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Only Echoes

My ex’s ghost begins to haunt my apartment a week after the break up. I spot him sitting in our the breakfast nook, sunlight falling like dust through his torso to the rumpled rug in front of the small table. He’s staring out the window, parts of him fading in and out of view.

“No,” I say, grabbing the counter in case my suddenly weak legs betray me. “No.”  

He turns and smiles at me with the weight of the world in his eyes.

I grab my cell phone from the pocket of my sweatpants and call him. One ring. Two rings. Three. 


My hand tightens around the edge of the counter until I can hear my bones scraping together. “You ass. You don’t get to do this to me. Make it go away.”

He’s silent for a long moment. Then he sighs. “My ghost?”

Yes,” I say. “Get rid of it.”

“You know that’s not how this works,” he says.

“I’m the one who’s supposed to haunt you,” I say. “You broke up with me. That’s how this is supposed to go. So stop.”

Stop or come back.

But he doesn’t say anything else before he hangs up.

I turn to scream at his ghost but, like him, it’s gone.


“He’s one of those,” my sister says knowingly. She sounds far away and tiny over the computer’s speakers. “You better be careful. Sometimes they don’t leave.”

I consider my cup of cocoa. She’s holding a matching cup half a world away so that they’re connected. I wonder if she’s foregone her usual shot of baileys this time. “What do I do then?”

“Try to move on anyway,” she says. Behind her something peeks around the kitchen doorway and is gone before I can make out who. My sister’s been drinking for a decade and hasn’t once talked about quitting.

“Right,” I say and imagine the poor quality of the speakers hides the hollowness in my voice.

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Request: Hi! Could you write something where the reader refuses to admit to themselves that they love Richie and then when he starts getting “flirty” with another girl it just kind bReaKs yOUr hEarT and yeah you can take it from there, THANKS YOU’RE THE BEST💜


Warnings: Cussing

“You should tell Richie how you feel, Y/n,” Eddie lectured. I sighed and ran a hand through my hair. “Eddie, we’ve been over this. I can’t risk losing him, he’s my best friend. I’d rather have him as friend than not have him at all,” I explained. “But you won’t lose him!” “How would you know,” I questioned, frustration evident in my voice. “Because he likes you Y/n!” 

I looked over Eddie’s shoulder at Richie and saw him talking to another girl. She giggled and twirled her hair. That was the moment I felt my heart break. All I could do was stare at him. Eddie tuned around and followed my line of vision, gasping. “Oh no,” he mumbled. He looked at me with pity and I finally tore away my gaze from them. “I need to go,” I whispered. “Y/n,” Eddie called out, but I ignored him, walking away quickly. I felt Richie’s eyes on me but ignored him too, walking out the doors of the school. 

I ran all the way home, a few tears escaping my eyes. I opened the front door, slamming it behind me and ran up to my bedroom, sitting on my bed. I looked at the jacket that was hanging from my closet door handle. It was Richie’s, he had given it to me one day when it was cold outside and insisted that “girls as hot as you need to stay warm.” 

Eventually deciding I was tired of sulking in my room, I got up. Putting Richie’s jacket on, I walked out the door and got on my bike. Soon enough, I found myself at the quarry. I got off my bike and walked towards the edge of the cliff, sitting down so that my legs were dangling. 

“There you are!” I turned around to see Richie walking towards me, his bike laying down on the ground next to where he was standing. “Shouldn’t you be with Greta,” I asked bitterly. “Why the hell would I be with her instead of you,” Richie questioned, completely oblivious. “Because you guys are a thing,” I answered. “No we aren’t,” he replied, as if it were obvious. “You’re not,” I asked quietly, my hostile demeanor breaking. “Of fucking course not. She’s not my type. Plus, I like someone else,” he explained nonchalantly. “Oh,” I replied. “Why do you care?” “I don’t,” I denied quickly. 

“Hold on are you jealous,” Richie asked after a moment of awkward silence. “N-no,” I stuttered out, mentally kicking myself for not sounding convincing. “You fucking are! Why are you jealous? I thought it was obvious that you’re the only girl I care about Y/n,” Richie questioned. I blushed and tried to hide my face from him. “Y/n do you like me,” he asked quietly. I felt my eyes widened and I turned to him quickly. “No,” I denied once more, shaking my head profusely. “Oh,” he mumbled, disappointment lacing his voice. “Why?” “Cause I like you a fuck ton.” I choked on air for a second and turned to him again. “This better not be a joke,” I told him. “Have I ever lied to you,” he asked playfully. “Yes.” “Well I’m not lying this time,” he assured. “Good, because I like you a fuck ton too.”


Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Swearing, things get hot?

When you and Buck just aren’t getting along, you’re ready to bail. Can he convince you with one last night to give it another chance or will you still want to go when morning comes?

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“Y/N,” He breathes your name. You pause leaving the half filled bag resting on the open drawer, your hands on the edge of the dress as you breath in, a sob shaking your frame. “Don’t.” His voice was a plea all in its own.

“Why?” You shake your head, your hands covering your face as you attempt to control the sobs rushing from your body.

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Room 733

by reddit user The_Dalek_Emperor

A lot of people seemed to be very creeped out by this story. I received a couple of messages recommending this story to me a while back. I can understand why. It’s a bit long, but it’s worth it:

The Suicide Room. That’s what they called room 733 - as if I didn’t have enough to worry about on my first day as a freshman.

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Overprotect [Daniel Au.]

- admin xion

Originally posted by defsouldanik

genre: fluff
member: kang daniel
word count: 1031
requested: yes
side notes: lol is that seriously all the things im supposed to do in the beginng i feel like im leaving something out-

requested by: anon

Hi~~ could you carry on the overprotect story where she gets close to all of them and then her and daniel end up falling in love with each other??

