closet aesthetic

Witchy Aesthetics

green witch: freshly pressed flowers, walking through a field of wildflowers, talking to the trees, terrariums, plants sitting on the windowsill, forest sounds

kitchen witch: cookbooks, stirring tea with intent, lots and lots of jars, herbs and more herbs, the smells of baking, tea blends swirling in jars 

storm witch: lightning crackling, calling up a storm, dancing in the rain, getting excited when you feel a storm coming, checking the weather activity

dream witch: sleepy eyes, soft blankets, meditating in the mornings to remember your dreams, reality checks, sleeping with crystals under your pillow

divination witch: wearing your pendulum as a necklace, sleeping with your tarot deck, shaky hands, too many tarot decks, meditating with your tools

sea witch: jars of seawater, walking barefooted on the sand, sitting on the beach at night, missing the seashore, balmy sea breeze, seashell collection

lunar witch: setting alarms for moon phases, talking to the moon, making moon water, getting ready for the next lunar eclipse, quiet moonlit nights

spirit witch: bonding with spirit companions, feeling the presences in a room, setting out offerings, seeing shadows out of the corner of your eyes, amethyst

fire witch: a whole bunch of scented candles, the smell of incense, cosy warmth, dancing flames, jars of ashes, almost burning the whole house down

crystal witch: keeping crystals in your pockets, crystals sitting on your windowsill under the moonlight, crystalline light reflections

water witch: way too many jars, running out in the middle of a storm to collect water, carrying a jar everywhere, shower cleansing and grounding rituals

tech witch: embedding sigils in code, stereoscopic light of a phone screen, ambient soundtracks, witchy phone apps, emoji spells, digital grimoires

music witch: jamming to your tracks over a spell, shufflemancy, headphones on earbuds in, charging tools with your speakers, playlist for every occasion

urban witch: dollar stores, carrying around their magickal tools, sigils for not missing the bus or train, finding that one witch book in local bookstores

glamour witch: sigils on the mirror, rose quartz in random places, makeup bags, looking fly, youtube channels on makeup, on-the-spot glamours

closeted witch: hiding grimoires in drawers, sigils for invisibility, waiting for everyone else to go out, performing spells behind locked doors at night

art witches: moon water in your paint cup, paint-stained fingers, charmed drawing tablet, colour corresponding your art supplies, local bookshops

Witch Tip

It’s okay to use the same three herbs in all your spells. It’s okay to have a simple altar. It’s okay to give the store brand as offerings. It’s okay to modify spells, chants, recipes to fit you and your practice. Being a witch doesn’t have to be expensive. 


I made this mason jar desk ornament filled with bi-themed pink, purple, and blue paper stars for National Coming Out Day. I’m not out yet so I feel like I can’t openly celebrate my bisexuality like everyone else but I wanted to create something to remind myself that progress isn’t a competition and that someday I’ll get to a point in my journey when I can be fully open with myself and others about who I am.

If you’re a fellow bisexual (whether or not you are out yet), I want you to know that you are a star and I’m proud of you!!! Keep on living your best life boo❤️😘!

//grimoire pages ideas for baby witches//

-crystals correspondences✨
-crystal cleansing methods✨
-flowers & herbs uses (you could also include drawings and/or dried flowers & herbs)✨
-tea properties & ideas✨
-moon phases & astronomical events✨
-ideas for a relaxing witchy day✨
-pendulum board✨
-sigils (methods to create them, how to charge, protection sigils to keep grimoire safe from people’s eyes…)✨
-altar (if you are still in the broom closet your grimoire is the perfect place for your altar)✨
-witchy life hacks & tips✨
-tracker for your tarot & runestones readings ✨
-write about magical practices you’re interested in✨
-ideas for spells/potions✨


random lockscreens
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🕯My new travel altar! 🌟 

- tea light candle 
- matches 
- striker 
- string (for knot magic) 
- sea salt (for protection) 
- dried lavender (anti-anxiety) 
- clear quartz 
- sea shell 
- protection sigil 
- 1 cent euro piece (for prosperity and travel) 
- bay leaf (for wishes)


Closet Green Witch Aesthetic

Requested by @apollolikescello

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Prince of the high Angelic Order.

When I was a kid my mom would read the Bible to me or had me read excerpts…

It always gave me nightmares and later facisnated me…I liked Evangeleon, Dogma, Constantine, Hell boy and various works of fiction that depicted what these heavenly creatures looked like. I’m trying to rediscover that curiosity especially in regards to depictions of Angels. I’m also rediscovering parts of my identity that were buried deep in a closet…

I created this mask with poster board and spray paint! I can see through the gaps in the wings although my peripheral vision is limited :D

Ig: badgalkaiser