closest we'll ever come get it

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You've said that a gender-reverse interpretation of Beauty and the Beast (female Beast, male Beauty) would be difficult because of the gender stereotypes. I think Shrek is the closest thing we'll ever get to that because Fiona is not a typical-princess and is just as much a Beast as Shrek, and embraces that at the end of the film. Thoughts on that or just Shrek in general lining up with Beauty and the Beast?

Hey Anon!

I actually really like Shrek (the first two, that is) and I think it did a nice job of skewering both well-known fairy tales in general and Disney in specific. Fiona’s transformation at the end is a pretty direct BATB homage with all the lights-coming-out-of-fingers and such. I’d love to see a well executed Lady!Beast story that isn’t played for laughs one day.

(funny side-story, but my husband’s first job out of school was working on the Shrek’s Fairy Tale Kingdom mobile game! I mentioned this to the kids I was teaching at the time and they asked me how Mr. Shrek was every week after that)