Hey~~ I was wondering if you had forgotten about the alternate ending for Overprotect with daniel, if you’re just busy forget about this^^

- time lapse: so you escaped from the castle with the group of 11 boys and have gotten extremely close with them. you must stay hidden since your father has sent out multiple guards out to find you. therefore, the boys run all of your errands for you and you find it extremely funny
- “cOUGHS IM BACK WITH YOUR FEMININE PRODUCTS,” yelled jaehwan as he slammed the door open a bit too hard
- you began dying of laughter as daniel approached the bag, opening it
- he searched through the bag as jaehwan stood there like his life is flashing through his eyes, as daniel bluntly throws all of your pads jaehwan as bought onto the floor
- he digs deeper into the bag, throwing more products left and right
- “fINALLY GOD WHY DO YOU PUT THIS AT THE BOTTOM?” daniel asks as he pulls out a box of jellies out and rIPS open the back
- he begins eating them as jaehwan still stands there blankly
- “oh god, either y/n is on her period or minhyun is,” sungwoon said as he walked down the stairs, looking at the crime scene
- “i think daniel is to be honest…” jihoon mumbles as he follows sungwoon
- all of your eyes attract to daniel who was in the corner happily nibbling on his jellies as he stuffs his mouth and hums to himself
- you begin laughing as daniel sNAPS HIS NECK in your direction
- “ITS CALLED CRAVINGS NOT PERIODS HMPH,” he yells as his mouth is stuffed
- he throws a jelly at you as you throw it back
- the door began knocking as everyone attracted their attention to it
- there were no visitors expected
- daniel quickly looks over to you and whispers “hide in the closet y/n, quickly”
- you nod as you silently rushed over to the closet by the fireplace
- the door opened as you closed through the crack of the door
- unfamiliar guards entered
- they weren’t your friends but they definitely worked for your father
- you knew he probably hired new ones since the old ones became your friends
- you gritted your teeth
- “where is she?!” one yelled loudly
- “we have no idea what you’re talking about,” jihoon lied
- “stop playing dumb games, we knew you guys are the ones who snuck her out,” the guard provoked as he pushed daniels head to the side
- daniel was acting like he was reading a book
- but when the guard did that
- he clenched his teeth
- “why you so offended huh? if you got nothing to do with her then why you getting so mad?” the guard continued to provoke as he kept on pushing daniel’s head around in circles
- daniel scoffed
- another guard searched the area as he stopped right in front of the closet door
- he placed his handle onto it as your heart began to race so quickly
- when suddenly, from the peeps of the door
- you saw a small smirk
- you noticed that smirk
- “fucking seongcheol,” you said to yourself as you smiled quietly
- “nothing here, let’s search the other houses,” the familiar voice spoke
- the guard provoking daniel gritted his teeth and nodded, following seongcheol
- as they left, you soon came out of the closet (hehe)
- “thank the lord for seongcheol ass,” jaehwan spoke
- “my heart was beating so quickly,” sungwoon said as he placed his hand on his heart and breathed heavily
- you noticed how daniel was staying quiet
- he played with the wrapper from his jellies in his hand as his teeth were still clenched
- “danie-”
- “im going for a walk,” he bluntly says as he pushes past by you and walks out the door coldly
- a suddenly sigh coming from upstairs was heard as jisung came down
- “looks like someone’s gonna be drinking tonight,” he said in a gloomy tone
- “why?” you asked
- “ ‘cause whenever daniel needs to get his mind off something, he’ll drink until he has a hangover,” jisung replied
- you frowned a bit and nodded as everyone continued their daily activities
- time skip woosh
- nearly 2am and you could hear front door shutting
- you couldn’t sleep for some reason
- you just weren’t at ease
- going downstairs, you saw daniel and instantly hid behind the railings of the stairs
- he had a bag in his hand and a cold look on his face
- he took out multiple cans of beer and opened one
- he chugged it all down in one go as he cracks open another one and repeats the same process
- he takes a seat and continues the routine
- you watched his head spin loose circles
- you slowly walked down the stairs
- as he reached out for another can, you grabbed it away from him
- “gimmie it bAck” he says as he stumbles up onto his feet and reaches for it
- as he does so, you extend your arm back
- but suddenly, daniel stumbles on you, putting his weight onto you
- you instantly placed the beer can down so it doesnt pill as you try your best to stay on your feet
- “heh, you smell nice,” he mumbles against your neck, chuckling a bit
- “daniel, you’re drunk,” you said, trying to stay calm
- “nO IM NOT” he says slightly raising his voice
- you try to shush him so he doesn’t wake up the others but he only wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you into a tight hug
- he places his hand onto your head and moves his thumb back and forth
- “why do i feel like the drunk now?” you asked yourself inside your head
- “i dont want you to go,” he pouted and said like a kid
- “daniel i wont be going anywhere okay?”
- “promise?” he asked putting out a pinky
- “yes, i promise,” you replied as you twirled your pinky around his
- but he didnt release the pinky promise
- in fact, he unraveled it as he twirled his fingers around yours and held your hand tightly as you could smell him wreaking of alcohol
- “you may be the princess of the kingdom, but you’ll always be the queen of my heart,” he says softly


Part TWO of the Phobia headcanon. This time is Prompto’s turn. I don’t know if it was because he’s my favorite but his phobia is definitely longer than Noctis’ or, I just really had creative juices flowing. Enjoy!

