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Running from the dead

“Not again.” Rowena said under her breath as she ran through the hallways. How had these things found her once more? She’d thought this was a safe place, she’d thought that those things could not get her again. “Manete!” She shouted picking up her hands and running. She needed to hide, and fast. There were too many of them, and she’d be outnumbered. Running through the now abandoned hotel, she did not stop until she saw what she believed to be a maids closet. After making sure no one was coming, she ducked inside and held the door closed, catching her breath, and hoping she would be safe here. @stuffandthangsandangelwings

“To Protect and To Serve”

Summary: Kuroko is the prime minister’s college-aged son; Kagami is his bodyguard (about 25/27). (Psst. I’d love to write more of this one day.)

“You promised you wouldn’t do that again,” Kagami chastised in that exasperating but pleading voice.

Kuroko glanced up after a rather long sip of his milkshake. “No one missed me, Kagami-kun. Even the counter staff didn’t notice me until I spoke.”

If his boss knew, Aida-san would hit him with her clipboard, but Kagami palmed Kuroko’s head without a second thought. “Dumbass! I noticed the second you disappeared! And it gave me a heart attack! What if something would have happened to you?”

“Then you’d lose your job, Kagami-kun.”

Kagami growled and released the silently laughing Kuroko, but Kagami was anything but good-natured. “I don’t care about that! You are the son of the Prime Minister, and people might want to hurt you to get at him! And I can’t protect you if you disappear on me.”

Kuroko brushed back his tussled hair once Kagami released him and let out that tiny, devious smile that always made Kagami worry — with good reason.

“Did Kagami-kun miss me?”

Sputtering, Kagami felt the heat burning his cheeks red, and he quickly averted his eyes.

Kuroko’s cool hand — it must been the one that had held the milkshake cup — slipped into Kagami’s larger one. “I miss Kagami-kun when someone else is protecting me.”

Kagami jerked Kuroko closer, then hid their joined hands in his sport coat sleeve as they walked along the busy streets of Shinjuku. “That’s because you get your kicks watching me freak out.”

“Kagami-kun is quite entertaining.”

“Shut up!”

“He could entertain me in other ways tonight if he’d like.”

Kuroko also loved making his cheeks furiously red, the little shit. “You’re attending the State Dinner tonight.”

“There is something called discretion, Kagami-kun, such as coat closets and maid quarters.”

“You want to get me fired, don’t you?”

Kuroko’s evil smile returned, and Kagami should have expected to be pulled into a meeting with his superiors the next morning. A newspaper slapped against the desk in front of Kagami, a front-page shot of him and Kuroko kissing on the streets the very day before.

Aida sighed and muttered, obviously uncomfortable with what she had to say, “The Prime Minster says to keep up the good work. At least someone can keep track of his son. Oh, and you should provide the protection.”

“Of course, ma’am. That is my job after all.”

With another heavy sigh and a “why me?” look, Aida pulled a box from her draw and slid it across the table. “This is what the Prime Minister means, Kagami-kun.”

Kagami wanted to die right then and there, the moment he realized he caught the box of condoms.

Plot hole filler time!

Why was this dress at the palace waiting for Izetta?

Well, very first scene of show is Finé thinking about Iz so she’s probably being doing that for years

Her mentor is Elvira. Fashion definitely came up in lessons with her, at one point Finé found herself doodling a strange looking red dress- of course Elvira got wind of it and, intrigued that the Princess wouldn’t elaborate on her inspiration for it, had the dress made (plus some accessories for the finishing touch) 

The mysterious dress spent a few years in Finé’s closet where her maid would sometimes stumble across it and wonder what kind of person could pull off wearing such an unusual ensemble

When Izetta showed up Lotte looked at her unusual red hair and eyes, at how close she was to the Princess, and put two and two together. The strange dress was quickly fitted while Izetta slept, ready for her to be shoved into the next morning

And that’s how I think the weird dress appeared out of absofuckinglutely nowhere

August 1st, 2014 - Thieves at the Manor

ARTIST: demotif

AUTHOR: towerofart

August 1st, 2014 - Thieves at the Manor

“Welcome to the Vargas Manor, Mr Rogers.”

