was in English. Hanzo had been holding them while Genji did something in another room. He’d told the baby how much he loved them and how much he wouldn’t fail them like he had Genji and the baby reached up and said “Love” (though it sounded more like ‘wuv’) while touching his face. Genji came into the room to find his brother crying while the baby just kept repeating it. He took a picture. 
  • As a baby they were clingy. They were either in Genji’s lap, Hanzo’s lap, or floating around in Zenyatta’s lap. Genji loved to cuddle with them and sleep with them on his chest. He could feel their little heartbeat against his. 
  • His kid actually helped him get rid of what little insecurities about his body he had left. He always perked up when his kid bragged about how their daddy was a cyborg ninja. They wanted to be just like him when they got older and he couldn’t even express how much that made him happy. 
  • The Fun Dad™ Is there a new internet trend? He knows about it. Is there a party coming up that his kid wants to go to? He’s okay with it if they’re safe. There will be no daddy issues in this household. He’s got everything on lock. This kid will know they’re loved or he’ll die trying to prove it to them. 
  • Genji knows that’s he’s getting his payback when the kid hits their teen years. I’m talking Angst™, I’m talking Teenage Rebellion™. The first time the kid dyes their hair some wild color, he sulks for 20 minutes while Hanzo has to go into another room to laugh.
  • The first time the kid released their dragon was a complete accident that destroyed a tree in their front yard. They thought Genji would be upset about it but he just couldn’t stop hugging them as the grass caught fire. 

(Requests are open!!)


I wanted to try a version of @koreanpineapple ’s Jaune Ladybug so here’s a closet cosplay.

It’s not exact and I added a few things like the shoes and green eyeliner but it was inspired by Koreanpineapple and I hope they don’t mind?? If they do I’ll be glad to take it down, I don’t want this to seem like art theft.

Oh yeah, I had to take pictures with a Bluetooth selfie stick so if you look closely you can see it lol
  • Person who knows no asexuals and has never once looked into asexual oppression and does not know shit about L.G.B.T.+ history or its pointless divisions as it has grown: "Asexuals don't belong in the L.G.B.T.+ community because ace problems aren't gay problems!"
  • Me: "Hey, that's the same thing with which gay people booed trans people off the stage! 'Trans problems aren't gay problems!' Also, L.G.B.T.+ leaders have an obligation to know the oppression that afflicts ALL non-cis/het identities. The Ace community has been your comrade in arms. We've been fighting for L.G.B.T.+ representation as hard as you have, and we haven't just been fighting for ace representation. We've been fighting for gays and lesbians and pansexuals and bisexuals and transgenders and genderqueers and all non-cis/het identities and accepting victories in stride, even if those victories don't include representing us. We've been on your side since the beginning, and we've always seen ourselves as part of the community. You'll be making a big mistake if you decide to kick one of your biggest allies to the curb. And if you still don't believe we're part of our community, that we don't suffer from oppression (which, I promise you, we do), then you're throwing away one of your supporting allies and utilizing the same divisionary bigotry and elitism that gay people used to use against trans people, that homophobes still use against gay people. You are making a huge mistake."