Noctis’ Phobia

{=Headcanon source
@ridingchocobros ​=}

It’s canon in the game that this boy is claustrophobic; fear of no escape and being closed in. The best his s/o can do is to be reassuring with him, talk him through the situation that might arise his phobia and once it’s all over praise him with a loving kiss saying he overcame it.

It was almost time to return home for the day. The sun was setting casting elongated shadows over the school along with a crimson orange light that shined against everything. The light clouded the buildings and grass, almost engulfing the world in an orange hue.

It had been a long day at school. It was the Midterm season for the students and everyone was studying left and right. Prompto was exhausted from not only getting up and spending a day in exams that he didn’t study for as usual. That added stress of failing completely tuckered him out. No matter how much you pleaded, begged, and even assisted him to study, nothing came of it. Prompto just did his own thing when it came to his studies.

“Man!” He cried as he set down a set of books into the library storage closet. “I can’t believe I got that third question wrong!” He whined as he leaned against a stack of books. The tower wobbled slightly. “Whoa!” He said as he moved away from it and held his hands up.

“That’s what you get for not paying attention in class and not studying.” You said as you were putting the books away neatly. Once the last was on the shelf you turned to the blonde and put your hands on your hips.

“Prompto what are you going to do if you fail again? Summer school?” Prompto rubbed the back of his neck noticing the annoyed tone in your voice. Last year he had done the same thing and you two barely saw one another due to it.

“You promised this year it would be different!” You shook your head and looked down. “You promised we could spend the whole summer together.” After all, it would be both your last summers before you graduated. You wanted to spend as much time with him as possible before the inevitable moment where you two would go your separate ways in life. It happened to everyone when they left high school. It was just part of life. You couldn’t change that. It scared you to think of your life without Prompto, so you wanted to make every moment count and make them last.

After moments of silence from the blonde he sighed. “I’m sorry Y/N. I should have remembered that.” He looked down at his feet a frown wearing on his normally plastered smile. A sigh passed your lips as you looked it’s him.

“Here,” you spoke as your arm stretched out to hand him a book. “I can’t reach the top shelf can you put it up there?” Prompto nodded and took the book from you. It was still almost too high for him to reach. He had to get up on his toes as he moves the books on the shelf. He grunted slightly and shifted his body back slightly but his balance, not being the best, he begins to fall back.

“Gyah!” Prompto yelped as he fell back into the stack of books. Your eyes widened as the stack came crashing down. You moved out of the way pressing your body against the wall to avoid getting hit. However, a dictionary fell against the door and a snap of an item breaking filled the room. When the dusty books settled, Prompto looked around.

“You okay Y/N?” You nodded as you stared at te new mess that surrounded your feet. “Yeah, I’m fine.” You knelt down and began to pick up some books on the small floor when Promoto let out a nervous squeak. You look up at the blonde’s face bore a nervous expression as he stared at the door. That’s when your head turned and there it was. The source of Promoto’s rising panic. The tower of books had fallen right on the closet doors handle. The knob was old and needed to be replaced…but it had broken right off. Your eyes then went back as you dropped the books in your hands and moved to him.

“Prompto its ok, breathe. I’m sure it’s okay.” You assured as you smiled softly and moved to the door. Your hands rested on it and tried to push it out. Maybe just maybe it would have broken the lock altogether. That hope was tossed out the window when the door wouldn’t budge. You could hear Prompto begin to tap his foot nervously.

“Okay…the door is stuck.” You said and Prompto’s nervous face turned to fear. “Prompto!” Your hands reached out and latched onto his. “Shh, it’s okay.” You smiled and gently moved your hands to trace shapes into his palms. “It’s ok, the librarian hasn’t gone home. Panicking won’t do anything, we will just have to wait for her to come back to grab her things. She will have to look over our work too and she will open the door.” Your voice was soft and soothing as Prompto’s chest heaved as if he was running.

“Prompto.” Your hands caressed his face. “Look at me, don’t look at the door. Just look at me.” You smiled sweetly and softly at him. “It will be okay, I’m here. You aren’t alone.” She assured and he looked at her. His blue hues filled with uncertainty but they were unwinding at the thought of being with you. You smile as you bring his hand up and kiss it softly. “I’m right here and I won’t be leaving you.”

Prompto swallowed and only moments later the door opened to the librarian who looked up at you two. It was a suggestive position. You were holding Prompto’s hands and standing too close. The woman crossed her arms. Her eyes then looked ready to scold the both of you with a long lecture that would keep you two after even longer.

You were moved from Library to classroom duty. It was unfortunate that Prompto was now alone in the library with the broken door. However, he was able to return to you the week after finals and tell you, the extra time he spent there alone, he was able to study and he passed. Albeit barely passed. But he passed and was already talking about a trip to Galdin Quay for just the two of you.

GW17 - Space and Time

Gajevy Week 2017 #1 - Supermassive Black Hole

-on and ao3-

Is it a dream? Or is it all impossibly real… 

With a destiny far greater than any known confines, Levy is hurled into a vast universe only she has the power to save. 

Space and Time:

Supermassive Black Hole

A blank page. A fresh start.

Levy’s lips pulled at the corners as she gazed around at the empty living room. Her hands on her hips, she immediately began to picture how the furniture would be arranged once the movers steadily unloaded the small u-haul truck. She had no idea how the next few months would play out, only knowing that the job offer had required her to relocate, and that in itself would take time for her to adjust.

She indicated to areas as the workers came through with her possessions, Levy herself carrying some smaller boxes, showing them where they could set the large pieces. After a few hours, everything had been unloaded, she was alone. Sitting on the kitchen counter and swinging her legs, Levy ate her delivered pizza. The break from arranging the furniture gave her time to think. Her free hand came up to her chest where her necklace hung, her fingers absentmindedly rubbing the round, gold locket.