Alfred nodded to the butler and continued inside the decadent house. Directly inside was a long hall. Paintings of the powerful men and women of the family lined the walls. Alfred glanced at a few as he walked. Too bad we can’t come back later to grab one of those paintings. They’d be worth a fortune.

At the end of the hall and through a set of large doors was the main ballroom. The polite chatter of rich people before they’ve had enough wine filled the room with constant noise.

It took effort not to look for his accomplice. He should be here already, milling about in the crowd. Had he got in? They’d had some trouble getting his name on the roster. Maybe—

His thoughts were halted as a voice asked from his right, “And who might you be?”

“Oh, hello,” he gracefully picked up one gloved hand of the lady standing next to him and kissing the knuckles, “My name is Steven Rogers. Who is the lovely lady that I have the privilege of talking to?”

The woman laughed at him before she answered. “Elizabeta. Elizabeta Hèderváry.”

Throughout the party Alfred and Elizabeta talked. Occasionally they would drift off to other people, but she would always come back to chat.

As per usual at large rich people’s parties, there was lots of wine and other alcohol. Though, if he ever were to take even a taste Arthur would have his head. They weren’t supposed to be drunk on the job. Everyone else however, was showing clear signs of having sipped at quite a few of the drinks that the waiters were carrying around the room.

Soon it was edging up to time. Alfred had been able to loose Elizabeta a few minutes ago, and it was closing in on his cue. 12:20…12:21…12:22! Show time.

It wasn’t difficult to slip out of the crowd unnoticed. He quietly exited to an empty hallway that had only been dimly lit. Not ten minutes later the door to the ballroom opened again, closing quietly. Someone walked up behind Alfred, glancing up at the statue that the American had taken to looking at.

“Very beautiful, but we can’t snatch it.”

Alfred smiled and turned to see the man behind him. Arthur Kirkland was dressed in a white shirt, black bowtie, and some very handsome tails. “I know, but that doesn’t mean I can’t admire the sculpture’s skill, Mr Ford Prefect.

“Oh hush. It’s a brilliant cover name.”

“Dude? You could have gone with ‘Bruce Wayne’ and it would have been less obvious.”

“Says the man who is using Steve Rodgers as a cover name.”

“Aw, but that’s different. I bet these people haven’t even picked up a comic book.”

Arthur rolled his eyes and kissed him, patting his cheek before starting to walk down the dark hallway. “Enough chit-chat; we don’t have much time.”

The two walked swiftly through the maze of corridors and rooms. A memorised map led them to their first destination: the maids’ silverware closet.

It didn’t take long for them to move on. They took a silver knife here, a spoon there, and made sure to make it all seem very random and hard to follow. The silverware was slipped in shoes or up sleeves within seconds and disappeared.

“Now the best stuff.” Alfred adopted a stereotypical evil smirk and he held his hands together, wiggling the fingers.

“Stop it! Now is not the time to fool around.” Arthur still smiled at his partner’s antics before walking off toward their next target.

A couple more twists and turns later they were at the doors to the Mistress’s Chambers. Until recently, no one had occupied the room in some time. However, recently a family friend of the Vargas family had moved in—thus the party that had covered their entrance—and there was now a lady of the house.

Alfred bent down and started picking the lock on one of the double doors. “You know, I met Hèderváry. She was rather nice…”

Arthur leaned against the other door into the room. “You need to stop getting attached to our targets’. It does you no good and makes you clumsy.”

The two stayed silent until the click of the lock opening. Alfred smiled and noted, “New record,” before he slipped inside.

They only had a few minutes before the guards would come around. The two thieves worked quickly and silently. Arthur went straight to the jewellery chest that sat on a vanity in one corner. Alfred focused on the furnishings of the room. A few candles, some golden nobs from the drawers, and a brush sitting on top of the large dresser were a couple among his pickings.

They exited the chambers as quickly as they had entered and started down the hallway again, heading toward the closest exit—a side door built for the maids’ and butlers’ use.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” called a gruff voice of one of the guards from behind them.

Apparently, they weren’t as quick as they thought. The two knew they wouldn’t be able to talk their way out of this one.

“Ready to run, love?” Arthur asked as they came to a servants’ side door.

Alfred laughed, opening the door wide and ran outside. He called back to his partner running behind him, “Always.”

And with that, they disappeared into the night, having lived to steal another day.