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For HPshipweeks. I couldn’t not have written Tonks’ musings in labour, and I couldn’t help to write these two nervous soon-to-be parents either. Enjoy!


It’s begins in the early hours of the morning, the smell of coffee brewing from the kitchen wafting its way into the sitting room where she lies, her mouth watering and itching for the smallest taste, yet her body too tired and swollen to think of moving from its perch on the sofa. It starts off with a lingering ache in her back, worse than that of the weight of the baby pulling her forward, knocking the breath out of her. It left her hunched over as she made her way down the stairs from her bed, had her prone the minute she had laid eyes on the soft cushions of the couch. It takes a while before she stops convincing herself she had just slept the wrong way, ignoring the stabbing pain spreading to her belly, seeming to squeeze around her pathetically before retreating into her back again. It’s only when her hands move to cradle her stomach, the muscle growing hard like stone underneath as she soothes her baby’s stiff movements that she considers calling Remus from the kitchen.

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the longest ive lived in any one room since may 2011 has been 4 months. and during that time ive been staying on peoples couches and living in so many short term sublets, basements, closets, blanket forts. i was pretty much moving every 2/3 months, it got wayyyy past the point that i could handle honestly,
anywayyyy the point of this story is yesterday i moved into my very own real room (that i am in for at least 7 months) thats huge and has a big window and a walk in wardrobe and is pink and gold with floorboards.
yayyyyy finallyyyyyy

#16 You Build A Fort Together

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“Wait so let me get this straight, you have never built a fort?” he asked in dismay. “That’s correct. I don’t see what the big deal is Zayn.” you stated. “The big deal, y/n, is that you haven’t lived yet.” he said matter-of-factly. “I have lived.” you interjected. “No you haven’t, but don’t worry we can fix that, come on help me get all the extra bedding from the closet.” he said before walking out of the kitchen up the stairs. You sighed in defeat and followed him. After gathering all the extra sheets, pillows, and blankets laying around in the house you helped Zayn move the kitchen chairs into the living room and strategically place them around the couch. “Okay, now the fun part starts.” he excitedly proclaimed. You helped him set up the pillows on the floor then hung the sheets from the chairs to the couch, tying them up so they wouldn’t fall down. “Ta-da!” Zayn exclaimed with his hands up in the air after about 10 minutes of working on the fort. “So, what do you think?” “I’t looks cozy.” You said with a small smile. “Go inside and check it out.” You crawled in and it was better then you imagined. Zayn was right behind you and you two laid down on your backs next to each other. “You’re right, you haven’t lived until you’ve built a fort.” you admitted “I know, but now you can say you have.” He stated before rolling over and placing a kiss on your lips.


“Can we? Please?” your niece pleaded. “I don’t know, maybe when your Uncle Louis gets home.” “But we want to do it now.” you nephew whined. “Do what now?” Louis asked walking in to the living room where you and your niece and nephew were sitting on the floor in front of the tv. “The kids want to build a fort.” you replied. “I think thats a great idea!” he said “Why don’t you two go grab all the pillows and blankets that we need and me and your Aunt y/n will get the sheets set up.” he suggested as the two of them ran up to the closet.  Once the fort was all made up you all piled in. “This is the best fort ever!” your niece proclaimed. The rest of the time you all watched disney movies in the fort while eating popcorn and other snacks. After the second movie finished the doorbell rang. “I think your mom is here.” you said crawling out of the fort with the two kids following you with Louis behind them. “Did you two have fun?” your sister asked her kids once you opened the door. “Yeah! Aunt y/n and Uncle Louis are the best!” your nephew exclaimed. “Yeah, they build the bestest forts.” your niece added causing you to smile.“Just to let you know , you’re the one whose gonna be cleaning this up.” you stated to Louis after the two kids had left. “Who said we had to clean it up?” he asked with a smirk which made you giggle.


The boys were on break from tour for christmas and had planned a trip for just the two of you to Victoria, Canada at an exclusive resort. You had been on the plane for close to 10 hours and were beyond ecstatic when the plane pulled into the gate at the airport in Canada. “Finally, I can’t wait to see the resort, we/re saying in a cabin right?” you asked unable to stay seated anymore due to the excitement you were unable to control. “Yes, you’ve asked that about three times already. Are you alright? You’re kind of freaking me out y/n.” he joked as he placed a hand on your shoulder. “ha-ha, I’m just excited.” “I know, I am too, you know what we should do when we get there? Build a snow fort!” harry replied with a childish grin. You agreed and the second you arrived and put on warmer clothes, leaving the suitcases sprawled around the cabin, you both were out the door. It’s perfect, come inside and look Harry.” you proclaimed about 30 minutes later after lots of hard work. Harry crawled in through the medium opening and sat with you inside your igloo like fort only meters away from the cabin. “This trip is going to be amazing, brining you was the best decision I ever made.” he said pulling you into his side before placing a kiss onto your forehead.


You woke up to the sound of thunder and a flash of lightening brightening yours and Liam’s shared bedroom. Shortly after you heard the pitter patter of your sons foot steps make there way into the room followed by his shaky voice. “Mommy, Daddy, I’m scared.” Liam rolled over slowly and answered in a sleepy voice. “You can climb in if you want, theres no reason to be scared though bud, the storm can’t hurt you.” Your son then climbed up onto the middle of the two of you. “Hey I have an idea, your grandmother used to build a fort with me to protect me from the scary storms, do you wanna try that?” At the mention of the word ‘fort’ his head popped up and he was wide awake. “Yes, can we make it in my room?” “of course we can, your dad will go get the extra sheets.” you answered elbowing Liam in the side to wake him up since he had already nodded off again. “huh.” he muttered yawning. “Go get the sheet for Cole’s fort.” 15 minutes later you and Liam, with a little of Cole’s instructions, had built a fort over his bed and were all three laying under it. “See it keeps you safe from the storm.” you said hugging your son. “Thank you mommy and Daddy, I think i’m tired now, can you tuck me in.” the four year old said. “Sure bud.” Liam replied. You all said goodnight and Liam and you returned to your bed with the thunder quietly rolling  in the distance and your son happy and fast asleep.


Niall was on a short break from tour for a few days and the two of you wanted to spend those days with only each other. Niall had called you and told you where the hotel the boys were staying at was and had Paul waiting to escort you. Once you made it safely in his hotel room you thanked Paul and happily greeted your boyfriend. “I missed you so much y/n.” he said cupping your face before placing his lips to yours. “I missed you too Niall.” “So what do you wanna do?” You thought about possibilities fro a few seconds when you could hear the faint screams from the fans three stories below and knew you two wouldn’t be able to leave the hotel. “Let’s build a fort.” you replied with a grin. “That’s a perfect idea.” Niall responded as he hugged you one more time before making his way to the nightstand phone, calling down to the front desk to ask for extra pillows and sheets. There was a knock on the door and Niall opened it, coming back in with a huge stack of the items you needed. Roughly ten hard working minutes later your masterpiece was finished and you both stood aside looking at your perfect little hide away. “Ladies first.” Niall said holding back the sheet to create an opening for you to crawl in. He followed behind you and the two of you laid side by side on the pillow covered ground. “I wish it could always be like this, just me and you forever.” Niall said holding you hand and playing with your hair. “Me too, I love you Niall.” you responded turning to look into his eyes that were already on you. “I love you too y/n.” The rest of the days he had off consisted of the two of you staying in the fort just talking and ordering room service and other things that caused the other boys in the rooms next-door to complain about noise to the front desk.