The evening hours began to creep up on her and she had yet to start unpacking. Deciding to start in her bedroom, Levy made quick work of making up her bed, complete with an extra pillow and her stuffed dragon. She was surprised by her vigor at the time of night after the long day and dove into the box beside her desk.

It was full of her books. Looking around, she saw that the movers had placed her smaller book shelves in the living room. She let out a huff and made her way through the short hall to the main room, zoning in on the bedroom’s missing wall units. They were heavy, but she’d manage to mount them like she had at her previous home. After all, they were for her precious books.

Eventually with the shelves anchored above her desk, Levy felt the desire to organize everything. All of her books and writing supplies had been placed in their appropriate locations. It helped her feel more in control of herself, and of things she couldn’t. Now she was left with the cardboard box everything was toted in.

Holding it and not knowing if she’d need it again for something, Levy kicked it towards the closet. She twisted the door handle, the hinges creaking as it opened. Her interest was piqued as her hazel eyes spied a book.

The cover was a dark brownish color, looking sort of stained and worn, reminding her of leather. It was plain, no embellishments were seen on the cover or spine. Bending to pick it up, Levy examined the odd find. It was indeed leather, and it was cold. As if it had been stored in a basement, tossed aside in the dark.

She turned it over in her hands, blindly guiding herself towards her bed. Maybe it was an old book of fairy tales, or something that was made a long time ago full of stories she had never read. Feeling hopeful, she opened the cover as she sat on the mattress.

The pages were aged with a yellow tint like parchment, and a musky scent wafted to her nostrils. But they were blank. No words had been printed. She flipped the paper to look through the rest, but every single one was blank. Nothing had been ripped out or torn. It was as if it was a brand new book.

Or journal, Levy thought excitedly.

Her organizing was put on the backburner as her mind was filled with ideas for turning her newly acquired logbook into a daily diary. Something she could use to commemorate entering a new phase of her life. Already she was planning out how to decorate the front cover and start the beginning entries.

With a tome so fancy looking however, not just any pen would do. Levy reserved her bottles of ink for special pieces. It was expensive and rarely used it for that reason, and her quills were mostly used as decoration. Nevertheless, she set the book on the desk and pulled out the writing utensils.

She dipped the metal quill into the black ink jar and poised to write on the first page. As the tip touched the paper, Levy felt a strange sensation.

There was a tingling, much like her hand had fallen asleep. It pulled her palm downward against the page, though she could feel the smooth surface against her skin and a forcing pressure pushing on it. She tried to lift her hand, but nothing happened. Neither she nor the pen moved an inch.

Fear was beginning in the back of Levy’s mind. It crept around to the front, as nothing had ever happened to her before this and she had nothing with which to compare it. Very soon, the tingling feeling moved up her arm and worked its way to her shoulder. It spread throughout her body, seemingly to paralyze her.

She let loose a frightened cry, her voice too muffled to be heard in the next room. A turquoise light appeared in the spot where the quill connected with the book and quickly sparked and grew until it completely consumed the tome.

The perplexing and terrifying pull seemed to engulf her entire body. She let out a scream, her voice sounding as if she was hearing it underwater. In an instant, she felt an intense pinching, a burning around her hand, and her vision turning the same turquoise as the light.

Everything went black then. The pain she had been experiencing completely vanished. She drifted off into a sleep-like state, unconcerned for her wellbeing. Simply existing.


Levy’s eyes shot open.

At first the brown iris-orbs saw nothing, unfocused on anything in particular. She gasped when she recalled her last registered memories. The light. The pain. A hand ran down her bare arm, feeling the tiny bumps and noticing that she only wore a black tank top and leopard print lounge pants. No wonder she was cold.

Her surroundings surprised her more. The room was small, the walls a light grey. The lights were not the same color or on the ceiling as were common; they glowed a bright turquoise, located three-fourths up the grey barriers like the dotted lines on a road. A bold but thin black stripe was painted in the middle, all the way around her glowing within her confines. She looked at herself, and her skin had an eerie blue-green tone.

It all looked so foreign. So unreal.

Dragging herself up, Levy placed her hands on the wall. Immediately she pulled her hand back, as it was ice cold. Her fingers burned with the sensory memory. The floor was cool under her socked feet. She assumed it would have been the same if it weren’t for the material.

“H-hello?” She said aloud, as if merely voicing an opinion. There were no windows, no other signs of life outside the room. The book she had found was laying open some feet away, the quill set across its page.

After hastily examining the thick tome for any markings that could tell her where she was, she gathered up the book and then inched her way around the room, looking the walls up and down for a door. Her hands came to a slight indent.

At her touch, the covering split in two and the two pieces disappeared to the side. She stared in wonder. The technology she had just witnessed was unlike any she had ever heard of, or ever seen in any science fiction film. The bright display at her eye level mesmerized her. There were blue words in symbols she didn’t recognize, in what she immediately assumed was another -and very sophisticated- language.

“What is this? W-where…” She began, staring quizzically at the small panel. She couldn’t wrap her mind around her situation. It had to be a dream. There was no other logical explanation.

She continued in her fascinated wonder and touched the screen, half out of curiousity, half out of desire to leave the room. A small bell like sound chimed, like the tone airlines used for the seatbelt sign. The symbols moved to form a new sentence structure and the wall space to the panel’s left abruptly slid back into itself.

A startled yelp escaped Levy, her blue hair bouncing with her surprise. Clutching the book to her chest, she peeked around it. Beyond the opening was a hall, exactly the same as her room. Her shoulders fell, but she carefully made her way through the doorway. She craned her neck to look down the hall to the left, then the right. Ahead was the same. It began to feel as though she were in a turquoise and grey maze.

