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UT UF SF US Papyrus fetish headcanon.

This took forever, I apologize


Papy (Ut Papyrus)

-Pretty vanilla, will 100% pin you down tho

-Likes it when you get loud

-Doesn’t like swearing during sex. He will scold you, don’t play. DATEMATE, L-LANGUAGE

-Low key exhibitionist. Not too extreme but he will take you even if Sans is home or there’s a chance he’ll pop up to check in.

Edge (Uf Papyrus)

-Bondage. He likes to see you helpless and vulnerable to his touch.

-Loves the look of you in silk and lace. Warning, he’s prone to ripping it off of you as well. I WILL BUY YOU NEW ONES.

-Call him master

-Will tease you into putty. He likes to hear you beg.

Stretch (Us Papyrus)

-Sexaholic. He’s a closet nympho (there’s a male version of the word but I don’t remember it). He can go hours before he finishes and he’s always ready to go. Definitely a wild ride.

-Won’t take you if there’s a chance Blue could walk in

-Spontaneous sex. If you’re getting out of the shower and bump into him in the hall, you’re probably gonna need a second shower.

-Food play, he’s gonna drizzle honey on you and watch you squirm as he licks it off.

Mutt (Sf Papyrus)

-Mostly submissive, he likes it when you get all aggressive with him.

-He’s really into praise. It drives him wild when you tell him how good he is.

-Pull his collar and scratch your nails over his bones

-When he doms, it’s indescribable, and you can’t walk for a week afterwards. Or talk. You should probably stay home.

-He’s a biter. It doesn’t matter who’s on top, you’re not leaving the room without at least like twelve marks.

-Overstimulation (giving and recieving)


Hng I swear one day all the skelesin is gonna make me combust. I actually typed and posted this in class so like….My anxiety is fucking sky high right now. I hope it was worth the wait anon! <3

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How do UT US UF SF Pap feel about petting/ heavy petting?

Dude I actually had to double check what this was lmao.


Papy (Ut Papyrus) 

He isn’t a tease, but he is pretty….formidable in size. So he feels that it’s necessary in order to prep you for the inevitable ~~

Stretch (Us Papyrus)

This boi is a closeted nympho. You’re gonna be hell bent to keep up with his sex drive. And he loves the faces and the noises you make when you cum for him so you bet he’s gonna get as much as that as possible. You’ll cum to his hands and phalanges more than once. That’s a promise. 

Edge (Uf Papyrus)

This one loves to make you squirm for him. Edgelord will make you scream for him before he uses anything more than his fingers. To say he’s a fan of this is a HUGE understatement.

Mutt (Sf Papyrus)

Oh lord. Being as submissive as he is during the naughty, he loves it. He likes it when you run your soft, squishy fingers over his sensitive bones. But he also likes to pin you below him and let his dexterous phalanges unravel you slowly. You’ll probably cum to his fingers more than Stretch’s, tbh, he loves the way you squirm when his phalanges hit you JuSt RiGhT….


What? Mutt can be dominant sometimes. It’s one of those things that it’s like it’s so hot when he’s submissive but when he finally doms it’s like….hnnnnngyesbonedaddy.