Once her body was clear from the entry, the grey door slid back to a shut, effectively shutting Levy out. Now she was defenseless in a strange hallway, not having a clue as to where she was. Fear was heavy on her, as if it had taken an invisible form and sat on her shoulders.

A comm system binged overhead, causing her to violently jump in reaction. A smooth female voice was heard, echoing into the halls. It spoke in a strange language, calm and in obvious directive. Levy simply began in one direction, tentatively taking a step, and then another, praying she didn’t run into anyone. Or anything.

A few minutes later, there was a jarring. The floor and walls vibrated. The turquoise lights flickered. A red light replaced the bright blue, along with a simple alarm wail. The alarm frightened her; she had never heard a warning wail quite like it. A different voice came on the comm system, this time a male’s voice. It was speaking in the same language as the one before, only this one was clearly panicked.

“I want to wake up now. Please, please wake up.” Levy said to herself, then bit her lip, unsure of what to do. If it was indeed a dream, it was very life-like. She had had her fun but she would like to not see the end of this one.

Loud footsteps sounded behind her, and she spun around to see a form round the corner. It had a mechanical structure akin to a human, though it was evident it was not flesh and blood. After it came a human. He was tall, a foot or so taller than the mechanical form she saw first. Levy’s eyes widened as she stared, frozen in place.

The figure seemed as though he was human. He was broad shouldered, muscular in the places a man would be. He wore a black shirt, the muscles of his arms showing underneath the sleeves. He walked with a definite purpose, looking over his shoulder, having not noticed her. His hair was buzzed on the sides, leaving the top and back a shaggy mess. The tips of his ears were pointed, and several piercings decorated them.

There was more vibration from the floor and walls, and a thundering shook them harder. It felt like an instant earthquake. Levy stumbled and caught herself on the wall.

“The ship is taking a lot of fire! We need to get the hell out of here before they destroy-”

“Just give me a minute!” His deep baritone voice spoke into the bracelet on the inside of his wrist of his free hand. In his other was some sort of silvery rifle type weapon. He sniffed the air, his head then whipping around towards her.

Intense red eyes locked onto Levy as she stared back in fear. She clung to the book as if it would protect her from harm. When she didn’t say anything, he spoke up, his gaze intensifying as he took a large step forward. “Are you who they prophesied?”

Levy’s mouth dropped open, her hand still on the wall. Her lips worked nervously. “W-wha… w-what? Where am I? W-who are you?”

She couldn’t help but gaze at him. Air was exhaled from her lungs and she took a deep breath to restore it. A tingling sensation prickled her limbs and caused an involuntary shiver. The force of his eyes… it seemed as though she knew him, except she had never laid eyes on anyone so extraordinary. Those red irises, the black slit pupils. They punctured through her being. All she could do was watch as he took another sniff of the air.

“Sir, according to my calculations, this life form is female and is an alien to this quadrant of star systems; there is no planet in the vicinity that harbors her species.” The smooth voice of the mechanical form’s stated the information in a matter of fact tone. Its circular head rotated from the man to her, and back again.

“What species are you?” The human man-like figure asked, glancing towards the mechanical being.

Levy could hear them conversing, but she couldn’t make her body react. She violently trembled, her lips quivering, and she knew if she spoke again, she may not make sense. Her brain was already trying to figure out what was happening. She didn’t know what to say, let alone know how to say it.

She felt her knees begin to buckle. It was too much for the moment. Either she’d wake up now or…

“R-P, what else can you give me?” The man glanced towards the metal figure.

“She seems to be in shock.”

Red eyes rolled. “No, I meant information about who she is.”

The face turned towards Levy. “She’s Human.”

Its tall companion pursed his lips. He brought his wrist up to his mouth, speaking into the comm link. “I’ve got her.”

As he moved towards her, Levy snapped to as she broke out of her stupor. His arm reached out for her, but she backed away, a frown set on her face. “I’m not going with you.”

“Oh, yes you are.” The deep voice commanded. He grabbed her firmly by her arm. Levy briefly struggled, almost immediately knowing there was no escape his grasp.

“Tell me where you’re taking me? Who are you?!” She weakly cried. Her energy was drained, her eyes burned, as it felt like she hadn’t slept for a few days.

The tall man turned with her and headed back the way she had seen him come. “You’ll find out soon enough.”

“Then tell me where I am!” She gasped, her legs working fast to keep up with him. Her free arm tightly pressed the leather bound book her her body. She glanced behind her to see the mechanical companion sliding along with no indication of stride.

“You’re on an abyss-damned ship, and if you don’t come with me, you’ll be damned along with it.”

Not long after his gruff reply, they came to a corridor of transparent walls. The man briskly continued down the enclosed catwalk towards a loading dock on the other end. Levy’s jaw dropped at the scenery.

An ever engulfing blackness prickled with white dots of various sizes and luminosity surrounded them. Everywhere she looked, she couldn’t escaped the ever present darkness. Large space vessels seemed to float on nothing, suspended on air -yet she knew there was none- outside the transparent walls. Red streams of light beams erupted from them and struck the ship they were currently aboard. Violent vibrations shook the floor.

Levy fearfully looked from the warring ships to her captor. Although he was leading her away to who knew where, he was gentle about it. His grip was loose, but tight enough to keep her there. His clip pace was deliberate and was completely understandable; she’d rather not die on a futuristic spacecraft.

Once at the end of the walkway, the man touched the small panel by the door, his fingers pressing symbols on the screen. A small tone sounded, and the door slid open. The mechanical being entered through silently and without instruction. Her tall captor placed a hand on the back of her neck and guiding her inside after.

She found herself in a new space of glowing turquoise, just like the one where she had awoke. Her body froze again as her eyes took in every new thing. The man gently pushed her further in the room, never looking directly at her. Behind him, the heavy grey door sealed them in.

The two of them came to another section of grey walls and turquoise lighting, though this part was a little dimmer, the lights gradually faded into what seemed to Levy as the inside of a car at night; blackness ahead with the headlight beams pointed out onto the road, the dash lit up with gauges and other dials.

Levy now realized they had entered into another ship. There were two pilot chairs and dashboard at the far, dark end, with four chairs behind and to the side, facing each other. Small windows were above those. The turquoise lighting of the back of the large room had a calming effect on her. She took a deep breath and chose to collapse into the first chair she came to.

It was clear that the man and the metal being were no threats to her. Had they been, she assumed she would have already been killed or taken prisoner, and none too gently. Unlike this one. He moved past her and sat down in the pilot’s chair, putting on a headset. The mechanical companion already had the rumbling ship ready to leave.

Biting her lip, Levy didn’t know what to do. She hadn’t woken up, if it was a dream. She glanced to the book in her arms, the quill end poking up through the pages. The two items had been with her the entire time. What if- could this all really be actuality?

“Um,” Levy hummed, rising from her seat. The man slightly turned his head at her hesitant approach.

He grunted. “We’re about to jump into hyper speed. Sit down and strap in.”

“We only a few a minutes before The Matrinn is completely disabled and destroyed.” The mechanical form chimed. His intricate metal fingers began dancing across the dashboard panels, and a small projection of the massive craft they had just been aboard rose up with red indicators everywhere, signaling its fate.

“Wait!” Levy’s voice rose with a small cry.

They both turned towards her. She bit her lip again, unsure.

“I-I have no idea what’s happening. I haven’t woken up yet and I’m afraid I won’t… What’s going on? Where are we? W-who are you?”

“Woken up yet?” The black haired man repeated. “You seem fully awake to me. We’re in the Arqoi sector, in the middle of a starship battle, which we have won. And the war we will eventually win because of you.”

Levy’s eyes narrowed, her voice raising in octave. “Because of me?”

The man gave an annoyed glance towards his metal friend. “Are you sure she’s it? She’s kinda dense.”

The ship jerked, sending Levy to the floor in a pile. The book slipped from her hands, but she immediately brought it back to her chest. She looked up at them, her blue hair in her eyes.

“I am afraid I don’t understand your tone, sir. Could this be another instance of sarcasm you had earlier mentioned?” The smooth, electronic voice said, and its head turned to look at his friend.

“Just crank it, R-P. Let’s get the hell outta here.”

From her spot on the floor, Levy spoke up again. “Just tell me who you are, and if you’re a good guy or a bad one.”

There was a rough chuckle. “Call me Gajeel. This is R-P, and there’s another below in the engine room.”

A whine slowly started to increase in volume, vibrations began to rattle the whole ship. Levy knew something was about to happen, and quickly scooted towards the chair behind Gajeel. Through the windows, Levy saw white begin to streak through the blackness outside. Her stomach lurched with the knowledge that she wasn’t sleeping. She was wide awake in the middle of space. In a futuristic space craft. How in the world did she end up here?

“As for the rest,” Gajeel stated as he touched glowing buttons before him. There was a loud whine and the white streaks beyond grew in size and had a blue tint. “Good, bad. It’s all subjective.”

There may be some errors, these will be edited for that.

ragingscooter  asked:

Here's a prompt. Holly comes back to Toronto after 6 months (her project lost funding and cut her position) and she tries to avoid Gail when Lisa tells her that Gail is dating another woman (not true) but Holly keeps seeing Gail everywhere.

At Home

Holly was starving. She had clocked in just over ten hour on her first day back at Toronto’s city morgue without a lunch break. But she could not blame forgetfulness for her achingly empty stomach. She could however blame Lisa.

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Creepypasta #483: Room 733

The Suicide Room. That’s what they called room 733 - as if I didn’t have enough to worry about on my first day as a freshman.

We had assigned to dorm room 734 which, it turns out, wasn’t one of the nice add-on rooms in the south hall. No, we found ourselves in the older wing of the building on the 7th floor. I wasn’t too bummed out, though; at least they’d honored my request to room with my best friend.

Lydia and I spent most of the morning moving ourselves in. By the time our Resident Advisor came by I was taping up posters and Lydia was reading.

“Hi girls, I’m Beth!” chirped the bubbly blonde girl as she bounded into our room. “I’ll be your RA this year.”

“Hi,” I nodded at her.

“Wow, you girls really work fast,” she said taking in our made beds and hung up clothes.

Beth picked up a drawing of Cthulhu that Lydia had done over the summer. She turned it sideways, studying it.

"Is this the kraken from Pirates of the Caribbean?”

Lydia glared at her over the top of her book.

“So anyway,” the RA continued, “I know our hall isn’t as new as the south hall but trust me, there’s a lot of history here. This building is almost 60 years old.”

“Yes, I can see that.” I said looking around. “The rooms are pretty small.”

“Well, people were smaller in the 50s.” Beth shrugged.

“Really.” Lydia said flatly.

“Yep, really.” Beth pursed her lips and just continued to stand there, while the room filled with awkward silence.

“So,” I said, “the corner room next to us - 733, is it? It looks a lot bigger than our room. Is anyone assigned to that room or could we maybe-”

“Oh, you don’t want that room.” Beth interrupted. "There were a couple suicides in there. A hanging and a jumper if I remember right. They’re not assigning anyone to that room. Anyway, I’d just like to remind you that this is an all girls floor and guys are not allowed up here after 11.”

Before we could reply to her Beth clapped her hands and with a quick “well, nice meeting you” she skipped out of the room.

Lydia dropped her book on the bed and stared out into the hall. “I hate her.”

“Did you hear that bomb she fucking dropped?”

“I’m going to call her Dumbshit Beth.”

“Lydia, seriously. Suicides?”

“Oh, Becca, relax. Every college campus has a few suicides.”

“Yeah, but in the same room?”

Lydia sighed. “Really, who cares? It’s the room next door.”

“Yeah, I guess.” I turned to study the little window in our room. “Can you imagine climbing out of that tiny window and jumping? You’d be alive for at least five seconds before you hit the ground.”

“Oh, fuck, Becca, can you not?” Lydia glanced at the window and visibly shuddered. “You know I fucking hate heights and just talking about that shit is raising my blood pressure.”

“We could always move into the suicide room,” I teased her, “That one has a window on each wall.”

“Fuck you.”

“Okay, okay. But seriously, think about it. It would take a lot of commitment to squeeze out of that tiny window.”

“Yeah, well, remember, people were apparently smaller back then.” Lydia mumbled as she pushed her bed further away from the window.

Since Lydia was an outgoing and friendly person, we made friends at lightning speed. There were a lot of parties in those first few weeks, at one of which Lydia inevitably met a guy. I’d known the girl since we were in diapers so I fully anticipated her having a boyfriend by the end of September. His name was Mike and he wasn’t anything special; just your standard frat pledge douche canoe.

After about a month on campus the novelty of college started wearing off. Lydia and I found our stride and we spent more weekends studying than drinking. Midterms were coming up in a couple weeks and I was determined to maintain a 4.0 GPA throughout my freshman year.

One night in early October I was woke up by a loud, grinding sound. I sat up in bed and strained to hear it again. Lydia was also wide awake and listening.


What the fuck? She mouthed to me.

It wasn’t unusual for there to be noise in the hallways since other people came in at all hours of the night. But this sound had definitely come from next door - the corner room.


“Is that-”

“Yeah,” Lydia whispered. “That’s the window next door.”

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I promise tomorrow will be fluffy and nice, I swear!

Trigger Warning: Murder, Death, Alcohol, Depression, mentions of Suicide

He hadn’t seen it coming.

Then again, who would have?

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Red sky at night, sailor's delight. Red sky in morning Sailor's warning.

kingofthebutts submitted: 

  I wasn’t here for this story but when my mom was around 7 or 8 she lived in the house of an old sailor. There was a story that his daughter had fallen off his fishing boat and drowned during a storm on one of their fishing trips and that’s whose room my mother lived in. 

Strange things had always happened in that room. She would leave the house dead silent and when she came back the radio in her room would be blasting at top volume. And her window would repeatedly be opened in the middle of the night while she was sleeping and the crows would spit cherry pits all over her bed.

However, the scariest story I’ve heard of that house was one day when my mother was home alone the radio mysteriously turned on again. When she went to turn it off her door slammed behind her and before she knew what was happening she was pushed into her closet and locked in. Sitting in the darkness she heard a lilting laugh and a little girl singing

“Red sky at night, Sailor’s delight.

Red sky in morning, Sailor’s warning.”

She was locked in there for 2 hours until my grandmother came home and heard my mom screaming and crying. She went to her room and found her closet door handle had been jammed with her desk chair with my mom still inside.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: 8/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!!

me after hearing exactly one weird noise while working the graveyard shift:

Be My Baby Pt.6 *Psycho!Ashton*

sorry for being so inactive, I’ve been busy due to holidays but here i am c:


You heard the front door and you remained in frozen in your spot as the footsteps got closer to the bedroom. “Do you mind if we look around, Mr. Irwin?” You heard an officer ask, rather rudely. “I do actually, if you don’t have a warrant then you have no rights here.” Ashton’s voice was tough, and you could picture him puffing his chest out, attempting to be intimidating. The closet was small and you didn’t have much room to move. “Listen, if you don’t have anything to hide then you’ll let us look. You’re acting very suspicious. Right now you’re the number one suspect in this investigation.” Investigation? How did anyone know that you weren’t home, unless you’re father was still living. He might’ve said something, but then again if he was alive he could easily identify Ashton. There was no mistaking his breathtaking features, but no one else is out there that you know. “Also, you didn’t show up for work today.” The  officer pointed out. Ashton scoffed, “What does that have to do with anything? A lot of people didn’t show up for work today.” There was an edge in his voice, a slight nervousness. You prayed silently, hoping they wouldn’t search the apartment anyways. “You’re just singling me out because I was just released.” Released? From where? You really needed to know more about this mysterious boy who’s captured your attention.  There was a crack in the closet door and you were able to get a peek out, you saw the two officers enter his bedroom, Ashton not very far behind. “That’s not what we are doing, we are looking for a young girl who could be in danger right now.” Ashton stood in front of the door you were behind, blocking my view and the officers as well. “Exactly, she could be in danger. So you’re wasting time looking here. She’s my friend now go and find her.” The next time any of the officers spoke it was right next to the closet door. “Ashton Irwin, last time you said something like that we found the boy buried in your backyard. Now, I’m going to ask again, where is she?” Your breath hitched and there was a sudden lump in your throat. His words kept playing in your mind ‘buried in your backyard’. Tears brimmed your eyelids as the thoughts came racing through your creative mind, has he killed before? Was he going to kill again? Would he kill you? He hasn’t hurt you yet, he has been nothing but caring to you, minus the locking you in part. Ashton moved away from the closet, allowing your view of the three men to return. He walked up to the smaller officer, fists clenched at his sides. “What the hell did you just say?” His voice was low, and the dark fury that you had only seen once before returned to his usually bright hazel eyes. They were nearly black as the officer was backed into a wall. 

Instead of helping out his fellow partner, officer two took the chance to snoop (dog) around. His hand was wrapped around the closet door handle before Ashton could react. “What are you doing?” You heard Ashton ask as the door was whipped open, revealing you. It must’ve been a sight, you standing there with wide scared eyes. Tears falling freely from your eyes as Ashton charged the officer yanking him back. He was thrown to the ground, he yelped in pain and Ashton took the chance to take his gun from the holster. It was pointed at the man’s head as he pleaded for his life. “Ashton, please. Don’t do this son. I have a family to go home to.” Ashton cocked the gun back, releasing the safety at the same time. “Why shouldn’t I? You took my family away from me. I haven’t seen my siblings in years because of you fuckers.” His voice shook but his arm was steady. You did the only thing you knew would stop him. Jumping from the closet and standing directly in front of him. “Y/N move. I don’t want hurt you.” His words wavered as he looked from you to the officer sprawled out behind you. “No, he has a family, Ash.” You were surprised as your voice came out stronger than you had expected. “So did I!” He yelled, you flinched back but didn’t move from your spot. “I will take you to see them, Ash. Please, they were just doing their job.” You begged Ashton for this strangers life. You hadn’t noticed the man stand up as he moved you slightly to the side. “Listen son, I have to take you back to jail. This girl has a home to go to.” Your plan to keep Ashton calm fell through once the officer began to speak again. “You aren’t taking her from me. She’s mine. I’m her family.” The gun was re-positioned to aim for the heart. “Give me the gun, boy.” The shot rang out and the man in blue fell. You screamed and covered your ears as the second shot flew by your head, the other officer dropping as well. You screamed and screamed until your voice went hoarse. He tossed the gun aside and ran to you. He grabbed your wrists speaking quickly, “We have to go, honey. We have to leave now.” You got your arms free and began hitting. Your arms flailed as you made contact with his biceps and chest repeatedly. “You killed them. You killed them.” Those three words were the only ones you could form. He threw stuff in a small backpack and looked back at you. “Get up and let’s fucking go.” You shook your head, shaking on the floor. He groaned and bent down in front of you. He threw you over his shoulder and carried you out of the building. You kicked and punched and squirmed but his grip never loosened. “Let me go!” You screamed, hoping someone would hear you and help. But no dice. He opened the back door and tossed you in. “I didn’t want to have to this. You leave me no choice." 

He reached into his bag and pulled out a cloth, what looked like rope, and duct tape. You backed up to the other end of the car and tried to open the door before his large hand wrapped around your ankles. "Come here, sweetheart.” You fought your best, but he was still a lot stronger than you were. He overpowered you easily as he tied a know around your legs, keeping them in place and then moving to your wrists, he only grabbed one hand, letting your free hand make contact with his cheek. His head moved to the side on impact, his nostrils flared and you expected the worst. “I’m going to let that one go, but do it again and you will be punished.” He roughly grabbed your wrists again and tied them tightly. “Ashton, please let me go.” You begged, as he ripped off a piece of duct tape with his teeth, he shook his head “I can’t let them take you, too.” He placed the tape securely over your mouth. To say you were scared would be an understatement, just a few minutes ago you two were about to have sex, now you’re tied up in the back of his car going only god knows where. He slammed the back doors shut and locked them, climbing into the drivers seat. He looked back at you once more before backing out of the parking lot and speeding off.


this is kinda short oops, part 7 will be up tonight as well and it will be longer, i just had a brain fart rn so here it is 


[You open your submit box to find a battered flash drive.  The casing is smeared with something that could be blood, but then again could be barbecue sauce.  Either way there are definitely tooth marks on there so you’re not sure which one is preferable. Hesitantly, nerves aquiver with adrenaline, you insert the drive.  It contains but a single file, a video.  With shaking fingers, you hit play]

*KSSHSKKSHKT* HELLOOOO FUCKASS.  I am selecting you to receive my final message to mankind, on this the strangest and most horrific day of my life.  I shall not see the dawn, and it is because of you.

The alternative universe bondage stuff? Sure.  The porn? Fine. The porn was fine.  Endless iterations of dead Marco? Hellish, but nothing I can’t handle.

And then you came along.


You didn’t even say Grease.  You said Greaser AU and that was close enough for Marco.

I. Jean Kirstein.  Have. Because of you. Observed a grown-ass man performing the entirety of Grease.  And I mean all of it. John Travolta? Yup.  Olivia Newton John? Yup.  The shirll harpies squealing about “tell me more tell me more? yup.  Stockard Channing’s power ballad about being pregnant? Mother. Fucking. Yup.

I locked him in the closet. It’s the only way.  I leave him to you.  Please. Do the right thing.  BURN THIS BUILDING. DO NOT LET HIM OUT. DO NOT FREE HIM OR THE HORROR WILL CONSUME MANKIND.  Shove some Twizzlers and a copy of The Hobbit under the door, so that the beast may be placated.  Read unto it from the really early boring parts of the Silmarillion that no one gives a shit about to lull him into slumber.  And then you must strike.  Before he starts singing fucking CATS.  

This abomination is yours to bear. YOURS yooouurs YOURS

[The video fades out in static and whirling frames and strangled screams…or are they screams? There is but the faintest hint of something that might once have been melody.  Meeemoryyyy all a llooooone in the moooonliiiiight, a closet door, the handle rattling.  A young man stands in the corner, his face to the wall.  You must strike.]